Title: Rise of the Dark Angel
Author: Mykkila09
Beta reader/Co-Author: Tonks-is-Cool
Chapter: 1: Aftermath of the DOM
Settings: AU after OOP: It's canon up to the beginning of the battle at the DOM when they are in the veil room, after that, it's AU and mine.
Summary: What if Harry wasn't as naïve as everyone thought? What if the whole 'Golden Boy' routine was just an act? What if losing Sirius caused Harry to reveal his true persona? After all, there had to be another reason, besides the given, why the Sorting Hat wanted him in Slytherin.
Pairings: HP/DM; LV/SS; LM/RL; NL/LL; RL/BL; RW/HG
Warnings: This story will contain mentions of Violence, Child Abuse, Alcohol Use, Adult Language, Slash/Het Sexual situations. Please discontinue reading if such scenes or themes are offensive to you.

Disclaimer: I own nothing…if I did, Ginny would have died in the CoS, Dumbledore would have choked on his lemon drops and Harry would have stood up for himself against Molly and Dumbledore.
Disclaimer 2: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Original Posting Date: Tuesday 12th October, '10.

Quote: "In the world of storytelling there's no such thing as an original idea; what makes the story unique is the way in which you use the idea."

He knew it was a trap the moment he got the vision, but he didn't care; if there was the slightest possibility that his godfather was here, then he wasn't going to take any chances. His godfather was one of the final links to his parents and the short time they had spent together, he had come to love him the same way a son loved his parent and he knew that he couldn't lose him.

As he looked out across his friends, he saw that a Death Eater was holding each of them.

Looking into their faces, he could see the fear in each of their eyes, but something else as well: Neville's eyes held determination along with his fear, Luna's held a slight indifference/amusement as if she was her own world, Ginny along with Ron and Hermione looked angry with him. A part of him, the part that he kept buried, scoffed at it. He refused to allow it to affect him, as he had told them repeatedly that he would rather have come by himself but they were too stubborn to leave him alone.

A whoosh behind him had him turning around and he came face to face with Lucius Malfoy.

"How does it feel Potter," the man's silky, ice-cold voice drawled. "To know you've led your friends into a trap?"

Harry didn't answer; he just kept staring at him, his eyes holding boredom and amusement if you looked closely. He casted a quick look around before bringing his eyes back to Lucius, his hand tightening around the orb in his palm.

"It's utterly foolish of you to think that you mere school children can go against us," Lucius spoke. He was slightly annoyed that he wasn't drawing a reaction from the dark haired teen. Nonetheless, his Lord appointed him a task and he needed to complete it. "Now, hand over the orb."

"Don't do it Harry," Neville's voice rang out clearly, filled with the same determination that Harry had seen in his eyes. "Don't give in to that bastard." a grunt was followed and Harry knew that the Death Eater had tightened his hold on Neville.

Harry raised his hand, holding it out to Lucius, the orb glowing brightly between them.

Lucius had a smirk of triumph on his face as he reached out to take it. He looked at Harry and was surprised to see a tiny smirk on the teen's face, green eyes lighting up mischievously as the orb slipped from his fingers at the last second, falling to the ground before shattering. A small mist wafted up before it disappeared.

"You insolent brat," Lucius snarled as he drew his wand. "You will pay for that."

The cold look in Harry's eyes unnerved him slightly, but he didn't let that stop him. He raised his hand, but could do no more as a voice behind him spoke up.

"Get the hell away from my godson."

Lucius turned around only to come face to face with Sirius Black before he was thrown backwards from the spell sent at him. Harry ducked out of the way and watched as the other Order members came in, freeing the rest of his friends. He turned back when he felt a hand on his arm. "You ok Harry?"

"I'm fine Siri," he looked up at his godfather. "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine pup," Sirius smiled slightly. "Now let's work on getting you and the others out of here."

"Don't even think about it," Harry's tone of voice left no room for arguments. "I'm staying with you; I'd rather be here fighting than be back at the school worrying about whether or not you'll make it back."

Sirius looked into his godson's eyes and knew that he wouldn't leave, so he nodded and pulled him into a quick hug. "Stay close to me."

"Got it," Harry nodded.

The two turned back to the others and joined the fight. Spells flew across the rooms as each side tried to take out the other. Not ten minutes in, a loud cry went out; Harry had just cast a Disarming and Stunning spell at a Death Eater when he heard the familiar cry. Looking up, he saw Hermione on the ground, McNair standing a few feet from her. He saw Tonks cast a spell at McNair, throwing him away from Hermione before rushing to her. He and Sirius made their way over to them and got there just in time to hear Tonks.

"I managed to stop the blood flow and close the wound," she said. "But she'll need to either go to St. Mungo's or see Madam Pomfrey."

"How are you feeling Hermione?" Ron asked as he knelt next to her. He held in a gasp as he looked at her; she had a cut running diagonal across her chest, starting from her right shoulder down to the left side.

"Sore," Hermione groaned. "It hurts a lot."

