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Chapter 10: Destiny


As soon as the three boys had left the room we burst out into immediate chatter too loud for the small room that we occupied. "Alice what the hell am I going to do?" I practically screeched, launching myself over the table and landing between Rose and Alice; flinching at the tone of my own voice at that very second. What would Edward think? Get a grip on yourself Bella.

"What are you going to do? What am I meant to do Bella?" Alice snapped back at me, huffing loudly and shaking her head. The hopeful advice that I was certain I would receive from her disappeared as she started mulling over her own problems, hundreds more coming to my mind. If Alice was freaking out I stood absolutely no chance whatsoever, I was going to die of humiliation in that room- from the humiliation of Edward laughing down at me as I failed at any obvious attempt of foreplay or sex with him. Fuck.

"Guys, calm down." Rose barely whispered to us both, Alice and I looked at her immediately to see what she had to say. "This is going to happen, there isn't even a point in trying to doubt that okay? I mean, have you guys not even thought about- well, I mean.. I think I actually want to do this with Emmett." My jaw fell to the ground as Alice muttered something out. "Emmett is just different and I feel like this is the right time for me to get this over with before it's too late and I'm stuck with some ugly old dude when I get chucked out of here."

"Really Rose? I mean, I don't think you're ever going to be 'stuck' with an ugly person, even if by some miracle we are kicked out of here." Rose's eyes flared. "And Emmett, really? Are you really sure you want to go through with this, with him?" Alice finished, finally looking up to see the murderous glare that Rose was currently wearing.

"Don't act so surprised Alice, I know you like Jasper just a little bit more than you are caring to show. Wouldn't you rather be with him than someone else, someone out of this place?" she gestured with her hands towards the window. Alice pouted, jutting her bottom lip out as she muttered a small "No." before lying down softly and adjusting the pillow behind her head in order to get more comfortable on the couch. "No I wouldn't Rose."

"Exactly, so I say we suck it up... and actually try to enjoy this night, the first of many great ones to come." Alice smiled softly at her while I sat still in a daze. "Sorry for snapping at the two of you, neither of you deserved that." She muttered, smiling when she saw that Rose no longer seemed angered. I, however, was still internally freaking out and found myself breaking the silence before I even knew I was doing it. My mouth really does seem to have a mind of its own sometimes.

"Okay so can I just relay my point to the both of you? I know this is happening, tonight, with Edward, but I still don't know how the hell I am supposed to act or what to say!" I mumbled, fiddling with a lock of stray hair and keeping my gaze sweeping across the floor to avoid eye contact at all costs.

This was definitely one of the most embarrassing things we had ever talked about as friends. That was saying something considering the amount of stuff we had gone through together over the years, nasty illnesses, viruses, periods and more all included in some of the weirdest memories that I wish that I could burn out of my mind.

"Why don't we start with what you're going to wear Bells?" Alice suggested, lightly nudging her shoulder with mine in order to get my attention fully on her. It had the desired affect and I'm sure I looked positively frightened, a little like a deer in the headlights, as Rose and Alice smiled menacingly at each other, a wicked gleam hiding in the corners of both of their eyes. "If you're sure Alice?" I said, more like a question, still wondering whether I wanted to go down this path with them both. This had happened more times that I wish to count and I knew for a fact that once we started, there would be no stopping. All I could say is that I hope Edward doesn't live by that same motto.

"Don't worry, I am." She giggled as she shot up from her once lazed position straight onto her feet. "Come on Bells, let's see what we've got to work with today." You would think by now Alice knew exactly what my body shape was, but apparently she needed to check every time to make sure nothing had been edited.

I remember one Christmas she gave me hell for about two hours when screaming about the fact that my stomach was almost half an inch bigger due to the turkey. Alice was convinced that I was gaining too much weight and she wouldn't let it go until I went to the gym for a couple of hours every few days. I never ate so much at Christmas again, or any other holiday to be perfectly honest.

Once you knew Alice as well as Rose and I, it's best to figure out sooner than later that she is always right. Or at least, she thinks she's always right.

We talked for about two minutes before a new maid who we hadn't seen before came bustling into the room, a few hangers of clothes lying over her arm as she tried to avoid looking directly at us. She was nicer than Maria had been when we first met, however, she didn't really speak much to any of us as she showed us each our new clothes; lining them up across the room so we could get a full idea of what they looked like. Rose tried to crack a joke about the bad working hours that she had to have, but Anna didn't do much more than flinch at the comment; leaving us all in an awkward silence.

