"I have a bad feeling about this…"

Hermione Granger was always well-organized. Whether it be doing her homework, or by scheduling the things she would do, she'd always been a procedural person.

Lately, with all the muggle crash-course activities she and Harry had been doing, most of the girls had voiced in a not-so-quietly manner that they wanted a girls-only-get-together-moment. Or, in non-magical terms, a slumber party.

While she herself have never been invited into one, Hermione really wanted to have one, before she turns in her second decade mark.

Problem was… there were just so many details that would really obscure the plan.

One problem would be the venue. In order to avoid bias, they had to do it on neutral grounds. And the only place that was deemed neutral was the library, the Great Hall and the kitchens. The library has the irritable librarian. And who would like to go there for a slumber party? She herself-as much as she loved the place-wouldn't like to spend her first ever there. The Great Hall? No! Absolutely not! What happens when some early risers from the male population would arrive there and find them in-you get the point. The kitchens then? Well, Hermione no longer wanted to impose to the house-elves. It was one of the places where house-elves loved to be. And it felt to her that her weekly activities with the younger years are somehow imposing of their personal grounds.

Another problem was in fact the people she'd invite. That itself is self-explanatory.

And the most important thing would have to be, the things they would do. She'd never been invited into one; her childhood was spent in the loneliest way possible. While no one was outright mean to her, they had been distant to her nonetheless.

But she knew, deep, deep down in her heart that she wanted to push it through.

So, she did what was expected of her. She brainstormed.

Harry Potter didn't like his best friend's idea.

"No, Hermione. Please don't do this to me…"

The girl in question turned to her best friend and gave a pleading look, "It's just for one night Harry, what could go wrong?"

Well, there were just so many things that could go wrong.

"Explain it to me again," he said, perhaps thinking that if she'd explained it to him clearer that before, she'd understand how ridiculous her plan is.

"I'm planning on a slumber party." By definition it meant a whole cluster of females in an enclosed space. He should know, the kids in his muggle school when he was little always bragged about that stuff. Dudley has never been invited into one anyway, but that just meant another 'Harry Hunting' to him when they'd get back from school.

"And, since we don't really want to show any House biases to the students, I thought that the best place to hold the event would be in…"

He cut in, "Our common room. The Head Student's common room." he sighed, "I really… really don't like that." While any male would love the thought of being in such close proximities with a certain percentage of the school's female population, Harry Potter was an exception. For the simple explanation that is.


"It's not like I'll let them invade your privacy or something. In fact, if you're willing I'd put some complex wards on your door. Would you like to Fidelius your room?"

He shook his head; she didn't have to go that far. Honestly, what's with her level-headed, realistic and rationalistic best friend today?

"Please?" she pleaded again, only this time she tried to bribe him by lessening their effort inputs on S.P.E.W.

While the idea was certainly appealing, Harry didn't like the idea of bribery. It was just wrong.

He turned to her and caught her look in her eye. A thing that screamed 'pretty please with cheery on top?' and, with a bit of experience, a slight hint of 'loneliness.' He wondered why there was a hint of loneliness. Hermione came from a family with a good background. In fact, he was wondering why she wanted to do this so badly.

Then it hit him like a ton of bricks, Hermione's childhood was quite similar to his own. She was isolated by the other children because of her natural talents and intelligence. He figured that despite the fact that he was an orphan and she had a loving family, in the prospects of having steady friendships with other children, they were very lonely people.

He signed, he do anything for her. "Fine…"

Before he could utter a complete word, however, he was engulfed in on of her bear hugs that would've made Mrs. Weasley's hug a gentle breeze.

"Oh, Harry. Thank you!" she broke free from the embraced and pecked his cheek, "I promise, you won't regret this."

Without a doubt, the night before he went to sleep, his cheeks tingled so much that it made shivers run down his spine every time he touched the spot her lips pecked.

So the following week, the night before dinner in Friday, Hermione was handing out the invitations personally. She settled with her year mates first, then going adding more members if it went smoothly.

"Sure we'll come… Just make sure Pad's there too." her two female housemates, Lav and Parv, said. They'd never been into a slumber party before, because mostly it had always been Lav, Parv and Pad, and even before that, just Parv and Pad, so the whole idea of spending time with their fellow female DA-mates was a new feeling. Though what really made them go was the fact that there was going to be a 'truth or dare' game. Hermione explained the mechanics, and immediately they both rushed to the conclusion of 'gossip and dirt material.'