"We got to move guys," Harry said as he cast a Shielding Charm against the hex that was sent their way.

"Harry and I will cover you," Sirius said. "Tonks, you and Ron get Hermione to safety." He turned to his godson. "Let's go." The two once again engaged themselves in the battle, leading the Death Eaters away from the others. While Tonks and Ron were taking care of Hermione, Remus and the others were busy fighting off the rest of the Death Eaters. Sirius blocked a curse that was directed at Harry from Lucius and continued fighting.

"Sirius move!" Harry's voice sounded just before he was yanked down, missing a Cutting curse that came from one of the Death Eaters.

"Aww," a voice cooed. "Is my ickle cousin going to let baby Potter protect him? How shameful."

"Bellatrix LeStrange," Sirius yelled as he turned to the owner of voice. "You're mine dear cousin."

"Bring it on Black," Bellatrix yelled back. The two engaged in such an intense duel that watching it stunned even some of the Death Eaters.

Seeing the two cousins go at it seemed to bring a renewed strength to each side and the fighting increased. What happened next would change the outcome of the war in ways no one would've ever expected.

Sirius was still fighting against Bellatrix and was currently winning. He had so many taunts that he wanted to say to the crazed witch, but he knew that he had to keep a clear mind as his godson and one of his closest friends where fighting for their lives. He couldn't afford to be cocky and arrogant and lose his edge.

He fired a Cutting spell at Bellatrix and was about to fire another, when he saw a Death Eater aiming a wand at his godson's back. Harry's safety more important than his own, Sirius did the one thing he never should've done in a battle: he turned his back on his opponent.

Sirius cast a Banishing hex at the Death Eater and watched as he flew through the air, hitting the wall with a thud. Harry had turned around when the Death Eater had yelled out and looked over at his godfather in gratitude; the look soon turned to horror however, when he saw Bellatrix with her wand pointed at Sirius' back.

"SIRIUS LOOK OUT!" Harry shouted as he tried to make his way to him.

Harry´s shout had alerted others, including Sirius and he turned only to see a familiar green light heading towards him.

Unbeknownst to him he was only feet away from the Veil, so when he tried to duck the curse he stumbled instead and could do nothing as he felt his body fly backwards straight to the veil.

Just before the curse hit him, his eyes sought out Harry and he saw the terror etched onto his face. His last action before the light hit him was to push every loving thought of Harry he had into his eyes and the regret that he would leave him behind.

The love, acceptance and grief in Harry's eyes and his name on his lips was the last he saw and heard before his body was engulfed in a green light, falling backwards into the veil.

"NO!" Harry shouted as he raced forward.

He tried to go towards the veil but felt hands grabbing him and holding him back. "NO! LET ME GO!"

"He's gone Harry," a grief-filled voice, which he recognized to be Remus Lupin, spoke. "He's gone."

Harry struggled in his hold, his grief compelling him to go after his godfather even though his heart knew what Remus was saying was true; Sirius was gone, not only had he been hit by the Avada Kedavra Curse, but he had fallen into the Veil as well.

"I killed Sirius Black," Bellatrix's maniacal laughter rang out in the room as she moved through one of the doorways, clutching her left arm, the one that was hit by Sirius' Cutting Hex.

Harry struggled out of Remus' arms and ran after her. He chased Bellatrix through the circular hall with the revolving doors, down the main corridor and up the clattering lifts. Harry´s lift reached the Atrium of the Ministry of Magic only moments after Bellatrix emerged from hers. He saw her running towards the row of floos and boiling rage filed him: she would escape! Raising his wand, he sent a Bone Crushing Hex at her hip and watched thrilled as she fell to the floor, screaming in pain.

"Aww," despite the fact that she was in pain, she shifted enough to look at Harry and taunted him.

"Is poor Potter going to avenge his godfather?" She let out a crazed chuckle as she looked at him.

Harry felt rage rise up and course through his entire body; his gaze filled with hatred as he looked down at the witch. He raised his hand as a curse came to his mind; it was the only one that he knew of that could inflict as much damage and pain onto her.

He poured all his pain and anger into the spell. "Crucio."

Bellatrix's screams echoed throughout the Atrium.

"Hurt's doesn't it?" Harry asked coldly. "Crucio."

She screamed again as she felt the power of the curse over her; to her, it was close to those, or maybe even worse than those that came from the Dark Lord.

As he watched her writhe on the floor, the part of himself that he kept buried thrived on the pain he was giving her. He released the spell, and felt a dark satisfaction go through him as her body kept twitching. Moments later, he became aware of a presence in the room with them; glancing up from Bella, he looked around but saw nothing. He turned his attention back to Bellatrix when he heard a voice.

"Such hatred, such anger," the voice whispered. "Does Dumbledore know his precious Golden Boy harbours such alluring emotions inside of him?"

Harry's head jerked up and he turned around, his eyes scanning the area around him but seeing nothing. Bellatrix used his distraction to try to crawl to one of the open Floos. Hearing her, Harry turned back around and raised his wand arm once again. A curse came to his mind, but he hesitated to use it.