While the commotion of clothes was still going on, I still managed to have a constant stream of questions for my friends. At one point Alice said enough was enough and simply walked away from me, leaving me still wondering as to what would happen if he wanted to rip the clothes off instead of pulling them off. Even when it came to sex, apparently Alice felt deep pain for any clothes that needed to suffer unnecessarily. Rose, bless her, had stepped in and began answering some of the trickier questions that I had.

"So what do I do if he like… you know, gets on top of me." I gulped out, my throat bobbing up and down at the mere thought of the position. "Well, give him a sexy grin and squeeze his butt." Rose said, perfectly serious. I overheard Alice snort out into laughter, as I blushed scarlet. "Rose! I am never going to do that!" I replied shocked. Alice, however, soon gave me a look telling me that they weren't actually taking this as seriously as I was. Thank god she was joking, she was joking right?

"I don't know how you two can be so god damn calm about all of this." I said as Anna finished tying the big bow in the center of my top. "I am freaking out inside." Rose looked over at me as she adjusted her clothes, laughing a little as she turned to look at her back in the mirror. "Bella, you aren't just freaking out inside, you are also freaking out outside. Are you actually shaking right now?" She laughed out as she grabbed my hand in hers, trying to get a better look at them.

I quickly pulled them back as I stuck my tongue out at her, trying to deny the very truthful fact she had just pointed out. Alice hovered back over to the two of us just as she finished messing her hair up a little, tracing any excess lip gloss off with the back of her finger in order to get her desired look. "I guess its just destiny Bella." She muttered at me as she flopped down onto the couch next to Rose who was now shivering a little due to the cold breeze being blown through the window. Or was she just shaking?

I stayed silent as Rose burst out laughing. "Destiny Alice? You don't actually believe in all of that stuff do you? I thought you got over that all years ago when you lost, what was it? A five hundred dollars at the races?" she giggled out, adjusting her bra straps to push her breasts up even higher than they already were. I saw Alice glare at Rose, "For your information missy I had another one of those visions the other night."

You could hear a pin drop as the room turned completely silent, Anna had left, slamming the door behind her and I didn't dare make eye contact with either of my friends. This was one of these serious subjects that were only brought up once a year, a subject that would rather not be talked about at all if it could be helped. But this situation was all too real and I knew that it was critical that we heard what Alice had to say. Her visions only occurred when something either really good or really bad was to happen to her or the people close to her.

Why hadn't she told us sooner? "Vision Alice?" I asked her, walking over and sitting down next to my two best friends.

"Yeh, it didn't really make sense so I'm not really sure what any of it means yet. I saw our meadow and at first it was just the three of us, but then everything flashed black and when the lights came back on there was a wolf circling us. Suddenly the scene changed to the balcony outside of our room and I heard someone scream. It-it sounded like... never mind I'm sure it was nothing." Rose had lost her joking tone completely now as she came over to rub Alice's arm gently. "Who screamed Alice?"

She looked her dead in the eye before turning back to me. "It sounded like me." We both stayed quiet as I finished combing down my hair, rubbing a light coating of blusher over my cheeks. "Forget about it guys, I don't want you two to be thinking about it while you are getting it on with your guys. And then, well, hopefully getting it off again if you see what I mean." I couldn't help but laugh out at her little analogy as I nervously ran my hands up my sides one more time before turning around to see them both already on their feet.

I flashed them both a smile as I launched myself up, mentally preparing myself at the same time for the horrific events that were soon to arise. "So, are you guys ready?" Alice asked with a lighthearted tone to her voice, twirling around and letting her black mini skirt flutter around her cute bottom as she span.

"Yep." Rose said, popping her 'p' as she joined me. She looked good, wearing a very simple white lingerie set with a see through robe on top of it. "Looking good Rose." I admired her, looking her up and down. "Thanks Bella and Alice, you too. But where are your shoes?" She asked her, puzzled. Alice didn't do much more than giggle as I gulped, looking down at my own 'monsters' as I had so kindly called the Jimmy Choos that had been hand picked for me.

"I am a changed woman guys, I have decided to go bare foot." She said proudly, holding her head up high. "You have got to be kidding me Alice." Rose laughed hysterically. "That can't be all there is to the story, I know you too well to think you would actually change a life long habit over night." That was definitely the smartest thing she had said all day.

"Okay fine-", she sulked, crossing her arms across her chest, "-Jasper said he's taking me to his own barn place which is outside, and I just can't bare the thought of another pair of shoes getting ruined in that grass and mud." Rose giggled at Alice as she brushed the sleeve of her black top to one side, showing off the strap of the matching black bra Alice was wearing underneath it all.

