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Lelouch sighed and paced around his room.

"What do you think C.C. would say if she knew you were offering a date with me as a prize for your silly game?"

"I already asked her," Milly replied happily. "She said it's fine as long as I give her a picture of it."

'Typical up-supportive C.C.,' he thought.

"Well, have you considered how I might feel about this? You think it's okay with me to offer my girlfriend up as a prize?" Lelouch added with renewed vigor.

"She told me it would be the opportune moment to show her off. And that chances are she'd have to fight more guys away from you than herself." She giggled on the other end of the line.

He tiredly rubbed his forehead, listening to Milly. He wished he would have stayed outside with Kallen.

"Lelouch," the blonde spoke cheerfully, "It might not even be you. The winner would get their pick out of your band and the student council. I think this is a great opportunity for the students to let loose and have fun. "

"I disagree. I know what it'll boil down to if you have your way. You only want me to do this for your personal enjoyment," Lelouch deadpanned. "Why do you enjoy torturing me?"

She laughed from the other end. "It's not torture. You'll like it."

"I seriously doubt it," he mumbled to himself and shook his head. "I'll tell you what. Convince our manager to allow it and we'll do it." He knew Milly wouldn't let up easily. He just hoped Rakshata would excuse them from participating in Milly's silly school activities. He wasn't exactly sure what his blonde friend was up to, but if it had something to do with the student council club he's sure he wouldn't like it.

"Give me her number at school, and I'll call her up right away," Milly chirped excitedly, and Lelouch gave a small hum of approval.

"I'll talk to you later," Lelouch answered back, and hung up before Milly could try to rope him into something else.

He tossed his phone on the bed, and fell back on it staring at the ceiling.

The day had been more tiring than he'd thought. He didn't even want to think about what happened. He just prayed Kallen would drop the subject, and forget about his encounter with Suzaku. He appreciated her concern, but the matter was between him and Suzaku.

"I'll just worry about this tomorrow," he quietly said to himself, and stood up to lock his door. He didn't want C.C. sneaking into his room again in the middle of the night. Lelouch had his hands full with problems, the last thing he wanted to worry about was the witch sneaking into his room and stealing his bed. He turned the light off, and laid down to sleep. He'd deal with everything later. Just as he was drifting off to sleep he heard the loud buzz of his phone again. He groaned, and reached for it.

"What?" he snapped irritably.

"Lelouch...?" he heard a quiet feminine voice over the other end. He immediately shot up, and pulled his phone away to check the number. His mood lifted as he saw the familiar name of his old nursemaid on his caller ID.

"Sayoko-san?" he questioned eagerly, unable and unwilling to hide the shock and relief from his voice. It had been a long time since he'd last heard anything from her, and he was anxious to hear about his two younger siblings.

"I'm sorry, we haven't been able to talk in awhile. Your brother and sister are fine."

He sighed in relief, but had to ask anyway. "How is Nunnally?"

"She's great, but she did hear a song of yours yesterday. The one you wrote after the break up you had. Pardon me for bringing it up. I know it wasn't a good time for you."

"It's alright, Sayoko-san," he reassured.

"She said you sounded sad, and asked if you actually went through that," Sayoko spoke respectfully, but Lelouch knew she wasn't sure what to say about it.

"Tell her it's fine," he responded after awhile. "I'll be happy as long as she's enjoying herself."

"I'll let her know."

"How's Rolo?" Lulu asked a little hesitant. He knew his brother was harder to deal with than Nunnally, but he hoped he got less violent.

Lulu still remembered the day he was disowned. As he was about to leave through the main doors, he heard his brother storm into the hall from one of the side entrances. He'd apparently overheard the entire conversation and strolled angrily up to where their parents were seated. Lelouch heard him demand an explanation, but his parents refused. Telling him he was too young, and shouldn't worry about Lelouch anymore since he wouldn't legally be his brother anymore. Rolo defiantly said he'd leave with Lulu, but if the loud smack he heard resonating from the halls was any indication, his younger brother hadn't been successful. Lelouch reluctantly left the scene. He never got to check on Rolo for what happened, but figured it would be harder to leave if he sought him out first. He really would have loved to have taken Rolo and Nunnally with him, but at the time he wasn't even sure about his own living arrangements.

