Hey, Digimon: Chapter 0: OC Form

Okay, so for some reason I'm having a ton of fun doing these OC stories! I don't have too much of a plot at the moment, but it will grow eventually. Okay, so this will be similar to Adventure, very similar. Please follow the rules:

1. Send your OC through the PM! Those who send them through the reviews will activate story deletion, and will be ignored.

2. Your OC must range from age 8-13. I'm only accepting one 8 year old, and one 13 year old.

3. They must be Japanese. They can have Japanese names iif you like. Nothing too long, and if they have a nickname, send that, too.

4. Last, but not least, follow the rules!

Here's the OC form!

Name: (Like I said, it can be Japanese)

Other Nationality: Well, they can be French and Japanese

Age: (Like I said, 8-13. You will be PMed if the age must be changed.)

Gender: (I'd like their to be five guys and girls, or six guys and four girls)

Hair: (Give the color and style. If they wear a hat add that. They can not have waist length hair)

Eyes: (Be descriptive, like ocean-blue eyes or mahogany brown eyes)

Clothes: (Nothing crazy. The main guy will of course have goggles. For girls, no sundresses or ridiculous shoes! They will be in the Digital World for the majority of the story)

Family: (Any siblings, grandparents that they live with?)

History: (Not everyone can have dead parents or divorced parents. Please, nothing too dramatic)

Crest: (You can make up your own, but it's optional)

Digimon: (Floramon is taken, but there are plenty of good ones to use. I'll notify you if someone else already has that Digimon)

Digivolution Line: (Again, be creative. Include all six stages, discluding armor)

Accessories: (Any necklaces, sunglasses, etc)

I'll begin after I receive ten good OCs. I will notify if I am or if I'm not using your OC)