'Why are you hesitating? She deserves it doesn't she? After all, she took your godfather from you. Just say the words and you will have your revenge.'

The voice in his head was pure temptation and Harry found himself slowly giving in to it.

'That's it Harry, say the words; take her life, just like she took your godfather's life. Do it.'

He opened his mouth, the curse on the tip of his tongue when he felt the presence once more, this time it was coming from behind him. Keeping his hand steady, he turned swiftly and was slightly shocked to see the Dark Lord himself standing there.

"Voldemort," Harry said his voice calm and casual. "I should've known it was you. What brings you here anyways? I never thought you'd lower yourself to come here when you could have your Death Eaters do your bidding."

Listening to him talk, you would not believe whom he was talking to. Grown men have wet themselves in fear just being in Voldemort's presence and Harry's tone of voice was as if he was talking about the weather or something else pleasant rather than the Dark Lord.

"If you want something done," Voldemort replied, "do it yourself."

"For someone so against muggles," Harry spoke, slight amusement in his voice, "you seem fond of quoting something from them."

"Why you impertinent brat," Voldemort hissed. His snakelike features pulled together in a scowl, giving him a slightly more menacing look. "I'm going to enjoy killing you."

"You've been trying since I was a baby," Harry drawled. "And I'm still here."

"Not for long," Voldemort sneered before sending a curse at Harry. Voldemort was infuriated. To think, a child had defeated him and had continued to thwart his attempts at getting rid of the brat repeatedly.

Harry ducked the curse before firing one of his own. The two enemies traded curses after curses at each other, each one closely missing the opponent. About ten minutes into the fight, both Harry and Voldemort felt the presence of another wizard. Two of their wayward spells had collided, the force sending them back. When they looked up, they saw Albus Dumbledore standing there.

"You should not be here Tom," Dumbledore spoke as he walked over to them.

"Don't call me by that filthy muggle name," Voldemort hissed; not many knew of his true heritage, and he had gone through great lengths to rid himself of his father's filthy name.

"It is your name Tom," Dumbledore said. "No matter how much you wish it wasn't."

As Voldemort seethed, Dumbledore just stared at him; he didn't even bother giving Harry a glance as he focused on Voldemort. In essence, he was effectively ignoring Harry.

"You're a meddling old fool Dumbledore," Voldemort said. "and that will be your downfall."

Dumbledore said nothing as he raised his wand; he fired a curse at Voldemort, thus engaging him into a battle. Harry, for his part, stood still as he looked at the two; he couldn't help the fury that welled up inside of him as he stared at Dumbledore. He couldn't believe that the man had once again chosen to ignore him.

'He thinks he's so bloody amazing.'

Dark thoughts found their way into Harry's mind as he looked on at the two. The entire year Dumbledore had been ignoring him and here he was doing it again. Not even a glance or anything from his headmaster.

Voldemort, sensing the thoughts from Harry, smirked as he felt how dark they were. When Dumbledore used water to vanish the snake of fire that he had created, he chanced a glance at Harry. Seeing it, Dumbledore turned the water drops into crystal and sent them towards Voldemort. Rather than allowing his body to be pierced, Voldemort took on the shape of mist before vanishing before their eyes.

Dumbledore sighed before whispering, "I'm getting tired of your games Tom."

Feeling's Harry's gaze on him, he mentally sighed. 'Damnit all, I forgot about him; however I need to work what happened here in my favor.' Placing a look of slight disappointment and defeat on his face and in his voice, Dumbledore turned his attentions to the teen.

"Harry, my boy; tonight should never have happened."

Harry could only stare at him and stare at him some more.

'Is that all you have to say? "Tonight shouldn't have happened"; if you hadn't avoided me in the first place, it wouldn't have.' But he didn't say that out loud.

"You're right, it shouldn't have." His voice was hard with a slightly cold tone to it, which caused Dumbledore's eyes to widen slightly.

Before either one could say anything else, a strange wind blew through the room, lifting dust off the floor. The dust blew towards Harry and both he and Dumbledore raised an eyebrow at it suspiciously when the dust rose off the ground and seemed to wrap around Harry like a blanket. His body convulsed for a few moments before he fell to the ground. His body twitched and pained moans could be heard from him. Dumbledore watched on, and if you looked closely into his eyes, you would see slight satisfaction at what he was seeing. After a few more convulsions, Harry's body became still.

Dumbledore took a step towards him, intent of seeing if the boy was ok but before he could get any closer, Harry rolled over on his side to face him.

"You're a fool old man," Harry's voice was cold and silky with a slight hissing tone to it and Dumbledore knew that it wasn't Harry that was speaking, but rather Voldemort. "And you're going to lose."

"I think not Tom," Dumbledore replied softly. "It is you that shall lose."

"There are things in play that you have no knowledge of," Voldemort hissed, a smirk adorning Harry's face giving him a sadistic look. "Things that shall be the cause of your downfall."

