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After our walk Rose and I got back in time for dinner and the rest of the evening passed quickly. The boys continued playing video games and virtually ignoring us and so we watched Alice in Wonderland with Ali upstairs. Lying on Rosalie's bed afterwards her hand rarely left my own as the three of us talked and joked around. After discovering how perfectly our hands fit together earlier we were reluctant to let go, it felt like they had been precisely made for the purpose of holding each others. Plus despite how amazing it felt to be with her I was still a little worried that if I did, she'd disappear. Her previous attitude still concerned me but I wasn't sure how to bring it up and I didn't want to have that conversation around Alice anyway.

There were quite a few times where I saw the pixie like girl looking at us, her expression one of pure happiness and approval. It made me happy, knowing that if she approved of my relationship with her sister and best friend then she must like me. For the first time in years, or perhaps ever, I felt accepted. Like I was no longer an outsider but has found somewhere that I fit with people who genuinely liked me. I was hanging out with my best friend and my girlfriend and didn't feel even the tiniest drop of the loneliness or isolation I'd always felt to some degree.

Alice went to bed reasonably early, making up some excuse about being tired from a long day or something which you could tell was her just trying to be nice and give us some privacy. She hugged us both goodnight and got up to leave but you could see there was something she wanted to say still.

"I just wanted to tell you both that I'm so happy you're finally together and I'm super excited for you! I know you guys are going to be amazing together!" With that she promptly skipped out of the room smiling. Turning to Rose I smiled shyly, filled with a bubbly feeling from Alice's little announcement but still a little nervous. As happy as I was I wanted answers, I just didn't know how to approach the subject. I certainly didn't want to upset her or start an argument this early into our relationship but I couldn't act like it never happened. Chewing on my lip I looked up at her, hoping the right words would find their way to my mouth. She noticed the worried look on my face and looked at me with concern,

"Bella? Is something wrong?"

"If you really do like me, why were you so… um… temperamental and sort of…" My sentence faded as I didn't want to say what I actually meant.

"A bitch?" She filled in for me, not looking offended at all.

"Well, yeah… Basically" I looked away as I answered, unsure of how she would react.

"Bells, I like you. You can be sure of that. I was acting so horribly because I was scared." The idea of Rosalie being scared of anything seemed almost ridiculous, she always seemed so strong and fearless and I was curious to know why she was. "I wasn't sure you really liked me or if it was just a little girl-crush." She glanced at me to make sure I was following before continuing, "I'm not sure if Alice ever mentioned Tanya to you?"

I shook my head and she continued with her explanation, " She left Forkes at the end of last year. I'd always admired her, she was intelligent and interesting. It took me quite a while to realise it but I ended up crushing on her pretty hard." A small spark of possessiveness and envy ignited inside of me but I ignored it and kept listening to what she had to say.

"One day last year she came up to me during lunch and asked if I would like to hang out after school. Obviously I said yes without a second thought and we made plans. Within a couple of weeks we were spending almost all of our time together, one night I slept over at her house and we were lying on her couch cuddling when she asked me if I'd ever thought about kissing another girl before. After a moments deliberation I admitted to her that I had, scared that it would disgust her. But I needn't have worried, we kissed for the first time after that. From there we gradually did more and more every time we had a sleep over. As can be expected my feelings for her grew and before I knew it I'd fallen for her." Rose's eyes began to fill with pain as she talked about her relationship with Tanya and I wanted to tell her that it was ok, she didn't have to tell me but I needed an explanation.

"I should have been more cautious, it was obvious it meant more to me than her. We only ever acted that way when we were alone and she still flirted with the boys at school. But I was in love and I let myself live in some fantasy world where Tanya wanted me the same way I wanted her." She paused to consider how to continue and it was obvious she was almost up to the painful part, I squeezed her hand a little and gave her an encouraging smile. "One day when we were in Port Angeles shopping she met this older guy, James. She was quite taken by him and they started seeing each other quite often. Slowly, to my disappointment, we started to drift apart. So after a while I got my courage up and decided it was time to do something. I was just going to go over there and admit my feelings to her." I got the feeling I knew where this was going and I hated making her tell me how it ended.

"When I got to her house she told me she had exciting news and that whatever I wanted to talk about had to wait. We got to her room and as soon as the door was closed she announced that her and James were 'finally' dating and that she'd given her virginity to him the night before. I was crushed that she could discount everything that had happened between us so thoughtlessly but I clung to the tiny bit of hope I had left and without thinking I told her that I was in love with her." The pain was obvious on my face and I reached out to put my arm around her as she continued.

"Her reaction, as you can probably guess, was less than desirable. She stared at me like I had two heads and told me that I was disgusting and weird. That she'd only been experimenting and using me for practice. That it meant nothing to her." I was shocked that anyone could be that cruel to their supposed 'best friend' or that anyone could turn down Rose for that matter.

"I'm so sorry Rose" Her story made me feel even guiltier about using Mike to make her jealous, "I'm sorry you had to go through that and I'm so sorry for what happened with Mike and stuff. I really do like you. A lot."

"I know Bella and I had no right to treat you the way I was. I'm sorry"

"It's fine Rose, I understand completely" What I didn't understand was how anyone could want to hurt her.

"It's not fine but I'm glad you understand." She gave me a smile that spread through my body like warm rays of sun. This girl could make me feel things no one else ever had before. As she smiled at me I thought about everything and I felt my worry ebb. It suddenly occurred to me that she was actually liked me. Rosalie Hale likes me. Rosalie Hale is my girlfriend. I am going out with the most beautiful girl in the school. I couldn't stop myself from grinning at her like an idiot as it sank in.


Instead of answering her I shook my head and leaned in to kiss her.