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I advise you to pay specail attention to chapters' titles, because they actually have some structure, and the froms of address to the characters, by the author and the character themselves. The fic title itself is taken from a classical story, if you guess what it is, you will understnad a lot about the conflict of this fic.

Disclaimer: Jimmy Neutron's genius belongs to Nickolodeon. Also the idea of Jimmy teaching Cindy and having to memories was first used by Kaze-no-Tenshi89 in „Do you remeber me?" However I will be using the conception in a whole new perspective.

Strange Case of Dr James Neutron and Jimmy Boy Genius

by Lady Arabella Malfoy

Part I: Pygmalion of the XXI century

Chapter One: Gone

"How could she?! How could she just leave? Without telling anyone? Saying nothing at all! Aren't we her friends? People she confides into, trusts, cares for? Doesn't she know that we worry about her? Just some lousy note to Libby with ten words and not even a good bye! You praise yourself so much for being smart, how could you act so stupid then?

You left and I hadn't told you… What I think about you… But no more! No more pain, confusion and hesitance."

A set of dozen of test tubes found themselves on the floor in a flash. They were soon followed by microchips that couldn't be found in any electronic shop on the planet. But they meant nothing to their inventor. He was finally completing the experiment which was the only one left unfinished in his short but full scientific life. Why didn't he complete it in the first place? Found out that it had been late already?

The now long fingers of a fourteen-year-old made exact movements to concoct a potion – the ultimate medicine for a broken heart. He didn't need to make experiments or control the ingredients' effects, the youngster remembered the recipe back from the years of crazy childhood. If only he had used it earlier, then there wouldn't have been that pain in his chest at that moment. Pain… He was never been able to make a device or a serum to control pain, even physical. Hm, an interesting idea… But with this invention there will be no pain, no feelings, absolutely nothing. An ingenious idea…

Jimmy Neutron was never considered a normal teenager. His peers were sneaking out at night to parties to do who knows what, were going on dates and had no care in the world. Jimmy however was running around with this glorious invention or another, saving the world from time to time. He was not antisocial per se, but he resembled more and more a mad scientist since the day Cindy Vortex left Retroville for good.


~ Eight years later ~

"I can't believe this! Why oh why did I enter this university? Whenever a professor is ill, nobody cancels the lecture!"


"Are you even listening, Cindy? Do you ever get your nose out of a book?"

"Every day you make me wonder, Michelle, about your decision to receive medical education. How have you managed so far is beyond my understanding, Michelle-the airhead."

"Common, don't you want to have some fun? You are young only once in a lifetime!" the chestnut haired girl squealed, jumping in front of Cindy and almost making the latter stumble into her.

"I will have my fun at the end of the semester. I transferred here for the sole purpose of learning to become a professional of high class. And something as trivial as 'fun' won't distract me. I am very glad about the fact that no lecture is spared because of the missing teacher. It is much easier to understand everything when somebody tells you instead of reading from a book."

"But at least you can reread the stuff in the book if you don't get it from the first time. But nobody will repeat it for you during a lecture."

"Well, I was lectured so many times during childhood that I kinda got used to it. Grabbing the point from the first time, I mean. What were you saying about lectures that are not cancelled?"

"Haven't you heard?! This is the major gossip of this university! The replacement professor and his assistant/partner/girlfriend who can conduct any lecture on any subject! Haven't you heard anything about them?!"

"I am not interested in gossip," Cindy spat, disgusted by the wild enthusiasm of her companion.

"Well, studying here you won't pass this one, ignore it or not. It is just a phenomenon on the university scale if not more."

"I understand that this professor must me not less than a genius to be able to teach everything," Cindy remarked, returning to the topic of studying process.

"Well, I heard he was. Certified and all. Professor Neutron that is."

Cindy's book fell down with a bang and slid several meters, but the young woman paid it no mind. Her thoughts, as well as her body, froze at the mention of the name longed to be forgotten. Thoughts, memories, arguments, accusations of him and herself span before her eyes in a storm of screams and flashes. How could it happen? Was world too small for the two of them?

"Neutron as in James Isaac Neutron?" Cindy finally squeezed out of herself.

"Wow, you know his full name? You know him or something?" Michelle asked, giving Cindy the book which she automatically put into her bag.

"Read a couple of articles," Cindy threw, speeding to the auditorium of her next lecture, but this time with another purpose entirely.


Even if Cindy was rather early there was no more unoccupied seats at the front of the auditorium, so she couldn't clearly see the face of the lecturer no matter how she tried. For the first time during her years of diligent studies she completely ignored the subject of the lecture. She was watching the man in front of the stands. Of course, he looked different. He was no longer a boy with scrawny body and huge head. He was a man in a lab coat – an outfit that looked as it was a second skin, it suited him so well. Slightly darkened hair was placed in a haircut a la Elvis. Even seeing it from afar Cindy had to admit that it had been a very good choice for a hairstyle.

Yes, his appearance had certainly changed, but the voice… Maybe slightly deeper, but Cindy could recognize that smart tone anywhere. After having the Neutrons as neighbors for several years, Cindy had to admit that there was actually something like a smart tone. Know-it-alls were not using that way of expressing their opinions, but people who were completely sure in the rightfulness of what they were saying and the listening party would believe them no matter how they resisted it. Of course, Cindy needed a visual confirmation, but she was already eighty percent sure that Jimmy Neutron was standing right in front of her. After all those years he was giving her another lecture and she couldn't say anything back to show how smart she was, because she was not. He was a professor for God's sake! In the end he did prove his point of being the smarter one.

But that certainly was not the fact that made Cindy's chest constrict and something braking inside her with every sound of the painfully familiar voice. All the regret and shame suppressed after her departure from Retroville resurfaced with new vigor. And she thought she'd moved on. Moved on and became a responsible adult. Forgot her childhood friends, at least tried to, made new ones, had very good perspectives to become a good and maybe even famous medical researcher. And now a simple meeting with her past, oh no with Jimmy Neutron it could be nothing less than a collision, and all her future plans are ruined.

But why so afraid? They are adults now and adults are very good at solving problems and avoidance as the last resort. The university was huge, what was the chance of them meeting face to face? On the other hand, curiosity was bringing her resolve to the dead bed. How did he look now? Were his eyes the same azure color? And how the others were doing? What happened to Libby? And those dump sidekicks Sheen and Carl? She was supposed to leave and forget, but it looked to be impossible with every passing moment.

Cindy briefly glanced at professor's assistant. There was nothing special about her, at least from this distance. She was blond, fairly young, with good figure. She also answered professor's every beck and call with incredible speed, as if she didn't even need to think and just knew what, where and when.

Cindy blinked, feeling Michelle shaking her by the sleeve. The lecture has ended.

"What universe were you, Cin?"

"So you know all the gossip of the university?" Cindy asked, sounding distant, her eyes following the professor and his assistant gathering papers from the table.

"Oh no!" Michelle cried panic stricken as if the end of the world was as near as the beginning of the next lecture. "Don't tell me that you've joined the club!"

"What club?"

"The girls' club of warming up the heart of the youngest professor in world history!" Michelle explained as if it was the most obvious thing in the current university, which it actually could be.

"But that's nonsense. If he has a girlfriend, his heart is obviously warm enough," Cindy retorted, but her interest was picked now.

"My God, you don't know the most important things around here!" Michelle exclaimed with an eye-roll.

"Exams' schedule?"

"Neutron's beloved blondie is a robot!"