This is a 5-part drabble-series utilizing keywords. (Safe, Folly, Ghost, Blame, Mistakes) I will post one section each morning starting today and ending on Friday. Warning for abuse and character death, but keep in mind that these are drabbles, so there's nothing excessively graphic.


"Headmaster! I loathe the boy, and I'm telling you there is something very wrong with him! He is being abused!" Severus paced in front of Albus' desk, trying not to throttle the man.

"I'm sure it's just a little discipline. He is their blood, after all." Albus said calmly.

"He moves like he's been beaten bloody!" Severus growled.

"Severus, he needs the wards. He's safe from Voldemort there." Albus said, giving Severus a significant look.

"But not from them." Severus snarled, leaning towards the obstinate old man and slamming his hands onto the desk.

"Severus, you forget your place." Albus rose, eyes going cold.

"On your head be it." Severus stalked out, unwilling to remain in the man's presence any longer.