Mysteries of the Heart

Sorry to those following my first story The Wrong Cullen I will hopefully update that very soon I've been suffering writers block and this story came to my head and begged to be written. So enjoy and reviews would be lovely.

Disclaimer: Stephanie Meyer owns Twilight and the characters but the plot and maybe some additional characters are my own. That said let the story begin.

The young girl looked beautiful as she walked down the aisle, white dress flowing, tiny flowers sprinkled through her hair and bouquet in hand. Her smile couldn't be contained, she giggled as they exchanged vows and joyously threw herself into her husband's arms as soon as the celebrant even had time to finish saying, "you may kiss the bride".

The bride was Bella as little girl, the groom – her favourite teddy and the priest her best friend at the given time. This scene was one of many, it was her dream as a child to find the perfect man and have a beautiful wedding.

Bella's found her true love but is that what's stopping her dream being realised?


Great I'm the new girl, that's not uncommon in year 11 but I'm the new girl coming halfway through the school year. Everyone's going to have their set groups and the new kids aren't going to be so 'new' anymore and I'll be centre of attention, exactly what I've always wanted. Yes I have been told that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but does it really look like I care? And the worst thing is I'm a boarder now so I'm surrounded by girls 24/7 plus the guys at school.

Don't get me wrong, I don't resent my mum or her new husband Phil for this; it was my choice to come here. Here is Forkes Senior College, the school's co-ed but boarding is in two separate sections. My mum was a day girl here and that's how she met my Dad. They got married straight out of school and he became the chief of police here, after a while mum couldn't take it anymore and they split up. He died when I was 3 during an armed robbery he was called to. We've lived in Phoenix ever since but my mum recently got remarried and Phil, her new husband, is a minor league baseball player so he travels a lot. She used to miss him badly when she had to stay in home with me while he was away so I offered to come here so that she could be with him, it's easier this way.

I haven't met very many people yet but I've really only been here long enough to set up my room and have a look around. My house mother, Esme, picked me up from the airport. She seems really nice and motherly and it's as if she actually cares about the girls which I wasn't really expecting. Esme introduced me to a girl in my year and told her to look after me. Alice Cullen has been here since year 8 (the first year you can board here) so I guess she knows her way around pretty well. She's so bright and bubbly, her enthusiasm is catching and you find yourself smiling constantly in her presence. She seems like a really sweet person. She also amazingly pretty in a strange way. Short and petite with short spiked hair that goes in all directions framing a delicate face which is almost pixie like. She wore brown knee-high boots which had to be designer, black tights and a flowing light brown top.

As she showed me around boarding she pointed out some of the girls in our dorm, not that I'll remember any of their names. Except for the two that she warned me to avoid, Jessica and Lauren and Rosalie Hale, I don't think anyone who's seen her could ever forget her. She was that kind of perfect beauty you expect to see in Vogue or Victoria's Secret or even in Picture for that matter. She was as unusually pale as Alice and breathtakingly beautiful but that's where the similarities ended. Taller and curvier; her figure the kind that makes every girl in the room take a hit on her self-esteem. Her hair was golden, waving to the middle of her back. Alice introduced us but she barely acknowledged me except to scowl as she walked off quickly after hugging her.

Alice and Esme also told me about Angela, my roommate, saying that she is a lovely girl and that we will get along well. I hope they're right, they seem to be good judges of character, just as long as she isn't one of those girls who feels the need to talk for the sake of talking and respects my privacy I'm sure we'll be fine. There are two to a room, each room containing: two beds, two desks, two wardrobes and two pin-up boards. The rooms are pretty small but we have an amazing view of the nearby woods from our window and there's decent heating thank god, I just hope Angela feels the cold as much as I do.

So sorry if the first chapter's not all that great, it will hopefully get better and sorry if there are errors I don't have a beta.