"Sure… We'll come." Susan and Hannah said with enthusiasm, even Megan Jones and Rose Zeller were coming! Now here was a chance to meet and bond with all the girls with. Rose, who had been into one, was looking forward to it. Especially the part where they'd tell gory ghost stories. Even if she only received perplexed looks of her housemates.

"I think might finally see those cronuminidus faeries there. Okay." Luna said distant smile. Hermione however, was carefully whom to also include, since she was aware that some of the girls there had bullied her friend. Good thing Lisa Turpin, Su Li and Morag Brocklehurst seemed nice enough. Plus, they were DA members, so… "Seriously? A slumber party?" half-blood Lisa have been in one, and she shrugged, "Might be fun." A thought suddenly crossed her mind, "I am interested as to what your loo looks like. I heard, your tub's like… an Olympic-sized pool!" When her two friends asked what she meant, she just sighed, "Well, we'll just have to see for ourselves, right?"

The Slytherins were the hard part, she wasn't sure if Daphne would agree. After all, she was the standing protector of the 'filthy deviating' snakes as dubbed by Pansy and Draco. She, Theo, Tracey and Blaise were the only four people who the younger ones run into, with their Head of House staying neutral about it.

She knew that there might be a possibility that they might not come. But she'll never know if she never asked. So...

"I don't think so…" Daphne said. Hermione even invited Tracey, judging from Daphne's description, who seemed to praise her long-time half-blood friend. It was Astoria who provided the relief. "Well, I could be the 'leader' for the night. And I'm sure Blaise and Theo wouldn't mind."

"I'm still not sure…"

Astoria stood firm on her ground. "It'll be just for one night. And think about it. Pansy and her posse not getting invited to the biggest girl gathering ever? I'm sure she'll spend the entire night bitching about it in her dorm room or our common room. I'm sure the guys would take the hint and lock themselves in their own quarters when she does. And wouldn't you want to be away from that? When that happens? I know I would."

Tracey laugh, "I could totally imagine. C'mon Daph, it'll be fun."

Daphne looked at the three girls, "Why are you making me feel like I'm the old snitch here? You had me with the 'bitching' part. I'm in!" The four shared a laugh. "Just make sure to invite me next time okay?" Astoria called out to Hermione as she went with her sister and friend to the dungeons. Hermione couldn't say no.

Harry James Potter has always trusted his gut feeling. Sure, sometimes it might not work, but most of the times it did. A testament to that fact was, him being alive and kicking. Obviously.

Anyway, so when Hermione said that she'd throw her first slumber party ever. There was a voice in his head that it might not bode well for him. But choosing to trust her, like he always did, and really, she's always been there for him, he pushed those horrid thoughts and became enthusiastic with the whole idea.

Currently he was the only male in their common room. The house elves Winky brought all happened to be females as well. Heck, even Kreacher was kicked out of the room some plump-looking house elf named Tinkle. And he was senior elf of the House Elf staff.

Hermione was helping the house elf in shrinking some of the furniture, while transfiguring most of the large ones into soft mattresses. On the other side of the room, was a table full of snacks and finger foods. From sandwiches, to Mars Bars, even handpicked Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans – only the tasty ones, though Harry thought it was only Jelly beans, since you really can't handpick them. Winky even managed to smuggle to butterbeer, root beer and some soda. All chilled with a cooling charm.

There even was a new password for the guests; sort of like a filter to those pesky would-be party crashers.

He turned to his best friend and eavesdropped as she was talking to Winky, "Mistress, the pillows is been fluffied." Hermione nodded, "Thank you Winky, for your help. And the others as well."

Her employed house elf smiled, and bowed respectfully, "Thank yous, mistress. All the house elf is feeling grateful for your kindness." Winky said as they finished and popped out of the common room.

"This is some party. Hermione." Harry commented, sneaking a bite from one of the sugar-free chocolate bars. Hermione immediately grabbed the treat from him, "Harry this is for the girls, not for you. And you've already brushed your teeth."

Dressed on in her modest but curve-hugging night gown, Hermione started her tirade, telling him that he should be taking more care to his teeth.

"And yet, you still love me anyway." Harry joked, after Hermione finished her sermon. "Now, I'm planning on finishing that. Please."

"You're impossible…" Hermione sighed, handing the chocolate bar back, "Just make sure you brush your teeth again after you're done with that." She laughed, "I'm sure it'll all accumulate here. Wouldn't want the savior of the wizarding world looking like his cousin, would you?" She patted his hard abs.

