A Prank Gone Wrong

Chapter 7—Bedridden

The lone light bulb swung from the ceiling, several moths flying around it. It gave little light on the kitchen table as Doc Ock swiped a few things from the fridge, sitting down at the table to eat them.

He looked at the clock hanging crookedly from the wall and sighed. It was getting quite late, and he should have eaten dinner hours ago. But, as usual, he had fallen into his work and had forgotten to. That had been happening more and more often, and the scientist knew that this meant he was nearing a breakthrough. He needed one—after all, he had been working on his current project for the past several months. Something would have to come through sooner or later.

Ock finished the last of his food and nonchalantly threw the dishes into the sink. He would deal with them tomorrow. He clomped into his workroom, straightening papers and such for a few minutes before he felt his eyelids continuously threatening to close. As much as he loathed sleep, it was time to go to bed.

He changed into his pajamas, which consisted of a warm pair of flannel pants. He wore no shirt. It was hard enough to sleep with the tentacles fused to his spine. Wearing a shirt to sleep just made things more difficult.

The scientist stretched a little. For some reason, he was more tired than usual, even though he had had a cup of coffee no more than an hour earlier. He blamed it on exhaustion from working so hard. Ock shut off the light in the room before he climbed into bed, and was asleep before his body hit the mattress.

No more than twenty minutes later, three figures emerged from the darkness. "Is he asleep?" one of them asked.

"Of course, dummy," a second figure hissed. "And be quiet, he might wake up."

"But didn't you drug his coffee so he'd be dead weight?" the third figure asked.

"Well, of course I did!" the second figure replied. "But still... Be quiet." He paused. "Rhino, do you have the adamantium wire?"

The biggest figure walked over to the bed where Ock was sleeping, a wrapped length of cord in his hands. "Yup, I sure do, boss."

"Well, what are you waiting for, then?" Electro asked. "Let's get to work."

Sunlight filtered through Otto's window in streams as he slowly opened his eyes, staring at the ceiling. He groaned softly, rubbing his head. He had a splitting headache, and for some reason, he was laying on his back. Otto never slept on his back, as it put strain on the tentacles and his spine.

Then why was he laying on his back with a horrendous headache? Not only that, but his legs ached as well. He had no idea why, but he wanted to know.

Then Otto Octavius made the mistake of trying to sit up.

He screamed with pain as he realized that he couldn't move. His tentacles! They were... paralyzed! He was paralyzed...! What would he do? He turned his head desperately and discovered that he wasn't really paralyzed after all.

Somehow, his tentacles, all four of them, had been tied with wire to each of his bedposts. The pincers of the tentacles were tied up as well, preventing any escape. He knew, however, that the wire must be very strong to hold his actuators; after all, just one of them could lift a car and throw it several feet.

Otto tried to move his actual legs—if he could move them, he might be able to untie his actuators. His actuators could telescope several feet, so they would be able to propel him out of the bed and maybe free the actuators from the wire that was binding them.

Unfortunately, the effort to move his legs was to no avail. He looked down and realized they were tied to the bed too—with strong rope. This accounted for the pain that he had felt in his legs before.

Otto stared at the ceiling for several minutes, for once at a loss to do. He knew, of course, who had been put up to this, and he wasn't happy about it one bit. But it wasn't like he could do anything about it. Right now, he was helpless.

Helpless... Otto cringed. Doctor Octopus was never helpless.

However, now it appeared that he was. He wasn't even wearing his glasses, so he could barely see anything but small blurs of objects laying around the room.

Otto turned his head, looking on the stand for anything that could help him. Ah, there was something he could use to get help. Using one of his regular arms, he reached and grabbed the cell phone, holding it in his fist in triumph. He would use his phone to call for help, but first, he had a certain call to make...

Squinting, he punched in a number. It rang three times before the person on the other line picked up. "Max Dillon."

Ock scowled and said, very slowly and sinisterly, "This is Otto Octavius. I know you did this, Electro." He paused for effect. "I demand that you come back here and release me from this... predicament."

Electro chuckled loudly on the other line. "Of course, Doctor Octavius. Just tell us where your camera is, and I'll gladly call it a truce."

The camera... The digital camera that Otto had used to take embarrassing photographs and record video of Electro making a complete fool of himself. He also had footage of Sandman on there as well. He thought it over, furious. He was planning on blackmailing Electro over that camera, not Electro blackmailing him.