"That sounds awesome, Emmett told me we were going two floors up into his chambers... not very exciting compared to you." She said, eying the door of the room carefully. "Rose, I'm sure you will have a blast." I reassured her. Her eyes seemed to tear up ever so slightly as she hugged me tight, catching a completely surprised Alice along the way. "I love you guys. I'll see you tonight all right? I'm going to convince Emmett to let me join you and Edward outside on that walk tonight Bella. I mean, if that's alright with you..."

"Of course it would be great, I would love it. Alice try and get Jasper to come too will you?" I sniffed a little, looking at Alice expectantly as she pulled back from me. "Bella, obviously I will." She said, not missing a single beat and rolling her eyes like it was the most obvious thing in the entire world. I was suddenly very glad that I had such close friends with me, and as selfish as it sounded I am glad they were with me in this place. Finally we all pulled away, awkwardly looking at the door that would soon separate us onto our own ways. "You guys ready?"

"Bring it on, you fucked up destiny." Rose growled, looking like a woman on a mission as she tightened the strap on her robe fiercely in one quick motion. I laughed brightly as she swung the doors open, hitting us with cooler air. Before Rose and I went on our way Alice turned around to face us. "Tonight guys-" she reminded us as we hugged her one last goodbye before we left, "Tonight we party in style."

The last thing she would have seen before turning the corner was Rose and I hand in hand, cautiously making our way down the hall to face our future. However much Rose said she wasn't nervous, I could still tell differently. Her fingers were colder than they usually were and every ten or so seconds she would grind her teeth together. I didn't mention it to her though; it would only make her more self-conscience than she already was and what would be the point in doing that?

Alice was different though, I truly believed her when she spoke to us after lunch about her feelings for Jasper however impossible they might have seemed. Her strange and mystical talent of her dreams, that always seemed to come true led her to know what decisions she had to make and at what time… if that decision was the right one to make. What was it that she said?

"I know what my future will bring, and I know that I am not making a mistake. The moment Jasper met his eyes with my own I had known that this was the right decision. I owe it to myself, and I owe this to Jasper."

I smiled a little at her precise words like she had repeated them over and over in her head trying to make it sound like she wasn't going completely crazy as she relayed them to us. Simply thinking about her jolly mood let my grin stay fixed as I made my way out into the same lobby my friends and I had snuck out from yesterday. I smiled at all the guards, as they looked me up and down: nothing could bring me down, especially not weirdo red-eyed freaks. Red eyes? What fictional things have red eyes?

Oh well, I guess it will just have to wait.

As my feet rounded the corner to face the room, which Edward was now in, I couldn't help but pause for a second basking in the amazing feeling of his presence around me. I smiled one more time to myself before wiping my grin clean off, looking at the ground and then opening the door. I trust you Edward. I thought to myself one more time as blinding white light filled my view. Whatever was to happen next would be the start of my new beginning. Destiny; whatever you want to call it. Personally I found it was stupid to ever bet against Alice.

Here I come Edward, get ready to catch me before I fall.

I have no words; I am literally glowing with feelings that I never thought could go together as I ran from the room that Edward was still in. The room that we had just had sex, me, Bella Swan had just had sex. With Edward Cullen, the strange, dark, beautiful master of this secret location, a seriously hot and talented piece of man. My brain literally couldn't even function properly as I skipped down through the hallway, the staircase which I had become so accustomed to seeing, coming into view soon after.

"Bella, come out come out wherever you are." I heard the very voice that made me feel weak at the knees echo out around me as I paused, trying to catch my breath. I shot up like a bullet as I felt a rush of cool air behind me, knowing that he was close to me left my body feeling physically week as I span around to see if I could find him. No such luck from me. Edward-1, Bella-0.

"You know there really is no point in you trying to run from me Bella, I'll catch you whatever happens." I gulped loudly at the voice that seemed to come from above me before I made a snap decision to run up the stairs, taking two at a time.

The scene that unraveled next reminded me suddenly of the dream that I had had when sleeping in the meadow. As I suddenly looked up to see where I was going, I paused. There, right ahead of me, staring down at my gob smacked expression was Edward himself. This time, however, I wasn't scared or frightened. I was positively beaming with excitement and welcomed the sudden rush of adrenalin that wound its way through my bones and rattled my very human instincts.

I wasn't afraid of him, I knew what he was capable of doing and he didn't hurt me in any way this afternoon, did he?

"And here we are again." He grinned down at me sending a shock of lust through my body as he flexed his arms above his head. "Would you like to do this the easy way or the hard way?" He asked, cocking his head to the side slightly and raising an eyebrow in my direction. I couldn't help but gulp. "And what would those two options be Edward?" I replied, more boldly than I had initially aimed for when going through the sentence in my head.

