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Chapter 10:

Sasuke stepped into the room. Genma and Itachi was already there sitting on two chairs at a table. Sasuke felt a rush when he saw Itachi. He'd momentarily forgotten how out-of-this-world-goddamn-sexy his brother was. "Glad you made it." Genma smiled cheerfully at Sasuke, as he approached the table. Itachi just greeted Sasuke with a nod, but he seemed in a better mood as well. 'What's up with those two?' Sasuke found himself thinking.

Sasuke's eyes searched around. The room was packed. Every table was taken and everyone seemed a bit tense, but most of the people faced the box so there was a number of faces he was unable to see. "Hey Genma-San who's performing tonight?" A familiar voice sounded from behind Sasuke and Sasuke froze. "Hey Kakashi-san I heard Shinji wanted to try and sex Yuuji up tonight, it's going to be an interesting show." Genma responded cheerfully.

Sasuke couldn't believe this. His former teacher was HERE?!"

"Oh..!" Kakashi said, noticing the two Uchihas and especially Sasuke. "They are here to see the show as well." Genma said casually. "Hello Sasuke-kun, and it's an honour to see you, Tenshi." Kakashi said a bit nervous. "Hi.." Sasuke said wishing he wasn't there at all. Itachi nodded once more.

An awkward silence hovered for a moment. "Oh I almost forgot.. I'll have to go find Guy." Kakashi said waving quickly before he moved on. Sasuke looked after him until he was sure he couldn't hear them. "What is my freakin' teacher doing here?!"

Itachi just smiled carelessly, but Genma decided to answer. "He's one of our regular customers. He comes here often to see the box shows and stuff.

Itachi felt like being an ass and decided to gossip about Kakashi. "He's been here for years, always trying to hook up with the younger guys; that's why Konohamaru can't work here yet." "Konohamaru?!" Sasuke said scandalized. "Yeah, he wants to be part of the club but Genma keeps him as a servant, upstairs, since he believes that Konohamaru is way too young to do such things yet." Itachi continued.

'That little shit?' Sasuke thought. He'd never expected him to be a naughty boy… but on the other hand, who was he to talk. "And Kakashi?! Is he a fucking paedophile!?" Sasuke asked a bit loudly, making the nearby tables becoming quiet.

"No." Genma said. "It's true that he prefers younger guys, but he's not a paedophile. He does, however, have a reputation among the club, because a lot of the members like to gossip…" a stern look where trown in Itachi's direction and Sasuke remembered Fukikesu and Trevor-sans conversation earlier. "It's said.." Genma continued; "That Kakashi is a guy who enjoys fist- and face-fucking a bit too much, but with only gossip and no evidence, you'll have to take everything that's said in here lightly." Genma said looking bored with the conversation already. Sasuke couldn't believe that his sensei which he'd been working with for so many years was such a disgusting pervert.

Now a long time passed with no conversation. They sat and listened to the small talk chatting from nearby tables and the faint background music that most likely were supposed to create a relaxed environment/lounge kind of setting. Time passed slowly and Sasuke decided to break the silence.

"What is Kakuzu's job anyway?"

"Kakuzu is the one handling the money around here, and he is the one who knows how things work and don't work." Genma said more or less careless. His stick flipped twice in his mouth and settled. "You meet Trevor, right?" Sasuke nodded. "Kakuzu is also Trevor's boss, so Trevor always has to report back to Kakuzu about the economic status of the casino upstairs.

Kakuzu keeps track of everything from the casino economy, to the pay checks for our strippers and show dancers, to new bought things etc. He makes sure that all of it fits the main economy of this club. When Kakuzu has gathered all this info and sees that it fits and hopefully gives more back than whatever amount of money we use on the club, Kakuzu reports back to me. Then we discuss what is running okay, if something should be changed or if we need to buy new stuff, make some new events etc.."

"Hmm.." Sasuke said and went back to not talking. He wondered what Itachi and Genma had been doing since they seemed so relaxed now. Itachi had been a pain in the butt all morning and now it was already evening. Maybe he'd just calmed down due to the 'evening-tiredness' a thing most likely not to happen since their family had never participated in this habit.

Yet again, Sasuke had to ask a question… "Genma-san… after talking with Trevor, Fukikesu said something about the animal names you're using in the club.. Could you tell me about it?"

Itachi's smile vanished and a recognized death glare appeared. Genma looked at Itachi wondering whether to tell Sasuke or not. "You're not learning this now." Itachi said firmly. "Fukikesu already told me about 'cats' and 'dogs'.. Is the rest of it worse?". Itachi grimaced at Sasuke's statement. He felt like everything just slipped right out of his hands the moment he had stepped into the strip club with Sasuke. 'Tell me again why I did this?' he asked himself before pushing his chair out.

Itachi got up and walked determined towards the toilet. "Whatever you say, I don't want to hear me in it." The older Uchiha said and disappeared.

