A/N: okay so this story is basically a fantasy. This one is what happens if Jacob did not imprint on Renesme and left Bella alone finally. Its gonna be our first romance and its going to be in Jacob and the imprintee's perspective. It will take on from renesmee's birth.

-Chapter 1 –

Jacob pov

I cradled little Renesme in my arms. Bella almost died just having her, but it was worth it, seeing how beautiful little Nessie was. Bella now has a family. I can do nothing about it, I just want her to be happy. " goodbye Jacob. " Bella said. " come on Bells, I'm not dying. I'll totally visit" I grinned, wide. Dad is waiting for me back home. Today I will try to lead a normal life, go to school, get to know people.

I ran as fast as I could. My wolf speed was way faster than my human speed, and I loved it. I reached La Push about 3 minutes later. "Dad! I'm back!" I yelled, only to find him right in front of me. " Don't have to yell Jake." He said. I sat down and told dad my plans for well how I'm gonna earn a living. " so dad, as you know…. I like fixing cars and bikes…. And I have decided to start a business in fixing them! How does that sound huh?" I tried to ease it into him, but who could blame me? I was excited. "REALLY? That's great Jake! Our garage should be big enough… you can ask Seth, Quil and Embry!" Dad blurted out. Wow, and I thought I was the excited one. Dad seemed pretty glad that I was going to get a proper job.

The guys came over to help set up the next day. It wasn't much but once we earn enough we should be able to get an actual place. Dad helped to advertise, and he was good at it. Because, half an hour later, we had 3 customers waiting. To me, one of them looked like he seriously needed botox, but he paid a lot and his problem was small. His car needed more cooler in the engine. The second was a fat lady who looks like she was going to explode out fat any moment, or maybe not. Her car's sparklers were all used up. And the third guy was Bella's dad. He was pretty okay, except that he knew I was a werewolf, so there was a bit of tension between us.

Alexandra pov

Ugh, stupid car, I thought to myself. The car broke down right in the middle of a place called La Push. What kind of name is that anyway? I left the car at the roadside, hoping someone would take pity on me. I walked on. It was sundown and the view here was absolutely amazing. The beach was beautiful. But I continued walking. I think about half an hour later, I saw this motorshop or whatever you call a car fix-up shop.

All I saw were a pair of legs. Sticking out from under a car. "ummm, hello?" I said. The dude pulled himself out from under the car. Man, he was damn smokin' hot!!! Considering what he was wearing. Or what he wasn't wearing. That 8-pack was so drool-worthy. I lifted my gaze up to his face. He had this really weird expression. Geez. Didn't his mom teach him not to stare? Staring is rude.

"um? Dude? My car broke down and is totally jacked up like a really long way off. Could you like, get it back here and fix it or something?" I said, hesitantly. What if he was a kidnapper, or some retarded freak like that? Nahh that would never happen. Things like that don't happen to normal people like me.

There was a long pause. "hello?" I said. Finally, he stopped staring. "I'm sorry, what did you say?" he said in a really weird tone, like he was barely listening to me. I sighed and repeated myself. His response was a little too enthusiastic. I mean, what normal dude is happy at the idea of taking a half hour trip, just to take the same trip back, with a car in tow? Even if the car was a totally awesome red Porsche 911 convertible. But still.

Jacob pov

I was busy fixing Charlie's car, when I heard a pair of light footsteps approach. Then I heard a sweet voice say "ummm hello?" I pulled myself out from underneath the car, curious to see who the person was.

I gasped, the girl was so beautiful. She was the only thing holding me down to that spot, I existed only because of her. Any ties I had with Bella were broken, my ties with my family, my pack, they were all cut. She was my sun, and I knew that I couldn't live without her. I needed her like a heartbeat.

I don't know how long I stared at her, memorizing every inch of her face, her bright blue eyes, her long, shiny brown hair, her porcelain skin, they way her lips were shaped, so perfectly. I snapped out of my trance. " Sorry, what did you say?" I did not know how I should talk to her. How did the other guys handle their situations like this? And of all times, they have to disappear now. " My car jacked up somewhere really far away from here and I was wondering if you could help." She said, slightly a bit louder. I grinned and was like, wait here. I dashed off to tell whoever that was in sight, and apparently, Seth, Quil, and Embry and my dad were apparently having English tea. "Yes Jacob?" Embry did a high pitched English accent as he lifted his tea cup and raised his pinky. "Shut up Embry." I took a deep breath, held it there and let it all out by saying, " I think I imprinted." Dad's eyes widened. He was getting excited. " First job and now you imprinted?! I am so proud of you. Where is she?? How does she look like?? Wait wait, whats her name??" Dad was getting all bug eyed. "Dad, chill she is outside and let me handle her. I just met her by the way. I am a stranger so I don't want to freak her out." I raised my hands and took a step back.

" Well, I never thought you'd imprint jakey." Seth was obviously trying to sound like a woman, but sounded more like an ant choking on its food. If ants were really really loud. "well whatever guys, I'm going back out." I rolled my eyes and walked away. I grabbed the keys to my tow truck and went back to find her. She, was well still there and I heaved a sigh of relief because I thought she would leave.

Alexandra pov

Okay I am going to start calling him hot dude in my brain now. So like 10 minutes ago, the hot dude left for a moment. I think he was going to get a tow truck or something, but I waited, well mainly because I think I have a totally big crush on him. Its like a can't stop thinking about him. He seems to be just right, like he is everything I ever wanted. Well I'm too young anyway. He came back a while later. "Okay, got the keys for the tow truck. Ready to go?" he asked. Well, that made up my mind. I like him, a lot, like a lot a lot. "yeah," I grinned.

We got into his really, weird tow truck. If we ever have a chance of out, I am going to pick him up instead, if he can fix my car up.

Jacob Pov

Wow, she walked really far. Amazing for a girl, or better yet, a human. "So, how far away is your car?" "I'm not so sure, but I think there is a bit of a distance to go." She chewed on her lip. "so, whats your name?" I asked. I am guessing she is a Beverly or a Gianna or something. " Um… Alexandra, but call me Alex." She seemed a bit indecisive. " Oh, cool. I'm Jacob, call me Jake. Jacob Black to be exact."

She smiled back, but she seems a bit disturbed now. I don't know its disturbed or what, but she is really quiet. " What's wrong? What's wrong?" I whispered, looking intently at her instead of the road. " Jacob, focus on the road instead of me." she said, but without a hint of emotion. She stared straight ahead. " Please, don't get mad at me, I am sorry for whatever I said just now." Gosh I just feel so bad and heart-broken. " I am not mad at you or at anybody. Sorry I am just...there! my car is there!" she pointed out. I jam-braked the car. As I stepped out, I saw her car. " wow, I have never been so close to a Porsche 911 before." I gasped. Well she is way more beautiful. I shrugged it off, and turned around , only to find her smiling. " Beautiful isn't she?" she smiled at me and the car. "you're way more beautiful than any car." I told her back. Her smile fainted. " that's what my dad used to tell me…" she whispered to herself, hoping I would not hear. At least I pretended to not hear.

"so, lets see what we got here." I rubbed my hands together and hooked the car up to the truck. It wasn't long before we reached back to my garage auto shop. I lifted the hood and noticed her crinkling her forehead. " whats up? You thinking about something?" I joked. " no, just thinking about how to pay you back. I am broke." She sighed. I looked up at her. She was deep in thought.

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