I didn't want him suddenly thinking that I was okay with anything and everything, because I wasn't. I wasn't, was I? "Well you could either just run your cute little butt up here and jump into my arms, and we could be on our way outside." Tempting, tempting. "Or you can try to run away from me again and end up being thrown over my shoulder, screaming and kicking not helping one bit to distract me."

To be honest that didn't even sound like a bad option, I almost preferred it. Edward saw the blush that covered my cheeks and it only made him bolder in his next choice of words. "I suppose if you like the rough stuff Bella I could always throw in the occasional squeeze and light slap to that butt of yours if you don't get a move on and tell me what option it will be."

I rolled my eyes as he started counting down from ten, not taking the threats seriously whatsoever. It was at the point at which he got to three, however, a cocky grin added to his delectable mouth that I realized he wasn't actually joking around with me. Not wanting to start something that we wouldn't be able to finish (and believe me that would happen if his hands got anywhere near my butt), I decided to take the first option much to his disappointment. "For Gods sake Edward stop being such a drama queen." I giggled as I skipped over to him, a pout fixed on his face.

"I was kind of hoping you would make me go all cave style on you." He said as I reached the point at which he stood. Of course you would, you're a man with too many hormones. When I finally managed to look up into his eyes I was shocked by the intensity that filled them and I breathed in sharply. "You know you could always just throw me over your shoulder and carry me outside regardless of what I chose." I muttered quietly in his ear as I saw his teeth scrape across his plump bottom lip, tempting me to come closer to him.

With that fresh in his mind I saw him grin before easily picking me up like I weighed nothing more than a feather before starting to walk across the lobby. I squealed lightly as my legs got thrown in the air, my head looking backwards and upside down as a couple of people stopped to see what was going on. Carefully I ducked my head so no one would see the blush that covered my entire face, also giving me a very nice view of Edward's butt as we walked.

I stopped the urge I had to slap it, or even touch it, as I carefully covered my butt ever so slightly with my hand so it wouldn't be so easy for people to see that I had no underwear on. With Edward it didn't really matter, but honestly who wants ten other creeps fantasising about you going commando as you're paraded around in front of them like a piece of meat. Or in Edward's case, more like a trophy that had just been won. Normally I would have been a little bit mad but I couldn't really complain, I did ask him to do it.

"Edward, the others are coming to join us now right?" I asked, bobbing up and down slightly as he walked down the stairs. "Yes Bella, I think we were all going to meet by the big willow tree; the only decent place to get a good bit of sun before you enter the forest." As soon as the words had passed his lips the meadow came to mind and I almost gave our little secret location away. Thank God I was distracted as he lowered me down to the floor, a grin fixed on his face as my body slid down his.

"Should we go wait for them over there then?" I asked carefully, not wanting to disturb the trance he seemed to be in as he looked behind me almost as if he was trying to listen for something. "No need Bella, look." He said, pointing and turning me around; wrapping his arm around my waist at the same time. "Everyone is already over there. We will be the last ones to arrive." He kissed my neck slowly and I melted a little bit in his arms, breathing deep and trying to get a grip on myself.

"We could be even later if you wanted Bella? I'm sure your friends wouldn't mind too much." He chuckled darkly as his roaming hands made their way lower across my thighs. As much as I wanted to at that point, I knew that Rose and Alice would never let it go that I had chosen him over them, with that I snapped my eyes open and turned to face his cheeky grin. "Sorry big boy, but they definitely would. I can already see them shaking in anticipation wanting to share stories and not being able to because I'm not there yet."

He pouted but seemed to understand as he lightly held my hand, walking me over to the spot where a huge amount of laughter and giggling was coming from. Rose and Alice were literally rolling on the floor laughing as they watched Jasper and Emmett play wrestle with each other. It seemed as if Emmett was winning; a cheesy expression displayed all over his face, before Jasper some how managed to spin around and get him in a head lock while pinning him to the floor. Alice cheered loudly for her man as they all suddenly caught sight of Edward and I.

"Bella!" Alice screamed loudly and ploughed straight into me, knocking me to the floor and letting go of Edward's hand so he wouldn't come down with me. Rose soon joined in the group hug on the warm grass as we all rolled slightly, laughing and just being happy at the feeling of being with each other once again; even though we had only been separated for a couple of hours it seemed like an age. Edward went over to his brothers meanwhile and they did some kind of weird and complicated handshake as they began to talk with each other too quietly for me to hear anything.

