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Chapter 9:

"Izumo." Fukikesu winked at Sasuke, giving him a dirty look. He traced his tongue from Sasuke's cheek to his lips. He swirled it on Sasuke's bottom lip to ask for entrance. Sasuke closed his eyes and took in every part of Izumo's tongue. It was heaven. It tasted so good and the wetness made Sasuke moan loudly. Izumo couldn't stand it and had to get a bit closer. He grounded his left hand on Sasuke's chest and his right on Sasuke's ass cheek. Sasuke moaned deeply and Izumo shifted his head to get a better angle. They battled for quite some time as Izumo felt his way around Sasuke's body. No one should find out about this. This should be their little secret and they would've have kept it that way, if they hadn't been interrupted.

"Ah!" Izumo cried out as he felt something being stuck up his ass. He turned around while Sasuke opened his eyes and blushed immediately. "You're being selfish, you know?" it came from a guy… 'Is that… Gaara?!' Sasuke thought as his jaw feel to the floor.

Gaara stood there, naked on the pink carpet, covered in sperm and very good looking. "Oh it's you…" Izumo said not really looking at him. He turned his head quickly to his lower region and pulled a purple dildo out of his ass. Sasuke had a nose bled and tried to cover it with his hands as he closed his eyes to try to think about something else.

"Hey! Look you moron!" Both Sasuke and Izumo looked up to see Gaara's naked ass, almost completely covered in sperm in front of their faces. Somehow, Gaara had positioned himself with his legs spread out to each side and his head almost touching the carpet in what seemed like 2 seconds. Sasuke moaned loudly again and bucked his hips. This was too much. He couldn't handle how sexy Gaara was looking. Izumo was also touched by this. "Wow you're looking… fuckable!" he said as he got up to touch Gaara's ass as he positioned himself behind him. Through the thin g-string fabric, Izumo's dick was almost touching Gaara's asshole, balls and cock. It made Gaara make a little sound, almost like a whimper.

The sensation didn't last long though; Kakuzu stuck his head in just a second after and yanked Gaara away from Izumo. "Fukikesu! Gaara have been working all day! Let him rest so he can work tomorrow!" Kakuzu hissed at Izumo. Gaara looked disappointed. "Ai!" Gaara looked up. "You have to learn how to take care of your body!" Kakuzu said in a serious tone before smirking and adding: "If you can't handle it on your own, I'll be more than glad to do it for you'."

Gaara looked annoyed at first but ended up blushing. "I can handle my own body thank you very much. Kakuzu smirked even greater. "Sure you don't want me to handle that scratch of yours?" Gaaras blush deepened. "Uh… okay…" Kakuzu chuckled and fetched Gaaras neck in between his thump and point finger and pushed him all the way to the end of the room and into the room with the name "Quickie" on it.

When the door closed Sasuke quickly averted his eyes onto Fukikesu. "What's going on?" Izumo smiled knowingly. "Gaara have a problem.. He doesn't know when to say stop and mostly, he finds out he's hurt after the sex is over." Sasuke looked annoyed. "That's not what I meant…" Izumo smiled once again. "When Gaara started working here, he seemed very down every time he was finished with a job in the box, but no one really knew what was wrong with him. Kakuzu finally find out after forcing him to tell him. Gaara had gotten a scratch the first day on work due to a misplaced trust on the edge of his hole and every time the scratch healed up, it opened again because Gaara forced himself to have rough sex and overcome the pain of being fucked by a far too big cock for his size of hole. Kakuzu taught him how to treat the scars, but Gaara never seemed to learn to do it and therefore Kakuzu did it for him. But since Gaara is a very good looking guy and Kakuzu a very good seme, a connection started to grow between them." Izumo looked satisfied at Sasuke. "What the hell…?" Sasuke said not really knowing what to believe about the people working here anymore. "Actually.. they have.." Izumo began but ended his sentence midways because of a more and more obvious sound. "Ah..ah..AH…ah…"

Sasuke blushed lightly. "Is that…?" Izumo smiled suspiciously. "Yes…" "But I thought Gaara was injured…?" "Well… yeah. He is. But it's more complicated than that.." Sasuke's facial expression told Fukikesu that he was talking nonsense. "Well Gaara has a crush on Kakuzu… Sort of… and Kakuzu is a bit of a sadist really. I'm sure they are having a hot time in there."