"Your mother had him sent to a boarding school," Sayoko responded evenly. "Forgive me. I would have spoken out in his defense, but your mother wasn't in a tolerating mood. I'm sure it would have been my last day," she said mournfully.

Lelouch clenched his fists tightly at the mention of boarding school. What the hell had his parents been thinking? His only regret for walking out of his old life was leaving his two biological siblings behind. It was selfish of him to have confessed if leaving them was the price he'd have to pay, but he hadn't anticipated being disowned by his parents. He knew they'd be displeased, but to go to the extreme of disowning one of your own children? Lulu supposed he should have expected it, but he'd never forgive his parents. His father for denying his existence and forcing him out of the family, and his mother for not lifting a finger to stop it.

"It's...I'm just glad you kept your job, Sayoko-san. Please don't blame yourself. Knowing mother, there's nothing you could have said to change her mind," Lelouch spat the last bit hatefully, and glared at the illuminated part of the ceiling he could see from the light coming in through his window.

"Thank you," she replied in relief. "I should go now."

"Yes, that's fine," Lelouch murmured already feeling the effects of sleep wash over him. "Good night, Sayoko-san." He hung up and drifted to sleep almost instantly.

C.C. was having a terrible morning. It wasn't because it was a school day either. She was fine with school. She actually enjoyed going to class, although the main reason she enjoyed it was because she loved being recognized by the fans in class. What was bothering her was last night. Lelouch had the softest bed in the house, it was a well known fact among The Black Knights, but he'd locked the door to his room last night. C.C. honestly wouldn't have minded if she hadn't lost the spare key she'd made. She couldn't believe she'd lost it either. Just that previous morning she'd put it in her purse for safe keeping.

She sighed and shook her head, walking down the corridors of Ashford looking bored and apathetic. It had been a slow day in class, but she was looking forward to attending the student council meeting. She just loved teasing that green-eyed brunette boy. She was positive he had a thing for Lelouch. She almost felt sorry using her fake relationship around to rile him up, but if Lelouch wasn't going to entertain her she'd have to find something else to do to pass the time. She quickly reached the room she was looking for and entered without a word. She made her way to her usual spot on the couch in the back, and plopped down. She lazily looked over at the other council members.

'That's strange,' she thought to herself. 'None of the others are here...'

"C.C.?" Shirley asked sounding a little confused. "Why are you here? I mean n-not that it's a bad thing!" she quickly covered after noting her statement could have been taken offensively. "It's just...weren't your schedules suppose to be really packed today?"

'Oh yeah,' she thought suddenly, but soon realized how tired she was and couldn't bring herself to care as much as she should.

"It's nothing Lelouch can't handle," she murmured and lifted an arm up to wave it off like it wasn't a big deal. "It's not like this is the first time this has happened. Kallen's always there to have his back anyway."

She glanced at the council members, and smirked at the surprised glances they were giving her. Suzaku's look of annoyance wasn't ignored either. She took that as a private victory, though short lived because at that moment Lelouch walked in looking as angry as he usually does when she flakes out on them.

"C.C.," he spoke calmly, though she knew he was far from it. "Please enlighten us on your disappearance today. Did we not arrive at the recording studio at the same time?"

She simply shrugged, and snuggled up to the couch. "I was tired," she mumbled after a short pause. "If you would have let me sleep with you last night I would have gotten all my hours. You know I need your warm body beside me," she teased him without realizing the implications her statement could have had.

Lelouch scoffed, and crossed his arms. "You mean underneath you right. I swear if you don't end up on top of me you-"

"Lulu!" Kallen hissed quietly so the others on the other side of the room wouldn't hear her.

At Kallen's low warning, both C.C. and Lelouch turned to look at the other occupants in the room having temporarily forgotten where they were.

"I-" Lelouch started, unsure of what to say.

"Gross!" Xingke cut in jokingly just in time to save the day. "Too much information. We totally didn't need to hear what you guys do at night."

Lulu looked momentarily surprised, but didn't object. After all, he was suppose to be in a relationship with C.C. it's only natural they'd be physical as well.