"Bella you have to tell us everything." Alice giggled, gripping my hand tightly and getting right up in my face. "Literally I want every single detail, and you too Rose. Don't think you are getting off lightly either." She smiled cheekily as Rose's laughing figure suddenly stilled as the realisation that Alice wasn't going to let either of us go scot free during story time. "And you Alice? Care to share what's got you so flushed and your hair totally messed up? Is that a piece of hay?" I asked hysterically as I pulled it out of her hair.

She gasped and turned around, furiously patting down the mess and muttering to herself quietly. "He told me I looked fine, 'No Alice there is nothing wrong with your hair.' 'No Alice you look perfectly fine.' 'No Alice this, no Alice that.'" She muttered in her best Jasper impersonation as she tucked a few pieces behind her ears to get some order, me and Rose in hysterics all the while as we hugged and exchanged pleasantries that we hadn't yet had the chance to do.

"Don't worry Alice you look great, that constant smile and the flush of cheeks make you seem more natural than normal." I giggled as she came back over to sit with us. "What are we meant to tell the guys Alice?" Rose asked quietly as she gazed over at Emmett who was currently stretching his arms above his head. "We were all meant to go on a long walk with them today remember?" She asked as Alice startled formulating a plan in her head to get us out of this mess.

Metaphorically speaking, I saw a light bulb go off in her head as she span to face Jasper. "Jazz!" She screamed once quite calmly, but it was enough and all three of the boys immediately stopped to see what was going on. "Do you think it would be okay if maybe I stay with these guys for a bit, and maybe have a walk with you later? Tonight?" She purred out, he was way out of his depths with this deceing little pixy. I couldn't help but crack a smile as all he could do was nod, his mouth still hanging open a little."

Edward suddenly caught my gaze and I saw him smile at me before mouthing a few words out. "You too?" I think he said and I nodded my head, putting my hands together in a pray like manner as I mouthed back a "Please". If that wasn't enough to convince him I pouted and fluttered my eyelashes a bit as his mouth seemed to open and close a few times, nothing coming out. When he finally managed to get out of his trance I saw him nod a single time before turning around and start wrestling again. Men, what can you do?

We all settled down on the ground and as the boys decided it would be best to give us some privacy they left for a short while. As their disappearing figures finally left sight I breathed out a rather large puff of air at the absence of Edward around me, the girls following my exact actions as we all seemed to slouch a bit more than necessary. "Where to we even start?" Rose muttered, pulling fiercely at the grass under her toes and ripping it out before Alice and I had even looked up.

"I don't know, Alice you start since you were the one who got this whole thing arranged for us." I muttered as I joined in Rose's actions, getting a strange satisfaction from pulling the grass out. Alice laughed heartily, "Don't get bitter you two just because you want to spend more time with your men." I suddenly realised what she meant and immediately stopped, looking up at her and apologising. I would rather be here talking with them right now than going at it with Edward, well that's what I had to keep saying to myself anyway.

"But fine Bella, yes I will start since you two 'scaredy-cats' won't go first." I laughed lightly as Rose and I both got more comfortable, lying down on our fronts facing Alice getting ready to listen as she decided to keep sitting up. '"I suppose I'll start with where I left you guys then?" I nodded my head in agreement and closed my eyes slightly, getting in the mood as a light breeze suddenly picked up around us.

"I had just got outside passing all the guards without any trouble, Jasper must have spoken to them before because no one at all bothered me. The view truly was stunning; I don't think any of us had given it enough credit before as I breathed in deeply, my pace finally slowed down ever so slightly as I went outside." She muttered it just as she was reliving the entire moment, I was a little bit jealous of the beautiful location already and we hadn't even started.

" It was getting sort of dark outside, but it was more the clouds blocking out the sun that truly dimmed the place down. The barn that I presume Jasper was talking about was on the right hand side, about twenty meters from the corner of the castle. But not deep enough to get into the forest, thank god." She laughed a little as she pointed our visions over to our extreme right where a small barn came into view, I was assuming it was the same barn she was talking about.

"It looks quite pretty actually doesn't it? When you say the word 'barn' I normally automatically think of sheep and hay... this however was quite different." I looked over again and saw what she meant, it was more neat and tidy that a proper barn for animals. "I think you can still vaguely see it glowing just a little bit? Well thats because it had been lit up from the inside by Jasper." She said dreamily as Rose rolled her eyes at me, knowing that soon she would have to explain all of her dirty details too.

"So anyway, my feet seemed to lead themselves as my brain stopped working and before I knew it I was only a few steps away. My heartbeat was going absolutely crazy." I remember the exact same feeling from when I had paused outside the white room. "So, I was about to open the door when it was opened for me and I gasped at how close Jasper was. He pulled me in immediately, gently wrapping his arm around me and lifting me up with ease."