Sasuke blushed by the thought of it. He could almost imagine it, but wouldn't really dare to think too much about it, he sensed that everything involving Kakuzu was on edge. Izumo smirked yet again. "Wanna have a look?" he whispered and stuck out his tongue, biting it in excitement. Sasuke opened his eyes vide but nodded and followed Fukikesu over to the door. "Shh.." Izumo mimed and placed his eye at the key hole.

Sasuke followed the movement of his mouth and eyes. Something inside that room was worth seeing, he could tell that much. Izumo moved away from the door and winked Sasuke over with his right hand. Sasuke looked inside and gasped at the view that appeared before his eyes.

He could see just over Kakuzus shoulder and directly into Gaaras ass. It seemed that Kakuzu was studying the scar carefully and after a few minutes, he leaned over and stuck his tongue out, tracing his saliva onto the scratch. "a-ah.." Gaara whimpered and Sasuke opened his mouth in pure lechery. As Kakuzu carefully licked the scar over, Gaara unconsciously began to move his hips and push his ass further op. Sasuke licked his lips and swallowed. Unknowingly he spread his legs and copied Gaaras' movements.

Kakuzu moved his tongue around the hole and then traced it from the coccyx to the hole and swept inside. "Ahh!..." Gaara moaned, as Kakuzu did so and started tongue fucking him. Sasuke started panting slightly. The thought of the pure feeling from a soft tongue inside of him made him shiver and his groin started to rise ever so slowly. "What's happening?" Izumo whispered from behind him. Sasuke got a shock as he felt Izumo's breath by his ear and panted incoherently as he felt Izumo's member occasionally touching his balls through his thin fabric pants and boxers.

"Mm.. His tongue is inside.." Sasuke managed to say without whimper. "Can I see?" Izumo asked and carefully pressed Sasuke's head down and away from the key hole and leaned even further over Sasuke, causing his cock to be pressed tightly in between Sasuke's ass cheeks. "Ah!..." Sasuke whimpered and blushed when he felt Izumo's hard nipples on his back and his groin sliding forth and back over his asshole.

Izumo used the opportunity to feel Sasuke close up and getting him hot and bothered, an easy job since the poor Uchiha already was extremely horny. meanwhile Kakuzu had gotten Gaara placed upon him and buried his dick deep inside of the wounded boy. "Arrhh!.."

Kakuzu started to move ever so slowly; keeping Gaara in place by holding his legs firmly and pressing him up against the wall. "ah..ah..ah..ah..!" Gaara panted and closed his eyes.

Izumo moved back and whispered in Sasuke's ear: "Look at this." Sasuke got up from the floor and looked through the key hole. The scenery was arousing, his member hardened completely and he bucked his hips repeatedly.

Kakuzu fucked Gaara slowly at first, then at a more increased speed and lastly it became violent trusts at a fast pace. Gaara let out cries after cries, higher and higher. The tears began to show on his cheeks and his brows furrowed, but Kakuzu didn't stop. Sasuke wondering why but found out that Gaara's hands were tightening around Kakuzu's arm and neck and that Gaaras fingers were scraping on Kakuzu's skin. The actions clearly meant that Gaara wouldn't let go of Kakuzu, he wanted more. He wanted him deeper, faster and more violent than ever.

"Kakuzu may be a sadist… but he's very aware of your limits and he can be very soft when he wants to be... just like I can.." Izumo whispered and Sasuke shivered once again. "Fuki.."

Izumo kissed him on his neck. "yes?" "Fuck me… like that.." Izumo blushed and felt extremely happy. But his happiness was short. He remembered about Itachi and chuckled. "No.." Sasuke turned his body around and got up on his elbows, to lift his upper body up from the floor. "Why? You don't want to?" Izumo felt the blood in his nose running slightly and sniffed. "No… I want to ride you completely, until you scream and come… but.. I can't… it's not part of our agreement." Sasuke looked at Izumo a bit confused, blushing and biting his lip a little. 'God… his just so fuckable…' Izumo thought and licked his lips.

