Under the beautiful moonlight, she stood there, almost gracefully with her lips parted, breathing out the chill and taking in oxygen to her lungs. Her posture didn't waver even when the cold wind was crawling on her skin; tearing the wound she tendered open; rendering it completely from recovering. Her hands gripped on the handle of the small knife she carried. She looked at it. Her eyes, albeit colored with the brightness of the sky before became bereft of life as she gazed at the reality in front of her. She pushed the object on her hands, deeper, and more vehement. Her mind ceased together with the motion. In every push she did, she too felt the coldness of the blade stabbing her heart. But she chose not to stop, even when the pain brought to her was overbearing.

After all, she made this decision herself.

"That's right...good..."

As if comforting, the voice in front of her spoke in a mellowed voice, and the tempered composure she bore shattered. In front of her stood a woman of exquisite beauty with eyes looking at her affectionately. They were a pair of transparent plum that blended almost perfectly with the somber twilight. She lifted her head to look at the woman's face and felt her head spinning in a daze. There was silence as she watched her in total captivation. Again, she lunge the blade forward and her ears were filled immediately with the sound of pain. Voluntarily, she loosened her grip in fear of hurting her more. Yes, she made this bitter decision, and she had prepared for the consequences that would follow her throughout. Still, she wasn't cruel in the face of murder. If she wanted the taste of blood, she would do it swiftly without feeling the anguish of death.

However, to her surprise, she felt a pair of soft hands touching the junctions of her fingers, moving so slightly, so tenderly, trying to feel the callousness of a hand drenched with blood. And then, her whole body moved, and she felt all the pressure on the knife pressing towards the beauty in front of her eyes. In a matter of seconds, she couldn't see the silver blade any longer, and deeper and deeper it went. The song of the chilly night wind became distorted as the sound of torn flesh echoed in harmony.


Finally, the tears she thought had already died before this sprung out from her eyes, and the dire need to run away from everything struck her brain like lightning.

In spite of her weak self urging her to,

"I love you..."

...her mind was still enamored at the sight of a dying butterfly.

Again, she just stood there, under the beam of moonlight, and watched as the glamour finally died out.

After all, this was the only way she could show her that she loved her.