What was with these boys and their strength? Seriously, I hope for their sakes they didn't tale steroids or something... "He looked good enough to eat, literally. He had on no shirt, and for the first time he wasn't wearing black trousers, but loose fitted blue jeans." I had to admit it would have been nice seeing Edward in something a little less formal, but I couldn't really complain, he always looked scrumptious.

"My eyes locked with his and I smiled. He smiled back and the worry I had seen seemed to flash away in an instant. He told me that I looked beautiful and I thanked him, blushing a little because all I could really think about was jumping his bones that very second." I knew the feeling, join the club. "I finally looked inside of the barn and he had laid out what seemed to be a hundred candles, laying them out on every surface possible except for a clearing in the middle of the floor."

"Ahh that is so romantic!" Rose suddenly burst in, ruining the perfect bubble I had created as I listened. I groaned a little and she apologized, lying back down on her front and putting her head on her hands as Alice continued.

"I couldn't really help myself, and before I knew it I was hugging him telling him he didn't have to do all that to impress me. He looked at me and told me I was worth it though. God he was just being so perfect, I'm telling you both." she said, giggling a little as she fumbled around with her hands. "We didn't speak as he wrapped his fingers around my own, leading me towards the clearing. It gave me a few seconds to study his golden eyes, he seemed sort of nervous and slightly worried. I smiled because I'm sure it was the opposite way around with you Bella."

I laughed out my agreement and loosely tucked my hair behind my ear. "He asked me if it was okay as we both laid down on the cool floor. I told him I wouldn't care where we were as long as I was with him." God sake they are so sappy! If I tried that with Edward I would have died of embarrassment, just like I said earlier today. "Before I knew it we were kissing he pushed his body on top of mine, being very careful not to put any weight on me what so ever."

What a gentleman, I'm sure Edward could pick up a few tips from his brother. "He pulled off my top and in the heat of the moment I managed to get his jeans undone. He growled again., but more softly so this time I wasn't really scared. He continued to undress me, unzipping my skirt and flinging it across the room.. probably into some candles." She laughed, I am sure that wasn't quite the case because the building wasn't on fire quite yet.

"I remember calling out his name as he kissed down my collar bone but completely forgetting what I had to say when he wasn't going quick enough for me. I pulled off my own bra and muttered some stupid thing about him having too many clothes on. He was going commando." She blushed and I immediately pulled down my clothes a little bit, remembering the very situation that I found myself in as she spoke.

"So it was them that we both stood completely naked and all my negative thoughts disappeared as Jasper rolled us over so that I was on top of him. He told me to, you know, go whenever I was ready. I remember thinking at that point that I didn't really care what he was at that point as I finally lowered myself down." It would be at this point that normally I would have felt very embarrassed, but knowing that the same events had happened to all three of us didn't even make me think twice of it.

"He stayed as still as a statue so I was completely in charge. For fucks sake I can admit it now, it hurt like hell but then I was concentrating so hard on his face that I didn't even care to admit it to myself. It had to happen though, at some point right? So without drawing the process out any more than I had to, I lowered myself down completely in one quick motion." I remembered the very same pain and I squirmed a little as Rosalie seemed to flinch, frowning a little at the same time.

"The pain shot through me and instantly I let my upper body fall onto Jasper's chest. He hissed a little and he tried to reassure me a bit by letting his fingers start to rub small circles around my arms, calming me in an instant. I felt so much better, it was almost as if he was just changing my emotions on the spot." If only Edward was able to do that our afternoon would have been so much more enjoyable, plus he wouldn't have had to force himself on top of me.

"The sooner it would be done, the sooner I would be able to fully let myself go with him. I slapped my hand over his mouth, daring him to speak out again as he asked me if I was sure I wanted to go through with it. I told him to shut up, just like I do with you guys every day." She giggled as Rose and I exchanged a knowing look. "So that was when, you know I started to go a little bit faster." she blushed, finally starting to feel a little bit embarrassed as I patted her on the arm, telling her it was okay for her to go on.

"I opened my eyes when it finally didn't hurt anymore only to see a slight pool of blood by my thigh and Jasper's eyes were black." I remembered when Edward had licked the blood off my thigh and cringed a little knowing that I would have to share that information with them both. "I had forgotten the whole blood incident in the vault room the other day, do you guys remember?" She asked, looking up as we both nodded. "Anyway he seemed to be holding his breathe so I knew I had to distract him somehow."