"Leave Harry at once Tom," Dumbledore's voice still held the soft tone to it, almost like a father reprimanding his naughty child.

"You were foolish to think that this boy could beat me," Voldemort spoke.

Dumbledore ignored him and leaned closer to Harry's body; by this time, the others had made their way into the Atrium and stood watching the scene in horrified fascination.

"Harry," Dumbledore whispered. "It is not how alike you are that matters, but how different you are."

Harry's body convulsed again before he looked up at Dumbledore. His eyes moved to the others behind him and his gaze ran over them.

Neville was looking at him, fear and hope in his eyes, with his wand clutched tight in his hands, he had blood running down his chin from a wound on his forehead, but other than that, he looked unhurt.

Ginny was holding her left arm to her chest and seemed to be leaning against her brother. Her eyes held pain, fear and anger.

Hermione was in Tonks' arms, her head resting on her shoulder and her eyes held slight disappointment along with pain and fear.

Luna was standing besides Neville and for the first time since he met her, Harry didn't see the ever present dazed look in her eyes, he saw that they were clear and they held slight determination in them.

Ron however was staring at him with more anger and hatred than pain.

Harry's eyes drifted to Dumbledore and saw the slight satisfaction that the man had beneath the sadness. His eyes narrowed slightly before they cleared.

"You're weak," Harry said, his voice was clear of Voldemort's. "And you will fall; your reign is coming to an end and your own actions will cause your downfall; you seek the same as that which you are trying to destroy and it will never happen."

An image flashed across Harry's mind, which caused a small smile to appear on his face. "True loyalty is not something you know and I pity you. You have no idea of the power of true friends or unconditional love and worship."

Another image flashed and this image brought a surprise gasp from Harry; the emotion that came with it was strong and it was enough to cause Voldemort to leave; his body jerked as the mist escaped his body before forming the solid form of Voldemort a few feet away.

Voldemort sneered at Dumbledore before shifting his gaze to Harry's unconscious form on the floor. An unreadable look passed through his eyes as he looked on for a few moments before looking back at Dumbledore. "Your end is coming old man."

"Dear God," a voice behind them whispered.

Voldemort turned and smirked when he saw the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, standing there with a few of his subordinates. He sneered once more before he quickly turned around, Disapparating with Bellatrix in his arms.

Fudge stared at the spot for a few seconds before looking over at Dumbledore who had moved to Harry. "He's back, he's really back."

"Yes he is," Dumbledore spoke. "Now do you believe enough to do something about it?"

"Dumbledore," Fudge started; his voice tight with anger and defeat.

"Not now Cornelius," Dumbledore cut him off. "These students need to return to Hogwarts."

"Yes, of course," Fudge nodded. "We will speak soon."

Albus nodded in return before beckoning the others over to him; lifting Harry's body, he made his way to the nearest Floo and called out his destination; "Headmaster's Office, Hogwarts." The others followed quickly.

When they stepped out the Floo, Dumbledore had placed Harry's body on the couch in his office. When Neville, the last person through, cleared the Floo, Dumbledore turned towards them.

"Stay here for a minute," he told them before walking over to the Floo.

Throwing in some powder, he fire-called the nurse's office. "Poppy, your help is required in my office as we have some injured students." He pulled back and seconds later, the nurse, Madame Pomfrey, stepped through.

"Dear God Albus," Poppy said when she saw the others, "what happened to these students?"

"Explanations are best saved until later Poppy," Albus sighed. "Please heal the students first."

"Alright," she sighed before tending to the others. When she healed Hermione, she told her that because of the type of spell it was, while she could heal her, it would leave a scar. She gave Harry a Healing Potion while Dumbledore dismissed the others, not missing the glares that Ron, Hermione and Ginny send to Harry.

"Ugh," Harry moaned as he shifted on the couch. He moaned again as his eyes blinked rapidly before slowly opening; he saw Remus, Tonks, Nurse Pomfrey and Dumbledore standing around the office.

"How are you feeling Harry dear?" Poppy asked.

"Like I was hit by a bludger," Harry groaned.

Poppy smiled slightly; Harry had been in her care from since his first year and she had developed a soft spot for him over the years as she had seen him more than she had seen any other student.

"Here you go dearie," Poppy held out a potion in her hand. "It's a Pepper Up Potion."

"Thanks," Harry said as he took the potion before emptying it in one gulp."That felt good."

"How are you feeling Harry?" Remus asked as he came to kneel next to the couch.

Harry turned to look at him and he saw the grief in his eyes; suddenly, everything came rushing back and his eyes filled with tears as he looked at Remus. "Sirius…he's gone isn't he?"

"Yes," Remus whispered as tears filled his eyes. The grief in Harry's eyes was too much so Remus pulled him into a hug. "I'm so sorry cub."

"Remus," Albus spoke up. "Could I talk to Harry alone?"