"Lelouch you...," Rivalz spoke sounding a bit hesitant. "...you bottom with C.C.?"

His eyes grew as he realized what he'd said and sputtered indignantly.

"Of course he does," C.C. answered first before Lelouch could even begin formulating a response.

"What?" he cried angrily. "I do not."

"You do. Don't deny it," she playfully teased Lulu, and stood up to wrap her arms around his neck. She kissed him lightly on the cheek while he was still fuming and turned to shoot Suzaku a smug look.

The brunette regarded her coolly, and furrowed his brows.

"Of course he'd bottom," Suzaku murmured lowly to himself, but it was too late. The room was silent and everyone had heard what he said. The brunette gulped nervously, and looked around at the shocked faces of his friends before turning to look at Lelouch. The dark haired boy was glowering at him, which made him a bit sad. He hadn't meant it as an insult. It was just a thought... He wished he'd just kept it to himself.

"You don't think I know how to assert myself in the bedroom?" Lelouch replied coldly, and untangled C.C.'s arms from around his neck. "And what, pray tell, gave you that impression?"

Suzaku stumbled around his words. Trying to string along the perfect phrase to calm Lulu down.

"It wasn't meant as an insult," he finally murmured after awhile. It only took him a second to notice that he'd unconsciously walked back into a wall, and Lelouch was steadily approaching him. An unreadable expression on his handsome features.

"Really?" Lelouch spoke calmly now having reached Suzaku. He moved one of his arms to the wall next to Suzaku's head. "I'm sure I could top you if I really wanted to," Lelouch challenged. Of course he preferred to bottom, but he didn't understand why everyone was quick to believe C.C. took charge between them. He took control in every aspect of his life, he knew if he wanted it badly enough he could in this sense too.

Suzaku gulped nervously, and stared at Lelouch curiously, wondering what exactly he had in mind to prove his point. The others violet eyes shone brightly, and a smirk tugged at the corner of his lips. Suzaku's heart was beating quickly. He was afraid the other occupants of the room would be able to hear it if didn't calm himself down soon, but having Lelouch stand willingly close to him again was having a bigger affect on him than he'd imagined. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been this excited.

Lelouch was enjoying the look Suzaku was giving him. He was well aware of their audience, but figured they could use a show. Lelouch knew he was safe. He knew Suzaku wouldn't repeat what happened at Kaguya's house. They were at school, and had he had a reputation to uphold. Conflicted green eyes met amethyst, and Lulu knew he'd enjoy this knowing Suzaku couldn't do a thing to encourage him. He placed both of his hands at Suzaku's sides, and they started slowly massaging their way up his torso. He trained his gaze on the brunette's chest, where his right hand currently was, and purposely grazed the areas he knew the other was sensitive at. As he expected Suzaku moved up against his palms, and bit his lip discretely to prevent from making any noises. Lelouch couldn't help feeling triumphant. Euphemia may have stolen Suzaku from him, but he was confident she didn't know his body like Lelouch did.

There was a flash of a camera going off behind them, and Lelouch immediately knew Milly was behind it. He payed it no mind, though, as he raked his hands down a taut front to finger at Suzaku's hips.

The brunette was sweating, muscles twitching in restraint as Lelouch continued to feel around his waistline. He didn't know how much more of this slow torture he could take.

Lelouch could hear Suzaku begin to pant lightly as he pressed his body to the wall with his own and slowly leaned in close. When his lips were just an inch from the brunette's he stopped and gave a knowing smirk. Suzaku was already turning into puddy with his eyes half-lidded and mouth slightly parted, expecting a kiss.

Lelouch chuckled to himself and abruptly pulled away. Suzaku slumped a little against the wall.

"Well you know how it would go," he said after he controlled his laughter. "I was only demonstrating. Obviously I'd never try anything with you." He said with a particular sting in his voice. "Especially not when I have a wonderful girlfriend like C.C. around," he finished and sent a warm smile to their green haired bassist who looked disappointed after watching Lelouch stop.

Lulu smirked again at Suzaku and turned towards Milly. "Here's the number you requested," he said and handed her a small card. "It's been fun, but we're going to be making a few appearances later this week and we really have to go and prepare. We're also the musical guest on a live talk show tonight, so tune in for that later. We have to go prepare now." He waved farewell, and walked out of the room followed closely by Xingke. Kallen dragged C.C. out, making sure to keep an eye on her this time. She didn't want her randomly disappearing on them again.