Their night was so different to mine and Edward's, but I knew that what happened in the white room was the right thing for the two of us, so my jealousy vanished as that realisation fell over me. "His eyes immediately lightened and he quickly thrust into me. I knew he had forgotten about the blood so I could concentrate back on him again. So urm, he continued a fast rhythm and I could feel myself getting impossibly higher, I felt like I was going to explode."

She blushed and looked down, avoiding mine and Rose's eager eyes. God, when did we turn into such perverts? "Anyway, his eyes were shut and I managed to somehow get my hand up under his chin, pulling it up so he faced me. I told him to open his eyes and we kissed again. I remember muttering absolute crap as we both started to build up, his eyes never leaving mine again." Merely hearing Alice mentioning the intense feeling got me thinking of Edward again and if we really were going to be able to see them tonight, I hope we were.

"So yeh, that was that. I screamed out his name as he seemed to collapse on top of me, quickly brushing my hair out of my face." She laughed a little, more comfortable talking about it all now that we had got over the worst of it. "Guys I literally felt like I was floating, so tired but totally worth every moment that I had just experienced. I opened my eyes to his and he smiled with me. I couldn't help but laugh out a little in happiness." She seemed to do the exact same thing in real life as she remembered the moment.

"After we were done we had a little banter for a moment. It was basically him just finishing my every sentence. It went something like this." She said as she sat up more straight, facing one way when pretending to be herself and the other way when pretending to be Jasper. I bit my lip in anticipation of hearing her horrifically bad 'Jasper' accent.

"That was-"

"Amazing?" As soon as the deep southerly drawl she was trying to put on came out of her lips Rose and I exploded in laughter.

"Yeh, just totally-"

"Worth the wait?"

"I mean, just out of-"

"This world?" We collapsed on top of each other as a few stray tears ran down across my cheeks, quickly I wiped them away as I saw Alice's glaring figure staring at the two of us. "It wasn't that bad was it? Jasper said my southern accent was quite good." I burst out into hysterics again at her puzzled face, trying to understand how Jasper could seriously say that to her face without laughing. Obviously he had a lot more self control than the three of us put together.

"You guys suck." she pouted as I hugged her gently, telling her that we were only kidding around with her. "Whatever. Anyway he told me something along the lines of me being absolutely amazing. So I brushed my hand across his face and his cheek bones as I told him, "I knew I would find you one day."" I paused and looked at Rose. "Alice are you serious? You actually told him that?"

"Yes? Why, what's wrong?" I looked at her one more time to check that she was being serious before Rose broke the news to her. "Alice that has seriously got to be the cheesiest thing that not only you have ever said, but that I have ever heard anyway say in my life." I nodded my head in agreement but Alice just flipped the two of us off, frowning a little at me. I shrugged my shoulders at her and she stuck out her tongue before continuing on.

"If I may continue now before being laughed at? I found that I was no longer cold, in fact I seemed to be boiling hot compared to him. My skin was glowing with a light sheen of sweat, however Jasper seemed to be perfectly still exactly how he was before he started." I couldn't help but notice that about Edward too, he didn't seem tired or hot, anything at all. Like he wasn't human.

"We started talking again, me just asking random questions so I could hear that delicious accent of his a few more times. It was then that I asked him if we could go and join all of you outside for a walk. That was the first time I unleashed my puppy dog eyes onto him." She giggled at the memory, Rose and I knew exactly how Jasper must have felt at that point. It was impossible not to obey her when she did that.

Note to self. Biting lip with Edward. Puppy dog eyes with Jasper. I wonder what Rose does to Emmett?

"So obviously he seemed stunned and told me that I didn't need to dazzle him to get him to do what I wanted. I squealed out a "Thank you!" and smiled, chastely kissing him twice on the lips before hopping to my feet. It was then that I realized how much our activities had taken out of me though and my muscles seemed to flop to jelly as my legs buckled ever so slightly." I laughed out a little just imagining it.

"Jasper was there to catch me in an instant, and all I could honestly do was grin at him and call him "My own personal hero." He chuckled at me and called me all of these cute nicknames like baby, honey and my personal favourite. "Darlin'" It just sounds like music coming out of his lips." she sighed out in wonder, muttering to herself. "He said to me then "I do suggest we change before we go out. Wouldn't want to catch a cold out there, would we?" I just rolled my eyes at him, overprotective idiot."

He sounded like such a gentlemen I couldn't help but giggle a little at the next part. "I was like, "Alright mum" and he tried to reach out and grab me but I dodged his arm, slapping his hand down. "Nu-uh mister, not now." I scolded him, rightfully putting him in place." I laughed at her and smiled as she crawled over to sit in between Rose and I. "I told him that I really needed to talk to you guys and might have mentioned something about you being really worried Bella." she cringed out.

