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"Jacob, Please?" I begged as I looked up at him.

"well, okay, I'll tell you, but only when the time comes, okay?" He replied, eyes distant. "No, I don't want to wait for that time, I want to know now." I said seriously.

"Alex, just listen this time okay? Its… its personal." He doesn't want to tell me things. What kind of boyfriend is that? he's really nice and sweet and… but with all due respect, I give him his space. And you know what? I am sick of secrets.

"Okay, Jacob." I said. And I walked off. Not to my car even. I mean, like I even turned down my ex flame for him. For a guy that I met and kissed, in like seven days.

"Wait! Alex!" he yelled as he jogged up to me.

"Go away Jacob." I growled.

He grabbed my hand. "No, I'm not. and neither will I let you leave. Once I tell you, you'll understand, and I know we have skeletons in our closet, but you have to wait. At least till tomorrow." He growled, with a hint of anger. He had a really tight grip on my hand.

"Fine. I'll wait, but you have to tell me tomorrow, or I will leave, even if you kill me." I hissed back. I was still pissed.

"Good, now, if you stay over again tonight, I'll tell you definitely by tomorrow midnight. Deal?" he said with the same harshness a teacher would use while warning a student.

I thought over it a while. Heck, we aren't going to do anything. So might as well.


We both went back to his house and I was still again, pissed. But he, he seemed to be happy, and worried about the great deal of silence between us.

Back at his place , I headed straight for his room.

"I'm going to take a shower," I said emotionless. I turned to look at him and the next thing I knew, he hit me with the pillow.

"you did not just hit me with that pillow" I started towards him. He chuckled. I launched myself towards him, with me squarely banging onto his rock solid chest.

"why you little…" he said as he stood up straight after I got off him. I backed up as I let out a girlish giggle.

Then, he lunged towards me and he started tackling me with his arms around my waist, and we both fell back on the bed. When we managed to untangle ourselves, he started hitting me on the head with the pillow cheekily. As I tried to evade, he managed to hit me on the back.

"you are SOOOOO on!" I yelled at him. before lunging at him and hitting him with her pillow over and over again.

After taking several hits He moved to the left then to the right making me miss my target and falling face first on the bed. This gave Jacob the perfect opportunity to get some great hits. As I tried to turn around, he landed a few blows to my head and back. i somehow managed to turn around to face him, but I was not quick enough to shield myself from the harsh blow that hit me right in the face.


She gasped.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she dropped her pillow and put her hands to her face.

"Alex!" I said with evident concern in my voice.

"Oh Alex, I'm so sorry, are you okay? Are you hurt? Say something! I'm so sorry." I was now leaning in closer to her, one hand on her waist, the other reaching out to her face.

And suddenly I don't know what hit me but I saw Alex remove her hands off her face and there was that wicked grin on her face as she grabbed me hard and quickly pined me down with me lying flat on the back on my bed with a very satisfied her straddling my lap.

"Alex…" I said breathlessly.

"Got ya!" she smirked. She held my hands tight along the side of my body, my fingers lightly touching her legs.

"Lets see you try to get out of this one." She said with a victory smile. i couldn't help the little twitch at the side of my mouth. I was still a little shocked but I knew I should be enjoying this new side of Alex.

Then there was a knock on the door. As the door knob turned, Alex very quickly jumped off me, lay by my side and put her head on my shoulder and instructed me to hold her close.

The door then flung open. It was Seth.

"Hey… oh uh, bad time huh?" he looked apologetic. "Just wanted to say, uh, we're out of car cooler liquid." I noticed she was drawing circles on my chest.

"Uh, yeah buddy, I'll go get some. After we shower, I mean uh she then me shower, then I'll go to get some with you." Seth nodded the closed the door and left.

"You better get showering." I sighed. She was still watching her fingers dance across my chest.

"Alex?" I said stroking her hair. I wanted us to stay like this forever.

"Hmm?" she seemed lost in thought.

"Alex, sorry, but if you don't take that shower…" I smiled as she looked up to me.

"What? Oh yeah sorry." She blushed as she sat up and went to the bath room.

He could hear her singing in the shower.

No I'm not saying, I'm sorry

One day, maybe we'll meet again


No, im not saying, I'm sorry

One day, maybe we'll meet again

No, no ,no ,no

i didn't know the song, but it sounded great with her singing.

About 15 minutes later, she came out fully dressed. And it was my turn.

It wasn't long before I came out and clothed as well. When I left, I noticed her sleeping on the couch already, really peacefully. I smiled and gave her a peck on the forehead.

When I came back, she was still asleep, but billy wasn't back yet. I walked over to her and knelt down by her head. I carefully reached out and tucked a stray hair back into its place. Then I let my hand gently cup her face and as I did, I sat on the edge of the couch. It was the only space left when Alex was curled up like this. Suddenly she moaned and I caught my breath and removed my hand. She shifted slightly making more room for me. As she seemed to settle down I placed my hand on her face again. I was so close and I really had to contain herself not to kiss her straight on the lips. A little peck can't hurt. I lowered her head and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead. I lay down next to her and soon, I drifted off to sleep.


