Speak Easy, Little Italy Chapter 5

"Hey Al! Wait!" He chased after the other man, though he did not know why. It was stupid, he thought, as well as quite possibly being dangerous.

Alfred ignored him, closing the door firmly, though not having the energy to take the key from his pocket. Instead he walked over to the bed and flopped down onto it, grabbing a pillow and hugging it tightly. He tried to brace himself against the treacherous tears that threatened to, but his shaking shoulders gave him away.

Romano had only gotten so far when he heard a door up the stairs slam shut. He cringed. What was he supposed to do? Just go up and take back what he had said? No, he knew that this was something that he couldn't do. He thought to walk up to the room he had been lent to gather the few objects he had. Romano wondered to himself just how things could have gotten so out of control in just a few days. But this was why his Grandfather had thrown him out here.

Romano stood in front of the door for a moment before opening it enough to just peek in.

"Alfred. Hey, uh..." What was he supposed to do now?

"I..." He stepped into the room, shutting the door and leaning against it.


Alfred continued to remain silent, but the sudden stillness of his body indicated he was listening. He wanted to tell him to go away. To leave already...

But he wanted Romano to stay. He hated being alone. That was why he had invited a total stranger to live with him. He was easily made a lonely guy. Even among all the people he knew... He would still feel that loneliness. He pulled away from the pillow slightly.

"Spit it out or go away," he said softly, a single eye looking back at Romano dully, "I don't want pity or whatever you think you owe me. If you want to leave... Then don't let the door hit ya on the way out."

"Chi..." He wanted to turn around and leave. After what he had done for him!

Yeah, and just what have I done for him?

"Even if you are a coffee addict. It's just... Chigi!" He couldn't get the words out. How fond he had become of the other... They were trapped in his heart, where he kept everything else.

"Sorry?" Alfred blinked in confusion, sitting up to look at Romano. He held the pillow in front of himself like a child would cuddle their favorite stuffed toy and eyed him curiously. "You didn't do anything though..."

Alfred snorted at the coffee addict comment. Why deny what was true? He grinned gently and reached over, tossing the pillow away as he did, and pulled Romano into a tight hug.

"If you're worried about me getting over my head with that Greek, don't." He said, rubbing his cheek on the other's head gently, "He just got a lucky punch is all. I could have avoided it if I had tried. But I didn't want him to set off the nitroglycerin. Even a drop of that is extremely dangerous and we were right next to a half-full vial of it."

Romano, temporarily stunned by the proximity of the other, at first did not register what had been said.

"W-wait... we were what?"
"Heracles and I were standing next to some nitroglycerin~" Alfred repeated cheerfully, "If I hadn't grabbed that cross he carries around, he might have set it off~ And all three of us would have died."

Romano leaned against the other, suddenly very tired.

I almost killed us.

Alfred didn't say anything about the sudden need for contact. Instead he just let Romano lay there. It was kinda cute how the guy could fit in his arms so well, but he didn't say anything about that either. Instead he just hugged the little Italian closer and closed his eyes.

"Thanks fer stayin' Romano..." He mumbled. He yawned tiredly and fell over on his side, cuddling Romano like a teddy bear, "I really... I'm glad..."

Romano's face turned red as he fought the urge to wriggle out of Alfred's arms. He had to try to breath, but still he couldn't relax.

Alfred on the other hand, was perfectly content to have another body pressed up against his. It was like when he would listen to scary stories on the radio or read horror novels before bed and force Matthew to sleep with him to give Alfred a better chance to 'Protect' him from monsters. He smiled gently, just sitting there as he listened to another person's breathing in the still house.

He had missed this. The feeling of belonging. Even around his brother he hadn't really felt whole. Only around his grandfather and his mother. They had left him feeling serene and happy. Everyone else just stressed him out. Even his best friend was a guy who either wanted to kill him or kiss him even on the best of days.

Romano meanwhile, wrapped in unrelenting arms, soon found himself falling asleep. In his exhausted state, he couldn't resist a non to discreet sniff of Alfred's neck before falling completely unconscious.

Alfred stiffened as he heard the Italian sniff, worried he might start crying or something... But when no flood of tears was forthcoming, he relaxed. It felt nice to hold him like this. Alfred liked to cuddle and Romano made for a really good cuddle. He was just the right size and everything.

A hair brushed against his nose, making him wrinkle it and reach out to grab it. It was a long, curly strand of hair he noticed in confusion. He wondered why Romano just let it do what it wanted, but mentally shrugged and attempted to smooth it down. He wondered if it was anything like his cowlick. Probably not, but it would be funny if it was.