The wolf inside of him growled in protest; he had just lost Sirius, who was his brother in all but blood, and a pack member and Albus wanted to separate him from his cub. Remus was slightly angry at the man because he knew that they had arrived too late to the DOM and Albus even later. A part of him blamed Albus for everything that happened tonight and because of that, Moony didn't want to have his cub out of his eyesight, and so, Remus' arms tightened around Harry.

Seeing it, Albus smiled softly to placate the grieving wolf. "Nothing will happen Remus," he said. "I just need a moment alone; he'll be fine."

"Fine," Remus all but growled. "But if anything happens to him…."

"Nothing will," Albus said. Inside he was seething; 'I need to talk to the boy while he's still in this state and the darn wolf isn't make things easy.'

"Harry," Remus turned back to his honorary godson. "I'll be at Grimmauld Place if you need me."

"Ok," Harry said softly as he nodded.

"We're going to get through this cub," Remus whispered as he pulled him into another hug before getting up and going over to the Floo. Calling out his destination, both he and Tonks stepped through the Floo.

Adopting a disappointed look, Albus turned to Harry; he noticed that he was staring at the wall, a distant and faraway look on his face and in his eyes. Sighing heavily, he walked over and sat in his chair.

"Harry." When he just continued staring at the wall, Albus' eyes narrowed slightly and he called again, this time, a slight commanding tone to his voice. "Harry."

It got the desired results as Harry turned his head to look at him. Seeing the despair in his eyes, Albus felt triumph go through him. 'This is just what I need to keep him intact; he will play into my hand nicely and everything will go according to plan.'

Deciding to re-iterate his words from the DOM, he spoke, "Harry tonight should not have happened. Sirius' death could've been prevented, had you only listened. You didn't and you placed not only yourself, but your friends as well, in danger."

'That should give the right amount of guilt; make him more pliable to me and my plans.'

Harry wasn't really paying much attention to Dumbledore; his mind was stuck on what happened at the DOM earlier. He forced all thoughts of Sirius from his mind, knowing that if he didn't then he would break down. Instead, he focused on what he had found; the orb with his initials, as well as Voldemort's, on it, and the interest that Lucius Malfoy expressed in it; it also didn't escape his attention where he had found the orb either. He somehow knew that whatever it was Dumbledore would know about it. Lifting his gaze, he stared at him.

"Why was there an orb with my initials on it in the DOM?" he asked. "And why was Lucius Malfoy, Voldemort's pet Death Eater, so interested in getting it?"

"Harry," Dumbledore started; he would've thought the teen would be overwhelmed with grief and guilt, not this questioning.

"Well," Harry stated, cutting him off. "Since it was found in the Hall of Prophecies and it has both my and Voldemort's initials, I can only assume it's a prophecy about the two of us." He turned and looked Dumbledore full in his eyes. "Am I right?"

"Yes you are," Dumbledore spoke, a slight frown on his face; he wasn't sure where Harry was going with his questioning but he didn't like it. This wasn't how he expected things to go; he needed Harry to be overwhelmed and willing to do whatever he said without question.

"What does it say?" Harry asked. "I know you know, so don't bother saying you don't."

"I don't think—

"You don't think?" Harry stood up. "It's not about what you think, Headmaster; it concerns me and for some reason Voldemort was desperate to have it, so I'd like to know just what the prophecy said."

Dumbledore was quiet as he stared at Harry; he was contemplating on not only if he should tell, but on Harry's stance as well.

'The brat was never this assertive before; you would think that losing his wretched godfather would make him more humble. But maybe I can use this; if he knows the prophecy and he understands the danger he is in, it will make him even more willing to do as I say….yes, I can definitely use this.'

"Alright Harry, I'll tell you; the prophecy goes like this:

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... And the Dark Lord will mark him as equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives…."

Harry was quiet as he allowed the words to sink in. 'So I have a power that Voldemort doesn't know about and one of us will have to kill the other because we can't both be alive. Hang on, how exactly does Dumbledore know what the prophecy says?'

"Harry?" Dumbledore's voice drew him from his thoughts.

"How do you know what the prophecy said?" Harry asked. "And how long have you known about it?"

"I know because I was there when the original prophecy was given," Dumbledore answered. "And I have known for about sixteen years."

Harry stared at Dumbledore in rising fury. "That's why Voldemort is after me, isn't it? It's because of some bloody prophecy. First year I asked you why he was so interested in me and you refused to answer. You knew all along and you didn't say anything. Don't you think I had the right to know?"

A wind picked around the two as Harry's magic leaked out of control; he was breathing heavily and his emerald green eyes were intense with power.

"Sirius could still be here if you had just told me the truth from the start!" Harry yelled incensed.

"My not telling you, is not what caused Sirius' death," Dumbledore spoke, his voice carrying a hint of reprimand.

Around his office, the portraits of past Headmasters/mistresses were staring at the scene; most in fear of the power and the others in disbelief that a student would speak that way to a teacher….the headmaster no less.

