A third fic from me. This one sets when Tsuna and others around 20-21 years old, and AU as the Giglio Nero and the Gesso family never combined, the Milliefore family will never be formed and Byakuran just a normal mafia boss with obsession of eating marshmallows. Tsuna inherits the Vongola Tenth when he is 20 years old, unlike in the manga now.

Just to let you know, I don't support 1896. I would rather Chrome ends up with Mukuro or Ken. But I wanted the situation where Hibari is going to married, and I prefer Chrome over the others. Suzuki Adelheid is just too newly introduced, and I really can't see them as a couple yet (and the fact they are just like carbon copies of each other, only different gender). I-pin? I like her more with Lambo. That is the same with Kyoko with Tsuna and Haru with Gokudera. Other girls will become crack pairings. Really.

And there will be no fluff between them, because if by reading them I get the shivers, writing will be the death of me. Hence the genre humor/family.

Lastly, I only able to finish two chapters, and decided to still publish them because I don't want to delete them. I might continue or discontinue the story after the second chapter, depends on my writing mood. Don't worry, I'll write a proper ending for each option anyway.

Disclaimer : Katekyo Hitman Reborn shall continue and always belongs to Amano Akira.

A Vongola Wedding Day

Things will definitely be out of control if it involves the Vongola Famiglia.

At last, after 3 years of courtship, Hibari decided to end his relationship with Chrome with a knot. It was really a surprise to the others that Hibari decided to get married quickly. Not that the fact that Hibari dated Chrome wasn't a big shock, either.

So, the couple decided the wedding day one month later. Hibari, always the traditional one, wanted to hold Shinto style wedding at Namimori. Chrome just agreed. But both were talked on to held it Western style at Italy, as they are the Vongola Decimo's guardians, it would be more appropriate as the other mafia families will be invited. It would become the wedding of the year in the mafia world. Of course, if the Vongola Decimo gets married, that would be the wedding of the decade.

Right now all the Vongola Guardians minus Chrome gathered at Tsuna's office to decide the lists of guests that will be invited. At first they let Hibari decided it, but then he only wrote the Namimori Discplinary Committee and Hibrid.

"Hey! Why are we're not even in the list?! That's rude to the extreme!" Ryohei complained loudly when he took the paper from Hibari's hand.

"Are we less important than a bird to you, Hibari?" Yamamoto asked when he leaned over Ryohei's shoulder and noticed the name Hibrid.

Mukuro then snatched the paper from Ryohei and added the name 'Mukuro, Ken, Chikusa' to the list. "There is no way that I'll be uninvited to my cute Chrome's wedding," Mukuro said.

"Don't call her like she yours," Hibari glared at Mukuro.

"Oya, are you jealous? I have possessed her body until last year, you know." Mukuro smirked.

That got Hibari mad and he was about to teach the pineapple head a lesson when Tsuna said tiredly, "That's enough, you two. I don't want to repair my office again."

Sawada Tsunayoshi, the current Vongola boss, couldn't help feeling burdened. It would be much easier if the wedding was in a small scale in Namimori, but Reborn just have want to held it in Italy. "A good chance to introduce you and the new official Guardians to our allies," Reborn said when he asked why. Of course, Tsuna only recently 2 months ago officially took over his position from the Vongola 9th in conjunction with his 20th birthday. In other words, this will be Tsuna's first public appearance as the newly appointed Vongola Decimo along with his guardians. And there was a great pressure for him to not mess up.

But then, this is Tsuna and his friends. What kind of event that they never messed up?

"Yeah, only in these 2 months you guys have already destroyed Jyuudaime's office 4 times," Gokudera said angrily, "Really, stop troubling Jyuudaime!"

"But once you were the one who blowed Tsuna's office with dynamites," Yamamoto said innocently.

"S-shut up baseball idiot! I was just trying to stop the fight at that time!" Gokudera defended himself.

"I said enough!" Tsuna's stern voice silenced the occupants in the room. Years of training under Reborn have taught Tsuna how to keep his family under control, even though in some situations his efforts will be futile. Thank goodness this day all of his guardians in their best behaviour as none of his things are destroyed in the first hour.

"So then let us just decide who to be invited. That would be alright with you, Hibari?" Tsuna started to say.

Hibari just sat one of the couches in response. "Hn. As you like."

"Mukuro, the list, please." Mukuro handed the paper to Tsuna. "Of course, all of us will be invited, including Kyoko-chan and Haru as the bridesmaids…" Tsuna wrote the names on the paper. "Then the Vongola 9th and others, CEDEF, Varia…"

"Wait. We're inviting the Varia? Is that's a good idea?" Lambo who was silent from the beginning voiced out his worries.

"Like it or not, they are a part of the Vongola," Tsuna replied, "so we have to invite them." Or Xanxus will burn them with his flame of rage for not inviting him to an important Vongola event.

"Alright then. Don't forget to invite my boss and Dino-nii," Lambo said.

"Right. The Bovino and Chiavarone family." More scribbles. "Oh yeah, Fuuta, I-pin and Bianchi (Gokudera winced a little when he heard Bianchi) also get invited. Then…"

"Isn't that already too many herbivores you're inviting?" Hibari starting to feel annoyed (which is actually unease) at the increasing names at the list.

"Sorry Hibari, but we still do not include the other ally families," Tsuna said regretfully, "and Reborn said there are some families that he wanted to invite as potential Vongola allies.

"And write Hana's name too!" Ryohei said enthusiastically. "She will EXTREMELY want to go to the wedding!"

Tsuna looked at Ryohei. "But onii-san, you kept the mafia a secret from Kurokawa, right?"

"Then this is the EXTREMELY good chance to tell her!" Ryohei said with more enthusiasm than before.

They all refrain themselves from pointing out that Hana might leave him if she knows he is in mafia. Ryohei is now in his maximum positive thinking, so it will be pointless to tell him that.

Tsuna wrote 'Kurokawa Hana' in the list. "I guess that's it for now. I'll ask Reborn for a list that the other families that we will be inviting." Tsuna heard Hibari grumbled "more herbivores" under his breath.

"Where's Chrome anyway?" Yamamoto asked.

"She went out wih Kyoko-chan and Haru," Tsuna replied, "they said something like a girls' outing."

"Yes, and we should do the same thing too."

All the room occupants turned their head to see the Acrobaleno of the Sun, Reborn entered the room. Many years have passed, but Reborn is still in the same form of baby because of the curse.

"What do you mean, Reborn?" Tsuna tensed a little to prepare for any crazy/homicidal idea that Reborn might come up with.

"You know how Westerners love to held bachelor's party?"

"Oh! You mean like went out drinking and partying all night and sometimes call a stripper and such?" Ryohei said.

"I decline." Hibari immediately said.

"Yes, but we are going to held the Vongola tradition to celebrate the groom, the great Wedding Honour Time!" Reborn announced.

"And this got to do with partying?" Tsuna asked.

"No, it's not about partying. It's about overcoming obstacles."

"So what's it got to do with bachelor's party?"

"Nothing whatsoever."

Then don't mention it in the first place!

"First thing after breakfast, go to the forest," Reborn said, "and all guys who called themselves a man need to show up, or forever be labelled as a chicken."

"Oh! I'm all fired up! Sounds like an EXTREME man challenge!" Ryohei said with fire in his eyes.

"Eh? Even me?" Lambo asked.

"Sounds like a fun game," Yamamoto grinned.

"I won't disappoint you, Jyuudaime!"

"Kufufu, this sounds great."


Tsuna could only sigh. He could tell there's something bad going to happen tomorrow.

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