"Okay, am I the only one who thought that was hot?" C.C. asked suddenly and shot Kallen a look.

Lelouch rolled his eyes, and Xingke laughed. Kallen just elbowed C.C.

"You better stop thinking along those lines," Kallen replied. "I assure you. It is not going to happen."

"Attention: Black Knights. You'll be on in 15 minutes. Repeat. Black Knights, you're on in 15 minutes," a voice from the intercom boomed loudly.

There was a flurry of movement in the dressing room. The make-up artists were putting the finishing touches on them. They changed into their stage outfits as soon as they'd arrived, so now they only needed to wait. They were tired from running around all day, but the only thing on their minds now were the questions they'd be asked. Originally they were only going to be appearing on the show as the musical guests, but once the fans heard about it, the expected ratings for the live episode skyrocketed and they were asked to make an actual appearance on the show to answer some fan questions. Rakshata had been present at the beginning and told them to go for it, but had to leave early because something had come up.

"You're on," one of the crew members informed them quickly and left.

They all stood and went to the side entrance of the set. At the cue from the host, Kanon Maldini, they all strolled in and were immediately greeted by the loud cries from the stands. They waved, and smiled brightly at their fans.

"Please, take a seat," Kanon sent them a warm smile, and re-adjusted himself in his seat. The previous guest bowed politely and walked past them.

"Thank you for having us," Lelouch responded respectfully once they took their seats. He flashed a bright smile at their fans in the stands, who only cheered louder as a response. He was in his regular Black Knight outfit, minus the helmet. He normally had a dark cloth covering half of his face, but he had it pulled down for the occasion. He'd been showing his face more often now that he'd revealed his identity.

"I have some questions here from your fans," Kanon said brightly and motioned to the cards in his hand. "Is it alright if I ask you some personal questions?" They all nodded and he smiled. "Let's see," he said and scanned the first question. "Well, I guess they didn't waste any time," he murmured. "Do you believe in love at first sight?"

"Yes," both C.C. and Xingke answered quickly. Kallen and Lelouch shot them strange looks.

"Well I certainly don't," Kallen responded. "It's impossible to love someone at first sight if you don't even know them. Attraction at first sight on the other hand," she started. "Now that I do believe."

Lelouch just nodded in agreement with Kallen's explanation.

"I see," Kanon nodded, and flipped to the next note card. "When did you first fall in love?"

Xingke was the first to answer. "I don't think I've ever been in love," he responded sounding little confused.

C.C. laughed and answered next. "I was at the mall. I met the nicest guy..." she trialed off suddenly, "but he ended up being a complete jerk," she hissed, and turned to give Lelouch a weary look. The dark haired boy knew exactly who she was thinking about and, since he was sitting at her side, he gently squeezed her hand for support.

"I don't actually recall my first love," Lelouch said in embarrassment. Noticing how intently the fans were listening in to their responses.

"Really?" Kallen quickly joined in. "You're kidding, right? It was that little noble girl from elementary school remember?"

"Oh, that's right!" Lulu amended. "The one with the scary older brother," he laughed and the audience laughed with him. "I was 9 years old, though. I hardly think that qualifies as love. Even if felt like it at the time."

Kallen nodded. "Yeah. As for the question, I've never been in love, but I'll be sure to let you know when it happens."

"Interesting," the host spoke up. "When was your first kiss?"

"Middle school," Kallen, C.C. and Lelouch answered easily.

Xingke's eyes widened and he regarded his fellow band mates strangely. "Seriously, guys?"

They all nodded. He took a look around the room and it seemed as though every set of eyes in the set were trained on him, which made him suddenly nervous.

"Well...I've actually never been kissed..." he answered sounding both embarrassed and unsure of himself.

Everyone just looked at Xingke in shock. There were a lot of gasps from the crowd.

"Wow, that was definitely unexpected," Kanon laughed and looking intriguingly at the long haired drummer.

