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Starfire sat on the lid of the toilet, waiting for the pregnancy test to tell her of her fate. She was scared to say the least. She was afraid of Robin's reaction if she was. How would she tell him? How would he take it? Would he stay in the relationship with her or cut her from the team? Starfire looked at the clock. She had to wait only a mere ten minutes more, but to her each minute was like an hour of waiting. She realized time went by slowly when one is waiting for something or something bad would happen. However, when she was having fun, time went by too fast, just like the night her and Robin spent together in his room about a month ago.

What led Starfire to peeing on the pregnancy test? Well, with the rush of things, Robin had been careless and forgot a condom. She knew he wasn't the only one to blame too. She could have told him to wait a moment and remind him. That thought had crossed her mind when the two made love together, but she didn't want to wait any longer.

Starfire began to ponder about that moment, the best moment of her life. She didn't know how Robin would react when he found out that he wasn't her first, but she had quickly explained to him that he was her first choice. She remembered the look of hatred in his eyes. Not towards her, but towards the Gordanians, or whoever he thought who had violated her. He told her he didn't care. He was just glad that the two of them could share that special moment.

She sighed at the wonderful memory which turned into a memory full of mistakes. Starfire looked at the clock. Those ten minutes sure went by faster than she thought. She ran a hand through her auburn hair and was reluctant to look at the pregnancy test. This test would tell her about her future. In eight months would she have a baby? Or would she go back to living her life as it once was with no real worries except villains?

Starfire turned her head towards the counter. She stood up and walked on the tile floor. She looked down at the pregnancy test. To her horror, it was a pink plus sign which she knew meant that she was indeed pregnant. She looked at the other one she had used too. That one had spelled out pregnant for her, literally. Tears ran down her face and she wrapped up the boxes and tests in toilet paper so no one would find them. She looked at herself in the mirror. She eyed herself and looked at her flat stomach which would soon be bulging with a baby a few months from now.

Starfire wiped the tears from her green eyes and splashed cold water on her face. Once she was satisfied with the redness form crying gone, she emerged from the bathroom. When she opened the door, she bumped right into Beast Boy who was about to knock. "I apologize, Beast Boy."

"Oh no!" He started. "It's my fault. I'm sorry Star. But you were taking a long time and I just wanted to make sure you were still in there so I wouldn't go barging in on you or anything. I left my videogame cheats in there." Beast Boy explained himself. To his surprise, Starfire started crying. He brought her into a comforting hug. "What's the matter, Star?"

"Everything." She managed to say but didn't say any more.

"Like what?" He asked.

"Do not take this personally but…"

"It's girl stuff, isn't it?" Beast Boy interrupted. "You should go talk to Raven then." He patted her on the back. Starfire nodded, knowing that would be the best thing for her to do. Usually, Raven would know what to do but even Starfire didn't know if Raven would have advice for this situation. Beast Boy escorted her to the common room where Raven was. Too upset to say anything, Beast Boy spoke up for her. "Hey Rae, Star needs to talk to you."

"If she needs to talk to me, she can tell me herself." Raven said, not looking up from her spot. Cyborg looked over and saw that Starfire looked like a wreck. He assumed she had been crying for some time now and her usual bright, emerald eyes were dull and her cheeks were red from the tears that never seemed to end.

"Uh, Raven, I really think you should go talk to her." Cyborg said. Raven was beyond annoyed. Her day was not going well at all, and now to top it all off, Starfire wanted to have a girl talk. Raven whipped her head around angrily and looked at Starfire. Just seeing her friend in that state made her put her book down and walk over to her quickly. Raven put a comforting hand on Starfire's back and led the weeping girl into her room. Raven let Starfire sit on her dark, blue bed which was a privilege considering Raven never let anyone even touch her bed.

"What happened?" She asked, sitting down next to the red headed alien.

"Oh it is most awful, Raven." She sobbed. Raven handed her a tissue. Starfire took it graciously and began to mop up the tears. Starfire continued, "Robin and I…well we had made love without the protection. I…I took the pregnancy test this morning…and it was….it was positive…and…and I am afraid what Robin would think…and...do…and I am just so afraid of what will happen…" Raven let Starfire cry into her chest.