Billy came back and when he opened the door, he noticed two figures lying on the couch, and he recognised them immediately. He smiled at the couple until he noticed Alex. She was sleeping in an uncomfortable position. He shook Jacob awake and Jacob grunted.

"what dad?" he growled.

"Alex shouldn't be sleeping in that position. Her neck will kill her in the morning! Get her to bed." Billy said.


"How? I don't want to wake her" I muttered sleepily.

"Carry her! She isn't a light sleeper isn't she?" he exclaimed in a harsh whisper.

"Carry her?" I hissed. I thought of all the horrible possibilities of how I would end up injuring her while on the way to the room carrying her.

"I'm so sorry about this." I whispered before hoisting her up. She was much lighter than expected and getting a good grip was easy. I lay her down gently on the bed. She seemed to stir a little and seemed to be uneasy. Then she began tugging on her jacket. I realised that she might be getting too warm because of me. I held her up and slowly removed her jacket. Then sat on the floor hoping that she might feel cooler.

Then her eyes fluttered open, and she muttered my name. I got to her in a flash.

"Yeah? Sorry to wake you."

She was still obviously groggy. "So hot… fold my pants up…" she mumbled. I was doubtful. I mean I don't think it's a good idea to do so…

"Jacob… please…" I hesitated then I did as instructed. Then she seemed to drift off again.

"Jacob…" she muttered again.

"Shhh, go back to sleep."

"I'm hot…." She whined.

"Fine. I'll turn on the air conditioning."


" Fine. I'll turn on the air conditioning." And that was all I heard. I fell asleep again.

The next day, I woke up to the sound of sirens. I rubbed my eyes sleepily and tried to detect where the noise was coming from.

I left to room, to find Jacob, burning a batch of eggs. And billy trying to take over. I smiled at the sight. Men, never built for the kitchen.

"Jacob! Shut the smoke alarm up! I'm going to cook okay?" Billy yelled over the alarm. Jacob mumbled something and then shut it off. "Hey, you're awake." Jacob said, smiling at me. "Why don't you use the bathroom first. I'm, I mean we are making breakfast." He said goofily.

I washed up quickly, and took a quick bath. And once I got to the kitchen, it was all cleared up, and a plate of eggs was on the table. Jacob sat next to me and started eating. And suddenly everything came flooding back to me. our first kiss, our fights, the daily bringing of breakfast, the smiles, the moments.

Sometimes the frustration, and the happiness. Suddenly, he was looking straight into my eyes. And that startled me. "You okay?" he asked with a voice filled with concern.

"yeah sorry, kinda zoned out." I admitted.

"I can make you something else if you want" he tried.

"What?" I was still on another planet, and barely registering what he said.

"I can make you something else to eat. I thought you liked eggs."

"what? Of course I like eggs!"

"Doesn't look like it. Alex, tell me whats wrong." He said as he held my hand and finally caputed my attention.

"No, nothing… i… I'll eat now.." I muttered, taking a mouthful of eggs.

"Don't bother, if you didn't want eggs, you should have said so." He sighed as he appeared on my side, taking away the plate of food and walking to the kitchen counter

I rushed over to his side in a sec, grabbing for my plate.

He reacted quickly and raised it high so that it was out of my reach.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Give me my food back!" I tried to grab the food, but he was too tall. Damn it.

"you barely took one bite! I'm not going to force it down your throat." he answered really loudly. He walked towards the sink when suddenly i jumped on his back, wrapping my feet around his stomach and my arms across his chest. Jacob winced and was so startled he almost dropped the plate down into the sink.

"what the hell?" he yelled. I whispered angrily into his ear "Give… Me... my... food... back...!"

I felt a shiver go down his spine.

"where do you want it?" he said calmly.

" Over by the table" I said, still holding on to him. He turned to his heels and made his way to the table, with me on his back and the plate on his table. He sat the plate down on the table.

"Where do you want to be put down, your highness?"

In bed. Heck, no. I mentally slapped myself for that.

"Over by that…"

"Sorry, I don't mean to bother..." Embry said with his head poking out of the door way.

He took in the scene. Me, clinging onto Jacob's back, wow that sounds so cliché, laughing like an idiot.

"I see you told her, then?" Embry said.

"Told me what?" I asked, confused. I looked at Jacob and he was shooting death glares at Embry.

Embry rushed to correct his mistake. "That… he's making pizza for dinner?"

"Liar," I said suspiciously.

Embry looked really nervous now. Jacob was still glaring at Embry.

"I'll just be going then…" Embry said, whistling, trying to sound casual, and then he sprinted out.

"Jacob… what the hell is Embry talking about?" I said, trying to sound as angry as possible.

"Embry Call is probably the biggest idiot I have ever met," was the reply I got.

"Jacob. Seriously. If you change the topic one more time… I'm walking out the door and never coming back."

"Okay, okay I'll tell you," he said quickly.

He set me down on the couch.

"This is going to sound really weird… but I'm a wolf," he said, then cringed slightly.

I burst out laughing.

"Yeah, good one Jacob!" I said, still laughing.

There was no response. I looked at him, and his face was completely serious.

"Uh… why aren't you laughing?" I asked nervously.

"Alex… It's the truth…"

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