Hiya Everyone! With my computer situation and everything…(meaning the computer I'm currently using in not my own) I'm gonna try something different. Unlike my other stories, a chapter will or will not consist of more then one chapter. Take this beginning as an example. I'm going to include the prologue and chapter one. In the next update it may only be chapter two or it could be chapter two through chapter five. Who knows? Well I hope you enjoy the story.

Oh, one more thing, I'm gonna have the disclaimer only on this chapter. I'm pretty sure you guys get the idea when it's already in the first chapter.

About the story. So no one gets confused, I've slightly messed with the time line. So instead of Kaito being the one to challenge Conan, it was his father. If that helps, at all, it will be Kaito that you'll see in the story, but in the time jump. So He and Conan are the same ages after the prologue…well I hope I didn't spoil the story with the helpful hint. This has just been on my mind when I've read a similar story, and I really haven't read a lot of stories like that. So I've messed with time and space…don't hurt me…Cookies?

Disclaimer: I do not own Detective Conan or Magical Kaito, it belongs to Gosho Aoyama. Not me…Though if I did own it, there would be a lot more angst. Which is just scary.

Warnings: Character Death, possible Boy/boy love, murders, and gore. This will not be a happy story at first. So everyone that hates character death and ya ya, please turn back now. I really don't want to make you upset if you can not read this type of story. I can promise that it will get better, but not right away.

Summery: Life moves on, even when you don't want it too. Conan Edogawa had said good by to his childhood love and is moving on in a new town. Will he be able to have anyone close to his heart again? Or Will his world just fall to pieces again?

-Story Start-

There are times that it feels like the world has cracked to pieces around me

and fell to the endless darkness of the galaxy;

then I realize that the world isn't around me,

I'm the one on it and it hasn't really broken to pieces,

just left me behind.

Moving on


Lights flashed around the streets, people gathered around and stared at the police running around. Some whispered to each other. "That poor boy….he saw everything…yes….poor boy" They looked at him with pity, he didn't need it. He didn't want it. His heart breaking with every moment and every sound. Didn't they know how much he was hurting? Didn't they cared that…that….No, they didn't care! All they saw was a small boy covered in blood. It wasn't his, no he wasn't even sure he had this much blood in his tiny body.

His eyes were blank and burning, a dull blue as they stared straight. No, this couldn't be happening! He felt sick. He's never felt sick at the sight of blood before. He's never felt like this before. So empty. So alone. He just wanted for her to wrap her arms around him and whisper 'everything's going to be okay!', but it wasn't 'okay'; it was as far as Ok as it'd ever be.

He never knew that the world could move so slowly as he sat at the curb of a local road that he couldn't even remember the name of. He couldn't hear the voices that were trying to talk to him as he looked at the blood-covered street, then back at his blood-covered pants. All he could thing of was that he had finally told her the truth and she smiled at him. Then her eyes closed, never to open again. He closed his eyes and shook his head fast, as if that would kill the heavy ache in his chest. It didn't though. It just got heavier and harder to breathe. It felt like everything was falling apart. No matter how many pieces he picked up it was never enough. It was never going to be enough. He wanted to go home, but could he?

He opened his eyes and looked at his hands, covered in dry blood, her blood. He wanted to cry, but he couldn't as he curled into a tight ball round himself and rocked. No, he didn't want this! Why did she do this to him?! Why? He's the one that should be lying in that cold vehicle, not her! There was so much, so much blood. He couldn't make it stop. He tried and tried. He just wanted her to live! He hears the heavy footsteps of his caretaker, not the one he wanted, and looked up as the older man knelled down to his level. No! He….he couldn't even look at the man in the eye! It was his fault! If only he was stronger or had his real body; then maybe…then maybe…it'd be him there…not her. She was to perfect to be there. He deserved to be there, after all he lied to her for months about everything. In moments, he told her everything and she still didn't hate him! She should! Then maybe…

"Conan…" Mouri managed to choke out. "They say, that the guy that hit her was drunk. Can you believe that?" The older man's voice was horse and bitter about the man in the once perfect sports car. He watched as he young charged whispered a low "no…I…no…" He knew that the boy was blaming himself. He was so angry himself, but he wasn't going to blame a young boy for something noble that his daughter had done. "The light was red, Conan. It's not your fault…" He could feel the tears in his eyes burning, but he wasn't going to cry. He could be an adult for this young boy that had watched his "nee-chan" die right in front of him. The boy started trembling. "no…no…please…" Mouri Kogoro swallowed hard. "She saw the car coming, and covered you with her body when it didn't stop." He heard a hard gasp and saw tears start running down his face. He instinctively wrapped his arms around the distraught boy. After all they both lost someone very important to their lives; someone that had held them together through everything.

Mouri Ran, was a victim of a hit and run by a drunk man.

