Disclaimer: I own none of the characters from Neon Genesis Evangelion and Sailor Moon, I'm only borrowing them for awhile. This series will be shuffling dates around for both Sailor Moon and Evangelion and does not follow canon. It's a fic by Shanejayell, so expect yuri.


Episode Zero

It was Christmas, 1999, and on the frozen continent of Antarctica, Sailor Moon was fighting for her life, and quite possibly the lives of everyone on Earth. Queen Beryl of the Negaverse had established a primary base there, intending to unleash her demonic servants against humanity, and Sailor Moon and the other sailor Soldiers had come there to stop her.

The cost so far had been high, so much higher than Usagi Tsukino had ever expected to pay. Shortly after the team had transported there, they were attacked by the servants of the Negaverse, and one by one her friends had been picked off. Now Sailor Moon faced Beryl alone out on the ice, her foe transformed into a inhuman giant, and they fought with dark energy on one side and the power of the Imperium crystal on the other.

'Let us help you, Sailor Moon,' Ami's voice said gently, as one by one the spirits of her fallen comrades appeared beside her, lifting her up and giving her hope as her power flared brighter. Rei, Makoto, Minako, Ami... each one as real and vital as ever, smiling at her confidently.

Beryl cursed as she saw them appear, then the giant frowned in concentration. Within the tunnels beneath them the servants of the Negaverse died, screaming in agony as their power flowed into their mistress, strengthening her. And deeper down Beryl felt something else, something nearly as old as her. She did not dare to tap it directly but there was power from it too, matching and exceeding anything the princess could throw at her.

Sailor Moon cried out as the dark power pressed against her, nearly making her fall to her knees with the force of the impact. With a supreme act of will she stood, the gem in her wand blazing brightly even as she struggled against her. Bus as she fought the darkness back a single lance broke through her shield, slicing deep into the heart of the crystal itself.

"Hah!" Beryl started to crow in victory, then her eyes widened in alarm as unearthly energy blasted outward.

Sailor Moon screamed in agony as she was burnt by the sudden flare of power, shards of crystal cutting deeply into her chest as she struggled with the raw power unleashed. Her consciousness fading fast she struggled to restrain the shattered crystal and the immense energy leaking, but even her superhuman will wasn't enough.

Beryl screamed as Moon fell, the power eating down into rock and ice even as it exploded outward, sending rock and superheated steam billowing out. Marshaling her own power she slowed the advance a bit and drove some of the power into the Earth, but with dawning horror she knew it was too little too late. Wailing in pain and fury Beryl was consumed by the very energy her reckless attack had unleashed, destroyed along with any of her surviving minions.

Antarctica buckled like a bomb hit it, the entire icecap vaporizing in moments. The shock wave blasting out generated a tidal wave of incredible size, one that would devastate coastal communities around the world. Anything near the small continent was toast, including research bases, ships and the entity buried deep beneath it, too.

Farther out to sea and some hours later Gendo Ikari cursed as the black haired man held onto the railing of the bucking research ship, staring out at the blasted ruin of a continent. There was literally nothing left of the land mass, the former icy terrain gouged out as if by a giant scoop. He didn't know what had happened there, but he was fairly certain what it wasn't... and that scared him more than anything else today.

They were lucky to be alive, Gendo had to admit. On a supply run to the Antarctic Station they had seen the flash of light, then watched in awe and horror as the shock wave rippled out towards them. That nearly capsized the ship and could have killed them, but they rose it out, barely. Then the tidal wave had hit, throwing them around like a toy and sending crew flying. They still had search crews looking for overboard crew, but hope was fading fast.

Holding onto the railing and watching his step on the slick deck Gendo made his way up to the forecastle and the ship's bridge. The captain was still there, despite his supposed to have been going off shift hours ago. He clearly didn't want to leave until they found out what was going on, a feeling Gendo could sympathize with.

"Captain," Gendo nodded respectfully.

