A Prank Gone Wrong

Max Dillon had the perfect prank.

Max, also known as Electro, was a prankster at heart. He loved playing tricks and pranks on people, and today was April Fool's Day; the perfect day to pull one. And he had the most excellent idea…

Max whistled as he walked down the bustling Manhattan street. Now he just had to find a suitable candidate for his prank.

And who should Electro see dart into an alleyway at that moment than Doctor Octopus.

Aha, he thought. Perfect. The scientist had a short temper, so Max would have to make a break for it once he had pranked him; but it would so be worth it.

Electro caught up with his fellow criminal, walking up behind him. "Heya, Doc! How are you doing?" he asked jovially.

Doc Ock whipped around, recognizing Electro's voice. "I am fine, thank you," he said gruffly. Electro held out a hand for him to shake. After hesitating for a moment, Doc Ock took it, casting his suspicions aside. Dillon would not harm him. He was an ally, after all. Even if it was—


When Electro had taken Doc Ock's hand to shake, he had released a small amount of electricity from his fingertips. A little more powerful than your average joy buzzer, but not enough to seriously hurt an average person.

Unfortunately for Electro, Dr. Otto Octavius was not the average person. Instead of receiving a small shock, he gave a strangled scream of surprise and pain as he was electrocuted, finally collapsing to the ground and lying still.

"April Fools?" Electro said lamely.

He looked at his hands, baffled. He hadn't used that much electricity at all. Surely he must have done something wrong… Then he looked at the metal arms hanging limply from Doc Ock's side and remembered: metal conducts electricity. How could he have been so stupid?

He kneeled down next to Doc Ock, shaking him violently. "C'mon, wake up, wake up!" he whispered, hoping he hadn't accidently killed him.

Max gave up after a moment and stood up. Oh, God. He had killed the . Electro wasn't friends with Doc Ock, but they were acquaintances; allies. Dillon would never kill him.

Which he had obviously just done.

Oh, shit. Oh, shit, shit, shit. How was he going to get rid of the body now? Explain away the super villain's disappearance? Not only that, he actually felt a little guilty for killing him. Nobody, save Spiderman, of course, deserved to die from electrocution.

Doc Ock slowly regained consciousness, blinking a few times as he slowly sat up. "Ugh…" he mumbled. What the hell had happened? Then he remembered, and, looking up, saw Electro standing there. That sonuvabitch… Still weak from being electrocuted, he stood up. "Dillon…" he growled menacingly. He was going to tear that apart for doing this.

Electro gave a start when he noticed Ock getting up. Oh, double shit. "It was an accident…" he began; but seeing the look on Ock's face, he forgot about explaining himself and ran in the other direction as fast as he could. So much for the perfect prank…