L was pacing his room. He groaned and was in attempt to calm his nerves down. He felt so irritable. Well, that would be the most appropriate term in his current condition. If anything else, it'd be restless. He read the clock placed on a nightstand. Red illuminated numbers displayed the time. 7:45pm.

'I should be getting back downstairs'

L knew the others were waiting for him. After all, he did contribute greatly towards the Kira investigation. Oh well, they'll do fine without him. Light Yagami was there after all. He had to admit, the young boy was brilliant. He looked at his wrist noticing how much lighter it is with the absence of handcuffs. The reason being for that was for three reasons: 1)getting dressed was always difficult 2)sleeping arrangements were rather uncomfortable 3)he couldn't help but notice vigorous rattling of the chain late at night. Teenagers. It's only natural for them to have those urges regarding hormones.

Yea. Urges. He was no different. However, what he desired was different. What he wanted now, was something he can no longer gain. He licked his lips. The familiar taste was gone. He was on the brink of tears.

'I mustn't cry. It will solve nothing.'

The intercom came on in the room. And Watari's voice spoke.

"Ryuzaki. You've been in that room sulking for two hours. Come downstairs. You must eat something"

L looked around for a familiar camera spot and faced towards it.

"You have all been watching me correct? You are very cruel people to do such a thing. Fine. I will go downstairs, but I will not EAT that plate of DISGUSTING SUSTANENCE you call FOOD!"

The others downstairs were in shock. Never before has the man known as L been this emotional. Light pressed the button connected to the speaker in Ryuzaki's room.

"L. We are doing this for your own good. All that sugar is unhealthy. Changing your diet is necessary" Light said speaking into the microphone

"Is it? I function better with sweets. Like the way I sit, if I was to sit normally, my deduction abilities would decrease roughly by 40%. The same thing applies to my sacchariferous diet. Now tell me. Are you able to accept that outcome?"

Matsuda pushed Light to the side and spoke into the microphone.

"L! I think we are all more concerned with your health rather than your capabilities!"


"Ah! Don't use my words against me! Just…come downstairs…please?" Matsuda asked

L scratched his head

"Since everyone is insisting, I suppose…."

L moved out of the camera frame and headed towards the door and walked out. The others downstairs sighed in relief and turned his surveillance off. L soon appeared in the office and flopped himself on the couch. Watari walked over and placed a tray on the glass coffee table in front of him.

L grimaced at it. The meal itself was lavishly decorated. Grilled seasoned chicken, an assortment of vegetables, and a spring mix salad on the side. It was all on fine china and the utensils were of real silver. The glass of ice water seemed to be mocking him as condensation began to take place. He hesitantly picked up a fork and pierced through a single piece of broccoli. He looked at it for many seconds.

"Just try it Ryuzaki." Aizawa said breaking the silence

L looked over at him, then his eyes went back towards the fork. Slowly, he placed the green vegetable in his mouth. His eyes showed true desperation. He chewed and chewed. He felt tears coming but he held them back. It was not soft, it was not sweet. It was so sturdy, the texture was different, and it seemed flavorless. He swallowed then placed his hand over his throat, feeling the gulp travel down. L pushed the tray back and drank a generous amount of water.

"I'm done" L stated

"Wha? But you barely ate anything!" Matsuda exclaimed

"I lost my appetite.." he muttered

"Ryuzaki…" Light said softly

L looked over at him

"I..do appreciate what you have been doing for me, but please realize it'll take me time to adjust to this," L got up "Thank you for the meal, I apologize for not finishing it. If you'll excuse me…" L started walking over to the elevator and headed back towards his room.

"We are bad people…" Matsuda said

"Light, why don't you go cheer him up later? He did consider you his friend after all" Soichiro Yagami suggested

"Yea…I'll do that" Light said smiling


Light came back into the office. He looked around. Good. Everyone left to their rooms. Not too long ago, he used an excuse to go back home to get some spare clothes. He spent a lot of time at headquarters so everyone didn't seem to mind. In actuality, he went to the store instead. After seeing L's face eating earlier this evening, he actually felt sorry for him. Light sighed. He looked at the bars of chocolate that were resting over his clothes that were in a bag. He wanted to give L some cake but he knew the frosting and garnishes will get messed up since he traveled on the train bumping into people. Candy seemed like the only option at the moment. He walked towards the elevator and pressed the button for the penthouse floor. L's room, the highest floor in the building. This could take awhile. Light took out a candy bar and looked at it. He was never really into sweets so it's been years since he bought something like this.

The elevator suddenly stopped causing Light to accidently rip open the candy bar.

"Hey Light! What's up!" Matsuda asked stepping into the elevator

Light quickly shoved the chocolate bar into his mouth and threw the wrapper into the bag. He nodded up his head and tried to speak in a normal voice.

"Aye Mat..Matsu, wachu..doin here?" Light managed to ask shoving chocolate to the side of his mouth

"Huh? Oh, I had to go to the bathroom and the restrooms on the 19th floor are AMAZING! It has a modern theme and it smells really nice. It even has lotion dispensers!" He said happily

The elevator stopped and Matsuda got out

"See ya tomorrow Light!" He called out leaving

Light waved goodbye. Then he got off on the next floor. He tried moving the chocolate around. He hasn't eaten chocolate in years. It's so sweet, he wondered why he stopped eating it. He opened the door to L's room. A light was still on and Ryuzaki was on the bed reading. He saw Light and walked over to him.

"Something you want Light? It is rather late….." L paused and sniffed "That smell….."

Light shifted the chocolate in his mouth so he can speak

"Listen…Ryu..zaki," He started walking forward "I..ahh!" Light tripped.

He was on top of L and their faces were dangerously close. L's eyes were wide.

'I know that scent…'

He pulled Light closer, bringing their lips together. Light's eyes were in shock and he tried moving away but it was no use. L stuck his tongue into Light's mouth greedily going over the wet cavern. The chocolate was melting and it was like a thick fondue.

"Mmmph…Ryu..zaki…aaa..st..stop…" Light panted

L hungarily drank that sweet substance. It felt like it's been forever since he had sugar.

"So good…."

He made sure to consume every small ounce. His tongue went over and over, cleaning the chocolate that once covered Light's mouth. L released Light leaving him panting heavily. L wiped the saliva off his lips and smiled.

"Thank you Light!" He said

Light was blushing and he got his bag.

"Well, that wasn't how I planned it," He threw another chocolate bar at L "That's also for you. Listen L, this is a one time thing. I feel bad for sneaking in sweets for you" Light said softly

"Well that's a shame," L opened up the chocolate bar "Light, I have a proposition for you"

"And what's that?"

"I will force myself to eat a 'healthy diet' if…."


"Light, you are to bring me a sweet every night. One is enough to sustain my new diet right?"

"Fine…but I get to pick out the sweets. Agreed?"

L smiled


Author's Note: I've been having this idea for awhile now. I'm actually surprised I wrote it. So what do you guys think? Is it ok? Please review! I got many ideas for this!