Hi everyone. This is a very important author's note that I wish you would all read as it will explain why I've been absent these past months.

I know it's been a couple months since I've posted anything and I'm really sorry about that. I've just had one thing after another just pile on top of me:

School/grades, my grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer, finding a job, then working, summer school, issues with my transcript, planning my sister's graduation party, etc. And I just found out this morning that my great-aunt just passed away at 4am so I'll be going to her funeral in a couple days.

I've literally had not time to write! Every day I wake up at 6:30am to get ready for summer school which is at 8am-11:20. Then I have work from noon to 7:30pm. I come home exhausted from standing for 7 ½ hours straight (I work at a bakery). And I still have to finish homework from two of my summer classes.

It's also been really hard on my family finding out my grandma has breast cancer. She's been doing chemo therapy for a couple months now and has lost all of her hair. It was really shocking and sad to see all her beautiful curly hair gone. She's getting surgery done to remove both her breasts in a month. The doctors say she has a high chance of survival (80-90%) which is better than the last time she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer (about 40% chance of survival).

And then our great-aunt just passed away! She was a very sweet old lady and we will all miss her greatly. She lived a long and healthy life of 95 years. I'm glad she's at peace now because I know these last years have been hard on her physically. May you rest in peace Aunt Maggie!

So I'm very sorry to all my faithful readers that it's been so long since I've posted anything. I know this is the second time I've gone months without posting anything but I hope my excuses this time will allow you guys to be a little lenient with me!

Thank you all for sticking with me even when it seemed I had given up on this story. I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP ON THIS STORY, but I'm just taking a break until things are less hectic. I can tell you that I'm pretty sure I can start writing again around the end of July or sometime in August.

Thank you so much!