iNeed to VENT!

I'm assuming that since you all read iCarly fanfiction, that you watch the show. My daughter loves it, and of course, I love the characters. But I need to vent about something that really bugged me over this weekend.

After the show, Dan Schneider (the writer of the show) posted on his twitter asking how we liked the show. Many people posted (including my BBFF= Beta Best Friend Forever, Emma) about how disappointed they were in the show and how it felt as if it was a slap in the face to the fans who put money in his pocket.

He, or another administrator that runs his blogs, deleted all the negative comments. Every single one.

The next morning, I posted this comment.

"I agree with the majority of posters above. It's not that we love to bash the show. If we truly hated the show, we wouldn't be watching in the first place. Television shows, just like books, movies and music, are completely avoidable with the simple flip of the channel. What I, and most of the people here are disappointed by, is the way the show was being promoted. This episode was clearly geared toward those of us interested in the progression of the romantic subplot. A subplot that HAS been featured in more than one episode. I'm not being a "pearpad" girl who is geekily pointing out instances in which "Carly looked at Freddie in a clearly loving way", but am referring to the episodes in which a romantic relationship was the central plot. You've focused on both Sam and Freddie and Carly and Freddie in previous episodes. It seems like a cheap shot to admonish the fans about "obsessing" over the romantic relationships, when you are the one who fostered it in the first place.

Your show is a comedy. It is funny. But in order for people to care about a show, they have to care about the characters. And your characters are growing up. Romantic relationships are a part of growing up. Avoiding that altogether is unrealistic. The boy/girl dynamic is complex and endearing, but you are cheapening it by insisting that it doesn't exist in your world.

I understand your show is geared toward younger audiences. I understand that your show will never go into a "Dawson's Creek"-like territory. But even my 5 year old daughter is aware that "Freddie should be with Carly". (For the record, I'm a silent Sam and Freddie fan, I root for the underdog). Even my young daughter understands that there have been romantic undertones in the episodes.

So, please stop offending you're fanbase, by assuming that we're all horny, rabid fans that just want to see them make out when you've done nothing to provoke us. Please. It's insulting."

It got to be one of the highest rated comments on the blog, and then it was deleted. At first just more of the negative comments, and then ultimately the entire post asking for opinions on the episodes. It's clear that it was not well received.

What I'm more upset about is not the slap in the face to the fans. It's not the lack of character development, it's not the false advertising of shipping, it's the fact that this sad, insecure man cannot handle criticism. I'm very disillusioned with the show at this point, and would stop watching, if I weren't for Nathan's VERY LEGAL beefy arms.

Seriously, that dude is jacked now. Yum.

Anyway, the point of this rant is nothing. There is no point, but to know that at least 110 or so of you will get an email saying that there's a new chapter and you'll then be pissed at me because it's just a 2 page rant. My bad.

But I am working. I swear. I've got a plot of a new fic almost all the way outlined, and I've got some FANTASMICAL one shots that are begging to be typed. And Christmas break is right around the corner. So, smut will be headed your way soon. :)

Thanks for your time. Have a great Thanksgiving.