"Well?" Electro asked, knowing he had Doc Ock in a corner.

"No. I refuse to tell you where it is," Ock snapped, being stubborn. He would get out of this with minimal embarrassment, and this was the only way to do so. "Go walk in front of a subway."

Electro laughed again, not phased in the slightest by Ock's hostility. "Alright. But have fun getting yourself out of that adamantium wire, you eight-limbed slimeball."

Ock hung up. That didn't turn out as well as he had hoped. He dialed several different numbers on the cell phone, this time having more luck. He hung up the phone and sighed. Now all he had to do was wait...

No more than twenty minutes later, he heard the satisfying smash of a couple windows and perhaps a door in the house. "In here!" he yelled as loud as he could.

They heard him, and in less than a minute, The Vulture, Shocker, and Mysterio were standing at the foot of his bed. Adrian Toomes, the Vulture, sniggered into his hand. Mysterio, his head being a globe, said nothing, just shook his head. Shocker rubbed his hand on his forehead. "You certainly have gotten yourself into a predicament here, Doctor Octavius," he said, before bursting out laughing. His laughter triggered everyone else, and soon all three villains were laughing uncontrollably.

"THIS ISN'T FUNNY!" Otto roared, effectively shutting all of them up. In a quieter voice, he said, "Is there any way you can get me out of this? The wires are made of adamantium."

"Well, to start, we should untie his legs," Vulture pointed out. "That, at least, is made of rope."

"Why don't you get to it, then?" Ock demanded. "I can barely feel them."

"Alright, alright, don't get your panties in a bunch!" Shocker snapped, though he was grinning. He would gladly help Doc Ock out, but it was tempting to start laughing again. In fact, it was even more tempting to whip out his cell phone and start taking pictures of this. Doc Ock, helpless—it would be so funny...

Shocker then thought about what Ock would do once he got out if he did that and shuddered. "Come on," he said to Vulture and Mysterio. Within a few minutes, the ropes had been cut with Mysterio's utility knife.

Once the last rope had been cut, Ock's tentacles lifted him away from the bed, and he stood next to the villains, examining the wires that his actuators had been tied to the bedposts with. After a moment, he nodded, frowning. "Yes, this is adamantium wire. Electro wasn't lying."

"Electro?" Vulture asked incredulously. "Electro did this to you?"

Ock sighed. "Yes," he admitted, embarrassed. "It's a prank."

"This was Electro's next prank?" Shocker replied, shocked. "Wow. That's no prank. That's just dirty, low, and nasty."

Mysterio and Vulture agreed.

"Now, any ideas on how to get rid of these wires? They're welded together," Ock said, interrupting them.

"A chain saw?" Vulture suggested.

Doc Ock cringed. What if one of them slipped and cut off one of his actuators? That would be painful to the point of unconsciousness. And that would be no fun at all. But it wasn't like he had a choice. The scientist sighed. "If one of you has a chain saw, I'm all for it."

Vulture was the one that owned the chainsaw. He came through the window holding it. It was a rather big chainsaw, and Ock shuddered. If that chainsaw went through one of his actuators...

The Vulture started up the chainsaw and grinned. "Just hold still, Doctor," he said, coming towards the upper right tentacle tied to the bed.

Ock gave the chainsaw toting supervillain a killer glare and said, "I don't think so, Adrian." He pointed to the man's hands, which were holding the running chainsaw. "Your hands are shaking, old man."

"They are not!" he protested. "How dare you accuse me of—"

"Um, yeah, Adrian, the doc's right," the Shocker cut in. "Your hands are shaking."

After a little arguing, the Vulture grudgingly handed over the chainsaw to Shocker. The criminal then proceeded to slowly and carefully saw off the adamantium that was binding Ock's tentacles together. It took him nearly an hour, but finally, he was finished.

Shocker turned off the chainsaw. "It's done, Doctor."

Almost as if they were being raised from the dead, Doctor Octopus's tentacles rose up and joined their master, swaying around him. Where they rightfully belonged. Otto sighed. He felt whole again.

Then he looked at the three fellow criminals who had helped him out of this predicament. He saw the looks on their faces and rolled his eyes, groaning.

"You owe us a big favor, Doctor," Mysterio boomed.

Otto sighed again. "I know I do, friends," he said. Then his demeanor changed, and looked out the window as though he had homicidal intent. "I also owe someone a certain... repayment," he said, hissing the last word as his hands curled into fists.

To Be Continued...