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Chapter 1:

It was a very early morning when Itachi quietly opened the door to the guest room that Sasuke was borrowing.

A beautiful sight met his eyes. Sasuke lay unaware of Itachi's presence in his boxers with his legs spread out to the sides. The duvet only covered a small part of Sasuke's leg and the rest of it made its way halfway down to the floor.

"Thank you." Itachi said satisfied and happily to no one in particular and moved closer to the bed. He made his way to the point between Sasuke's legs and reached out for the awaiting dick inside the boxers. 'Wait!' Itachi thought to himself as he took his hand back as if he had burned or cut it. 'This isn't right!'

Itachi had followed his instinct and completely forgot about the seriousness in what he was doing.

He sat down between Sasuke's legs with a bump and looked at the stunning boy underneath him.

He couldn't do it, it was wrong and he knew it, but he couldn't help but stare at the sleepy Uchiha, still breathing out so relaxed and pleased.

The sunlight had carefully let itself lie on the minor raven, which made his pale skin appear almost puppet-like and untouchable in a way that made shivers go down Itachi's spine.

Sasuke turned his hand to the right and back again, only to turn his whole body to the left side of the bed, with Itachi still caught up by his feature, between his legs.

Itachi tried to get away from Sasuke before they both tilted but something about Sasuke's aura made him stay. So there they lay. Itachi looked at Sasuke's childish but beautiful face with a sheepish look.

Sasuke had slung his right leg over Itachi's right leg and that made Itachi follow his instinct once more. He let his right hand wander down to that extremely forbidden place but stopped just as his fingertips reached Sasuke's pubic hair.

A whimper escaped Sasuke's lips, and that fell very much indeed in Itachi's taste, but he had decided that it shouldn't happen like this a long time ago. Even if Sasuke was gay and even if he really did love Itachi, as he very much hoped he did, then he loved Sasuke way too much to do anything before Sasuke wanted it as much as he did.

God it was hard for Itachi to stop himself when he was so close to such a tempting lollipop especially when it belonged to his brother, his obsession, his love. Itachi really did love Sasuke way too much, especially for a brother, but he wanted Sasuke to be his, he just couldn't really tell him that.

Itachi purred in satisfaction and Sasuke mumbled in a cooperative way as response. Itachi was beginning to get very aroused by this, almost a bit hard.

"Ha-haii…" a very sleepy voice announced.

Apparently Sasuke liked it too.

Even though Itachi felt like he could continue forever to caress and touch that warm and soft skin that belonged to his little brother, he knew he couldn't. He stopped. Itachi knew from a lifetime experience, that the longer he played with the fire, the more he wanted it to burn, and the harder it was to stop.

Talking about hard, he felt like he could get fully erect every second or something.

Itachi actually came into the room earlier, to wake Sasuke, but that had easily slipped his mind.

He could wake the kid up now, but he didn't feel like standing there with a boner as the first thing Sasuke would see when he opened his eyes. Itachi didn't really feel like inviting Sasuke into the kitchen for dinner looking like this either, so what to do?

Itachi hadn't realised that he had got up from the bed and had started to pace the room while he was thinking, but he soon became aware of it, when he stepped in something rather sticky.

"Eew…" Itachi said to himself as he slowly lifted his foot and looked down. He had stepped in some of Sasuke's boxers that the boy had been too lazy to take out into the washing room to get clean, but simply had thrown on the floor, probably some hours later after he had started on his training last night.

"Mmm… Nii-san... What're you doing in here?"

Itachi turned around to look at Sasuke, his back now facing the wall left to Sasuke's bed.

"Sasu-ke…" He said in an almost surprised way.

Sasuke robbed his eyes and turned his head to the side looking for his energy somewhere on the messy sheets. He felt really tired after that intense training yesterday.

Meanwhile Itachi's erection had disappeared and in his own panic for being discovered with it; his blood had rushed from his penis to his head in order to fill his cheeks with red liquid that flowed so easily through his veins.