He snorted, "Me? Like looking like my dear Dudders?" he lifted his wife beater up and exposed his bronzed glory to her, "Not likely." He pointed to them, "These are my chocolate. And with all the Quidditch practice Seamus is making me do, I'm sure I'll look fitter than before."

Hermione, who, by now was used to the sight (he is too with her… after all those alone times in the tent, as well as sharing a common room and bathroom with her) laughed, "You tell yourself that. Quidditch only gives you muscle mass and develops your muscles. Not muscle definition." She then poked his abs/stomach, "I mean, look at this… it's so… soft!" she said with a giggle.

"You didn't not just say that Hermione Jane Granger." Harry mock-threatened.

"I just did." She patted his stomach again, "Tubby."

He then tackled her to one of the mattresses and started tickling her senselessly.

"Harry. James. Potter!" she exclaimed after every laughing intervals.

"Oh, Merlin!" said a new voice. Harry stopped, blushed, and looked at the person. Hermione did too. Susan Bones had just arrived with the Hufflepuff contingent. And it looked like they had just seen their moment.

"hey guys…" Hermione said, a little out of breathe and a little red-faced.

Rose Zeller immediately felt the need to break the ice, "Holy crap, we have a stripper? And a wizarding hero to boot! Hermione, this is officially the best slumber part ever!" She threw her backpack to the side and jumped immediately to one of the mattresses. Earlier this evening, she had educated her friends what to pack, and told them what to wear.

Hannah, Megan, and Susan laughed, doing the same. Rose had advices to wear their best pajamas, and immediately earned looks of curiosity. So the next half hour was spent with Rose telling them to wear the type of pajamas that highlight certain body parts, namely bust, waist and legs.

"What's a stripper?"

Rose was about to explain to the three when Harry spoke up, "I'm bunking with the guys tonight." He grabbed a random pillow. "Night Hermione…" said with a friendly hug, which she returned, and turned to the Hufflepuff group, "Night ladies. Have a good time."

"Night Harry," and before he could leave, Rose quipped a, "You really don't want to strip tease?" and as quick as apparating, Harry vanished from the common room.

"Rose!" Hermione exclaimed incredulously, if she ever had children, she wouldn't name it Rose. Ever. It'll remind her so much of this girl.

The girl laughed, "I was just joking. Didn't mean to push your buttons like that."

"What the hell's a stripper?" Susan asked, getting frustrated. This was like Justin's 'why is six afraid of seven?' jokes, the one when she couldn't really comprehend.


Seamus was wondering why Parvati and Lavender were extra giggly tonight. And their sexy outfits just instilled more interest to him.

"Are you sure this is what we'll wear?" Parvati asked as twirled her almost translucent night gown, "That's what Rose said. Even Lisa seemed to agree with her, and you know very well that they aren't peas from the same pod." Lavender said, looking at herself on the mirror wearing a periwinkle blue camisole and tap pants. She saw the clothes from one of the muggle magazines one of the six year muggle-born Gryffindor, and she immediately fell in love with it. Especially the color, it made her eyes pop!

"Looking sexy tonight ladies…" Seamus commented, eyeing his two friends like a wolf.

"Ugh, You sound like a creep." Lavender grunted as she placed her bathrobe on. "C'mon Parv, we don't want don't want to be that late, because it wouldn't be a grand entrance anymore. Just tardy. And you know how Hermy is with punctuality."

"Yeah. She's like the white rabbit. From that muggle story."

"Ladies! Ladies! Where are going at this hour?" Seamus asked as the two wear heading for the exit.

Lavender looked at him flashed her best clueless yet sultry look, "It's a girl's secret."

Just when they were leaving, the door opened. Revealing a flushing Harry. He walked passed the two girls, greeting them with a low "lo. Bunking with the guys tonight. Night." He went straight for the dorm rooms, muttering 'strip tease' 'hormonal' and 'inappropriate.'

"That was…" Seamus started. "Weird." Parvati finished, then erupted into fits of giggles, "Did you see his body?" More chatting.

Seamus sighed and went back to reading his comic books. Dean came from the loo, and noticed nothing different; however the two girls's leaving the common room did make him wonder.

"Where are they going." He asked. Seamus didn't look up, "Girl's secret."

"Girls…" Dean said exasperatedly.

"I know, right?"

In the Claw's common room, it was entirely different.



"Stuffed animals?"




Luna looked up from the list handed to her, "Lisa, why do we have to bring more lingerie and an extra pair of pajamas?"

