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Anyways, the story awaits~

"Lelouch, wait!"

Suzaku was trying to zip his pants back up as he ran after Lelouch. He had to tell him the truth.

Lelouch spun on his heal and slammed his fists against the coffee table next to the door.

"What the fuck Suzaku?!" He said glaring maliciously up at his boyfriend. 'How could he do this to me? We've been dating for a year and a half!' he thought to himself scornfully.

"Look Lelouch, I can explain.." Suzaku held his arms up at Lulu trying to show that he was defenseless, so he would hear him out.

"No, I seriously doubt you can make up a good excuse for this, but go ahead and try yeah? I'd absolutely love to hear your explanation for why my fucking sister and you were lying around virtually naked on your bed…oh I'm sorry, did I ruin the moment for you?" The sarcasm was practically dripping off his voice.

"Okay first off, I'm not the only one to blame here…"

"Oh really?! Well that's a surprise! Did a magician place a spell on you or something?"

"No! Don't be stupid! It's not entirely my fault Lulu, this is your fault…if you hadn't-"

"What the fuck?! Are you serious? How the hell is you cheating on me my fault?"

"Let me finish dammit! It's your fault Lulu! Maybe if you spent more time with me, and less time with that stupid "band" of yours I wouldn't of done it."

"How dare you insult my band!"

"News flash Lulu, it's not a real band! It's just you and Kallen messing around on instruments. I didn't want to tell you before, because I didn't want to hurt your feelings, but there's no way in hell you two are ever going to start a real band." Suzaku said, angry that he would defend his non band that strongly.

Lelouch looked as if he'd been physically hit. They stood like that in silence for a while. 'How could Suzaku say that to me?' Lulu thought to himself. 'I thought he loved my dream…he said he'd be there to support me no matter what…'

"Look Lulu, I'm sorry okay. It's my honest opinion though, most bands don't make it past the garage phase. Ever since we started dating too, you've always picked your band over me."

"Why did you get with her?" Lelouch said, ignoring what Suzaku had just said. "Why her of all people?!"


"Did you forget how much I hate that bitch?! Did you forget how many times I've told you to stay the fuck away from her? Why did you not listen to me? I knew she would fucking do this to me again!"

"Don't call her that Lelouch! She's a good person, I don't see why-"

"Don't see why?! Really? I thought it was obvious. That bitch has taken everything from me. Everything. Even you weren't immune to her charm I see."

"It's not her fault, so leave her out of this."

"Why do you defend her Suzaku?" Lulu said disdainfully.

"Because I think I might love her okay?!" As soon as he said those words, Suzaku regretted them. Lelouch's eyes widened and he frowned sadly.

"You love her?…I thought you said that you loved me? You said you'd love me forever…that it was unconditional…"

"Lelouch…I do love you, but-"

"But nothing Suzaku! Which is it? Do you love me?…or her?" Lelouch said, a strong look of hope gleamed in his eyes.

"I-I don't know…I'm so confused. I love you that's for sure, but I don't know because I think I love Euphie too now. She's so sweet, and caring."

Lelouch's beautiful violet eyes dimmed, and he hung his head down defeated. "It looks like you've already chosen Suzaku…I knew you'd pick her…everyone always does."

"Wait Lulu! I didn't pick Euphie! I said I think I might be falling for her, but you're the one my heart really belongs to."

"Cut the bullshit Suzaku, don't play with me. You can't keep us both. Euphie is the one in your room right now. Not me. You haven't spoken to me all week! You've stopped answering my calls. Hell, you don't even text me anymore! Don't you dare try to pin this on me either, because although I'm busy with student council and my band, I still try to make the effort! Do you know how hard it is to be in a relationship with a guy who scrambles away from you when someone passes by? With someone who doesn't even want to acknowledge that you're together?"

"Lelouch, I do acknowledge us!"

"No you don't Suzaku. You're ashamed to be with me, because I'm a guy. Most people don't even care about that, but I guess you do. That's why the only times you flirt with me in public is during the annual cross-dressing dance. Even then you always remind everyone that you and me are 'just friends', if you weren't so ashamed we could march down there right now and declare us officially."