Only one portrait was actually watching the scene in amusement; Phineas Black smirked as he watched the teen become increasingly angry with Dumbledore. He was angry with the man for the way he had treated his descendant; even though he considered Sirius a blood traitor, he was still a Black and like the Malfoys, family was everything. Despite the bad blood between the two, he had been disgusted with Dumbledore and had hoped to see someone knock him off his pedestal; it made it even more amusing to see that it was the godson of the man he had sentenced to death.

"Are you bloody kidding me?" Harry roared as his magic reacted and destroyed trinkets around the office. "I told you about the visions and you knew the reason behind them and yet you didn't explain anything; you knew Voldemort was after the prophecy and instead of warning me, you kept the bloody secret to yourself."

"Harry," Dumbledore sighed, he was becoming irritated by the teen. "That is why I had you take occlumency lessons; it was to help keep Voldemort out of your mind."

"Did you really think that having the man who hates me because of what my father did to him give me lessons on mind control would work?" Harry asked as he took deep breaths to try to calm himself down. "In my first year I asked why Voldemort was after me, you refused to tell me. Second year came, I had another encounter with the young Tom Riddle, and yet you still refused to tell me why the man was fixated on me. Now it´s my fifth year, and since I know now why Voldemort is after me, I just have one question; what was the reason for not telling me the truth?"

"I wanted you to have a normal childhood," Albus said. 'Well, a childhood that kept you weak and easy to manipulate.'

As soon as these words were spoken, Harry lost what little control he had over his magic. Lashing out, his magic completely desecrated Dumbledore´s' office; the windows broke, portraits lit on fire, every trinket in his office (including a very important one) was destroyed, and his desk cracked down the middle.

Suddenly the heavy oak door flew open and potions master Severus Snape strode into the office.

"Potter!" he yelled out when he saw Harry standing there amidst a tempest of raw magic. He felt the magic brushing against him and he knew he had to calm the teen down. "Harry! Stop it. Calm down at once."

Hearing his first name from Snape's mouth was enough to actually shock Harry into calming down. He took deep breaths and reeled his magic in. Without looking at Snape, Harry turned to the door. When he got there, he stopped without turning around.

"I would appreciate it Headmaster," he said, a slight sneer on headmaster, "if I was left alone this summer; I need to be by myself to deal with Sirius' death." Without waiting for a response, he walked out the door, slamming it behind him.

"Well, well, well I suppose Potter´s finished redecorating your office, Headmaster? What inspired his newest temper tantrum?" Snape asked, still staring at the trashed office in amazement.

"I'll tell you what happened," an amused voice spoke up. Snape turned to look and noticed that it was Phineas Black, one of the few portraits that weren't damaged by Harry's magic. When he saw that he had the professor's attention, he laughed as he continued. "Potter finally saw what I've known all along and he's finally done something about it."

"Explain yourself," Snape growled.

"No," Phineas sneered. "I don't believe I will; if you want to know what truly happened, ask either one of them, though I believe you'll have more luck with the younger than with the older."

"Headmaster?" Severus turned to the man, half expecting him not to answer.

"Just a little misunderstanding," Albus waved his hand, his blue eyes twinkling. "The boy will be fine."

'Somehow I seriously doubt that.' Severus thought to himself. He frowned before turning, robes billowing about him, and leaving the office. Dumbledore leaning back in his chair, fingers laced together under his chin as his thoughts drifted off.

Harry was seething as he made his from Dumbledore's office; he couldn't believe what he had just been told. He didn't pay any attention to the students that he passed and was oblivious to the looks he was receiving as most of the students moved far out of his way when they saw the expression on his face.

By the time he got to Gryffindor Tower, he had calmed down considerably. As he walked through the common room to head the boys' dormitories, the other Gryffindors sensed his dark mood, so they refrained from approaching him. He ignored Seamus and Dean when they called out to him and proceeded to pack his stuff in his trunk. He knew that he couldn't leave as yet since school wasn't officially over for two more days, but he was determined to keep to himself and avoid everyone else; and he did.

The next two days found him spending his time at the lake with Hedwig. He noticed that Ron was a little cautious around and he had sometimes caught the red-head glaring at him when he thought he wasn't looking, but he didn't let it bother him. In all honesty, it only served to amuse him.

The day before they were to leave, Neville had found him sitting on a rock looking out at the lake.

"Hi Harry," he said when he was standing directly behind him. "Hi Hedwig."

"Hi Nev," Harry answered, while Hedwig let out a hoot. "What's up?"

"Just wanted to see how you were doing," Neville shrugged as he came to stand next to Harry's seat. Ever since their escapades at the DOM a few days ago, the entire school, while they weren't sure of the specific details, knew that Harry had lost his godfather. If anyone was confused or curious about why Ron and Hermione weren't with him, they put it down to him needing time alone to deal with his godfather's passing.

"Haven't broken down yet if that's what you mean," Harry answered; if it was anyone else, he would've snapped at them for asking that question, but he knew Neville was truly genuine and was more often than not a better friend than Ron was.

"Didn't think so," Neville nodded.

"It's not time for me to break down yet Nev," Harry said. "I don't want to be here when it happens."