Padma, Su and Morag looked up and wondered too. If they were only going to sleep there for one night, why did they have to bring an extra pair? It wasn't a very smart thing to do.

"I forgot, you guys have never been into one."

"What's that supposed to mean." Morag hissed - she didn't feel like hauling her backpack, shrunken or big, weightless or not, to the head quarter's common room.

"Don't you want to test the Head Student's bathroom? I hear it has this ancient magic that makes your skin fairer that it usually is."

Su looked ready to disagree, "You want to haul stuff because of a myth?"

"It would hurt to try, and c'mon, I can safely say that it should've been a Claw who made it Head Girl – though, by the looks of it, Hermione is far superior compared to any of us combined – but still, wouldn't you like to take a bath there, like you were one too?"

They grumbled and internally argued with themselves. It was true. Even Luna wanted it to be her – she was hoping to be the one next year, alas she got accelerated.


Lisa grinned, "Then let's go!"

However, the main problem with having Ravenclaw housemates – besides the constant intellectual battles they practiced daily – was the fact that the boy housemates were extremely protective of their female housemates.

"Just where do you think you're going?" Michael asked harshly, eyeing the clothing.

"We're…" Luna started, but Padma cut her in, no weird explanations this time, Luna. And don't bother telling the truth too. "Having a group project."

"You could do it here…" Anthony Goldstein said, crossing his arms, and barricading the exit.

Su spoke up, "But Hermione is our group leader."

Terry Boot stood beside Anthony, "She could come here, rather than all of you going to her."

"Well, we didn't want to impose on her since she has so many things to do, she is Head Girl." Morag explain casually.

Michael eyed them very carefully, "In that… skimpy clothing? Just what is this project you keep talking about."

It was Lisa who spoke up, "I don't need your output in what I wear, Mike. By the way," she pointed to her current attire, "this is a mature woman's night clothing. And, out project is top secret."

The three boys looked at the girls, and then to each other. Sighing, thet gave in, "Fine, whatever. Just don't make me tell you 'I told you so.'"

The girls then went out, "Seeya boys." Padma said in her best sing-song, low, husky tone, as she blew a kiss. It even rivaled her twin sister's version.

"Are you really sure about this?" Daphne said as she and Tracey was about to leave the common room. Dressed in her school robes, partly because she didn't know what to wear and because it provided a good disguise, she even pinned her prefect badge today to look completely inconspicuous. Until of course Pansy heard the rumor.

"Greengrass! What the hell!"

Astoria groaned, "You better go." Too late, Parkinson is already in front of Daphne.

"What's this about me not getting invited to one of the best girl gatherings ever?"

"Ooh… Sorry about that." Tracey started, feigning pity, "I guess you weren't sophisticated and cool enough to be invited."

"Shut up Davies!" she said hotly. Astoria even managed to cough a 'point taken' after Pansy's outburst.

Usually this closed Tracey's clam, but today she was on a roll. And actually has something good to rub at Pansy's face. "Too bad. Better luck next time. Ooh, wait again, there is no next time. I doubt you wouldn't be invited again anyway."

Pansy just groaned and went to her dorm room. Good thing Millie transferred to Drumstrang, because even she hated Pansy when she's like this.

Astoria let out a low whistle, "That'll keep her occupied. Nice one Trace…"

Tracey bowed, like she had a hall of applauding audiences, "Thank you, thank you! I love you, my adoring fans!"

Astoria laughed, "Now go!"

Ernie Macmillian noticed something different and out of place.

"Where are the girls?"

Wayne raised his hands up in the air, "And it only took you 3 hours to figure it out."

"Slumber party…" Justin said, cleaning his prized sax by the crackling fire.

"What he said." Wayne said, reading his Quidditch magazine.

"What's that?"

Justin stopped cleaning and stared at him like he had said the stupidest thing, "Forgot, muggle-born here. Girl thing."

"So it's just us guys?" Ernie asked. Wayne nodded, "its times like this I wish Zach was here."

Justin laughed, "Yeah, that arse could make a joke about this. Anyhow, let's just enjoy this nice quiet night."

Ernie stomped his foot on the ground, "Well I don't like it. Why do they have to do something secret while we sit here and do nothing?" He then pointed to Justin, "And you,"


"Yeah, you… you… you traitor! You didn't even let me join Potter's new army!"

Justin tilted his head, "What are you saying?"