On this night, Mouri Kogoro had stopped drinking completely and later adopted a boy named Edogawa Conan (now Mouri Conan).

On this night, Kudou Shinichi had also died, and no one noticed.

-Prologue End-

No matter how hard you try, you can't stop the world from moving when you don't want it too.

It will continue to move and if you don't continue on…it will move on without you.

Where will you be then?

-Chapter One Start-

Chapter One

Ten Years Later…

"Otou-san(1)!" Conan cried from the kitchen as he moved breakfast to the table. "Breakfast!" The now dark-haired teen smiled as the elder Mouri ran in from his room. One habit he's never been able to get rid of ever, even after closing the detective agency and joining the force again. They've moved to Ekoda, a few weeks ago when a detective position opened up. It was a nice change from Beika and they could always go for a change. Especially after Eri-san's death about six months ago and Kogoro wasn't quite himself after that. Eri had died of a rare form of cancer, she was a brave women, and she had struggled with it for years after it was found about five years ago.

Eri had lived with them during the time, making up with Kogoro. It was during this time that Conan had started calling Kogoro 'Otou-san' and Eri "Okaa-san" it had brighten the adult's spirits and brought the makeshift family together. It had been a happy five years, but it was a harder six months for Conan and Kogoro. They held each other together. Kogoro never let Conan go anywhere without knowing what the boy was going to do and who he'd be with. Conan didn't grudge him about it and did the same to the older man. Giving him warnings about gambling and smoking everytime he could.

Conan had picked up where Ran had left off ten years ago. He did the house chores and cooking, after all he had been a better cook compared to Kogoro and Eri. Especially Eri. Conan smiled as he ate his breakfast. "So are you ready for school?" Mouri asked inbetween stuffing his face with rice and fish.

"As ready as I'll ever be, Otou-san." Conan answered firmly. "Can't be too different then any other school." He got a smile out of the older man before getting up and putting his dishes in the sink. "Thou, I know a certain old detective-" Kogoro glared at him for the word 'old' and continued. "who's going to be late for his first day at the office" Kogoro's eyes widen and he quickly looked up at the time and dashed to finish his dinner before putting on his shoes and running out the door with a quick. "Have a good day at school, Conan!"

He smiled as he cleaned up the table and put everything in the sink. He headed to the door and put on his own shoes, picking up his bag, he walked out the door and locked it behind him. It was a nice place, it was an actual house instead of an apartment. Those were harder to find here. It was nice to have so much space. He started towards his new school, thoughts circling in his head. Ten years was a long time for anyone. Even longer for him. Over the course of ten years he had lost three important people to him, well maybe four including himself.

The first person he had lost was when he was seven, Mouri Ran, she had been the center of his universe according to people who'd known him. Of course, he remembered that, but everyone thought he was to young to remember such a wonderful person. She had been more then his center; she was the piece that had held everything. She had been the person that was the pilar of Kudou Shinichi's exsistance.

When that pilar fell, Kudou Shinichi disappeared with it. No one in Tokyo questioned it, but in Osaka, that was a completely different story. One, Hattori Heiji, didn't like that idea at all, but when he had arrived in Tokyo and met up with Conan. He realized that it was probably for the best. Not that Hattori have ever stopped calling him Kudou, and the darker detective probably never will. It didn't matter since they didn't see each other that much after Hattori married Kazuha six years ago, fresh after high school. He was happy for them.

If Kudou counted as one of the important people then number three was Kaitou Kid. He just knew when the weird thief didn't show up that he was gone. He wasn't sure how he died, but he had theories. It was because of those theories that he had managed to trap the Syndicate the way that he had. Unfortunately, he never did find out what Kaitou Kid was looking for. It was a shame that they were never able to become friends. The thief had been an interesting challenge. It was thanks to him that he didn't have to watch his back every day of every week. In fact, he had managed to get 'contacts' and got rid of the annoying thick-framed glasses. He was actually surprised that Kogoro hasn't put two and two together. After all, he defiantly looked like Kudou Shinichi again. Not that he cared. He didn't want the name back. There was no need for it. He had all he needed as Conan.

Number four was Eri, he never thought that he'd miss the mother figure so much, but he did. Guess it went in hand of missing Ran. He was sure that if Ran had the chance to grow up, she would have looked exactly like her mother.

He looked up at the school gates of his new school. Really, this school wouldn't be so bad if the uniforms were a different color. Black was a horrible school uniform color, but that might have been because his favorite color was blue, and his old uniform was blue. He sighed as he headed into the building. He blinked as people waved to him, and he waved back confused. There was even people who backed away from him, or gaved him confused looks, which in turned made him confused.

He entered the school's main office and walked up to the woman at the desk. "Oh Kuroba-kun! What have you done now?" The kind elderly lady said, she was dressed in obnoxiously bright colors.