Genma sighed and thought that he should just leave Sasuke there alone and go fuck Itachi in the bathroom instead but knew that that was not realistic thinking. "Okay here's the deal and no stupid questions…"

Sasuke nodded.

"The other animals are: 'Bunny', 'tiger', 'snake', 'dragon', 'monkey', and 'pig'.

They're all divided into semes and ukes, although some of the animal types can be or are more likely smukes rather than ukes or semes."

"smukes?" Sasuke asked. "SeMe and UKE; = smuke." Genma explained and Sasuke nodded.

The semes includes; Tiger, snake, dragon, and monkey.

The ukes includes; dog, bunny, cat, and pig.

"To begin with..". Genma said making a small pause to think. "Let's start with the tiger..

The tiger is a calm and proud seme, he doesn't share personal business with anyone - his feelings are locked away.

The tiger is very loving when he finally decides to start a relationship and can be very wild and violent when it comes to sex. But he'll always give you a hell of a ride; since he is excellent in bed. In spite of the tiger's pride, he loves to cuddle and just lie around and relax in a big cosy bed with his beloved.

But the tiger is hurt deeply when he feels cheated on, suppressed by others or is afraid that people use him for their own personal affairs – at times like this the tiger gets aggressive and unlock Armageddon." Genma said and checked his watch. They still had some time before the show started.

Sasuke couldn't help but think of Itachi. It was so obvious that it almost screamed his name. Or maybe Sasuke was just completely obsessed with his older brother. Or going insane – one of the three.

"The pig type is known to be a guy who likes it all and wants to try it all. No matter how dirty or kinky, the pig type is happy to get involved and often a type of guy who's seeing more people at a time."

"Kakashi!" Sasuke added. "Haha.. not exactly.." Genma's smile was undecided. "but I guess you could characterize him as a pig type as well."

"Anyway, the pig is also known to take his time to confess, make love and end a relationship; he's dependable and a very loyal person."

"Hmm.." Sasuke said. Expressing that his view of the pig didn't correspond with this extra bit of information. It didn't fit into his picture of a pervert, but he didn't comment on it. Genma continued though.

"The snake type is a bit undecided. This type of guy can pretend to be something or someone else or lie and cheat. It doesn't matter and they're known to be mysteriously crafty and suspicious.

It's not all snake type guys who're like this, they can be sweet beings as well, but they like to make people believe that they're bad people."

Genma thought for a second. "You said you met Trevor right?" Sasuke nodded. "Well some people categorise him as a snake type because of these traits…"

Genma's brows furrowed. "Then again… others think he's more of a dragon type and others again categorize him as a monkey type, so you can see that these animal types are more confusing than helping when you analyse or categorize people into stereotypes..."

"Why do it then?" Sasuke asked a bit annoyed by the stupidity of it.

"Well the simple answer would be because we like to do it, but in reality it's because we have a need to compare every unknown person or object with something we know already. It's psychology: When we meet something we are unfamiliar with, we feel unsure how to react to it. So to decide whether or not to make friends with it or declare war upon it, we analyse personality traits that we combine with something we know. If we for example met a little girl who says 'hi, wanna play?' we don't charge against her and start beating her up because we've met hundreds of other small girls and we know that they 99% of the time won't harm us. But if we met an old man who says 'hi, wanna play?' our defence mechanism shoots right up and we send out signals that we are not interested, because we know from prior experiences that it's uncommon for old men to be playing and asking us to join them. Alas we are afraid of the unknown. Chances are that the old man actually just was a senile old man who had been working all his life and just wanted to fly with model airplanes in his senior years or maybe build something awesome. But our brain tells us that this is uncommon and doesn't correspond with anything positive we've met in our life which equals danger. That's the reason we make stereotypes – to organise the world and its habitants in our mind. It can be quite useful and keep us out of harms way, but it cause pain and trouble when stereotyping turns into discrimination, different treatment, prejudgement and hate." Genma said licking his stick playfully as he smiled at Sasuke; enjoying sharing his knowledge with someone who cared to listen.

"Wow.." Sasuke said. "I totally understand where you're coming from; it makes perfect sense…I didn't know you knew psychology, where did you read it?"

Genma smirked. "Just some book… I have a lot of free time and not all of it includes fucking.

Sasuke blushed. There was it again. That feeling he only got from Genma and Itachi. What was it...?!

"Should I continue?" Genma asked now enjoying their conversation which had turned more and more into a sex Ed from Genmas perspective due to Sasuke's naïve and cute behaviour.

"Yes please!" Sasuke retorted engulfed with every word escaping Genmas lips.

"Where was I… Oh yes, the monkey: the monkey is the type of guy most people either loves or hates. The Monkey is characterized by being the gossiping type that makes scandals all the time. This guy is really entertaining but also loud and ego minded. When it comes to sex and partners, the monkey can seem confusing in matters of what they like and chose. The monkey likes to experiment and try out a lot of their options, but deep down they know exactly what they want, which makes it seem like they are out to waste other peoples time and hurt them, when they are just out having fun.