"You know what I'm talking about!" he screamed, by this time a lot of the onlookers were focused at them. "The one with all the light swords, and all the kung fu Su Li was talking about. You even dragged Susan in it! You, you vile monster!"

"Oh… that." He resisted the urge to smile. It was times like this when Justin treated Ernie like a little brother, so clueless.

"Yeah… that." He crossed his arms, "So, what do you have to say for yourself?"

"I'm… sorry?" Wayne look like he had choked on something, but Justin clearly saw the smile on his face.

"Say it like you mean it."

"I'm sorry."

"And?" Ernie raised his head a little expecting more.

"I'll ask…" he looked at the crowed, "Hey Aiden."

The first year Puff froze but, acknowledge him, "Yes?" he squeaked.

"Should I be sorry?"

He shook his head vigorously, "No, I'm… r-really happy with you helping H-Harry and Hermione. It's nice to have a senior Puff there t-too."

Justin simply smiled. While Ernie's mouth was hanging wide open, "You… You're their assistant?"

A facepalm later, "That's not the point; I'm only sharing the load of our Head Students. And that is to ease the muggle-born faction of the student population's homesickness and initial culture shock with their introduction to the magical world. In fact, you could come next meeting, if you want. It's pasta week."

Aiden look at the senior student, "Do we get to do pasta art?" Justin nodded, "Yep, with adhesive glue, and some finger painting too."

"Okay," and the child went back to his friends. "See…"

Ernie was now blushing, "Fine, whatever… I'll come tomorrow, just to be sure."

The girls were all sprawled across the common room, all eyes glued to the wall as they watched a movie from a genre called 'chick flicks.' Hermione wanted to show a really educational piece. But Lisa and Rose put her off full stop. 'I mean,' Rose thought, 'What the hell? Right.' Besides, any movie would be educational since a majority of the audience happens to be magical people. So, might as well put one that would benefit muggle-born faction as well, thus, chick flicks.

It was just the beginning, where the guy learns that his girlfriend was actually a cheating self-centered, conceited bitch who only cared for him because of his money. The muggle-borns were initially shocked to know that they could play movies without the need of equipment, and with the combined memories of Rose, Lisa and Hermione there were more than enough movies to choose from. The half-blood and purebloods was close to having sensory overload with all the new tastes, sounds, smells, and sights.

Especially with Tracey.

When she and Daphne entered the Head common room, and saw what everyone was wearing, they could've immediately transfigured their clothing. They weren't fast enough. Good thing Hermione has some night clothing she could let them borrow.

"That is so… mean." Susan commented, throwing bits of popcorn to the wall, where the memory was being flashed. Parvati, who was beside her, gave her thoughts, "I know right? That… minx!"

"Shh…" everyone, including Hermione hushed the two.

Alas movie progressed. It was now the part where the guy was having inner thoughts about getting back with the bad girl. Leaving the good-natured girl alone.

Hannah was close to tears, "No… Don't go to her, she'll just break your heart again." Su handed a napkin to her, to blow her nose from, and she did. Quite noisily.

Everyone looked at her, and Hannah just shrugged, "I feel for her." She indicated the heroine.

By the time the guy was chasing the girl he was supposed to be with, the good-natured one, everyone was in tears, even tomboyish Morag was rubbing her eyes, saying something got caught up there. Luna was more on the line of 'sniffle-sniffle.' And even that was a feat because no one has ever seen her cry.

"Sweet Merlin, turn around, she's just behind you!" Tracey screamed eyes stinging like crazy, pointing at the projection spell. "Why are they this close yet not so far?"

And as screen faded into black, Daphne was sobbing uncontrollably. "That *sob* was *sob* the *sob* most tragic love story *sob* I have *sob* ever seen." Tracey rubbed her friend's back comfortingly – she too had cried at the end, when the guy failed to meet the girl he loved. Only to meet her 15 years later with a family of her own.

Rose stood up, a little red eyed from the movie, "Any one up for round two?"

This made Daphne sob harder, "With a good ending… I promise." So round two began. This time, with a funnier, wittier and cuter one. Well, after 'Alladin.' And 'The Little Mermaid'

"What do you think they're doing now?" Dean asked, playing Exploding Snap with Harry, Neville and Seamus.

"Probably watching some Disney Princess movie…" Harry said nonchalantly.

Seamus nodded, "Yeah… but, how could they?"



Dean sighed, "This is so boring."

Ernie wanted to be taught how to play an instrument. As insane as it sounds. C'mon, a scion of the MacMillian family learning how to play? Not likely.

