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Fires were blazing, houses crumbled leaving a pile of rubble in their place, fierce roars pierced the night's sky, blood splattered staining the once green grass, and to those unlucky limbs flew drawing cries of pain and fury into the night. This was the sight Hiccup gazed upon through the window, beyond the small valleys that occupied the island and out onto the battlefield.

The small boy sighed and for the tenth time in a minute cursed his pathetically miniature stature, he had already turned six and still he was cursed to stay indoors and miles away from the action, while the other children were allowed to stay near and some even help their parents protect the village. Hiccup? No, he was to stay away from the battle, the people, the dragons AND his parents. Why you ask? Simple Hiccup was a natural walking disaster.

The boy snorted, he was not a walking disaster, life just did not like him while trouble seemed to think him a long lost lover, was that his fault? He did not think so, but then again no one ever cared enough to listen to what he thought.

Hiccup sighed once more and glanced outside, his eyes gleaming with wonder of what it was like outside, he had only been outside at a time like this twice. However, twice was hardly enough for one as curious as Hiccup, especially considering the circumstances, however his father, Stoic, said he would get mad if he saw him outside again. Naturally, Hiccup would never go against his father's wishes, no, he would not go outside…

…Where his father could see him, his father's word said nothing about exploring outside away from his watchful eyes.

Not one to miss an opportunity especially with the new loophole he just discovered, Hiccup jumped down from the stool he stood upon and ran outside in the opposite direction of the village into the thick forests he had so thoroughly explored on multiple occasions. Gleeful and full of adrenaline Hiccup glanced around at the familiar surroundings, loving the way the foliage encased the environment revealing nothing ahead. The unknown danger that might (or in his case definitely) lay ahead sent shivers of excitement down his spine; many thought him gutless, a coward for staying indoors, however he was not. Honestly, what sort of coward wanted to go outside in the midst of battle as he had tried to do so many times before?

Shaking those thoughts from his head, he set his mind on the path ahead, gave a smile, steadfast and assured he made his way through the foliage his foggy emerald eyes glowing with thrill through his thick messy brown locks. He couldn't hold back a grin exploding from his thin lips at his freedom, looking around wildly at his surroundings he walked on waiting for something anything to study, to give him another surge of adrenaline rush.

He walked on and on, it seemed hours had past before he finally realised that nothing was going to happen, there would be no excitement for him tonight. Sighing in disappointment he walked to the bank of a small lake he had found, he could still hear the shouts of battle as the Vikings desperately tried to defend there island. Hiccup snorted, really Vikings were just too stubborn for there own good, taking the chance to gather breakfast and maybe dinner (considering all the houses and with them objects lost) he figured it would not be such a bad idea.

Looking at his surroundings he grabbed a nearby stick, it was long, thick and sturdy, it was not completely straight but it would have to do. Once again, he glanced around looking for the appropriate tools to make a fishing rod, shaking some vines and tugging at them before finding one suitable enough to use as a line.

Once finished with his little creation Hiccup spent the rest of the night catching fish, it was only after three hours that he heard the sounds of battle had died down. He hastily let go of his rod and picked up the seven fish he had captured before he ran back towards the house. If his father found him outside, he surely would not be pleased. He was almost upon his destination and decided he would walk the rest of the way, that and he was out of breath.

It was then that he heard it a familiar whistling of the air, a wave of heat washing over him from a distance, an electric blue ball striking at lightening fast speed and the familiar sound of a exploding house, debris flying everywhere as the house he was walking towards blew up in flames….literally.

Before he could comprehend what was happening a dark creature, long and graceful in form glided down towards him, surveying its handy work. Cocking its head to the side the creature seemed satisfied as it gave a little nod, or so Hiccup thought. The shadowy figure must have sensed the boys presence because before the small child knew it the creature's lime green eyes were staring directly at him.

Hiccup stared awed, mouth gaping, eyes wide with shock, excitement, hope and just a tiny bit of fear.

It was a Night Fury.

Hiccup barely contained his excitement and cautiously moved closer to the creature, seeing this the Night Fury bent low and growled baring its teeth intimidating the small boy who took a step back.