"Ahh! AH!" both their eyes went to the door above them, but landed on each other a second later. "But I would love to rub against you…" Sasuke looked even more confused now. "What do you mean?" "Shh…" Izumo said and took off Sasuke's pants. When the boxers where off, he got down and licked Sasuke's dick. "Ahh!..oh.." Sasuke couldn't shut up. It felt amazing.

"Ahh! Ah! Ah!" it came from Gaara and Izumo smiled to himself believing this would be sexy as hell.

Izumo took a good amount of lube from the tube in the corner and smeared it on Sasuke's dick and asshole, and on his own thong. "Ready?" Sasuke nodded and Izumo spread Sasuke legs and lowered himself onto his groin.

"Ahh…! Ah..aah…ah!" Sasuke moaned as Izumo slowly moved over his dick. Izumo pressed their dicks together and rubbed slowly forth and back, making close contact from balls to head and down to Sasuke's asshole where he pressed his cock head at Sasuke's entrance without entering, then sliding up over Sasuke's balls and up to the tip of his cock head again. "Ahh…! Ah..! ah…ah..! ah…" Sasuke's hands had found their way to Izumo's back and where pressing his fingers against Izumoo's skin; trying to keep him closer. Sasuke's legs had followed his hands and pressed against Izumo's ass, to keep him as close to him as possible. "Ahh!..." Izumo moaned as he with difficulty pressed himself up against Sasuke once again, making Sasuke cry out. In the other room Kakuzu and Gaara were heading towards climax. Kakuzu panted heavily and Gaara's moans turned to small abruptly sounding screams. Their movements were determined and rhythmic. After a long kissing session, Gaara was drooling a bit and blushing deeply. His voice almost cracked when he used it. "Ah! A-h! Fuck! Kakuz-u! Mast-er!"

"Oh!" Sasuke moaned as he came all over himself and Izumo. Izumo made a few more trust before coming as well and adding more sperm to his body. They rested in ecstasy listening to the erotic sound of Kakuzu and Gaara's sex. "Ah! AH! AHAH! Master! I'm…! AAhhh!" Gaara shouted and came. Kakuzu rode out his orgasm almost soundlessly while Gaara shock with pleasure from the orgasm, still clinging to him like a sticker.

Izumo got up from Sasuke, kissing his lips quickly before rising, and headed towards his belongings to pull a bathrobe out of a bag. Sasuke lay flat on the carpet panting. His lazy eyes shone with ecstasy looking at Izumo. "Get up from there." Izumo ordered.

Sasuke got up and placed himself leaned against the wall.

"It's time for a shower.." Izumo's eyes winked at him as he got over to him and placed his arms around him. Sasuke shivered with newfound lust as Izumo fumbled his hands around his hair and curled it into his larger hands. He kissed him. Izumo swirled his tongue seductively and slowly around Sasuke's, as he walked closer and closer, pressing his body against the wall and making new sticky contact between their groins. "Ah.." Sasuke moaned into Izumo's mouth. Sasuke spread his legs and began to turn his hips from side to side; moving his member over Izumo's manhood. "Sasuke.." Fukikesu whispered and moved them towards the door with the bath, but fell down as Kakuzu exited the "Quickie" room with Gaara hanging lifelessly in his arms. "Wups.. Sorry Fuki-kun, but you shouldn't walk around without looking where you place your feet."

Sasuke looked up at Kakuzu. 'He seemed much more gentle and happy now.. after having sex..' Izumo looked up too. "Sorry Kakuzu-san.. I just wanted to clean Sasuke up after getting him dirty.."

Kakuzu looked down onto Sasuke's crotch and Sasuke blushed knowing he had an erection. "Boy what a resemblance, don't you think Fuki-kun?" Sasuke was confused and looked even redder than he had all night. "Huh? What do you mean?"

Izumo got up from the floor and pulled Sasuke up. "I mean that he looks just like Itachi.. Although Itachi is much bigger.." Sasuke felt so 'caught on the bed'.

