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Prompt: After traveling all over the planet, they thought it would have been better if they had brought a camera with them, but that only gave them the perfect excuse to travel again.

(Prompt 23 of 25 Cloti prompts)

Title: Tifa's cold, beginning.

Total Words: 1245


"Just sit there and tell me what to do, Teef." Cloud said while helping Tifa onto one of the dining room chairs.

She wore a blanket around her shoulders and her hair was a tangled mess. Her nose and eyes where a bit red. She was breathing through her mouth instead of her nose.

Tifa had caught a cold.

Cloud had stayed home the last two days, to take care of her. After all, he thought that it was partly his fault.

A week ago, they had been traveling like in their AVALANCHE days, but this time it was just Cloud, Tifa, Fenrir, and a brand new camera.

Everything started well. They were on the way from Edge to Midgar when they agreed to stop at Aerith's church for a visit. After taking a few shots with the camera, picking a single flower, and saying goodbye to old friends, they left for Kalm. After having lunch in Elmyra's house and giving her the flower they picked from her daughter's church, they continued their journey.

They arrived in Junon by nightfall, where Priscilla waited for them by the entrance of the town. After letting Cloud break her heart by telling her he was already happily married, they went to the upper part of the city to search for an inn.

As they got ready for bed once they had finally found an inn, Tifa couldn't resist but to tease Cloud a little. "Looks like my husband still has his charm."

"Teef, Priscilla is just a girl with an innocent crush." He said while lying on the bed, raising one arm to let Tifa rest on his chest.

She laid down in the space he made for her and looked down at him. "We both had our own innocent crushes and see how we ended up?" She said with a smirk as she waved her left hand in front of his face, showing him the wedding band to prove her point.

He sighed and pulled her to him in a tight embrace. "Looks like my wife still likes to tease me." He said with a smile.

The next day, they took the ferry to Costa del Sol. This time, they tried to enjoy the ocean voyage, but Cloud's motion sickness had another plan.

"I thought you were okay now. The last time you didn't have any problems…" Tifa said while rubbing invisible circles on her husband's back while he leaned over the rail.

"Last time we had so much on our minds that I didn't had time to think about being sick." Cloud replied with a weak voice.

When the ferry finally reached its destination, they went to their villa to park Fenrir and change their clothes, then they went to the beach. They had planed to stay the whole day there, enjoying the beach and the sun for once, since the last time they didn't have time and Edge didn't have much sun.

After taking a few pictures of the ocean, the beach, themselves -and some other pictures of Tifa that Cloud will hide before she realises he actually took them-, they spent the night in their villa and left soon in the morning for Gongaga.

They didn't go to North Corel since Barret wasn't there. He was in the Seventh Heaven, taking care of the kids with Yuffie's 'help' and Vincent's encouragement.

"You darn vampire! Can't you help control that darn ninja!?"

"You can do it, Barret. There's only four more days."

"Gee, thanks. Get out of there you stupid ninja! If Tifa knows you've been in the kitchen she'll kill me!"

Cloud and Tifa agreed to skip the Golden Saucer; after all, they had already been there with the kids many times before, so they went directly to their next destination, Gongaga. After talking with Zack's parents a little in Gongaga, they left for Cosmo Canyon.

Nanaki was in Edge, so they didn't stay for long. After having dinner, taking a few pictures, and enjoying the warmth of the Cosmo Candle, they slept in an inn and prepared themselves for their next destination.

The chilled mountain air didn't make them shiver as it would cause any other person to. They were accustomed to it ever since they were little, after all. A small village between mountains stood in front of them.


They looked around. It looked just like when they were kids, and after all that had happened, they were finally able to look at their home town and feel nostalgic. The feeling of sadness and terror still lingered, but now it was different, now they had moved on.

After taking a few shots of all their special places, they left for Rocket Town.

Cid had promised to take them to Icicle Village the next day, so they spent the night in the local inn. The next morning, they left for the northern continent on the Shera.

Once they arrived, they planned to leave the next day with Cid and proceeded to enjoy the snow.

And then the problems began.

The weather was colder than they expected and they didn't bring any extra clothes with them.

That was when Tifa caught a cold.

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Kou: "Where's that strange clown?"

LTS: "In your world."

Kou: "... You're serious?"

LTS: "Yup."

Kou: "It's dangerous."

LTS: "I know."

Kou: "You know that even Cloud and I need help there and you sent him alone?"

LTS: "Yeah, and I don't need help when I go there, by the way."

Kou: "He's going to die if no one helps him, LTS."

LTS: "So?"

Kou: "You'll let him die?"

LTS: *shrug* "Disclaimer: I don't own anything." *falls off her chair*

Kou: "You're cruel. R&R."

LTS: *from the floor* "He was poking me with a knife! I'm dying! Instead of bringing me bandages or curing me with your powers, you're gonna let me die of blood loss!? You care more about that stupid random clown than me!?"

Aerith: *comes running at full speed* "Lady! Are you okay!?" *heals LTS*

LTS: "Thanks, Aerith." *turns to Koudelka* "I hate you."

Kou: "We both know that's not true, besides, who do you think called Aerith to cure you?"

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