I gasped and looked over at her. "No Alice why? Now Jasper is going to tell Edward!" I said, horrified at how calm both of them were being. "Relax Bella." Alice said, "Don't worry I told Jasper not to say anything. Plus he told me not to worry about you because Edward wouldn't dare do anything to hurt you." She smirked out at me and I blushed a little, suddenly I was feeling more nervous about telling them what happened in that room between Edward and I.

"What happened next Alice?" Rose asked quietly, sitting up and brushing off the grass from the front of her black shirt. I only just noticed that she had changed and wasn't wearing the white lace anymore; no doubt something to do with Emmett. "Hmm well, I smirked underneath his hand and quickly darted my tongue out licking his palm. He only glared at me and called me a tease." I opened my mouth in shock at Alice, that sounded more like something that Rose would do!

"I had honestly never been turned on so much by a man's voice before. It was literally unnatural." she blushed. "It took us all but five minutes to re-dress ourselves. Jasper had actually brought a few spare clothes for us, I was grateful. He slipped a plain t-shirt over his own head before handing me a large black hoodie. I obviously made a face at that." she stated as she tugged at the hoodie that she was now wearing, about four sizes too big for her I might add.

""What?" He asked innocently, "It is really cold out there, trust me." I told him that I did trust him but asked how come he wouldn't be wearing one? Surely he would get just as cold as me, plus his hands already seemed really cold. He seemed to stop in his tracks as he quickly turned to look at me." The whole temperature difference was one of the first things I had noticed about Edward when he first touched me, I am sure it was also a major clue to what they actually were.

"He told me not to worry about him and that I was ten times as fragile as him."

"Sexist." Rose laughed out. "Exactly!" Alice giggled, "That's exactly what I called him and he just laughed at me making me even more confused than I really was. But then he was all like, "Alice, I care about you a lot... and I know you are a smart girl so I can tell you have figured out my brothers and I aren't exactly normal. Right?" Obviously I thought that was the point that he was going to tell me what they really were." I sat up straight as a bullet at the realisation that Alice might have known something all this time.

"Alice what happened? What did he say?" I asked quickly, gripping onto her hand. She looked at me with pity, silently telling me to sit down next to Rose as she carried on. "He told me that he wanted to tell me, but he couldn't right then because he needed to speak to his brothers about it first. I couldn't help the pout that lifted over my face and he looked away as soon as he saw it. Even my pouting secret weapon wasn't enough to crack him, sorry girls." She apologised to us both, I couldn't help but moan a little in disappointment.

"I hugged him and asked when exactly they were going to tell the three of us." She said more brightly and smiled at the two of us. "Apparently by the end of tomorrow we shall definitely one hundred precent know everything." I gasped. "Tomorrow?" I yelled together with Rose and we both squealed at the news that Alice had brought. She stayed stoic however and we both stilled our movements to ask her what was wrong.

"I'm sure its nothing guys. It's just his expression seemed so troubled like he thought it was so terrible that I wouldn't be able to understand. That I would be so disgusted by it that I wouldn't want him anymore. I mean, whatever it is I'm sure it won't be the end of the world right? So what? They're part of the mafia? They got experimented on as kids? They've killed a few people?" She rambled off the endless possibilities and suddenly I found my self dreading what I had become.

How could I be so calm about this? I felt really guilty all of a sudden at how casual I felt about murder. For a second I thought it wouldn't be so bad if they had killed a few people, I welcomed it in fact. It was instantly gone and replaced by excitement though, how? I don't know but I liked it all the same so didn't question it. Stupid mood swings, they're really starting to get to me now.

It was starting to get a little bit dark outside, obviously we had stayed out far longer than we had originally thought and started making our way back to the front of the castle; eventually heading back to our room. Rose and I had still not told of our days with our boys and Alice wouldn't let it rest anytime soon, but for some reason we found ourselves feeling more drawn towards our rooms than staying outside in the dark. Almost as if there was a silent danger that our instincts picked up on without us realising it.

As soon as I flopped down on my bed I had a sudden rush of thoughts echo through my body, a flash amount of images of Edward and me together filling my mind. His eyes seemed to glow with happiness as I ran away from him in the white room and I couldn't help the huge grin that took over my face at the memory. Soon my friends would know every little dirty detail about how strong my feelings really were and vice versa. From Alice's tale I knew one more thing, however, I wasn't the only one to feel the way I did. They were both just as hooked as me.

Just as Rose began her tale, starting with the very moment that she left my side to go to Emmett's chamber; I realised that whatever his secret was.. I wouldn't actually care.

I only wanted to be with him, and that is what scared me the most.

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