Well, since I'm going to have to wait for another year or so for the legit version of "City of Fallen Angels" I decided to just write my own for kicks, and thought while I was at it post it on FanFic. I haven't written a Fic in awhile, but here it is.

City of Fallen Angels:


The heat prickled his arms and legs, bathing him in heavenly light. Simon shot up out of bed, flinching from the sunlight streaming through his open window. How long had it been, a month? Yeah about a month and he still woke up with the fear of burning. Simon took a deep breath and walked over to the window. The streets were busy, cars raced by, people littered the sidewalks, and though he promised himself he wouldn't feel disappointed, he did. He did this every morning, and every morning part of him wanted to see a small red head heading for his building. That of course was crazy; Clary didn't really have time to visit Simon anymore. She was a Shadowhunter, a Nephilim, and he was a filthy bloodsucking vampire.

No. He reminded himself, I'm Simon, the Day Lighter, that's got to count for something. With a sigh he turned from the window, the sun still bathing him in gold. It had been a month since Simon had taken Jace's blood. Valentine had drained him dry for the conversion ritual of the Mortal Sword, but Jace had saved him. The pompous, sarcastic guy he had hated had let him feed from him, even though he knew Simon could have killed him. He'd done it for Clary…and to save his life. The two of them were trying very hard to get along.

But Valentine was dead now, and so were all of his lies. Clary and Jace could be together, because they were not brother and sister as Valentine had led them to believe. Valentine was not Jace's father, only Clary's. Jace was not part demon, but part angel like Clary. A match made in heaven.

So much had happened, and in such a short time. In a month, he had gone from human, to undead, to almost dead dead, to day lighting undead. He had become a man. He had seen things most people couldn't even picture in their nightmares. He'd been thrown in jail in the Shadowhunter Capital; he'd seen demons, so many demons. The battle had lasted five minutes, but those five minutes were filled with horror; creatures that bit men in half, monsters that could make a werewolf cry in pain, things that could drain a vampire of blood in one sip, Simon shivered involuntarily.

His cell phone buzzed on the bedside table. He threw on a T-shirt and a pair of faded jeans, taking his phone with him as he walked into the kitchen. Rebecca was sitting at the table paper, a Starbucks coffee in his slim hand. She looked up at him her eyes still guarded, but accepting. She was the only one who Simon had told. His parents were still blissfully unaware, but this was a start. She'd come home from her freshmen year at college, enraged that their parents were being so lenient about letting him skip school and run around with Clary. And unlike his parents, Rebecca hadn't had their brains fogged by the moody, pretty and very gay Magnus Bane, high warlock of Brooklyn. The spell he had cast on them stopped them from noticing the tell tale, unexplainable differences about Simon until he decided to come out. Rebecca gasping and insisting he take hot shower and see a doctor immediately could not be fooled. He had made a choice then, instead of taking her to warlock he told her everything. Everything. She hadn't cried, her face hadn't distorted with disgust, he hadn't screamed that he was crazy. She just sighed, believing him for some reason, and put her hands on his and told him she'd try to be there. It was the best thing he could have hoped for.

"Hey Becca."

"Morning." She turned back to the paper in her hand. Rebecca was the child Simon had always wanted to be. She was tall and slim like him, and they had the same coloring. But where his hair was messy and incorporative, hers was raven curls down her back. Her dark eyes bright orbs next to his flat dull ones. She had perfect grades, played sports, had a lot of friends, and got a full ride to Princeton. All that used to bother Simon, but now it just made him sad. He'd watch her grow old and see her grow up, all of her achievements form her life, and he'd see her die. And he'd still be just like this. Forever.

He sat down at the table a red bottle in his hand. Jace had thought it'd be funny to put all his blood in coca-cola bottles. Though it had made his stomach turn at first, he had to admit it was better than drinking straight from the bag…or the source.

Rebecca looked at the bottle, and made a big effort to pretend she thought nothing of it. "What are you doing today?"'

"I don't know probably going to Eric's."

"Appreciate the freedom now little brother; because your hooky days are over."

He took a sip, wincing as the chilled liquid went down his throat. "So you've said." He looked down as his phone buzzed again, forgetting he hadn't checked to see who had text him before.

"I'm serious."

"Yeah, yeah." He flipped open his phone and sighed as he read it.

"Horror movie business?"

"Yup. Permission to be a ghoulish being?"

Rebecca looked at him and gave him a little smile, "Be back by seven."

"Sure." And he was gone.