"God morning, Otouto, breakfast is ready in the kitchen, wanna join me?" Itachi smiled lovingly at Sasuke in his request.

The red cheeks made Sasuke wake up for sure. Normally Itachi would never blush and that made the boy open his eyes fully. He couldn't help but think of their mom for a second. Itachi reminded him so much of her when he smiled so innocently, just the way Mikoto would give him her sincere smile every morning and every night. The thing Sasuke wasn't quite aware of, was that Mikoto really didn't had anything to hide, but Itachi on the other hand, did, whenever he used this oh-so-innocent smile.

"Yes… I would love too…" Sasuke said looking into Itachi's dark eyes. His sorrowful expression caught Itachi immediately. Something was wrong and he knew it. But the boy jumped out of the bed and walked slowly towards the door.

"Are you coming?"

"Hn." Itachi retorted, trying to calm himself and act as normal as possible.

Itachi followed Sasuke down the hall. Sasuke's slow and unsteady steps caught his eyes. They were on their way to the kitchen, but they seemed to go in every other direction; towards the bathroom, the living room and even Itachi's room as well.

Sasuke suddenly stopped and Itachi's feet responded by stopping as well. Sasuke took a deep breath. He didn't move or turn around. It was almost as if he was preparing himself for something.

"Why were you blushing, nii-san?" Sasuke asked demandingly. It was a question done in a very low tone, almost like a whisper, but still as clear that Itachi had no problems hearing it at all.

Itachi thought for a moment. He had to give Sasuke a really good reason; otherwise, he knew that Sasuke wouldn't buy it. "I've just made us breakfast. I've been standing over the skillet for several minutes, maybe the hot damp have heated my face and increased the circulation of the blood in my cheeks." he stated calmly.

"Hn. Maybe." Sasuke answered, and then walked the last way down to the kitchen. He could smell the coffee and the bacon already. In the kitchen a nice view appeared before Sasuke's eyes.

Itachi had set the table with everything Sasuke really needed/wanted. Of course there was the coffee and bacon he could also smell in the hall, but there were also fried eggs, juice, tea, milk and some very good looking toast.

"Wow." Sasuke said in amazement. He never had expected this one coming.

"I even made pancakes." Itachi said casually.

"You did?!!" Sasuke asked exited.

"Yes I did." Itachi said, giving Sasuke his warm smile.

"Please… eat." Itachi requested taking a seat out for himself.

Sasuke rushed over to Itachi and gave him a big hug. Itachi had to chuckle at that. His brother was just way too cute and such an uke sometimes. When Sasuke released Itachi, his arms were quickly taken by Itachi's that held them in a tight grip.

"But I have a favour to ask you." Itachi said calmly. Sasuke looked suspiciously at Itachi. Whatever he had in mind, Sasuke didn't like the sound of it so far.

"What is it?" he asked. His eyes narrowed dangerously at Itachi, but his bottom lip pouted in the most adorable way, a rare seen mix of suspicion and confusion from the younger raven. Itachi bit his inner cheek at that look. So uke-ish… So sweet… So tempting… God knows how he would love to tease the shit out of Sasuke and make him blush to the end of his blood pressure limits.

Itachi felt himself getting aroused again. It had always been difficult to keep his hands off of Sasuke, but it hadn't gotten easier with every year passing. Every day of lust and desire that had been building up inside of him, which still lingered inside of him like this huge power of (m)ass destruction, which only waited for Itachi to be weak enough to let those needs take over him and rule. It was almost like that he was having a demon inside of him, a demon that would do anything to get out. That was what it felt like. Maybe that was how it was like to be possessed by a jinchuriken?

Itachi had been standing there thinking for a long time and Sasuke had grown impatient with him.

Sasuke knew that his aniki always had needed time to answer on his own way, but it had still just taken too long to wait for this time.

"Itachi! Where did you 'go'… Hello?"

"Hmm… I was lost… In my own thoughts…" Sasuke looked resignedly at Itachi. "I want you to come with me some place." Sasuke looked suspiciously at Itachi again.