"I understand completely," Neville said. "Everybody's always trying to be in your business and I know that if you did do it here, then you would get no peace."

Harry wasn't surprised that Neville had understood exactly why he chose not to think over his Sirius' death right away; Hermione would've told him that it wasn't healthy for him to keep it in and Ron probably would have been too uncomfortable.

"There's a change coming Nev," Harry turned to look him in his eyes. "A change that no one will be prepared for." He wasn't really sure why he gave Neville that vague warning, only that his instinct had told him to, and he wondered if Neville would understand.

Neville looked at Harry and he sensed the truth in his words and saw the change in his eyes; it was a little unnerving because Hedwig was looking at him with the same determined eyes that felt like she was searching his soul. After a few seconds, she gave a subtle nod, seemingly pleased with what she saw and Neville felt honored.

"No matter what, Harry," Neville's eyes were filled with determination and his voice was full of conviction. "I will stand by your side and your side only." Neville himself had no idea where the words came from or what they were referring to, but he meant them all the same.

"As will I," a voice behind them spoke. The two boys turned to see Luna standing there; her eyes were clear and very serious and her voice didn't hold the childlike tone, instead it held a determined one.

"Luna," Harry nodded and Hedwig turned to her.

"Hello Harry," Luna smiled at him before reaching out to pet Hedwig. "Hi Beautiful."

"How are you?" Harry asked the blonde.

"I'm ok Harry," Luna turned reassuring eyes on him.

"Good," Harry. The three stayed out there in silence for awhile before Luna and Neville left Harry by himself once more. Harry reached up and ruffled Hedwig's feathers slightly. "I'm glad that it's those two I know I can count on." Hedwig hooted in reply. The two were quiet after that.

The next day, Harry woke up to the sun shining on his face. Grabbing his glasses, he hurried to the bathroom. When he was finished, he came back to the dorm wearing only his towel. He headed to his trunk and pulled out a pair of light blue jeans, a green tank top with a long-sleeved unbuttoned shirt over it and Nike shoes. As he changed into them, he absently noticed that Ron's bunk was empty. Finished dressing, he closed up his trunk and walked out the dorm. Once again, he ignored everyone else and left the common room swiftly.

Levitating his trunk behind him, Harry made his way through the corridors until he came to the entrance to the castle. He walked down the main staircase and strode across the entrance hall, other students bustling around him on their way to the carriages.

As he stepped outside, he passed Dumbledore standing on the top step outside the great oak front doors with Professor McGonagall and he felt his anger from three days ago return. Keeping his head straight, he ignored the Headmaster and his Head of House and tried to calm himself down. Harry followed the rest of the students.

As he neared the carriages, he saw that most of them had already left. He walked over to one of the final ones and he paused in front of the Thestral standing in front of it. Reaching out a hand, he stroked the winged animal from its head to its nose, sighing softly as he did so.

"Only those that have witnessed death can see you," he whispered. "I hate the fact that I had to lose so many loved ones just to see the beauty that you are."

The Thestral whinnied softly as it rubbed its head against Harry. He smiled ruefully before stepping back and walking up to the carriage door; opening it, he saw three Gryffindor third years. He ignored them and took a seat next to the door. After a few minutes, the carriage jolted as it moved. The ride was filled with the quiet talking of the students. They ignored Harry, which suited him just fine as his mind was filled with thoughts of what happened at the DOM and in Dumbledore's office. He barely noticed when the carriage came to a stop, and paid little attention as he moved through the students and made his way onto the train. He was walking through the corridor looking for a compartment when he heard Ron's voice. The door was closed, so he cast a spell to allow him to hear what was being said.

"I'm not doing this anymore 'Mione," Ron said. "I mean, for Merlin's sake, you almost died!"

"I know Ron," Hermione's voice sounded tired and resigned. "Every year it's the same; I can't keep wondering if this is the year I'm going to die because of something he does. And he doesn't even listen to me half the time."

"I'm glad he saved my life in the Chamber of Secrets," Ginny spoke up. "But I never thought I'd be risking my life like this; if this is what it means to be the wife of the Boy-Who-Lived, I'm not sure I want that anymore."

"Don't worry," Ron's voice was soft as he spoke. "We won't have to put up with it anymore; I refuse to lose my girlfriend and my sister because he was too stubborn to listen."

Not wanting to hear anymore, Harry cancelled the spell and walked off. He found an empty compartment at the back of the train and shoved his trunk inside, closing and locking the door behind him.

'So that's what they think? I should've known. I bet they were never my friends to begin with.'

He sat down on the bench and his hands clenched into fists as his head dropped to his chest. He was angry at what he heard and hurt because he had foolishly allowed himself to believe that they had genuinely cared about him.

'Ginny only cares for the Boy-Who-Lived and I'm guess the other two traitors does as well. But no more, I'm done with them.'

For the rest of the train ride, Harry went over everything that had happened between the supposed Golden Trio from the day they met until now. Looking at everything from an outside view had put things in perspective for him and by time the train pulled up at the King's Cross Station, he was silently seething.

