A little AU what I would have preferred to happen to Barca and Pietros. Not sure if I should write more.

'Or he is lying now!' Asher insisted and lunged for Barca as he began to protest.

'Why would I lie? Surely my loyalty to you deserves more trust than is put in this snake, this snake that owes me more coin than he can pay?' Barca gestured to Asher who lunged and stabbed Barca. 'Dominus!' Barca choked out a cry to Batiatus' back. 'He is dead, I swear on the Gods, give me a chance, the boy will not be found.' Barca began to weaken a little as Asher stabbed him again as they struggled. Batiatus seemed to pause in thought.

'Halt!' Batiatus bellowed. 'Guards take them to their cells, we will wait for news. Barca you had better hope that the boy is not found.'

'I need not hope Dominus, I know the boy died by my hand.'

'Let the Gladiators boy tend to him, I do not want him in public with Doctore.'

'Ungh.' Barca grunted as he was dumped unceremoniously on his bed. He rolled onto his side and tried to catch his breath, thanking the Gods for his reprieve. He would need to tell Pietros the truth if they were to move forward from this. His eyes began to slip closed as Pietros came rushing in.

'My love? What happened? My Gods.' Pietros' eyes were wide and panicked.

Barca lifted a hand to his delicate face and pulled him down for a brief kiss. 'My boy, my love, we are betrayed. I will tell you the story but first I need to sleep.'

'Sleep my love, I will care for you.' Pietros bent and pressed a kiss to Barca's forehead and the big mans' eyes fell closed and he relaxed into sleep.