"Let's eat now. You'll see what I'm talking about whenever we get there." Itachi stated and finally sat down on the chair he had pulled out from underneath the table for several minutes ago.

Sasuke stared a bit angry at him while Itachi began to eat. "If you want your food while it's still warm, I suggest that you start eating now." Itachi continued, ignoring Sasuke stare/glare.

Sasuke decided to eat as well and soon both their tummies/stomachs were filled and satisfied for a long time.

When they headed for the door Itachi turned around. "Sasuke." Sasuke looked up and waited for his aniki to continue. "I'm having a headache, so please behave today." Sasuke looked annoyed at him, he wanted to say 'as if!' or something but he was too damn tired to start an argument at the moment.

"Hn." Sasuke looked at the road in front of them and waited for Itachi to keep on moving.

"Oh and by the way… no questions… the place we're going to… it's a surprise." Sasuke looked even more annoyed at him now. "We're both tired, I'm sure we'll feel better in the train." Itachi smiled and turned around and walked down the road. Sasuke couldn't help but smile at that comment. Itachi did look tired, but who was he to blame him after making such an impressive breakfast, so early in the morning.

One hour later Itachi and Sasuke were standing in a metro on their way to wherever they were going.

The time was 05:13 AM so the metro wasn't so full yet. Most of the time Itachi didn't like to wake up early, neither did Sasuke, but Itachi knew that they had a long way ahead of them, so he had decided to get out before people were on their way to work and the annoying school kids blabbering their way through the crowded metro ride.

Itachi and Sasuke were really way to tired to do this kind of early sightseeing or what the hell they were going to do, actually, they where practically almost falling over an old couple, five minutes after they stepped into the train, simply because they were so damn sleepy.

It was an easy job, Itachi thought, to find Sasuke's sex-preference, but he and Sasuke had been together a week or more now, and he just hadn't really found out yet. He wasn't really sure why, but the damn kid hid his sexuality so damn well that even Itachi was amazed. When it came to everything but sexuality, Sasuke couldn't hide the smallest secret from Itachi. That was what made it all so strange and suspicious, and that was also why Itachi were almost certain that Sasuke had to be gay, but he had to be absolutely sure. The main reason why he was dragging his otouto out of town to his favourite sex-shop; in the middle of nowhere, when he was dead horny and ready to rape the kid, 05:14 AM (GOD-DAMNIT!!). But of course Itachi would drag his younger brother (a.k.a. sexy-ass-otouto) all this way and do this. He was doing it because he was in love with the damn kid.

Soon Itachi and Sasuke had to get of the metro and catch a train, which they were late for (because they had overslept in the metro).

Four hours passed where the two of them slept in the train, but in their sleep, they somehow managed to move so much around, that they ended up lying on top of each other. Well Sasuke lay on top of Itachi, resting his confident head on Itachi's chest (which he kept on swamping with his drool). Itachi rested his body against the wall and had his arms slung around his precious otouto. His dick had hardened long ago and the soft body on top of him (belonging to his brother) and the sweetness of Sasuke's cute snore, made Itachi mumble and caress the boy's body.

"They're sooo handsome!" a voice whispered.

"I know!!! I can't believe this! Real yaoi… in a train!!!"

"Kyaaa!!!!!! I can't take it anymore it's too damn good!" An annoying girl voice screamed.

Itachi opened an eye and looked in the direction of the sound, giving whatever it was his most pissed of expression.

Three girls sat in front of him and Sasuke on the floor. Their cheeks were all red and they were all giving him their full attention, their face expression wrote a nervous look due to his reaction.

Itachi softened his face-expression. It was just a bunch of girls freaking out about yaoi. Wait! Yaoi? Itachi turned his sleepy gaze towards Sasuke. Holy shit! He thought. Sasuke was on top of him! And now that he mentioned it, Sasuke was making him hard. He was hard. Sasuke was hard….


Itachi's thoughts were killing him.

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