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A Lot Can Happen In The City
Part 3: Chapter 8


5 years later.

"Are they here yet?" Chloe asked with a bounce in her step as she stood in the kitchen watching Izzie put frosting on her birthday cake.

"Why don't you go and look through the window sweetie" Izzie said with a slight laugh.

"Ok!" Chloe said racing through the house instantly.

"If she's this excited before the sugar I don't even want to know what she's going to be like after" Meredith groaned.

"She's just excited to see everyone Mer" Izzie smirked "Here, eat some frosting" she said pushing the bowl towards her.

"Thank you for coming out here early, we would've just ordered a cake y'know" Meredith said as she ran her finger through the frosting and licked it off.

"My niece is not eating a cake made by some fancy bakery when she has an Aunt who can make something even better" Izzie said firmly "I'll be here every year Mer, and I had to come early to make sure the party is perfect"

"Thanks Iz" Meredith laughed.

"They're not here yet" Chloe pouted as she walked back into the room "What's taking them so long Mommy?"

"There's probably just some traffic sweetie" Meredith said running her fingers through Chloe's blonde hair "Why don't you go upstairs and ask your Mom to do something pretty with your hair while you wait"

"Ok" Chloe smiled, she quickly ran through the house and up to Meredith and Addison's bedroom.

"Mom? MOM!" Chloe said loudly.

"I'm in the closet Chlo" Addison called back, Chloe followed the voice into the walk in closet and found Addison sat at the dressing table putting in some earrings "You ok sweetie?"

"Can you do something pretty with my hair Mom?"

"Sure I can" Addison smiled, turning around to face her "Why don't we do some plaits, and I'll put that pretty butterfly clip in too if you go and get it from your room"

"Thanks Mom" Chloe smiled, she walked out of the closet and to her bedroom, when she returned Addison was sitting on the window seat looking out over the New York street in front of their house, Chloe passed her the hair clips and bands and sat in front of her, Addison carefully ran a brush through her hair.

"Are you excited for your party Chlo?" Addison asked.

"Yep" Chloe smiled "I haven't seen Uncle Mark and Aunt Lexie and Uncle Derek and Uncle Alex and Aunt Cristina in a long long time! And they can meet all my friends and see all my new presents and do you think they'll play with me?"

"Of course they will" Addison smiled "They can't wait to see you Chloe, see how much you've grown, you're a big girl now"

"I can reach the kitchen counter tops all by myself now! But I still can't reach the sink" Chloe sighed "I want to grow quicker Mom"

"I'm sure you'll grow some more soon" Addison smiled, starting on the other plait "I remember the day I first held you in my arms, you were so small, you held my little finger in your hand and gripped on really tight, you were a strong baby, small but strong, and beautiful" she said softly "And you are just going to keep growing Chlo"

"I'm happy you and Mommy took me home Mom" Chloe smiled, leaning back into Addison's body "You're the best Mommies in the whole world"

"And you are the best daughter Princess" Addison whispered, kissing the top of her head "I love you"

"I love you too Mom" Chloe smiled.

"Ok, turn around so I can put this clip in your hair" Chloe turned to face her and Addison slipped the clip into her hair.

"Beautiful" she smiled.

"Thanks Mom" Chloe beamed, they heard the sound of a car pull up and Chloe looked out of the window "They're here!" she said loudly, she jumped off the window seat and ran down the stairs as quickly as she could, Meredith laughed as she saw her jumping up to try and reach the latch.

"Calm down Chlo" she chuckled, she unlocked the door and opened it, Chloe ran outside and jumped into Mark's arms.

"Uncle Mark!" she grinned.

"Hey Birthday Girl" he laughed "How does it feel to be 5?"

"It feels, old" Chloe laughed.

"Old?" Mark laughed "If 5 is old what does that make me?"

"Really really old" she giggled "Uncle Mark stop" she laughed as he tickled her.

"Leave her alone Mark" Lexie said hitting his arm.

"Until next time Chlo" Mark laughed, putting her on her feet, Chloe instantly wrapped herself around Lexie's lower half.

"Hi sweetie" Lexie smiled "I've missed you, Happy Birthday"

"Thanks Aunt Lexie" Chloe smiled.