"Why didn't you…you know…use protection?" Raven asked her. Starfire sat up and ran a hand through her red hair.

"We were not thinking. It was a…stupid mistake."

"Are you afraid of having the baby or more of Robin's reaction?" Raven asked her, getting to the bottom of this. Starfire thought for a moment.

"I am more afraid of how Robin will react." Starfire admitted, bringing her knees to her chest and wrapping her arms around them. "In Tamaran, women usually start having babies at my age so I know that I will be okay when it comes to raising a child. Robin's reaction will not be pleasant."

"It probably won't be. I'm not going to lie about that. But he loves you…He's in love with you. He'll come around eventually."

"What should I do, Raven?" Starfire asked for advice.

"You should tell Robin soon; preferably today. Then, the two of you can discuss your options."

"Oh thank you Raven. I shall go tell him now. I mind as well get this ordeal over with. I think I might have to spend the night in my room tonight." Starfire had been staying in Robin's room for the past couple of months. Beast Boy had joked and said that "Mommy and Daddy are finally in the same room." She only kept her clothes and personal belongings in her own room. She hadn't made Robin's room permanent for herself yet and by the looks of how thinks might go, it wouldn't be a permanent spot for her. Raven nodded and walked with Starfire out of the room. She put a comforting hand on her shoulder when they reached the evidence room, where Robin was researching cases that the police gave up on.

"Good luck." Raven whispered. "You know where to find me after you tell him." Starfire nodded and Raven walked away, knowing that this had to be discussed with Robin and Starfire only. Starfire took a deep breath and walked into the room. She saw her lover looking through paperwork and a various amount of files. She wondered how he could sit there and go through files all day without a break.

"Robin? I wish to speak with you." Starfire finally found her voice.

"Can it wait, Starfire? I'm so close to solving this case." Starfire pondered for a moment. She wondered if she should wait but decided against it. He needed to know as soon as possible.

"No it cannot."

"Is it important?" He still didn't look up at her. He was still looking at those files.

"Yes it is."

"What is it?"

"Can you please look at me, Robin?" He sighed and looked up at her. He stood up and looked into her eyes.

"What is it?" He asked for the second time.

"Robin, do you remember about a month ago when we made love and you forgot to put on the condom? And I forgot to remind you to?" She asked. She added the last part so that he didn't blame himself like he usually did.

"I think so." Robin said.

"Well, I began feeling strange…and I began to feel a bit sick so I took a pregnancy test and I am…I am pregnant." She waited for him to start yelling at her. She knew it was about to come because he was very easy to set off.

"What did you say?" Robin's eye twitched under his mask.

"I am pregnant." Starfire began to feel the tears coming.

"Get out, Starfire."

"Huh?" Starfire managed to choke out. She was losing her voice.

"I said get out!" He yelled and pointed towards the door. Starfire began to let the tears fall down again. She ran to Raven's room but she wasn't there like she expected. Starfire realized she must have gone back to the common room. Starfire started her way back to the common room to find Raven. She burst through the doors, crying her eyes out. Cyborg saw this and immediately gave her a hug. She did hug him back and cried. Raven ran over to the pair, Beast boy following.

"Starfire, what happened?" Raven asked.

"He just told me to get out." She sobbed. "He yelled at me to leave the room."

"What's going on?" Cyborg asked and looked over to Raven, who then looked at Starfire who nodded and told her she could tell him.

"Starfire's pregnant and Robin didn't take it too well." Raven said.

"You're pregnant, Star?" Beast Boy asked. Starfire nodded her head while she held onto Cyborg. "Sweet! I'm gonna teach the baby how to play the Gamestation and I'm gonna teach him all there is to know about animals!" Beast Boy began to lighten the mood. "And I'm gonna introduce it to tofu!"

"Oh no, BB, you are not feedin her kid tofu! He's gonna be a big strong man or she'll be a healthy lil' lady like me and eat her meat!" Starfire began to laugh and the four teens walked over to the couch. Cyborg continued, "I'm going to teach the kid about robotics and science. It'll be a smart kid!"

