Author's Note: The word is "urgent" and the key word for my brain is "scrambled". Still 38 working days to go before my vacation…

Disclaimer: Don't even got talent, just a desire to move in the right circles.

Word count: 100

Warnings: ---

A bell, book and candle job

Sam ducked as the heavy bookshelf whirled across the room, splintering at impact. He swung the Bible at the poltergeist, urgently aware that it wasn't enough. The spirit had manifested in a disturbing likeness of the Cheshire cat and the luminous eyes followed his every move, making Sam feel more mouse than man. "Hurry up, Dean" he yelled. There was no vocal answer but the clear ringing of a bell finally made the poltergeist implode. Sam looked over at Dean's figure, taking in the substitute clergyman's robe – a female nightgown – and candle held aloft maiden-like, and fried in the don't-you-dare-notice-glare.

Been so long since I played, but soon I'm on vacation!