Even in his sleep, Romano felt that hair being touched. He had no idea why it happened, but just having that hair brushed against got him bothered. Still asleep, his hands clenched even more tightly into Alfred's shirt. He pressed himself against Alfred, a dream seeding in his head.

Oh this was interesting~ Alfred stopped smoothing it and started to fiddle with it, watching the Italian for more changes in expression. The reaction was so cool. Usually when his hair was manipulated he went all weak-kneed and red-faced and if it was stimulated enough, he needed a change of pants. In Romano's case it just made him a little clingy.

What a dream was developing. Romano, trapped in exhausted half-sleep was partly aware of - but wholly powerless against- the sounds that he was making. He drew himself closer to Alfred, hands clinging, a leg sleepily nudged over Alfred's. He pressed his face into Alfred's chest, his entire body growing hot.

Alfred stiffened as he realized that... Yes, that hair was just like his. He stopped fiddling it, but couldn't make himself let go. He felt his face turning red as he looked down at Romano. Let go Alfred. Let go of that hair right now. He swallowed. His hand moved, but instead of letting go like his rational mind was screaming... It stroked the hair, molding it gently.

Romano's body was battling between sleep and the pleasure that had begun to boil in him.


His foggy mind didn't tell him he said it out loud, nor did it let him know that he wasn't just imagining pressing his lips to Alfred's neck, or that his arms were winding around the other mans waist. He caught broken bits of it, but couldn't stop.

"Oh fuck..." Alfred dropped the hair like it was burning him and tensed up. He hadn't meant to do this. He just… He wasn't… He felt like banging his head on the wall. He was not supposed to take advantage of his new roommate. He sat up…

And fell off the bed with a thud. He didn't look at Romano. Instead he hurried away, his words hanging in the air behind him.
"I'm sorry Romano..."

Romano noticed nothing, not even registering the crash as Alfred fell from the mattress. His hands reached out again, grasping a pillow. He wrapped himself around it, the tension in his body fading as his exhaustion finally took over.

Alfred on the other hand... He was running his shower so cold he reckoned he could see his skin turning blue. Not right. He sat down and tried to clear his head. Romano was a guy. Alfred was a guy. That kind of thing was wrong. He grasped his iron-nail cross, the heavy metal a comforting weight.

"I can't… I don't like him like that. I won't take advantage. I'm not like that. I can overcome." He repeated the last sentence like a mantra. After being found by his grandfather he had sworn to never be like them. Never take advantage of someone. Never hurt people…

Romano didn't know, at first, how long he had been asleep, but when he woke and brought the clock close to his face, he saw that it was nearly three in the morning He had been woken by the sound of the shower, and he knew the water would be dead cold. He stumbled up and went to knock on the door. When he came into the hallway though, he was confused. He was on the wrong side for his room. Looking back he saw that he had woken from Alfred's bed, in Alfred's room.

He bit into his thumb and his face grew red as he wondered what the hell he was doing there. The sound of the water still running brought him back and he ran down the hall. He pounded on the door but heard no reply. He worried that Alfred had fallen, had passed out or worse, and so let himself into the washroom.

Alfred didn't look up. He didn't hear the door open. All he heard was the falling water and his own frantic words. He was shivering and his skin was turning blue from the cold. But he had been punished worse, been given the switch for lying, for being a thief and a braggart.

Cold was nothing. He hadn't even bothered to remove his clothes as he sat there, unaware of the fact the fabrics clung to him and his white cotton shirt had turned translucent except where it was hidden by his brown vest. He believed that only obedience to the bible could make him clean of his father's sins. But he was tempted… by that Italian.

"I will overcome!" He rasped, grasping his hair in an attempt to banish the thoughts for good. It didn't work at all... He hugged his knees and lowered his head, "Fuck... I'm going to hell for this..."

Romano stood in the doorway mortified.

"A-Alfred! Damnit, what are you doing?"

Romano ran to the shower and turned off the water, pulling towel after towel down from the closet as he tried to dry Alfred. He was shivering badly when Romano managed to pull him out of the water.

Alfred looked up in surprise, only noticing Romano's arrival now. He didn't protest as he was dried off and dragged out of the tub, too lost in his own thoughts. He didn't want this. He wanted to be a devout Christian that obeyed the bible… But the bible said that what he wanted of Romano was a sin. He would have to tell him the truth about himself. Drive him away from his evil.

"Romano," His voice was flat as he spoke, looking him in the eye, "My full name is Alfred Fitzgerald Jones. I am the elder son of the dead leaders of the Jones Mafia."

"Y-yeah, I know."

"What? How?"

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