Title: Spying

Author: S J Smith

Word Count: 248

Rating: High Teen

Characters: Ling, Ran Fan, (Edward/Winry)

Summary: Ling's being naughty.

Disclaimer: I promise to put the toys back when I finish…really.

Warning: As I doubt this would happen in the series, let's say post-Promised Day.

Series: Manga/FMA:B

* * *

"He loves her, young master."

Ling batted at Ran Fan's words like they were annoying insects. "I am aware of that!" Pouting, he wondered, as he often did, whether Ran Fan's brows furrowed or her mouth twisted in a scowl behind her mask. Fuu had trained his granddaughter too well; Ling thought neither her voice, eyes nor even her body betrayed her true feelings. Still, Ling knew he heard disapproval in her voice.

That didn't stop his thoughts nor his desires – was that pale flesh as sweet and tender as it appeared? Did it taste of milk and honey and the musk of the gods? And, worse, if he had to choose, would he want Winry or Edward?

With a delicious shiver, Ling decided he would keep such speculations to himself, at least as much as he could. Ran Fan would never breathe a word of his fantasies but Ling knew his own curiosity could be his downfall. Ed would do more than fuss if he thought Ling had any intentions toward Winry – not to mention toward the alchemist, himself. "Ah, such golden beauties." As Winry cupped Ed's head closer against her bosom, Ling imagined himself between their bodies, caught in a heated embrace.

Beneath her mask, Ran Fan rolled her eyes. The sooner the young master embarked from Amestris, the better. She definitely didn't want to explain to the clan why their prince had been castrated by an alchemist…and why she had done nothing to stop it.

* * *