Title: Toy Soldiers

Summary: Germany, Italy, America and England are all kidnapped. They don't know where they are or if they will even survive. Slash. I am awful at summaries. Sorry!

Disclaimer: I do not own and never will.

Warning: The only warning I can think of for this one is that I suck at summaries. ^_^ Oh! And the usual slash warning!! ^o^

A/N: I did promise a sequel for Moonlight Shadow – but I need some more time on that. It's not falling into place at all so while I wrestle with that one, I am writing this one to keep my sanity in place (not that I had much in the first place). Anyway – hope you all enjoy!

Chapter 1

"Doitsu! Doitsu!"

Ludwig groaned as the world insisted on continuing to spin before his eyes. The world however consisted of only dark shapes and little light.


The cry was becoming ever increasingly alarming to Ludwig's ears. He was having trouble placing the voice though. Recognisable, but the face and name kept avoiding him, as though it wanted to remain surrounded in mystery.


Ludwig sat up with such speed that he thought for a second he might hurt himself, "FELICIANO!" he bellowed. He only had to do it the once as Feliciano collided with him, sending them both to the ground.

"Doitsu". Feliciano whispered into the crook of Ludwig's neck. Ludwig gestured for him to back off him so he could sit up again. Feliciano hesitated, but finally obliged and sat back, his chocolate eyes filled with tears, his cheeks shining with them.

Ludwig enclosed Feliciano's hand's with his own, noticing how the Italian's cold hands were violently shaking. Sensing how cold Feliciano was, Ludwig pulled him into a tight embrace, hoping that his body heat would warm the cold Italian. Feliciano continued to sob and soon Ludwig could feel the dampness soaking through his jacket. He sensed that it would take some awesome power to get Feliciano to let go of him as he settled down, his back against the wall and trying to make himself as comfortable as possible while he waited for the other two to wake up so they could come up with a plan of escape.

Arthur, over the other side of the cell, laid watching and listening, the cold concrete floor long ago making his side numb but he could not bring himself to move. He shivered in silence while his head rested on his arm and his ash blonde hair shook in time with his body. His muscles hurt dreadfully while he tried not to let his teeth chatter. There was a damp, musty smell in the cell, making the want for fresh, English air almost unbearable for him.

He could see Alfred from where he was laying, his emerald green eyes were trained on his face exclusively while he was listening for anything that would give away their predicament. Listening, he had heard everything since he had come around, which, judging by the some what sudden commotion, he judged himself to be the first.

Some of the stuff he had heard though set blazing cold lightning bolts up his spine.

He had not caught the whole conversation, but he had caught enough. There intentions towards Alfred worried him greatly. He had caught the phrase 'We'll teach that fucking hero'. It took him no time at all to know that he would jump to Alfred's defence if they followed through with what he had heard, but until that time Arthur was content to lie as he was and contemplate while keeping an eye on Alfred.

On seeing Alfred coming around, he sat up and leant himself against the wall; refusing to allow his caring side to show. He had refused that side to Alfred since the American War of Independence. That one memory was still capable of causing a blazing inferno of emotions within him. At that particular moment though, he fought the memory back so Alfred would not see the tears that would form in his eyes and threaten to spill over. Alfred now saw him purely as a tsundere nation.

However, as Arthur watched Alfred sit up and rub the side of his head (which Arthur made a note to check on later as it seemed that Alfred had suffered an injury) he didn't see the arrogant nation that nine times out of ten had his head so far up his own ass that he couldn't see others suffering – including Arthur's own, but instead he saw the small nation that used to be in his care. The very same nation that once upon a time used to run to him for protection because it was thundering outside. Arthur knew those days were gone, and it tore his heart apart to admit it, but in those few moments where Alfred looked lost and confused and … childlike, Arthur wanted nothing more than to take him into his arms and promise him everything was going to be alright again. But, still, the painful memories of Alfred leaving him wouldn't allow him to go to his aid.

Alfred looked around, trying to remember what had happened, how they had got there and why. He got nothing but blank. He had no idea what time it was, or day or month, and noticing the others, they appeared to have drawn the same blank as he had. He saw Arthur watching him steadily while Feliciano didn't seem to notice his presence at all.

Sensing no help was forthcoming in the near future, Alfred took it upon himself, as usual, to dictate to others that he was the hero and, yet again, everyone else was to be his support. Arthur rolled his eyes with pure annoyance.

"W-what?" Feliciano asked as he continued to sob and started to hiccup. The idea of no help coming terrified him.

"Calm down". Ludwig encouraged, but the unexpected sound of something crashing to the ground off in the distance caused the young Italian to do the opposite.

"We surrender!" Feliciano shouted, doubled over, tears streaming down his cheeks. "We surrender, we surrender, we surrender!" Everyone could see that he was desperate for a white flag or two to wave about, but he didn't have any on him nor the material to make them.