"Sorry, I think you have me confused with someone else. I'm Mouri Conan, I've been transferred here and the woman on the phone said that I'd have to do some paper work before getting my schedule and homeroom." Conan said as politely as possible. He watched as the woman blinked owlishly and put on her glasses. "Oh I'm so sorry, yes, then your Mouri-kun" Conan nodded and was handed several forms. He filled them out quickly and handed them back. The woman quickly typed the information into the computer and then handed him the print outs for him. "Your class will be 2-A (2), I'm sure you'll be able to find it without any problems?"

Conan smiled. "I'll be fine. I don't really like to much attention, being a transfer is hard enough." The elderly woman smiled kindly and went back to her work as the teen left and headed for the destination on the map of the school he had received. He reached the door that had the sign '2-A' on it and knocked on the door before opening it.

Everyone was staring at him, he twitched slightly under the watch. The teacher looked horrified. Was a transfer student really that bad? He wondered to himself before telling them who he was. "um, I'm Mouri Conan, I've recently transferred to this school. He handed the papers that he was apposed to give the teacher. She actually looked relive to see evidence that he was really a transfer. "I'm sorry, Mouri-kun, umm…you can have the seat in front of Nakamori-chan." A girl that looked so much like Ran raised her hand in response. He gave the teacher a fake smile before sitting in front of the girl.

"Hi, I'm Nakamori Aoko." She whispered leaning towards him as he took his seat.

"Nice to me-" He was cut off as a boy that looked exactly like him, except with wilder hair and almost purple eyes, ran into the class and quickly took the seat next to him. During this he had given the teacher an apology and still managed a bright smile. It was then that the boy had noticed him and stared at him. He stared back. It's been a long time since he met someone who could pass off as his clone. Nakamori-san had taken it on herself to laugh at them.

They must have had been making some weird faces.




After the 'shock', Kaito had been able to weasel the new kid's name, Mouri Conan. It almost sounded familiar to him, but he couldn't think of where at the moment. He was to busy of thinking of ways to mess up the other boy's perfect hair. Seriously, how could hair stay that neat! Oh, he just wished he was here when the other teen had introduced himself to the class, what fun that would have been!

It must have been hilarious when Mouri-san had entered the room. After all, what would the teacher do with another Kaito? That had him thinking. It might be a great idea to make friends with Mouri-san! Now if he could keep himself from messing up the other boy's hair, it'd be game. Oh, but it was so tempting. There was his ADD at work again. At this point everyone, but Mouri-san, was looking at him. He must have stayed to quiet or wasn't moving enough. Some of his best pranks came during those moments. No, he had to behave himself.

He just couldn't help himself as he whipped out some gel and went to work on Mouri-san's hair. The look on the other boy's face was completely worth it. It was no longer neat and perfect! It stuck up in different places. Personally, he thought it looked great. The other boy had a different idea when it came to lunch-time. He had no clue that someone could kick a soccer ball hard enough to dent a tree. He was so glad for his reflexes as another ball came his way. He slipped slightly and landed on the cold grass.

"How do you remove this gel? I've tried regular water but it won't come out." A voice behind him said swiftly as if two soccer balls haven't became a part of the school's trees. Kaito had a pretty good idea who it was that put those soccer balls in said trees. He watched as the balls deflated into nothing before looking behind him at the annoyed teen.

"Mouri-san, I didn't know you were a soccer player." Kaito said still smiling, though it was covering up his nervousness. Now he remembered Mouri-san! He met up with him on his first heist. The teen had looked so sad when Kaitou Kid didn't remember him, and he was pretty sure that the teen had figured out pretty quickly that he wasn't the Kaitou Kid that he had known. The boy had sent him a sad smile and told him that the Kid he knew was looking for something, but he hadn't known what. He also said that they'd meet again, when he was a bit of a better challenge. That had been about three months ago, when he had found his father's secret. Mouri hadn't made another appearance yet. He was almost scared that the other teen wouldn't, it had been fun with his almost clone.

He felt like such an idiot for forgetting such and interesting detective.

-End of Chapter One-

Everyone needs a new beginning, where they find it, is there choice.

Hopefully, it'll be the right choice.

A happy choice that will erase the past pain.

Maybe that's all he ever needed.

A new beginning.

A real one.




(1) I have my reasons for Conan starting to call Kogoro that. It just doesn't seem right for a child to start living with an adult at a young age with out them starting to actually calling them mom or dad, so Conan decides to start calling Kogoro that after Eri starts living with them, and hasn't stopped calling him that. It's not that he doesn't still call his real dad, dad, it's just a foster- like feeling.

(2) I really don't know what class Kaito's in, so heres a guess, but then it really doesn't matter, I already messed with the timeline.