Hi to everyone again. Some OCs have been decided on now, so yeah! The following people have sent in accepted OCs: Darth Brain, chance2change, FrostHeartWarrior, vampireizzy, EmeraldCelebi13, and Dracula-key. In total I have nine OCs, since both EmeraldCelebi13 and FrostHeartWarrior sent in sibling OCs.

Digimon that are no longer available are: Guilmon, Liollmon, Falcomon, Coronamon, Lunamon, Terriermon, Lopmon, Gaomon, and BlackVeemon. This story will be deleted and started fresh once I have the prologue typed out.

I've decided to accept two more OCs, a boy and a girl. I'd prefer if the girl be 13 while the boy be around 9 or 10. To submit the OC to fit either role please visit my forum. It should be on my profile, so yeah! Digimon that will not be allowed are: Gatomon, Kudamon, Gabumon, Renamon, Agumon, Dracomon, Veemon, Hawkmon, or any Digimon that is similar. I would really like an OC with Palmon or Floramon or maybe even DemiDevimon if possible.

To Ann, actually it's okay as long as people send their OCs through the PMs. Apparently, many didn't seem to get the message that OCs sent through reviews will be ignored. Why it should really bother you, Ann, I will probably never know. Why does it bug the crap out of you that I'm doing something what everyone else does and enjoys? In other words, who died and made you John Wayne? This is actually a message to all of you who do these idiotic and immature things like warning and reporting.

My friends on this site had to put up with this crap back when they tried to do one of these stories, and let me tell you. They're kids! Got it? Why the heck should you people who could be immature adults ruin some kids' stories? A lot of people on this dang site are under twenty. I know that I am. I'm sixteen and I still consider myself as a kid.

So, when you and your buddies decide to do this, how about taking it to mind that you're pulling one of the most hippocritical stunts ever, okay? Now that that rants over, everyone look out for the real story!

As I said before, OCs are to be sent through the forum. Alright, so yeah! The republished story shall be titled "Hey Digimon: The Ruling of DarkSeasarmon". Please look out for it! The title may be altered, but it will still be called Hey Digimon!