On the other hand, the monkeys are often very good lovers. That's because they tend to be fair with everyone and want them to be feeling good in bed, not cheat them for any pleasure."

Sasuke thought immediately of Naruto. Not that he'd been thinking this way, he'd always seen Naruto as annoying most of the time, but now he felt that this was the real truth.

"The bunny type is pretty much a Shota type guy, that's also why we named it 'bunny' instead of 'rabbit'. There's not much to be said about it, besides the guy doesn't have to be underage to be a 'bunny'.

"What's 'Shota'?" Sasuke asked confused.

"Oh boy..." Genma said considering if this was really a good idea. "Shota is… many things actually, but the main definition of 'Shota' is under aged boys. Shota is also the name of porn involving an under aged boy (usually 9-12 years old). The other partner can be either another under aged boy or an adult, though adults are more common.

Shota guys are cute, short, and innocent and in most yaoi, they are blonde." Genma said fearing that this conversation could never end.

"OMG, are you into that kind of stuff?!" Genma shook his head furiously. "No absolutely not! And the majority of people aren't either, but there are lots of people, male or female, who're into it."

Sasuke looked paranoid around him. It seemed to him that everyone was looking perverted at him now. "Calm down.." Genma said. "Whatever people think, they won't try anything when you're with either me, Itachi or Kakuzu for that sake… Should I continue my explanation about the animal names or are we going to talk about Shota-fetish?" Genma seemed so annoyed right now; he had a careless look in his eyes, his stick turned and turned and he bit down on it every other second. Even though Sasuke wanted to know who the paedophiles you should look out for were, he didn't dare ask. "Just continue, please."

"The dragon type is a hopeless type of guy." Sasuke furrowed his brows and forehead in question.

"Well… okay not exactly. The dragon is often a strong big bread of a guy who's pride being a man, makes him straight looking, even though, he's as gay as the pig type, which says a lot.

This type of guy feels so beyond everyone else standards, that they nearly ever sleeps with anyone or gives people credit for their looks or comment on them. When they do though, the dragons do it thoroughly and they are generous with their flirtatious comments. A dragon can be extremely selfish and tend to take whatever he wants, when he wants it, where he wants it, the way he wants it. As simple as that, therefore it might seem difficult to find someone willing to obey these demands, but the dragon type has this personality because he is a sex-masterpiece, therefore, no one will say that he is not good looking or isn't good in bed – because there is just no doubt."

"It seems like you know someone who is a dragon type..?" Sasuke asked cautiously.

"Uchiha Madara." Itachi Stated calmly. Genma and Sasuke both jumped in their seats and turned their eyes towards the tall and slender raven who hovered over them.

Itachi sat down monotone as ever. Having sneaked in on the two from behind; he was currently receiving annoyed expressions from both of them, due to a major shock. Genma mostly hated the fact that he knew that inside Itachi's head, the Uchiha was smirking and loving every minute of scaring the crap out of them.

"Who is that?" Sasuke asked now being more curious.

"Uchiha Madara is a part of our family, we're not closely related, but he's still a member of the Uchiha family… Well an old one.. But it doesn't matter. He lived outside town so that's probably why you haven't seen him or heard about him. He's an excellent ninja and he was a customer of this club." Itachi said and looked thoughtful. "We both knew him... very well and I haven't seen him since I worked here."

Sasuke could easily hear that there was more to this story than what was being told, and knowing Itachi, he wouldn't count on him telling the rest of it. Sasuke looked at Genma. "Is this all, or is there more to that story?" Genma turned his stick. He took it halfway out and licked on it looking at Itachi. Undetected communication was being passed forth and back between the two men solemnly by face expressions, it seemed like Itachi neither approved, nor disapproved.

"I like you kid, so I'm not going to lie to you." Genma stated and glanced back at Itachi once to double check. "Uchiha Madara wasn't just some customer who came by randomly, He lived here. Every time he got home from a mission, he'd come here and stay here until he decided who to bring home. He could do more or less as he pleased because everyone was so captivated by his charm and sexiness. When he liked something, every other customer followed, since they knew that whatever caught Madara's quality searching eyes, was something better than none would expect.

So in more ways he attracted costumers to the club and making sure, more or less aware of it, that the club gained credit from it. He owned this place, even though he literally didn't, but in the end, he came to. When that happened, a month went by where he enjoyed the club as he used to and a bit more, but then his eyes caught a glimpse of some 'quality' that he wanted. Madara had been having fun at the club and taking guys home at night, but he's also a picky type, so not everyone would approve to his standards, but when he did find someone who approved, he got him. You see whatever Madara likes, he is also gonna get it. Therefore he also ended up having it."

"Who was it?!" Sasuke quickly asked in his high state of curiosity and slight panic.

"It was.." Genma said but was interrupted by loud yelling and zing from the crowd. It seemed that the show had begun. "Who was it?!" Sasuke asked yet again, but they were both cut of by the yelling due to the start of the show.

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