But with the amount of girls surrounding Justin lately, most of them commenting how charismatic he looked playing his sax, Ernie felt the need to be a show-off too. Even Wayne started showing his skills, though with a different instrument, a Harmonica. And that earned as much girls as Justin's.

Now, he just needed to master this kazoo thing.

The muggle-born girls seem to giggle when he say he's a master at this kazoo. And he liked it, because they wouldn't stop smiling and telling him how cute he was playing it.

Well, cute isn't exactly manly. But it's a start.

"Man, did you have to do that? He said he wanted to be charismatic and soulful, not cute and adorable." Wayne asked, slapping Justin's back. "Don't worry, he say he enjoys the attention he's getting."

"Dude, that is so messed up." Wayne concluded as Ernie kept on practicing his kazoo in the common room.

Mike, Tony, and Terry were having a heated discussion. And it's always about two things, girls and schooling. With the schooling discussions, the girls were usually more attentive and had a lot to add. When the topic's about girls, well, they call them sexists. And would comment with dry humor how 'chivalrous' they are at being overly protective of them while staying to be complete and total perverts with their thoughts.

Their conversation had that lackluster feel to it without their girl. Even Luna's odds comments were dearly missed.

"I don't feel like talking anymore." Tony said with a sigh.

"Yeah, Pirates and Ninjas don't really have to be compared." Terry.

"What do you think the girls are doing right now?" Mike asked.

If only they knew.

Theo and Blaise were already asleep, their bed warded, in case Malfoy wanted to prank him. Staying up by themselves without Tracey and Daphne was a very dull moment. And Astoria was feeling drained today, having been subjected to one intense activity at DADA.

So they cleaned up, put their jammies on and went to bed early.

Theodore was looking forward to meeting the kids while Blaise was looking up to going to Hogsmeade tomorrow.

"Both stories seemed very inaccurate. I mean, Aladdin was from a Chinese setting, he's Chinese and Jasmine's name isn't Jasmine it's…" Su Li started midway through their third movie. Aladdin was received with mixed reviews; good on the story, character development and imagination, with a bad on the historical accuracy. Well, Su Li only thought it was bad. But hey! Everybody's a critic.

Padma was about to tell get to get over it, she liked the movie, and the theme it implied; two people from two different worlds. One love. Such things were only existent in her Indian Epics!

"And it's merpeople. Mermaid is a very gender specific term. Merpeople don't even look like that." But when Ariel started singing, the Chinese witch closed her mouth shut. Apparently for the whole movie.

By the time the credits rolled and everyone was their own thing, Su Li was practically singing like those muggle juke boxes. Which, in turn, resulted to a flurry of pillow and feathers being thrown all around.

"So, does this dress make me look fat?" everyone was eyeing Hermione Jane Granger in her once-used dress. The one she use in fourth year. It was a slow process, but surely they all made their way inside her friendship circle. And it was nice being a girly girl every once in a while. Much to her chagrin.

Lavender, for the past 30 minutes, was turning out to be either a bitch or a wonderful critic. "Honey, I love the dress, the color and the style. Not to mention your hair. But the cut isn't worth it, no to mention the way the sleeves made your arms gi-normous. But overall, no, it makes you look hot." She and Parvati had been like rabid dogs with rabies with their comments.

Susan then came out with the ones she worn in the Yule Ball. It was Hannah who actually laughed at her, "I remember that dress. I love the yellow, made your hair pop. And your gray eyes felt like silver with the silk, but thing I hated was the lower part, you looked like that Ariel girl from the movie. Hello, yellow albino mermaid."

Her best friend's eyes turned to slits, "I should probably hex you, but I won't. Show me your dress."

Hannah giggled and went to Hermione's large dressing room.

As Hannah put hers on, Luna Lovegood came out from the closet. And immediately a lot of cooing as awws was heard. "Luna, you look so cute!" In her sapphire blue dress that really justified her figure, she looked like a lost little Alice who had just hell down the rabbit hole. Even Hermione looked like she was petting her.

"Thanks, it was from my mom. But never got to really wear it out." She smiled at them and showed her diamond encrusted glass slippers, "This was a gift by my grandmother."

It got a little silent, when Luna told her story about her mom, and most of the girls showed their support. However, all the tension melted away when Tracey emerged from the dressed clad only in her knickers, singing 'A Whole New World.'

Pretty soon, all the gathered women were clad in their knickers singing songs they knew as well.

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