Play for Them

By Neuron Depletion

Summary:ARAKAKI KAMUI is an aloof and quiet blind cellist who probably only has a few coins in her pocket. She plays her cello in a park with her dog by her side. She has always wanted to see once more, but she couldn't, due to the fact that she's poor and jobless. One day, someone gave her a deal. He said... "Play for my wife and sons, and I will give you back your sight." Of course, how can she possibly decline? But there was more to the deal than what she knew...


"Will I ever see again?"

It was the question constantly coming into Arakaki Kamui's mind. If you haven't guessed it yet, she was blind. Yes, blind as a bat. But it hasn't always been that way. She still remembered the time when she was lying in a field of moonflowers, looking at the starry night sky. It was a distant memory, and she didn't want to forget it. She was afraid, that she would never have her sight again. So she remembered that time, as not to forget. If there were no more hope, she could at least have that memory...

But in the darkness, there was a great, blinding light. Kamui had found an opportunity. And couldn't resist taking it. Her desperation, her hope, her dream. Can her question finally be answered?

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Disclaimer: I own nothing except my OC, her cello, and dog. C: