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Starfire woke up with an intense pain shooting throughout her stomach. She wasn't going to be blunt about it; she knew it was time to have the baby. She looked to her left and Robin wasn't there. He must have been going through files. She tried to get up, but it hurt too much for the teenager to bear. However, she got up anyway, attempting to ignore the contractions. She managed to get out of the room. She needed Robin. Starfire attempted to get to the evidence room, but she collapsed in the hallway. She ran a hand through her hair as the contractions came and went.

After about ten minutes, Beast Boy walked down the hall to go to bed. He had stayed up pretty late to watch a movie marathon. He wasn't too tired, but the marathon was over and the green teen had nothing better to do than go to bed.

However, on his way to his room, he saw a very pregnant Starfire laying in the middle of the hallway. "Starfire, you okay?" He asked.

"Beast Boy…no I am not." She started. "The baby is coming." Beast Boy panicked. He didn't really know what to do in this situation. He took a guess and carefully helped her up.

"I'll help you to the medical room, okay? And then I'll go get the others." Starfire nodded and let Beast Boy lead her to the medical room. On their way, Starfire got another contraction. Beast Boy slowly laid her on the ground so that she would be able to get through this. He held her head up and he gripped her other hand. Luckily for him, she didn't use her alien strength. "You'll be okay, Star." He said. He knew that this must really be hurting her. He began to wonder where Robin was in Starfire's time of need. Once the contraction subsided, Beast Boy picked Starfire up bridal style and carried her to the medical room.

He helped Starfire lay down on the medical bed. "I'll go get the others and-" Beast Boy was interrupted as Starfire grabbed his hand.

"Please do not leave me." She had tears in her eyes that threatened to spill over. He knew that he couldn't just leave her here. What was he thinking?

"I won't, Star. I promise." He said. Beast Boy walked over to the big red button in the medical room. He ignored the note that told him not to press it. An alarm sounded. Beast Boy walked back over to Starfire and held her hand. Eventually, the alarm subsided. Raven was first to enter the room and Cyborg behind her.

"What's goin on?" Cyborg asked. He had a look of concern as Raven had a look of annoyance on her face.

"Star's gonna have the baby!" Beast Boy announced. Raven's face turned into a look of pure joy. She was happy for her friend. She immediately walked over to Starfire's other side. She smiled up at Raven. Raven got a wet washcloth and put it in Starfire's forehead. Cyborg hooked Starfire up to medical equipment to read her and the baby's vitals.

"Where is Robin?" Starfire asked.

"He's coming, don't worry." Raven assured. As if on cue, Robin burst through the doors.

"What's going on?" Robin asked.

"Star's havin' the baby!" Cyborg announced.

"Robin." Starfire said and reached her hand out for him to take. He walked over to her and took her hand.

"Hey Star. You're gonna have the baby?" Robin asked.

"Mmhmm." Starfire nodded in confirmation.

"You alright?" He asked as he stroked her red hair.

"It hurts." She admitted.

"I know."

"You do not."

"I know." Robin said. "But I do know you can do this."

"I know I can, Robin. I am a female therefore I am built for this. However, the mother of nature does not help us adapt to this pain." Starfire said. Robin smiled at her.

"Her water broke." Raven said.

"What does that mean?" Beast Boy asked.

"She's gonna have the baby now." Cyborg said. He turned to Starfire. "Who would you rather catch the baby when it comes out, me or would you rather be more comfortable with Raven?" Starfire thought for a quick second before her answer.

"Raven, please. But I do not mean anything by it. I merely feel more comfortable with a female friend than a male friend." Starfire didn't want Cyborg to feel bad because she chose Raven over him.

"I know, Star. Don't worry about it." He smiled. "Me and BB won't be peekin' either. We'll be up north."

It was a very painful process for Starfire. Giving birth with no drugs hurt a lot. She screamed when she gave birth. Robin hated seeing Starfire in this kind of pain. He wished he could take the pain away and transfer it to himself somehow. Robin didn't like the pain she was going through. He saw the tears come down her cheeks every so often. He now knew that he would never go through anything this painful in his life. He gave a lot of credit to women, especially Starfire, after this.

Crying could be heard throughout the medical room. Raven put the baby on Starfire for her to see, like how they would in the hospital. "Congratulations." Raven said to Starfire and Robin. Starfire began to cry tears of joy. Robin couldn't believe his eyes. He now could see his beautiful baby daughter. He cut the umbilical cord and Cyborg took the baby away. Robin kissed Starfire on the lips. He saw that she was exhausted so he ran a hand through her hair every so often.

"She's seven pounds and eight ounces; and twenty one inches long." Cyborg said. He had wrapped her in a pink blanket and put a little white hat on her head. He handed her to Starfire. After a moment, she handed her to Robin. Then, Robin handed her to Raven. Raven looked down at the baby. She definitely had clear blue eyes. When she was born, Raven saw that she had Starfire's hair. She knew that the baby would be as pretty as Starfire but as brave as Robin. Beast Boy was the next to hold the baby. He talked baby talk to her and then handed her to Starfire.

"Did you think of what you're gonna name her?" Beast Boy asked. Starfire looked up at Robin. She was letting him make the decision. He smiled at her. However, he felt that she should name the baby she carried for thirty nine weeks. But she was practically asking him with her emerald eyes.

"Yes. Her name is Lily Mari Grayson." Robin announced. The team, besides him and Starfire, cheered. Robin was glad that he made the mistake to not use protection because he got the joy of Lily, his first born daughter.