E/O CHALLENGE Word: Urgent

Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: Yeah yeah, I don't own them, but they own a little part of me

Word Count: 100 (feel free to count)

Summary: For Sam to wake up alone can only mean two things: Dean is in trouble – or in real danger. And he better gets his pants on quickly...

This one is dedicated to my gorgeous sister in mind, BarbaraGER, who not only discovered that wonderful playground here, but although visited the latest Foreigner concert in Germany a few days ago. Enjoy this urgent mission, honey, it's all for you :-) And loads of thanks to Katydid43, who helped me to avoid some bad mistakes in American English (any flaws left are totally my fault).

After two hours of desperate search Sam finally found the Impala outside a seedy bar. His boiling anger had long turned into a crushing fear.

Dean was in the backseat, handcuffed to the door. His clothes a mess, his green eyes frantic.

"Dean, what..."

A low growl. "Dude, that bondage stuff? So overrated."

"Dean! You didn't..."

"T' was rather her, actually. Now would you get me outta here ASAP? It's really..."

"Degrading?" Sam chuckled.

"Urgent! Hurry, will ya?"

As he watched his brother stumble behind the next bush, he howled with laughter.

And all the way back he hummed. Foreigner.