"I guess that would make sense, I mean.. they're siblings.. but to be honest.. I've never seen Itachi's cock." Izumo said bluntly. 'How could he say it like that? So straight forward.' Sasuke thought stepping behind Izumo in embarrassment.

Kakuzu laughed. "You two..! I can't believe you've never seen it, you really missed something then." Kakuzu smirked at Izumo. Izumo smiled but turned around and opened the door to the bath and pushed Sasuke inside.

"Could you tell Genma that Ai is going home for tonight..?" Izumo winked at Kakuzu before he stepped into the bathroom "I sure will." The door closed and as Izumo turned around, they heard Kakuzu walking out of the pink room.

Sasuke starred at Fukikesu; sulking. "What?" Sasuke's brows furrowed into a sad expression.

"He saw me!" "Huh?" "He saw me naked! And he even said that I was small."

Izumo's worried expression vanished and his eyes turned melancholic. "Aw Sasuke I'm sure he didn't mean it that way. You're quite big, but pretty much everyone around here is…"

Sasuke's face turned red again. "I'm sure Kakuzu wouldn't have one single doubt about fucking you if you asked him to..."

'Just like any normal gay guy wouldn't' Izumo thought but just kept on smiling. There was no need to make Sasuke an arrogant little self pleased brat, just because he was a fucking hot piece of ass.

"Let's get you clean shall we?" Izumo asked and turned on the water. "Haii.." Sasuke said in a low dark voice, blushing in all his shyness.

The hot water rinsed the gloomy thoughts away together with the lust and soon Sasuke was just enjoying the feeling of being one with the water. Izumo on the other hand was having problems concentrating on washing and not raping. Sasuke looked god-like smiling such a purely joyful and satisfied smile, turning his head around to get warmth on his neck and shoulders and caressing his own body with those gliding soft fingers. "Sasuke I have to go.." Izumo said turning away from him and reaching for a towel which he started drying his hair of with.

"Okay?" Sasuke said not giving a fuck at the moment because he couldn't care about anything but the water. "I have to perform and I'm already late, but I promised to show you around, so please finish up." "Oh, sure, give me two seconds.." Sasuke retorted and ruffled his hair one last time before he turned off the water and clenched his hair in his hands to get the water out of it faster. "Here's a towel." "Thanks" Sasuke rolled it around his hips and walked out of the bath with Fukikesu following him into the pink room. They quickly got dressed and out of the pink room.

Izumo headed for the end of the long hall, but turned right just before the end of it.

"Trevor, details…"

'Trevor', a tall cool looking dude with magenta coloured hair, sun glasses, a black shining cap and a cigarette in his mouth looked carelessly at Izumo. "Nothing yet, but I see you got some gossip..?" Trevor's half lid eyes slid past Sasuke and pointed back at Fukikesu. "Narh.. He's a customer... only a kind of v.i.p. customer that is…. it's complicated." Fukikesu said and a lazy smile hit Trevor's face, making him delicious looking. His soft looking full born lips were to die for and his white teeth, showing a bit of his tongue due to the sharpness to his vampire-like corner teeth, made him look dangerously sneaky. Which made Sasuke's lust bark back at him like a werewolf instinct.

"What isn't?" he asked and Izumo nodded back at him; "True… true.."

A minute of silence went by before conversation turned around the subject of Sasuke yet again.

"So, you, do you gamble?"

Sasuke looked disorientated, weird question if you asked him, but he answered anyway. "Not yet." "Uhh-huhu.." Trevor teased looking smugly at Izumo. "Is he a little diamante?" Izumo looked serious now. "He's off limits, brother to the angel, you know?" Seriousness hit Trevor instantly before turning into a careless expression yet again. "Oh… Well too bad I guess.. He could have been a really fun prize, did Ai go home?" Izumo nodded shortly. "Kakuzu-san took him home."

Sasuke felt awkward. Not that he felt weird being there, but he just felt left out, which he were, and he didn't like how everyone here talked a completely different language. Izumo seemed to notice this quickly. "Trevor here.." he lifted a hand pointing at said person. "Is a friend of mine and he works here as our main host. He runs a casino upstairs for our customers and makes deals with everyone he can. He's mostly in charge of the late morning entertainment as a Casino host.