"No! Why do we need other people's approval Lelouch? We don't need them to acknowledge us to be considered official, do we?"

"It matters to you, so it matters to me. I need other people to know, so people like Euphie know when to back off. God, I should've listened to Kallen. She was right about you…"

"What? Kallen, that 'friend' of yours Lelouch? Yeah, don't think I don't know. You two are always together, don't think I haven't caught on to what you to do in the band room together. You're such a hypocrite." Suzaku spit out angrily. 'Lelouch can't pretend to be innocent in this. It's just as much his fault!'

"Do you know how much I've sacrificed for you? Kallen is my best friend Suzaku, don't you dare spit on her name like that! I've been friends with her since pre-school. I met you in middle school, so don't even start with your bullshit. I spend most of my free time with you, I've only recently started practicing with her again in the band room. I even skip some of my student council meetings and assignments to come hang out with you. Dammit Suzaku, I skipped Nunnally's biggest piano rehearsal for you!" Lelouch was furious now. How dare Suzaku insult Kallen. 'She was right to get mad when I started dating Suzaku.'

"When I started dating you, Kallen stopped talking to me. Did you know how hard that was for me? No right? Of course you didn't. You laughed when I told you she was angry. I can't believe I defended you from her when you'd come up in our conversations!"

"Enough! We're even now okay?" 'I have to stop him before this gets out of control' Suzaku mused. "You slept with Kallen and I slept with Euphie, lets stop there and pretend it didn't happen. I do care for Euphie, but it's nowhere near as strong as what I feel for you. I'm sorry if I've neglected you, I didn't know. I can't stand the thought of you leaving, you're mine Lelouch." Suzaku said possessively. Why had Lulu not told him about that? 'Did he really miss one of Nunnally's recital's for me? I'm not about to let you leave me Lulu. You care about me a lot more than I thought…'

"You don't own me asshole." Lelouch hissed. His violet eyes were cold and his posture was stiff. "And no, I never slept with Kallen. I'm faithful, unlike you apparently."

At that moment Euphemia came running out of Suzaku's room. Her clothes were a mess, testament to what had just occurred in there.

"Cut it out you two! I'm sorry if I made you guys fight. Lulu, I really like Suzaku. I hope you don't mind this whole thing. It's a silly thing to fight over…"

"Shut up bitch! Don't even pretend to act all innocent! I know how you are Euphie. You always do this to me. You take away everything. Even mother and father love you more. Why do you always try to ruin my happiness? I love Suzaku, don't you care about what I feel at all?"

"Lelouch…If he's with me now how much does that show about your relationship? It won't matter anyways, no one besides me knew you were together. Besides, we both know Suzaku's not gay. He obviously prefers me instead. We've been sneaking around behind for back for almost a year already. I'm surprised you never caught us before," Euphie finished sweetly. She hugged Suzaku's right arm and snuggled into him.

Suzaku stilled in shock. 'Euphie didn't have to say that out loud!' he mentally cursed himself.

Lelouch looked at them both speechless. He didn't know what to say…'a fucking year?! When the hell was Suzaku going to tell him?'

"You really love me huh?" Lelouch said tonelessly, staring blankly at Suzaku who shrunk a little in embarrassment. "unconditionally…"

Lelouch tried to stop the tears that had been threatening to spill since he'd walked in on them, but he couldn't anymore. This was too much. " I hate you." he said simply. He pulled off the promise ring Suzaku had given him, and threw it at him. 'At least I won't have to lie about it anymore…it's a sign of our friendship I use to have to say when people would ask.'

"Lelouch, don't do this!" Suzaku pleaded, but Lelouch didn't turn around this time when he started walking away.

"You can throw away anything I might've left here, I don't want it anymore…" he said hollowly.

When the door closed and they could no longer hear his footsteps, Euphie laughed lightly and snuggled even closer to Suzaku.

"Oh, I'm so happy! Now we don't have to sneak around him anymore" she said dreamily. "Did you seriously like my brother, Suzaku? He's such a killjoy."