"Yeah, I know, it's long overdue," Xingke continued gaining a bit more confidence. "I should probably just get it over with. I honestly wouldn't mind kissing someone right now. Even if it were one of my band mates," he joked and winked playfully at his three friends sitting in the chairs beside his.

"Really?" Kanon asked, momentarily forgetting about the cards in his hand. "If you could kiss any of your members, who would it be?" he asked curiously. The fans all leaned in anxiously anticipating his answer.

"Hmm," he wondered aloud. "If I could kiss anyone," he repeated slowly and trailed his eyes to his band mates. "Well it certainly wouldn't be C.C." he exclaimed exaggeratedly. "She's a handful."

C.C. winked at him playfully.

He looked between Kallen and Lelouch thoughtfully. His mind would normally pick Kallen, but he was curious about Lelouch. He had the largest fan base out of them by far. He wondered how much the fans were looking forward to it. "Lelouch," he answered after a short while. Laughing at the comical expression and fast growing blush on their leader's face. "Given the opportunity, I would kiss Lelouch," he answered satisfied. The fans seemed to love his answer, because as soon as he replied they all burst into loud cheers.

"You guys should definitely kiss," C.C. spoke up. There was a large smirk across her face, and she gently nudged Lelouch in Xingke's direction. "You more than have my approval."

Lelouch laughed nervously, and turned to see the pure joy in their fans as they loudly cried in agreement with the witch.

'Well, there's no harm in more fan service,' he thought.

"If it's what you guys really want," Lelouch answered simply, and stood. He leaned over the spot Xingke was seated at, and placed a gentle hand on his face. He tilted the drummer's face up to meet his and leaned in without a word. Their lips met, and although everyone expected it to be brief, they surprised everyone by deepening it. Both of them were seemingly lost in their own world, while the crowd gasped, and loudly yelled in excitement. The kiss lasted as long as it could, both boys only drawing back when they needed to part for air. Lelouch hadn't even noticed it, but Xingke had pulled him down to sit in his lap at some point. A noticeable blush crept it's way to his cheeks, and he quickly got off of Xingke and sat back down in his spot.

"Well wasn't that exciting?" Kanon gave them an impressed look, and turned to the audience to hear their input.

There was a roar from the spectators. Some were screaming, "Again! Again!" While others were simply stunned, with their jaws hanging slack. Kanon had to wait a few moments for them to calm down.

"Alright, alright. If we don't hurry along, we'll never get done with all of the questions!" He paused briefly before continuing. "Well then, have you ever been in a serious relationship? Also, have you ever thought about previous lovers?"

"No," both Xingke and Kallen answered consecutively.

"Yes," C.C. responded just as quickly, causing some people to turn to her. "I was in a serious relationship with my first love, but...it didn't end well. I try not to think of him, but sometimes I can't help it," she spoke up, surprising everyone with the pure sincerity in her words. Because of how she always acts, no one imagined she'd ever be able to take anything seriously. She turned her golden gaze towards Lelouch, and looked to the spot on his shoulder where she knew he held a permanent scar because of her.

"I have been in two serious relationships," Lulu answered to take attention from the scrutiny the audience was suddenly giving to his friend. "One you know of, because I've wrote songs about it...the other one I've kept to myself," he said. His eyes glazed over and a fond smile made its way onto his face at the memory. "I met the first in Britannia and the second in China. The first I fell for completely, but the second was...he was simply," Lelouch seemed to struggle a bit thinking of the right word. "He was simply breathtaking." He paused a little to compose himself. "Both of them were lovers I treasured dearly, and I think of them quite often," he admitted, "though I don't enjoy spending my time on what if's."

"Lelouch, that's hurtful." C.C. piped up. He turned to her and she gave him a look like a puppy that had just been kicked. "Don't I count as a meaningful relationship?"

"Of course you do!" Lelouch quickly amended. "But we've just gotten started." Then he gave her a wink for good measure.

The audience started making suggestive noises at the display and the host had to calm them down again. "Nevertheless, that is a wise choice. One must never get caught up in mistakes of the past, for then they can never truly move forward." The audience nodded in agreement. Kanon turned to them and glanced at the last question. "Finally, and I admit I'm curious to this one myself, what have you learned from your previous relationships?"