"Well, I'm going to teach him all the jokes I know and it'll be the funniest kid on the block!" Beast Boy stated proudly.

"And I'm going to have to teach him or her that your jokes aren't funny." Cyborg said.

"I will have to teach the baby how to meditate to keep sane in a house with two morons." Raven said coolly.

"Hey!" Cyborg and Beast Boy said at the same time.

"So, you do not mind that there will be a baby in the tower?" Starfire asked, afraid of the answer.

"Not at all! We are gonna have so much fun with it!" Beast boy exclaimed.

"You have nothing to worry about with us, Starfire." Raven said and gave a slight smile. She smiled back.

"I know you've always wanted one of these, but we always say no…but I think today is a good day for one. Group hug?" Beast Boy said. Starfire giggled and joined him. Cyborg and Raven weren't quick to join, but they did anyway.

It was around midnight and Robin still hadn't come down to the common room. It seemed as if he was trying to not acknowledge he got his girlfriend pregnant. "Well I think it's time I go to bed." Cyborg said and yawned. "G'night y'all." Raven looked over to her left and saw that Beast Boy fell asleep. She shook her head at his childlikeness and picked him up with her powers.

"I think I should go to bed too after I drop him off in his room. You going to be okay, Starfire?" Raven asked.

"I will be fine, Raven. And thank you." Starfire smiled.

"You're welcome." Raven said and went off to dump Beast Boy off in his bed. Starfire took a deep breath. She didn't know if she should go to Robin's room or her own room. After about five minutes of pondering, she decided to go to Robin's room. Her mind began to scream turn around when she reached his door, but her body kept walking into the room. She saw that Robin was already in bed, but he was reading a book.

"Hello Robin." Starfire said and stood at the end of his bed. "May I accompany you in the bed?" Robin put his book down and stared at her. She began to feel exposed as he just looked her over and didn't say a word. "Robin?" She said, after a minute of silence. He silently moved over and Starfire got into the bed with him, on the side she grew accustomed to. "Are you the okay?"

"Yeah. I'm fine." Robin said. "Maybe we can discuss our options with what to do with the baby?"

"What options are there?" Starfire asked and tilted her head, slightly to the right because she was confused.

"Well, we could give it up for adoption…"

"Adoption?" Starfire asked.

"It's when the biological parents give the baby to another couple and the other couple raises the baby as their own." Robin explained.

"I am not going to have my child raised by strangers. I am not comfortable with that." Starfire said.

"There's open adoption where you can visit the baby and get pictures like once a month or a year. I'm not a hundred percent sure how those work."

"No, Robin. I do not feel comfortable with this."

"You won't even consider it?"

"Robin, who would want a baby who is half human and half Tamaranian? I do not think most people of this Earth know of Tamaran. There is also a possibility of the child being able to fly." Robin thought about this for a moment.

"You're right, Star." He paused for a minute. "Did you consider an abortion?"

"Abortion? I am unfamiliar with this term also."

"It's when you go to the doctor early in the pregnancy and the doctor removes the baby and terminates the pregnancy."

"So…the baby would not get a chance to live?" Starfire asked with tears in her eyes. Robin nodded his head. "How could you even think about getting rid of our baby, Robin?"

"We're young, Starfire. An abortion is probably our best option."

"I am not getting an abortion and I am not giving this baby up." Starfire stated. "An abortion might be good for other people, but for me, it is not. I would not be able to live with myself if I did something like that, knowing that I have the proper resources to raise a baby."

"It's you're decision, Star." Robin said as he looked into her eyes. "It's your body. You make the decision. I will support you with whatever you choose."

"I want this baby." Starfire said.

"Are you sure you're ready for one? I really want you to think about it."

"I am ready, Robin. I can do it, no, we can do it. We have the money and we have the support from our friends. I believe that we can do this." Robin began to stroke Starfire's hair. He kept his eyes locked with hers. He pulled her into an embrace.