Not wanting to run into his former friends, he quickly made his way off the train and headed through the barrier. He spotted Remus along with Tonks, Shacklebolt and Moody; not wanting to deal with them, but knowing he'd have to; he headed to them and to his uncle. When he got close, he saw his face was slightly purple with rage and he knew he was building up to an explosion; Harry knew it was because the others were talking to him, and he was getting even more pissed off than he was. He noticed that Remus saw him coming, but said nothing to the others about it. When he was right behind them, Tonks noticed him.

"Wotcher Harry," She smiled at him.

Ignoring her greeting, he said. "What's going on?"

"Just giving a little advice to your uncle," Moody said before he turned back to Vernon. "I hope you understand what we talked about."

"Whatever," Vernon snarled; he was beyond angry that they had come and talk to him, but he wasn't going to make a scene. He glanced at Harry and scowled; 'It's all the freak's fault; just wait until we get home, then I can punish him for it.'

Harry looked at his uncle and could practically read the thoughts that ran through his mind and it made his anger level rise. He knew that this was most likely Dumbledore's doing and it just added on to the list of things that made Harry hate the man. He knew that their helpful 'advice' would do the exact opposite and knew that he would pay for it when he got to the house; though he had no intention of letting anything like that happen.

Harry turned to the others. "Is that all?"

"Yes," Shacklebolt nodded.

"Good," he nodded. "Can we go now?"

"Sure you can," Tonks placed a hand on his shoulder. "Just keep your chin up Harry and it'll be the end of summer before you know it."

"Yeah," he answered absently; he didn't really want to be in their presence any more than necessary. He was still angry with Dumbledore and now he was angry with them for what they did today.

"We should go," Remus said suddenly as if he sensed the mood that Harry was in.

"Right," Moody nodded.

"See you Harry," Remus looked directly into his eyes and Harry saw something in them; something that he was having a little bit of trouble understanding. When he did, a shocked looked passed through his eyes quickly before he shielded it; that seemed to be what Remus was looking for because he nodded and turned to leave along with the others.

When they were gone, Harry turned to his uncle. His eyes narrowed as he saw the anger and rage in Vernon's eyes. Letting his own rage and anger seep into his eyes, he dared him to say anything.

Vernon, who truly was about to say something stopped when he saw the look in his nephew's eyes.

"I am not in the mood for any of your drivel today," Harry hissed to his uncle. "Keep your mouth shut and get in the car."

"Boy," Vernon warned; he was not about to be commanded by the twerp and especially in public.

Harry took a step closer to his uncle; the rage and anger in his eyes intensified making them glow slightly with the power and menace; Harry smirked when he saw his Uncle's eyes widen in fear. Without saying anything he entered the back of the car and slammed the door behind him.

Vernon stood still for a few minutes, fear rolling off him before he moved to the car. Without saying anything, he started the car and pulled out. Throughout the drive, Vernon would periodically look back at his nephew but he refrained from saying anything; the way Harry's emerald eyes darkened, scared him into staying quiet. By the time he pulled up to the house, his hands were slightly shaking as Harry's eyes had gotten even darker. The moment the car was turned off he hurried out and escaped into the house leaving Harry still sitting in the car.

"Vernon?" Petunia Dursley looked at her husband with worried eyes. "What's wrong?"

Before he could answer, Harry walked in with Hedwig on his shoulder.

"What did I tell you about that animal?" Petunia hissed to him, moving forward with her hand raised.

"Pet," Vernon said, remembering the look in Harry's eyes at the station and in the car.

"Not now Vernon," Petunia said. "The freak knows better than to walk in here with that…that animal out for all to see."

She was steps away from him when Harry looked directly into her eyes; she stopped suddenly, paralyzed by the look in her nephew's eyes.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you Aunt Petunia," Harry spoke softly but the coldness in his voice, combined with the dark look in his eyes, sent a sense of foreboding through Petunia's body.

Suddenly fearing her nephew, Petunia took a few steps backwards until she stood next to Vernon; seeing it, Harry smirked which caused a shiver of dread to travel through their bodies.

"Good," Harry spoke. "Now, it's time for the ground rules; I am done being the good little boy for you people. As of this moment, I will no longer be your willing slave and I shall do what I want without any interruptions from either of you. The Harry Potter that has been living here for the past five years is no more and you can thank the "freaks" for it as they decided to take away the one person that meant the most to me. If any of you decided to treat me like you have since I turned eleven, I promise you that you will not like what I will do. Now, I'm going to go to my room and I will appreciate it if you left me alone until I say otherwise. Is that understood?"

Too terrified to say anything, all Vernon and Petunia could do was nod.

"Good," Harry said before making his way up the stairs and to his room.

When he was gone, Vernon and Petunia let out a shaky breath. Her eyes wide and fearful, Petunia turned to her husband. "He's back isn't he?"

"Yes Pet," Vernon whispered. "He's back; God help us he's back."

For the first time in years, Petunia and Vernon were terrified of their nephew.

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