"Exercise caution," Lelouch deadpanned, and the rest of the band agreed. The audience was silent, affected by the serious tone the lead answered in.

"Alright then!" Kanon spoke loudly, trying to lighten the mood on the set, and turned to face the cameras. "We'll be back after a short commercial break with exclusive music from The Black Knights!" A sign flashed 'cut', from the edge of the stage and they all stood up to walk behind the set and stretch. They each took a bottle of water, and watched the staff members get their instruments ready.

"Hey Xingke," Lelouch called out behind the long haired drummer, and rested a hand on his shoulder. "Sorry about what happened back there."

"I'm not!" C.C. yelled from across their stage room.

"Shut up! No one asked you!" Kallen shouted back in irritation, while tuning her guitar.

"I'm good," Xingke responded cheerfully, still laughing at C.C's remark, then added lightly, "So, that's what I've been missing out on, huh?"

"If it's any consolation you're not half bad," Lelouch stated back wondering if Xingke was really alright with it. It had all been an act for the fans, so he himself didn't regret it.

"Well thanks. It was worth it for the fans," Xingke said smiling. "I'll keep that in mind though. Wish I could say the same about you, but I have no point of reference."

"I can give you something to reference!" C.C. yelled out suggestively, this time from her position by the mirror checking her make-up.

"Will you quit it already?" Kallen hissed in annoyance, while replacing a string on the guitar she was tuning.

They joked around until right before the short break ended, they all walked onto the stage and checked their instruments over. When the lights flashed signaling they were back on air, the host gestured over in the direction of the stage behind him.

"Give it up for The Black Knights!" he shouted excitedly. The crowd came to life, and loud yells and clapping erupted all around the studio.

Lelouch took his microphone, and smiled at the crowd. "I know I speak for all of us when I say we're really happy to be here tonight! We have some exclusive songs for you tonight since you've all shown such tremendous interest in our love lives. I'll tell you about my two biggest relationships in song form." Loud gasps, and swoons were heard from the fans. "This one's about my first serious relationship...I've changed the events to protect his identity. I wouldn't like it if you all started hating him now. He was once very special to me," Lelouch said quietly, and the music started up.

Please won't you go back out
I'm fast asleep
cant deal with this no more
on your way out
please do turn off the light
and close the door too

Lelouch sighed away from the microphone, and quickly put it back to his mouth. He wasn't too comfortable speaking about his past relationships. Luckily the song wasn't that close to what actuallyhappened.

don't come back and pretend to tell me
the night you've had with your made up stories
I was there but you didn't see me
there you were and the floor was empty
you and him getting more than friendly
it was just a kiss
but I could see you meant it

I've brought your favorite coat
I know how cold you get
and you left it
then standing out of view
I just had to leave
cause what I'd have done to you

Memories of his departure were crawling up to his mind, but he quickly tried to push them back. He was singing the lyrics automatically with practiced ease. His mind was reeling from thoughts of Suzaku. When it came down to it, he did regret the break-up. He wished there had been some way to fix things, but it was impossible. What they had was broken. They'd never be fine again...

so don't come back and pretend to tell me
the night you've had with your made up stories
I was there but you didn't see me
don't come back and pretend to tell me
the night you've had with your made up stories
i was there but you didn't see me
there you were and the floor was empty
you and him getting more than friendly
it was just a kiss ,
but I could see you meant it

The song ended faster than he'd expected, and he lifted his arm to brush his hair back. He took a moment to get a hold of himself, and forced a smile as he looked up to the crowd. They burst into applause and cheer. It soothed his pain and brought a real grin to his face. This, right here: the music, the stage, the applause, his friends. This was his true love.

"...and this song is in regard to my second serious relationship."

Suzaku watched Lelouch sing, with a heavy heart. He loved the dark haired male, but if the songs were suppose to reflect how Lelouch felt about him, things certainly didn't look well. What he felt for the person he'd met after him, had to be much kinder than what they'd gone through together.

Everything about you is how I'd wanna be
Your freedom comes naturally
Everything about you resonates happiness
Now I won't settle for less

Lelouch had a beautiful smile as he sang about his mysterious ex. Suzaku wished it were him he was smiling for. It irked him to know Lelouch had loved another after him, maybe even with a greater intensity.