Suzaku roughly pushed Euphemia away from him, and glared at her coldly.

"Of course I like him Euphie, I'm in love with him! Why the fuck did you just ruin it for me by saying that? I can't believe I thought you were the sweet girl I first met. I did like you Euphie, but after this…"

"You ruined this yourself Suzaku. I'm more fun anyways. That's why you got with me right? Because you were bored of Lulu?"

"No! He could never bore me. I only started seeing you because you had the same eyes, and I missed being around him…he's always so busy…I guess all the attention he received was making me jealous…but now you've ruined it. Get out of here Euphie, I never want to see you again."

Euphie looked up saddened. "But-"

"Leave!" he yelled. Euphie ran out of Suzaku's dorm in a hurry. Suzaku walked back into his room silently, luckily no one had to share dorms in this rich school. Britannia was so luxurious…Lulu was son of Britannia's current leader. Suzaku sat back in his chair at the corner of his room. He stared at his messy bed. A look of disgust passed his features and he sighed tiredly. 'How could I do this to him…I never thought this fling would last this long. I'm such a jerk. Why the hell did Euphie tell him?! He didn't have to know, but Euphemia had said…oh god…did she lie to me? Why would she say Lulu was cheating on me if he wasn't?! Lulu didn't cheat on me. I know for sure now. He would never miss one of Nunnally's recitals for just anyone.' Suzaku hung his head in his hands. 'I have to fix this…don't worry Lelouch, I will get you back, I promise."

That was two years ago, now they're seniors in high school. After Lelouch broke up with Suzaku he immediately went home and confessed to his parent's that he was bisexual and no longer wished to hide it from them. Outraged and ashamed at having a gay son, they disowned him right then and there. The last Suzaku heard of him he had gone to Japan with Kallen and her guardian Ohgi, but that was right after he'd been disowned…

Suzaku's mother, who he had been living in Britannia with, died a year after the incident with Lulu, and Suzaku had gone back to live in Japan with his father, Genbu. He was now enrolled in Ashford Academy, the most prestigious Britannian school in Japan.

Suzaku sighed and walked back home. The first day back had been exhausting. He no longer lived in the school dorms, but that didn't matter much to him. When he entered his house he heard music playing in his living room, and upon further investigation he saw his cousin Kaguya was there dancing around to some band playing a live concert. The song seemed about half way through, and Kaguya was singing along.

The road I walk is paved in gold,
To glorify my platinum soul.
I am the closest thing to God,
So worship me and never stop!

The wretched blood runs through my veins
I gave up everything for fame
I am the lie that you adore
Now feed the rich, and fuck the poor.

I got.
you want.
It's just -- don't stop.
I got.
you want.
It's just -- don't stop.

This is entertainment
Lies are entertainment
You are down on your knees,
begging me for more.

Dear future,
I bought you.
I own the rights.
To let go,
Destroy you.
This is my life.

She twirled around and finally noticed him standing there.

"Yay you're back! How was your first day as a senior Suzaku?" she chirped happily.

"It was good, How about you? Excited to finally be a freshman here? Blue and white stripped socks? Trying to make a fashion statement Kaguya?" Suzaku said sounding amused.

"Of course! I need to start standing out now or else my future husband, Zero-sama, will never notice me!" She said looking at the screen lovingly.

Suzaku sighed. 'Of course, It has to be the Black Knights playing. They are Kaguya's favorite band, not the mention the favorite of just about everyone here in Ashford, myself included. I don't know, there's just something about Zero that draws me in. He's so…alluring. Everything about him just screams 'look at me'. It doesn't hurt that he's good eye candy either.'

Walking closer to get a better look, Suzaku noticed it was indeed them. By the looks of how grand the stage looked it must be their last concert of the tour. The Black Knights always ended everything with a bang, and it worked quite nicely for them. They had millions of adoring fans everywhere around the world, which was crazy seeing as they'd risen out of nowhere just a year ago! 'Rakshata must be a really good manager' Suzaku said to himself.

"I don't recognize this song," he said out loud.

