The Kudou's were a little surprised during the last leg of the vacation to see Conan and Kaito taking Angel out more, they were positive that Kaito would have been scouting for more heist locations. They just shrugged and enjoyed their 'quality time'. To Conan, that was one thing he never wanted to walk in on again, no matter how old he was.

Vacation couldn't last forever, no matter how much Kaito and Conan would have wanted it too, the extra time to themselves were nice, even though to Conan, he could have totally went with out the 36 murders that had happened during the brief say in California. It was almost like the murderers knew that Pandora was destroyed and more free time had opened up for bonding time.

For the police department, they hadn't even realized that Kaitou Kid had returned to Japan, through the rest of the winter, there were no heists. Kaito yawned and stretched as he made his way to meet up with Conan and Aoko. Spring had arrived in no time, and poor Kaito was bored out of his mind without his detectives chasing him all over some random museum. He smiled as he spotted Conan waiting for him and Aoko, looked like he wasn't going to be beaten with a handbag today! He hugged Conan the minute Conan was in reaching distance, much to the other boy's joy, Conan just sighed and attempted to shrug out of the hug.

"Co-chan! I've been so bored lately!"

"Is that why your hugging me?"


"Then, why don't you just go around stealing random objects like your father used to do."

"What? Really?" Kaito blinked, he had wondered why an organization would contact his father, who was a magician, god did hanging around Conan make him feel stupid sometimes.

"Yeah, He used to steal the most random objects. He even stole someone's shoes once, Oh right, those were mine…." Conan said, then blinked.

"Why would Otou-san steal your shoes?"

"Well, when I first got shrunken, I had these powered shoes, apparently, Kaitou Kid didn't like them much."

Kaito winced, yeah, powered shoes, he'd totally steal those from Conan too, but stealing really random things for fun, sounded like a great way to cure his boredom! At least he didn't have to worry about crazy people coming after him. (Well, except for the crazy Kid fans)

Aoko paused as she watched Conan and Kaito smiling at each other. Somehow, she was glad that Conan had moved to Edoka, it had brought out Kaito's real smile again, and maybe, helped Conan too. Kaito turned and gave her a 'what are you smiling about' look. "Come one Ahoko! We're gonna be late!"

The three teenagers had to run the rest of the way to school to make it on time for the final warning bell.

-End of Moving On-


Later that day at the police headquarters, Nakamori was growling as he paced his office. He hadn't heard anything from Kaitou Kid since he had sent that note saying that he'd be absent for a month. Three months later, and nothing from the phantom thief! He growled again, lighting another cigerette as one of the rookies of the force entered the office.

"Uh….Sir, We've received this notice from Kid…."

"YES! THAT ABOUT GOD DAMN TIME!" Nakamori took the note from the rookie, who looked like he was about to piss his pants; he quickly read through the notice and blinked. "Why the hell would he want to steal all the mops from Edoka High School?" He wondered out loud, before checking to make sure that it was in fact, a legit notice, seeing that it was, shrugged and got the task force ready.

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