Give me all the peace and joy in your mind

Everything about you pains my envying
Your soul can't hate anything
Everything about you is so easy to love
They're watching you from above

With every word he spoke, Suzaku felt like a worse person. Lelouch's ex seemed like a really great person. He had to wonder why the two had even broken up in the first place. Then of course, his traitorous mind stepped in to further worry him.

"What if Lelouch was still in love with him?" he spoke to himself. He very much hoped that wasn't the case. He wasn't sure if he'd be able to handle the thought of Lelouch loving another. His mind wandered elsewhere for the remainder of the song, and before he knew it, their performance was over and they were all walking back stage.

It was driving him insane not knowing who Lelouch was talking about. It couldn't have possibly been C.C. could it? No, that was impossible. The song didn't describe C.C. at all. Then again, it could have been changed like the other one.

Flashes of what happened earlier that day flashed to the front of his mind. The way Lelouch had teased him earlier in front of the others had been replaying in his mind the whole day. He couldn't bring himself to stop thinking about it. He remembered the yearning he had to excuse himself from the room so he could take care of his... problem. But he didn't want to give anyone the impression that what Lelouch did affected him more than he let on. So he quickly sat back down and slid his chair as far into the table as it would go. He tried to remain discreet. Although, he could see the suspicion in the quick glances the rest of the council members shot at him for the rest of the afternoon. How he wished they would have been the only ones in the room.

He'd have to confront Lelouch about it later. Maybe he did still have feelings for him.

Suzaku was hoping to run into Lelouch during the week, but he actually hadn't managed to see him at all. The only indication he got that they were at school was that Kallen shared a class with him. She ignores him, but he didn't need to speak with her. If she was going to school, he was sure the others were too.

The next week was starting to look the same until lunch rolled around on Tuesday. He spotted C.C. drinking water, and was about to brush past her when her words stopped him.

"What, no hello?" she asked monotonously. The smirk on her face indicated she was only playing with him.

He rolled his eyes and was about to continue his trek to class when she spoke again.

"Hmm, I bet if I were Lelouch you'd greet me." she said humorously, and laughed when Suzaku finally turned around to face her this time.

"What do you want?" he snapped. He was not in the mood to deal with her after spending a week without even catching a glimpse of Lulu.

"Ooh, testy." she laughed. "Is it because I'm not Lelouch?"

"What do you want?" he repeated a little more forcefully.

"You like Lelouch don't you." she stated, straight to the point, but wanting to test him more she continued. "He loves me, though. You don't have a chance," she gloated. "Sometimes I think he loves me too much, you know?" she questioned, glancing at him to gauge his reaction. She smirked when she saw his hand clench into a fist. "Definitely more than the ex he use to sing about..." she trailed off knowing that he'd know what that meant if he were a true fan.

She relished the unmasked fury on Suzaku's face. Oh, how she loved pressing his buttons.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" Suzaku snapped.

"His girlfriend," she answered simply. "I have a way to test my theory," she spoke again trying to egg him on. "What was that unspeakable thing his boyfriend did to him?" she feigned ignorance. "Oh! That's right! He cheated on him. He may have not forgiven his ex, but I bet if it were me he'd make an exception," she answered smugly.

C.C. was only messing with Suzaku, but he looked about ready to kill someone.

"Try it," Suzaku seethed, "and we'll see how forgiving he is."

The green haired woman only smiled. She was just joking, but Suzaku was taking all of this seriously. She was glad her suspicions had been correct. If anything, the protectiveness Suzaku held for Lelouch was very endearing. Her friend would be in good hands if she was successful in hooking them up, and she would be.

Her relationship to Lelouch was fake, and it was only a matter of time until it ended. If she could get him a real boyfriend out of this though, one that would care for him and keep him safe, then it would all be worth it. She owed Lelouch a great deal for what he'd done for her back in China. This was the least she could do. As she watched Suzaku storm off angrily down the halls of Ashford, she found herself smiling sincerely after him.

After witnessing that scene earlier in the council room, she knew there was undeniable chemistry between them. It was official. She was going to get Lelouch and Suzaku together even if it was the last thing she did.

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