A Casino host is the person who makes sure everything runs fine, he's in charge of maintaining a calm and more or less sober condition until we close. Me, my colleagues, Trevor and sometimes some of Trevor's colleagues and the top dogs get together and play poker with him sometimes. Not often because we loose mostly, but it's all good fun." Izumo breathed out, giving a hopeless look to Trevor who had looked smugly at his golden watch specked with diamantes and now lifted his head to glance a sinful guilty look at Sasuke. "That's how it is, now who are you?"

Sasuke didn't know what to say, he couldn't tell much about his life, since nothing much had happened, but he tried anyways. "My name is Uchiha Sasuke, as you probably know, younger brother to Uchiha Itachi. I'm a ninja and I've just come home from a long mission."

That was all Sasuke really had to say, he felt it needless to tell all kinds of personal details to Trevor because, like his brother, he was a bit, well… private about his personal life.

Trevor was the type of person who liked to play; with people it was all about their reactions and what you could make them do, so he tried teasing Sasuke a bit, just for kicks.

"Have you given him 'special treatment' since he's a 'special guest'?" A teasing tongue went by the sharp corner teeth in Trevor's smug smile. Izumo smiled, he looked busted but had a calm, lazy 'what-can-you-do?' expression. "Aahahah!" Trevor laughed and lit up a little. "Did you nail him?"

"No, I didn't. Actually I'm late for tonight's work. I had to ask for Shinji; could you tell the bat-team to use package 5 this evening; He's going to make a relaxed show in the box." Trevor looked bored, since he knew the small fun was over. "Sure thing, I'll even give him some fog tonight if you behave well later..." A flirtatious look between the two of them lasted for a while. "Fine, where do you want me, here or at your place?" Trevor lit up again, licked his lips and pretended to think about it for a sec., caressing his air-beard while saying the sound; "hmmm…. The red sofa, right here…"

"You…!" Izumo said sounding a bit upset. "Fine, but if Genma finds out, it's on your ass." Izumo turned around, blinked at Sasuke, and began walking out of there. "See ya later.."

Trevor leaned back in the black leather chair where he was sitting, smiling satisfied, arms in a relaxed position beneath his head. "See ya."

When they where out of there Sasuke forced Izumo up against the wall.

"What the hell was going on in there?" he growled slightly annoyed. Izumo raised an eyebrow and looked quite surprised. "You mean with Trevor?" Sasuke nodded; "What's up with this guy?"

Izumo smiled to himself, shaking his head. "Trevor is one of a kind, someone you'll only meet once in your life, unless you meet his older brothers that is. Trevor is a gambler, he loves to play games and he's a good one at it, always cheating without you knowing it; that's why he can afford stuff like that watch of his. He's the kind of guy you should watch out for, he's not dangerous in any way, but there's a good chance of him manipulating you or seducing you into what he wants. But even that isn't that bad. He's just a lazy guy and yes; he's gay – like the rest of us.

Trevor knows a lot of what's going on here since he works the late hours in the nights and mornings, that's the 'details' part; a nickname for gossip. He's good at selling, I'll give him that and his very sexy too, and therefore, a lot of his customers are seduced into buying a lot of drinks in the bar in the mornings, meaning that this club earns a lot of money. That's why he is our main casino host. You could easily think of him as some scum, because of his behaviour, but underneath it all lays a vulnerable person, and, he's very much in love."

Sasuke felt weird. He had sensed something was up with this guy, but in love? Hold on a second. "Who's he in love with?"