"Ikari," he nodded back, the grizzled old man looking out at the window. He frowned, "Does it feel warmer than it should?"

"It does," Gendo admitted, looking out and realizing he saw no ice, anywhere. "Whatever happened must have been incredibly hot," he mused, "heating the water too."

"Poured a lot of fresh water into the sea, too," the captain scratched his stubbly cheek, "ain't gonna be good for a lot of fish."

"No, it's not," Gendo agreed. He couldn't imagine what kind of damage this was going to do, but he knew it would be widespread and extremely bad. Bringing up why he came Gendo asked, "Is there anyway we can get closer?"

"Why would ye want to do that?" the captain demanded. "There's all kinds of rock and crap under the water there, an' probably more since the blast," he added.

"I want to try to find the research station," Gendo said seriously, "there was emergency gear, they might have survived." Silently he added, 'And if any of the equipment survived, we might be able to find out what happened.'

The captain frowned as he looked out at the water again, then nodded his head. "We'll have to move forward slow," he cautioned.

"Thank you," Gendo said, going outside to think.

At first glance, this looked like a contact experiment with Adam, or at least what they thought might happen. But there were flaws, differences, one of which started him right in the eye. If it HAD been Adam, the waters around Antarctica should have been transformed, at least somewhat. All the sailors agreed the waters were normal, if warmer and with fresh water mixed in. Unless their guide was completely wrong, of course....

At a few miles from shore, a sailor called out, "Man in the water!"

Gendo watched with interest as a motorboat with sailors and a medic went out, dragged the face up figure into the boat and went to work, even as they returned to the ship. As they brought her aboard Gendo saw she was wounded, a bloody cut across her chest, and burned fairly badly too. He couldn't even guess who she might be, and left them to their work.

Even stranger, they had recovered bodies from the water which... weren't quite human. Burn damage might explain some of the oddness, but yellow eyes? Orange skin? Bark, on one of them? Gendo had ordered them stuffed in freezers and kept, but to be honest he didn't know what to make of them.

A few hours later, the medics had her full stabilized and resting, but no one knew anything about her. She was dressed in the ragged bits of a white dress, it appeared, and had no id of any kind on her. Her fingerprints had been literally burned off, and dental records didn't match anyone on their employee list.

The captain appeared in sickbay while a medic was talking to Gendo. "What do we put down on the records?" the young man pressed.

Gendo sighed, looking at the sleeping woman. She had been lucky, her face had been shielded by her hands, he guessed, so all she lost was the hair on her head and much of her eyebrows. "Put her down as Misato Katsuragi," he suggested, "once she comes to, we can find out her real name."

"Guess it's better than Jane Doe," the medic agreed.

Once Gendo turned towards him the Captain drew him aside. "Got a call on the satellite phone," he told him, "it's your wife."

"Thank you," Gendo nodded briskly then hurried off.

The satellite phone was by the back of the bridge, and Gendo frowned as he picked it up. The phone wasn't secure, which meant he had to be careful what he said. "Yui?" he asked.

"It's me," Yui Ikari said, the warmth of her voice making Gendo smile. Her tone became a bit more businesslike as she asked, "What is the situation down there?"

Knowing the story would hit the news almost immediately Gendo answered, "It's gone. Blasted down to bedrock."

Cautiously Yui asked, "And our research subject?"

"We'll have to send in a larger team and do a thorough search," Gendo cautioned before adding, "but I think it's gone, too. None of the signs we expected are here."

"The old men are going to have a fit," Yui mused, sounding almost satisfied.

"Hmm," Gendo agreed. He wasn't as happy to know their sponsors in SEELE were going to be disappointed, but he couldn't say it bothered him much, either.

"Oh, and there's another reason I wanted to call you," Yui sounded amused, "It turns out you're not shooting blanks, husband."

"Wha...?" Gendo blinked.

"I'm pregnant," Yui clarified, "and according to my doctor, it looks like twins."

To be continued....