"Hey kid" Cristina smiled as Chloe bounded towards her and enveloped her in a hug "You got taller"

"I'm still small though" Chloe sighed "I was the smallest at my pre-K class"

"Nothing wrong with being small, your Aunt Miranda is small but she's the toughest chick I know" Alex said as he approached them.

"Uncle Alex" Chloe beamed, hugging him tightly, Alex lifted her up and kissed her forehead, resting her on his hip "I missed you Uncle Alex"

"We all missed you too kid, have you lost another tooth?"

"Yep" Chloe nodded with a grin "But Aunt Izzie says I'll still be able to eat lots of cake, she's putting the frosting on right now"

"Aren't you a lucky girl getting one of Aunt Izzie's cakes" Derek said kissing her cheek "Happy Birthday Chloe"

"Thank you Uncle Derek" Chloe blushed.

"How do you even have that effect on little women?" Meredith smirked.

"It's a gift" Derek grinned "You look good Mer" he said kissing her cheek.

"So do you" she smiled "Thanks for coming, now let's get inside, we've got a lot to do before the party this afternoon"

"A room full of 5 year olds, yay" Cristina mocked.

"Do you not like 5 year olds?" Chloe said with a pout, her hands on her hips as she looked up to Cristina.

"I only like one 5 year old" Cristina smirked "You"

"Will you teach me with Anatomy Jane again?"

"Sure kid, lead the way" Cristina laughed, letting Chloe take her hand and lead her up the stairs.


"He's great with kids isn't he" Freddy gushed as he stood with all of the adults watching Chloe and her friends play with his fiancée Michael "He wants a dozen"

"A dozen huh?" Addison laughed.

"Well maybe not a dozen but, a few" Freddy smirked.

"Do you ever stop talking about the guy?" Cristina groaned "We get it, you love him"

"Shut up" Freddy said swatting her arm.

"So when's the big day?" Izzie asked.

"Well we're having a big ceremony here in New York and then we're gonna go to Boston for a weekend to make it official, of course you are all invited to the New York event if you can make it"

"We'd love too come" Lexie smiled.

"Hello?" Meredith said as she answered the house phone "Andrea, hi, yeah I'm good….o..ok" she stuttered "Ok well um, I'll talk to Addie and call you back, ok, thanks Andrea, bye" she said as she hung up.

"What is it?" Addison asked.

"There's a 3 month old boy in foster care and they're trying to adopt him out, Andrea says she wants to put us forward, all we have to do is say the word" Meredith smiled.

"Mer we've been waiting for 6 months for a call like this, why didn't you just say yes?"

"I don't know, I got nervous" Meredith said with a slight laugh "So we're saying yes?"

"Of course we are" Addison smiled as she kissed her "We could have a son Mer, a little brother for Chloe, call her back, now"

"Ok" Meredith beamed "I'll call her"


"Aunt Savvy! Emily! You're here!" Chloe exclaimed happily as Savvy, Weiss and their 4 year old adopted daughter Emily walked into the living room.

"Hi sweetie, sorry we're late" Savvy smiled as she hugged her "Are you having a good birthday?"

"The best" Chloe beamed.

"Do I not get a hello?" Weiss smirked.

"Hello Uncle Weiss" Chloe giggled, hugging his legs tightly "Emily come and play!" she took Emily's hand and pulled her over to where she was playing with her friends.

"Sorry we're late" Savvy sighed when she hugged Addison tightly "Emily wouldn't put her shoes on and then we couldn't find the house keys anywhere and on the walk here we bumped into someone from Weiss's work and they wouldn't stop talking…."

"Don't worry about it Sav" Addison chuckled "You're here now"

"Can you believe she's 5?" Savvy said with a smile "I can't believe it"

"I know" Addison sighed "It's all going too fast, to me she's still the toddler who used to climb up onto my dresser and draw on the mirror with my lipstick"

"I remember that" Savvy laughed "And now she just stands at your dresser and smears the lipstick on her face" she smirked.

"That's my daughter" Addison laughed.


"I'm so tired" Addison yawned as she climbed into bed and snuggled into it, Meredith smiled softly at her wife and pulled on her pyjama bottoms and Dartmouth shirt before climbing into the bed next to her and kissing her gently.

"It was all worth it to see that smile on our baby girls face" she smiled.

