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Title: Oh, the Devil.

Total Words: 1068


They were in the living room of Seventh Heaven. It had been that way for the past half an hour, one in front of the other while they discussed the problem at hand.

"This one is yours, Cloud." Tifa said sternly, causing Cloud to furrow his brows. He did not like it. Sure, Cloud liked to do things with his family, and he always enjoyed the kids' company, but when it came to the bad things, Tifa was always the one to remedy them. She knew that he wasn't good with words, and worse when it came to this kind of matter... But this time, Tifa was determined to make Cloud take on some of his responsibilities as a father. Not that he minded that too much, he had been the one to enforce authority sometimes too, but...

"Can't you?" He begged with a pathetic tone. Cloud was determined too. If he had to pout and make that cute face with the puppy eyes she adored to get away from this one, he would. Screw his masculinity.

She looked at him and noticed her mistake. "Uh..." Tifa turned her eyes away from him. Deep blue was fixated on her, his perfect pouting lips tempting her... "Stop cheating." She warned. Tifa already knew he could be very... persuasive... when it came to things like this.

If giving up his male ego didn't worked... Cloud smirked.

He took a step towards her, his body heat caressing her and making her shiver. His hand rose, and with gentle movements he made her look at him. His rosy lips parted, making his warm breath caress her skin, tempting her to reach up and kiss him. Cloud smirked when he felt her shudder again from his actions and locked eyes with her. "Teef..." He leaned closer and brushed his lips with hers, his arms folding around her and trapping her in a gentle and warm embrace. She was melted against him. Oh, what she wouldn't do to spend the eternity in his arms... "You'll talk with Denzel?"

Tifa frowned. That... cheater. "No." Tifa reluctantly pushed him away, breaking the embrace. "Now, go up there and talk with Denzel." He pouted again. "Stop that!" She said while turning away, giving him her back.

Cloud chuckled while he crossed the distance between them. "You know you can't resist me." He whispered in her ear and felt her shiver once more. He knew that if he kept tempting her, she would give in soon.

But two could play that game.

Tifa smiled to herself when he put his hands on her waist, making her lean on his chest. If he wanted to play dirty, she could too.

She took his hands and slowly intertwined her fingers with his. When she was sure she could control his hands, Tifa tugged them forward, making him touch her bare belly, driving them upwards to her midriff, and upwards still until she reached the zip of her vest. She took it and slowly opened the garment. "... Tifa?" His voice sounded strained and it made her smirk.

His head leaned forward and looked down from her shoulder. His mouth felt dry. What was she...?

She turned her head and kissed his neck briefly before driving their joined hands down again and rest them on her bare belly. "You want me to move your hands upwards?"

Tifa was leaning towards him and he could feel her body pressed against his. 'Damned clothes...' He thought while his head rolled back at the sensation. His fingers tightened around hers and he nodded while he swallowed past the lump in his throat. What was her question again? He no longer remembered, but right now, he would agree with anything she said.

She smirked. Tifa knew what she was doing to him, and since he had been the one to start the game, she didn't felt the least bit guilty about it. Her hands went upwards and under her shirt, dragging Cloud's hands with hers along her belly, and caressing her skin up towards her bosom. Once she reached her lingerie, she let him sample the curve of her body and the texture of her undergarment. He made a deep noise in his throat and she giggled.

"If you want this off..." She punctuated by letting him hook his fingers beneath her bra, making his fingertips brush the soft skin underneath, only to quickly draw them back again and letting his hands go to zip up her vest again. "Then come upstairs and prove you're a man." She saw his eyes darken to that deep blue she knew too well. "And I'm not talking about that, you perv." Tifa clarified with a raised eyebrow and a teasing smirk while she exited the room and went upstairs to Denzel's room.

Tifa's teasing had made him run up the stairs past her to lock himself in the bathroom and cool down himself again before following her.

'That woman is the Devil...' Cloud thought while he stood in front of Denzel's bedroom door. Tifa was already inside and he could hear her voice while she talked with the boy. A smile crept up his lips. 'But I love that Devil.' He decided while he opened the door.

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