Ludwig tightened his hold over the young Italian and tried to sooth him. "I will protect you Feliciano". He said, becoming very defensive of the trembling brunette.

"Doitsu". Feliciano whimpered into the blonde's jacket, his grip though loosening as Ludwig's words calmed him.

"Hey! America!" Ludwig growled at Alfred. "Do everyone a favour and shut up".

"But I'm the hero remember!" Alfred shouted in his usual exuberant tone, completely ignoring Ludwig. Arthur rolled his eyes again as he was expecting the comment, but the comment reminded him of the words he over heard. While Arthur looked as though he was in a trance, Ludwig stared dumbfounded at Alfred and Feliciano stopped sobbing. "I am the hero and I will get us all out of here!" Alfred boasted.

"Alright then". Arthur decided to humour Alfred; besides, it might give him a laugh to hear his latest hair brain scheme and take his mind off his fears for a while. "What's the plan?" He had always thought he had educated Alfred better. He just hoped that his stupidity was just for show and there was some actual intelligence there … somewhere.

"Well, firstly – we need to build a super hero!" Alfred was cut short after that one statement.

"Just stop". Arthur sighed. "Please just stop! Firstly, you used this once in a meeting to combat global warming – there were no takers on the idea then so what makes you think we will now? And secondly – OUT OF FUCKING WHAT!!!" Arthur's temper spiked.

"Okay okay – bad idea for this situation; but not for the war against global warming I'll have you know! You're all backwards when it comes to my awesome plans. How about then …"

"Save it. I'm surprised I've not seen a rat yet". Arthur chuntered the last part to himself as his emerald eyes swept the area.

"Well … it's not actually that bad here". Alfred shrugged.

"What! This damp, dreary and some what unappealing cage?! Oh yeah! Home away from fucking home, twat!" Arthur spat, his dry tone making Alfred rise to the challenge – as usual.

While Arthur was trying to strangle Alfred, Ludwig watched attentively for the first minute before turning his attention back to Feliciano. "See – everything is getting back to normal already". He could see that this usual spectacle some what calmed the frightened Italian.

Alfred, slightly fatigued from bickering with Arthur, slouched down against the wall. "I'm going to die if I don't have a burger soon". His exhaustion, which seemed to be the same for Arthur as well since his cheeks were tinted pink and gasping for breath, he decided came from lack of food. His stomach was growling for something to satisfy it, even if it was Iggy's cooking.

"Aww, already missing your daily grease intake". Arthur mocked, ignoring how faint he felt.

Alfred, deciding to try to take his mind off food, rose to the challenge again and once more they were at each others necks. Ludwig continued to watch and, with the familiarity of the actions and customs now taking effect on Feliciano in addition with his fatigue from his shock, terror and crying, he drifted off in to a light sleep.

Ludwig tightened his embrace around Feliciano before sighing. What was going on? We're they going to be left to kill each other (that idea originating from watching England and America fight again), or was there something else that they were all missing.

Arthur and Alfred continued to bicker with one another until voices could be heard drifting towards them, the voices accompanied by the sound of boots impacting stone. They both stopped and, as neither could see the others face, a fleeting look of terror passed over Alfred's face while Arthur felt sicked to the stomach and turned a light shade of green.

The sound of the door being unlocked caused Feliciano to wake up and start trembling again. Ludwig got ready to protect him by standing up. He couldn't get Feliciano to let him go, so he settled for shooting a murderous look at the intruders while his fists were by his side, clenched tightly.

Arthur watched two men enter the room while the other two were stood outside, guns ready in case anyone of them tried to escape. Arthur found himself stood between the men and Alfred, and noticing how they were constantly looking over his shoulder at Alfred instead of at him, or even at Ludwig or Feliciano, the words that he had overheard came back to him again. The chilling realization hit him.

'We'll teach that fucking hero'.

'We'll teach that fucking hero'.

In a split second decision, Arthur spun round and swung a punch at Alfred that he had never thought he would have thrown, no matter how angry he could have been at him. The fist landed between Alfred's eyes and knocked him over, blood gushing from his nose as he hit the floor unconscious. A feeling of guilt racked him as he watched, fists by his side; Alfred didn't move while his eyes were closed and his glasses no longer on his face, but instead on the ground by his feet, broken. Arthur was breathing heavy and his hair was stuck up at odd angles as he fought tears, trying to reason that what he had just done was for the greater good.

As he stood contemplating what he had done, the two men stood behind Arthur moved forward and seized him, dragging him towards the cell door. Arthur was too dazed to fight, his emerald eyes wide and glittering in the little light of the cell.

Ludwig noticed a single lone tear glide silently down Arthur's ashen cheek as his mouth move silently. He could have sworn he was mouthing 'Alfred' over and over.

As the cell door was slammed shut, Feliciano silently untangled himself from Lugwig before silently walking over to Alfred. Ludwig followed, unsure of what to do next.