"You are such a sap nowadays" Addison chuckled lightly "Is Meredith 'Slut' Grey still in there?"

"Of course she is, but she only comes out when we have sex" Meredith giggled "I've gotta keep her locked up while Chlo's around"

"I guess that's true" Addison said with a dramatic sigh "And if we get a son…."

"When we get a son" Meredith smiled "Addie it's going to happen, we're kick ass in adoption meetings remember?"

"God I love you" Addison whispered, dropping her forehead to Meredith's "I'd never have this life without you, we'd never, we would have never made it here without what you, what you've done for us"

"Addie" Meredith said softly "What's brought this on?"

"I don't know" Addison said with a quiet laugh "I just, love you that's all"

"I love you too" Meredith smiled "Now come on baby, get some sleep, we've got another long day tomorrow"

"Night honey" Addison yawned.

"Night" Meredith whispered, she kissed Addison gently, cuddled in close to her body and they both slowly fell to sleep.


"Mom will you push me on the swings?" Chloe asked as Derek, Meredith and Addison walked through Central Park the following day.

"Sure sweetie, come on" Addison smiled, taking her hand and leading her over to the swings.

"She's really growing up huh?" Derek smiled to Meredith as they stopped to watch them "I can't believe she's starting kindergarten in a couple of weeks"

"Me either" Meredith sighed "I don't want her to grow up, she still likes me now"

"She's always gonna like you Mer" Derek chuckled.

"I hope so" Meredith mumbled, she linked their arms together and rested her head on his shoulder "I hope she'll be ok with the baby, if we get him that is"

"I'm sure you will" Derek smiled "And Chloe will be fine, she'll love being the big sister, my Mom always made sure we were involved when a new baby came along, we'd help out with bath time or bed time, just do stuff like that and you'll be fine"

"You'd be such a great Dad Derek" Meredith said softly.

"Yeah well, I don't think me and Teddy are quite ready for that yet" he said simply, instantly cursing himself for slipping up.

"Teddy?" Meredith said with a raised eyebrow "And who is this Teddy you speak of?"

"She's, she used to work with Owen, he suggested her to the Chief for the Head of Cardio role, she's been working with us for 6 months now and, we've been dating for 4 but Mer, you cannot tell anyone" he sighed "Please, everything's going really well and we really like each other but, we're just not ready for everyone to know yet"

"Of course I won't tell anyone" she smiled "Is she pretty?"

"Here" Derek said pulling out his cell and scrolling through his pictures where he found one of Arizona, Teddy and Owen in Joe's one night "That's her"

"She's beautiful Derek" Meredith smiled "And it sounds like she makes you happy"

"Yeah, she does" Derek nodded "I think we could, really be something"

"Good" Meredith said as she squeezed his hand "I'm happy for you, and so would everyone else, Derek if they could accept me and Addie then they'll definitely accept you and Teddy" she said with a slight laugh.

"I guess so" he said with a small smirk "She wants to meet you one day, and Addie and Chloe, I just made her promise she wouldn't leave me for you guys" he chuckled lightly.

"Don't be a moron" Meredith said as she rolled her eyes "I'd love to meet her too, we're coming to Seattle for christmas this year remember"

"Of course, how could I forget" Derek smiled.

"Uncle Derek you push me now!" Chloe called out loudly.

"I'm coming Chlo" he called back, he squeezed Meredith's hand before running over, Addison passed by him and moved over to Meredith, greeting her with a kiss.

"Hi" she grinned.

"Hi" Meredith smiled back.

"So I was thinking, once everyone goes back to Seattle, maybe Chlo could spend the night at Savvy's and me and you could have a night to ourselves, get some takeout, watch an old movie, just me and you" she smiled "Cuz if the adoption meeting goes well, we'll have a baby taking up all our time again"

"That sounds perfect" Meredith smiled "It's been a long time since we last had a night like that"

"And you never know, you might get lucky" Addison murmured into her ear.

"Well, I can't say no to that can I" Meredith chuckled, wrapping her arms around Addison's neck.

"Slut" Addison laughed, leaning in close.

"Bitch" Meredith whispered before they gently kissed, they both laughed a little before turning to face the playground and watching contently as their daughter happily played.

The End.