Hiccup desperately tried to remember all he knew about the 'Night Fury', it was meant to be one of the most dangerous dragons ever seen and was even dangerous to the most skilled Vikings. Suddenly filled with a sense of dread and overwhelming fear, small Hiccup put his hands out in front of him, dropping his fish, as a gesture of peace and searched around desperately for a place to escape glancing nervously at the dragon in front of him. That is until he noticed something, the Night Fury was not looking at him per say, but rather its eyes were focused on something on him. Risking a glance at his person, the boy traced the dragons gaze and found his eyes landing on his knife.

Did the dragon feel threatened? Taking a chance Hiccup slowly moved his hand down to the knife, the Night Fury crouched lower ready to pounce a deep growl emitting from its throat ready to explode into a roar. Shaking his head slightly Hiccup panicked a bit

"No, no, I-I won't hurt you" Quickly taking the knife out he through it as far away as he could. "S-see?"

He asked feeling utterly foolish and frenzied at the whole situation however all those thoughts flew from his mind when he saw the dragon calm and sit cautiously in front of him.

Unsure of what to do in this situation, the brunette spied the fish he caught earlier and then glanced back at the dragon who was still watching him warily. Carefully reaching down never taking his eyes of the Night Fury's form and only hesitating when the creature tensed Hiccup grasped the tail of a fish and held it out to the dragon all the while cursing his arm for refusing his wishes not to shake.

The dragon itself looked at the child with interest before slowly but surely making its way towards the child, with each step it took Hiccup shook even more and soon his whole body was trembling from a mixture of fear, wonder and excitement. The fear was quelled however when the shadowed dragon stuck the fish and started munching away happily at his new treat.

Hiccup's face split into a wide grin, ecstatic at his discovery he must have been the only person ever to get this close to a Night Fury! Him! Little Hiccup! Walking Disaster! Outcast of the village!

Feeling impulsive and new found adrenalin urging him on, he took another fish as the dragon finished the previous one and held it out to him. As the dragon bit down on the fish Hiccup's hand found its way down onto the creature's head, both figures tensed, for a brief horrifying moment Hiccup thought he had pushed too far and squeezed his eyes shut preparing to feel pain like no other. Only to have the shock of his life when the creature did nothing but continue happily eating, so shocked he spoke his thoughts out-loud

"Y-You don't think I'm going to hurt you?"

The dragons eerily lime green eyes found there way onto his form making him squeak as they gave him an intense stare, before the eyes seemed to rake over his form, the dragon snorted before returning to his food. Hiccup felt the familiar sensation of irritation leaking into his system, even the dragon thought he was useless!

Sighing irritably he plopped down next to the creature arms crossed and watched silently as the creature finished up his second fish, well at least one good thing came out of his unbearably short stature, the trust of a Night Fury….well he hoped he had its trust.

As Hiccup pondered on the new thought the Night Fury came closer to the boy poking him with the tip of his nose searching for more fish, crying out in shock Hiccup fell back hitting his head hard on the floor. He squeezed his eyes shut and hissed in pain the blurry image of the dragon loomed over him; still looking for more fish, understanding what the dragon was looking for the boy gave a frown and mumbled

"You could have just asked" trying to get up, however before he was able to manage the feat he heard his name roared over the blaze of the fire beside himself and the dragon.

He whipped his head around, apparently that was the wrong thing to do as a wave of dizziness hit him screwing his eyes shut once more he took a moment to try and focus his vision he saw the blurred figures of half the village staring at him in horror and shock, weapons still grasped in there hands. His eyes met his fathers fear filled ones, why were they all so terrified?

It was then that his current position came to mind, he was laying helplessly on the floor a Night Fury above him, however that wasn't all said Night Fury was also now growling baring its teeth at all the villagers who held there weapons up.

Fear gripped him as he realised what was happening. No! They could not hurt the Night Fury! But he didn't want any of the villagers to get hurt either, acting rashly once more Hiccup gained the dragons attention once more, the dragon turned its baring teeth at him, Hiccup flinched but otherwise showed no signs of panic

"Go!" He whispered urgently steeling glances at his father and the other villagers who were all calling his name and rushing towards them. The dragon looked hesitant to leave but with one final push from the boy, sped off into the night just as his father arrived at his side.

Hiccup hid a smile as he surrendered to blissful unconsciousness, one thought crossing his mind as he did

'I'm so going exploring tomorrow'

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