"It's from their new CD, Rise of the Rebellion, silly billy. I can't believe you call yourself a fan, and didn't even know that" she scoffed in mock annoyance.

"Still it sounds different than what they usually sing."

"Yeah, I agree. C.C. wrote this song on her own, and you know how weird she is. My guess is she wanted to try something a little different. Either way, I think this song is awesome~" she said in a sing song voice. After a brief pause she continued seriously, "Hey Suzaku, when me and Zero-sama get married, do you want an invitation? I know you like them too and all…" she continued shyly. 'I wonder if Suzaku approves of him..' she couldn't help thinking to herself.

He laughed lightly. 'Kaguya's so cute when she's like this. She probably thinks I hate weddings, because I told her once when we were younger that weddings were boring and I never wanted to attend any if I could prevent it.'

"Of course I'll come Kaguya, and hey if they play anything it's sure to liven up the crowd." he reached over and playfully ruined her hair. She giggled and pushed him back a little.

The song ended and they could both hear loud cheering coming from the screen. Tianzi, Kaguya's best friend, appeared from the kitchen. She was also a freshman now. The girl is really shy, but very kind natured too.

"Hey the song ended?" she asked, walking towards them with a bowl of popcorn.

"Yeah, it was so awesome Tia, you should've seen it!" Kaguya exclaimed cheerfully and danced around trying to repeat some of Zero's moves.

Zero started talking, so the three rushed to sit down near the television. Anytime they spoke was a time worth listening. The band stood up and walked to the front of the stage. 'Did I miss their whole concert?' Suzaku thought dismayed.

Zero took his microphone and addressed the crowd with that alluring voice of his. "It was great playing here, it's always a pleasure to play for you Hong Kong. I'm not just saying that because it's The Black Knights hometown either, I mean it" he said smoothly. The crowd cheered wildly at his statement.

Zero's Ace took his microphone and spoke up next. "Listen well Hong Kong, because this will be our last concert here for awhile, we thought we'd give you a parting gift." A couple of confused murmurs were heard, and then she continued. "Zero and I will finally unmask ourselves." The crowd went wild at this. No one has ever seen the face of Zero or his Ace. They were the original founders of The Black Knights and the only ones who wore masks. The other members were Li Xingke, the drummer, and C.C., the bass player.

His Ace took off her mask first. Suzaku paled when he saw her. Spiky red hair was now visible, and he instantly recognized her. There in the screen stood Kallen Kouzuki, his ex-boyfriends best friend. The shock was overwhelming. How could this be? Weren't they in Japan? Much to his horror, Zero proceeded to take off his mask as well. The fan girls cried so loud, it was hard to make out what he said next, but he managed to hear "My real name, is Lelouch Lamperouge." Lulu's voice was sinful pleasure, just like he'd last remembered.

Kaguya and Tianzi squealed happily. The camera was now zoomed in on Lelouch. 'He looks way better than last time' Suzaku thought to himself ' and he was already hot to begin with!' All of the rumors he'd heard about Zero rushed to him. About random people who Zero supposedly had relationships with. Suzaku couldn't help the anger that overtook him now. 'How dare anyone try to touch what is rightfully mine!' he thought bitterly.

His cousin and her friend seemed to be in their own little world too, but when they heard someone mention Japan, they all turned their attention back to the television. Kallen was announcing that they were all going to be moving to Japan soon, and they would probably be touring there next.

Kaguya and Tianzi squealed again in delight.

"We're going to get to meet our boyfriends soon," Kaguya jumped up energetically.

"Yes b-but do you think they'll like us?" Tianzi asked uncertainly. 'I don't think anyone as great as Xingke will ever look at someone as plain as me...' she thought to herself sadly.

"Of course they will! Don't worry about it, we're going to make them fall in love with us, and then we'll have a double wedding. You will marry Xingke and I will marry Lelouch!"

Suzaku was staring at the screen determinedly. He didn't care about their reason for coming. He was finally going to get Lulu back, and make sure he stayed this time. 'Sorry Kaguya, not even you can get in my way. Though you're nothing compared to me. If Lelouch had to pick between just me and you, I'd win every time.'

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