Izumo smiled. "You're learning how to gossip, huh? Good thing, alright, the guy's name is unknown. In our club everyone have their own codename because some wants to be anonym. You know that I go under the name 'Fukikesu' and my colleagues; the dancers, service-guys, strippers and performers have names like it. Trevor, who works in the casino upstairs, goes by the codename 'D' or the name 'Ureshii uso'; meaning 'happy lie'. His colleagues, the waiters, bartenders and the people sitting at roulette tables and such, all have a codename consisting of a letter and a nickname. The codename is more an easy way to make schedules, because it doesn't use up too much space, and yes, we're that lazy with paper work. The guy Trevor likes, his codename is 'C' and is a very charming guy, but for some reason, he likes to be unnamed. That's why we have chosen the nickname 'fushigi' for him, meaning; mystery, wonder or mysterious. It's really keeping everyone perky, since it's become an intern game as to find out what his real name is. I think he likes playing that game, because he plays along quite nicely. Anyway, Fushigi is very attractive too and not shy at all, he might just come down to see the show tonight. Sometimes he comes to 'work early' to see the shows. When he does, he acts like any customer; sits down, enjoy the show while having a wank, and at rare occasions, asks for some company. I've seen him in action and he's quite big, anyway, I'm really going way too much into the details now, but that's me, getting me started on gossiping is easy, but getting me to shut up is really difficult." Izumo looked lively and a bit embarrassed. He smiled at Sasuke. "Anything else you wanna know?"

Sasuke was a bit taken back by this. It stunned him what a talker Izumo really was, when he started talking. For some reason, Sasuke felt an urge to kiss and ravish him right there, but also knew that they didn't had the time. "Tell me about 'diamantes' while we walk."

"Right!" Izumo said. "We should get going, you're absolutely right. To be blunt, Trevor talks completely blank sometimes, his language is a mix of nicknames that doesn't makes sense and bad excuses. When you get to know it, you'll learn that it's not that complicated, but he'll still confuse you from time to time. 'Diamantes' is Trevor's word for 'goodie' or what some might refer to as 'a smexy-pie'. What he means is basically that those people who're 'diamantes' are exceptionally sexy/good in bed/great 'play-mates' or just a good catch. Tonight he wasn't talking so blank, but from time to time things like 'nail him' can be in the form of 'tracked a kill down', 'pollinate some donkey' or 'doped the blockhead' it doesn't really makes sense, does it?"

"I don't even get what 'nail him' means…" Sasuke said rather irritated. "Oh… well 'nail him' more or less means if someone has done another, you know, fucked them. So what he earlier asked me was if I had fucked you already." Izumo said looking at Sasuke aware that this statement might not fall into good ground. Sasuke choose to ignore it more or less. "So when you said that I was 'off limits' because of my brother, you said he couldn't fuck me?" Sasuke pinpointed rather angry. "Yes." Izumo said. Izumo knew that this was how it had to be, no one wanted to mess with the angel, it caused serious problems, Izumo knew that from experience.

Sasuke felt the anger rise. It was Itachi's doing, he knew it was. "What about the 'bat-team' and what's up with 'package 5'?"

Izumo smiled to himself. "The bat-team is just the guys managing the lights and technological things around here. We call them bats because they're not very good looking next to us and because the word 'dog' has another meaning, so it was already taken." Sasuke twitched an eyebrow. "What does it mean?" Izumo had that expression again, the one showing that he didn't felt like talking about this. " 'Dog' is the word for someone acting like a complete slave. A guy who's doing everything he's told, no matter if he likes it or not, only to please his lover or master. Another name we use quite often is 'Cat' for the guys who is acting very submissively to their lover/master, but on the same time is demonstrating their feelings, opposing their companion, going into opposition whenever it suits them and basically being a pain in the ass towards their lover/master, (not literally of course) but this is according to the semes. The ukes mean that it's only fair to be a 'Cat' and that ukes acting like 'dogs' are either stupid, disgraceful or has a wounded soul that should be treated. Besides that there is also some other animal names characterizing the personality or characteristics of a lover." Izumo said, but stopped walking. "This is where you should go in; I'll be in the next room." Sasuke looked into the room in front of them and placed his eyes on the huge glass box in the middle. Izumo started to turn around but Sasuke stopped him. "Hey! What about your promise?" "What promise?" Izumo asked. "You promised me to tell me everything you know about Itachi…" Izumo seemed to remember. "Oh, right.. I'll see you later. Then you can ask me more questions." He said placing a light kiss on Sasuke's cheek, before turning fully around and walking back.

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