Crucify My Love

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My first Rurouni Kenshin fic.  A/M, of course!  Oh goddammit, I think this is very, very angsty.  Beware, people, I think it's gonna be pretty OOC.  I will try to keep the charas in character, of course.  Gomen for horrible grammar, and I do want to know if you like this.  I take a long time in updating, and maybe, if you do not like this (like, if I get about 10 flames in one day) I will no longer continue.  Yeah, I am Cherie and I usually write Flame of Recca fics.  Well, here goes nothing!  ANGST ANGST ANGST everywhere!  Beware of nasty stuff (hentai free!  not free hentai, you perverts) here.  I hope I can make it…

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Chapter One : Running Away


"AOSHI-SAMA!" shrieked Makimachi Misao in pure terror.

In front of her, laid Shinomori Aoshi, in a pool of blood.  His head was obviously bleeding, and he was unconscious.  Misao lifted her head, and sent a very killing glare at the man before her.

Omasu hugged Misao quickly, and she whispered something to the Oniwabanshuu okashira.  

"Misao-chan, please, bring Aoshi-sama inside.  We'll take care of this."

Misao snapped out of her short trance.  "O-okay, b-but, Omasu, will he be all right?" She stuttered.

"He will, he will.  Now, hurry, we don't want things to get worse." answered Omasu calmly.

Misao nodded slowly, and she quickly put her hands beneath Aoshi's armpits.  She couldn't bear his weight, so she just dragged him inside slowly.

"Please, Aoshi-sama, please…tell me you'll be all right…"


Okina was shocked. 

He stared at the doctor.  "Are you sure, Tsujimoto-san?"

The doctor nodded slowly, "Gomen nasai, Okina-san.  But I'm afraid…"

She glanced at Aoshi's figure, laying on the futon helplessly.  "We can't…"

Misao was in loss of words.  Her jaw almost fell to the floor, and she couldn't feel her legs.  She felt like her body just lost all the bones supporting her. 


Silvery streaks came streaming down her eyes.  Her tears glistened from the moon's reflection, coming from the open window.  Her body was shaking uncontrollably.  She looked at the figure on the futon.  Her vision blurred because of the tears.


Even her voice was quivering, and she couldn't help it.  She fell to her knees, sinking her head in her palms.  Aoshi's neat tatami mat was stained with her teardrops. 

"IIE!!" She screamed.

Misao got up quickly and brushed her tears away.  She ran outside, heading to her own room.  The okashira of Oniwabanshuu paused for a while.  She had a slight moment of hesitancy, before she pushed all emotions away and kept on running.

Once she had reached her room, she grabbed the small bag laid in the corner, beside her futon.  She pulled her dresser open, taking a few necessary garments and putting them in the bag.

I have to go…

She finished packing.  Then, she took out a small piece of paper, and a brush.  And so she wrote:

Hey, people.  Jiya, Omasu, Okon, Shiro, Kuro, and Aoshi-sama… Misao here.  It just hit me a few minutes ago, that I have been too much trouble and I am a burden to Shinomori Aoshi-sama.  And his burden is the last thing I want to be.  I realized that I should go, and I should also leave Aoshi-sama in peace, without troubling him ever again.  I will always gaze at the moon, every night, because it reminds me of you.  I hope you also remember that we are connected by the silver moon, every night.  Please, I do not think finding me is the solution, Jiya.

Sayonara, I will miss you guys.

With love,

~Makimachi Misao

The girl took a deep breath.  She put the paper on her desk, holding it with a book Aoshi read to her once.

Far, far away…

Misao quickly tiptoed through the hallway.  Being an onmitsu sometimes sure is handy.  She crept through the Aoiya and exited the building, not before taking a last glance up to the sky. 

The beautiful crescent moon sparkled brightly, smiling at her, brushing her tears away.  Her deep blue eyes twinkled; the moon was reflected in their soft cerulean hues.

Far away, from Aoshi-sama.

Misao smiled, and continued her journey.  Now, she would begin a new life, she didn't have to bring Aoshi's tea every day, and she didn't have to cry anymore.



Misao sipped her water slowly.  Her eyes were drowned in the sight of the burning fire in front of her.  It had been three days.  Three days since she ran away, three days since she started blaming herself. 

The fire sparked, teasing her.  She sighed.

She tried to forget the whole incident, but Misao couldn't get it off her head. 


Misao was happily cleaning up the Aoiya.  It was already 11 in the night.  Within minutes, she could finally get some rest and have fun dreams about her and Aoshi…

Just when she heard the front shoji was opened.

Nani?  Who can it be?  Jiya?  Omasu?  Okon?  No…they're in the back, cleaning up… Must be another drunk customer…

She peeked from behind the wall.  Her eyes widened, very shocked.

Misao saw two big men, their faces were shaded by the darkness.  But she could definitely see something shiny…metal.  They were hunchbacked, and when the darkness finally faded, she could see their eyes.  And from years of training, she could sense that they were no good men.  No good at all. 

They might be…burglars.  Who else?

Led by her *poor* instincts, Misao jumped and yelled at them.


The bandits were surprised, in a way.  But all they saw was a little teenage girl.  What harm would she do? 

One of the men spitted in Misao's face.  The weasel girl's face scrunched up.


She took out her kunais when she saw Okina and the others.

Omasu ran toward Misao quickly, asking, "What?  What is it-" She stopped when she saw the bandits.

"Che.  Fuck it." cursed the second bandit.  "We need more men, Fuji."

The one called Fuji nodded.  "Yeah." He whistled loudly.

Two more bandits appeared, shocking Misao again.

"What do you want?!"

"Money.  Jewels.  Anything precious and expensive."

Misao was very pissed.  She charged straight the last bandit, kunais ready.

Meanwhile, Shinomori Aoshi had just finished his midnight walk.  He had been taking some lately, to clear his mind up once in a while.  Just when he slid open the shoji…

The last bandit smirked.  He had a big cudgel in his hands, hidden behind his hunched back.

Unfortunately, Aoshi saw it.  He saw Misao charging straight, and he saw the bandit preparing to strike.

And he felt himself blocking the striking cudgel, defending Misao, protecting her.  He felt he had been a bad protector for Misao.  He had to be her shield.

Also…because he did not want Misao to get hurt.

And that was when the cudgel hit Aoshi's head severely.  When Misao saw the blood.

End Flashback

Her heart hurt so much.  She wanted to forget about it, to forget the whole thing, to put it behind her back and leave it be.  But she couldn't do so.  All she could do was suffer the horrible guilt.


That might be what Aoshi felt.

Once again for the nth time that night, tears spilled out of her eyes uncontrollably.  They glistened like a small river, smoothly running down the stream.


Tomorrow.  She would have a new life tomorrow.


Makimachi Misao had walked the streets of Tokyo for hours.  It was very crowded, a mass of people had bumped into her that day.  However, she walked aimlessly.  She did not have a destination. 

I will just go wherever the wind blows me to…

She did not have a purpose in life, goddammit. 


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