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AU/AH: Bella Swan is engaged and happy-well, sort of. At least, she's moving on from the harsh rejection of her former best friend and love. That is, until a bronze haired photographer with familiar green eyes shows up, hired to shadow Bella 24/7 through the steps leading up to the wedding… Potential catastrophe? Oh yes… Bella is determined to remain angry at Edward for the way he treated her, and for ditching their friendship- a task that proves itself more difficult than she thought so- even with Edward's mysterious, bitter attitude towards weddings…


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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Chapter 1- A Bite From The Past

I was late.

And when I say late, I mean dangerously late. As in, I was running the risk possibly walking down the aisle after Rose did, rather than with all the other bridesmaids. Yeah- that would go down well with the bride.

Thankfully, as I towed Jacob across Emmett's Parent's beautifully decorated lawn, I could see that Rose had not come out yet, and Emmett and the priest were the only ones at the altar, aside from the best man.

"You're late!" Alice hissed as we approached the line of bridesmaids, hidden from the audience by some Rose bushes.

"I know, I'm sorry!" I whispered as I quickly pecked, before he walked off to go find a seat in the audience. "It's just, you know, the traffic and…" I trailed off at Alice's expression.

"The traffic? Or that piece of metal causing the traffic?" I rolled my eyes- this was a conversation we'd had many times before.

"And today of all days!" She muttered, and I sighed, not just at her complaints, but at the reminder of what today was- and no, I wasn't thinking of Rose and Emmett's wedding.

"Leave it," Alice concluded, resuming her usual pixie, happy state. She looked me over once, and seemed to be satisfied with my appearance- a rare occasion. "You look gorgeous, Bella- that blue suits you more than any of us here. Thank God I managed to get your hair done this morning before Rose called- and thank you for wearing the eye shadow. I was worried you weren't going to…" I chuckled at the seriousness in which she appraised me.

"Alright ladies, get ready," Rose's father interrupted our quiet chatter, "Rosie's coming now- It's almost time."

I felt butterflies flood my stomach and throat as I thought about how I would be in Rose's place one day in the near future. Well, the engagement ring was on. I was engaged. I was going to get married. Holy…

Jacob had proposed a month ago, two nights after Alice had flown off to New York for business. I couldn't help but wonder if his timing hadn't just been a coincidence, but either way, Alice had been insanely busy while she had been gone, and I hadn't had a chance to talk to her over the , she only found out two weeks later and boy had she been pissed with Jacob's timing- and she wasn't Jake's biggest fan anyway. Naturally, I had asked Alice to plan my wedding- yes, I did know what I was getting myself into, but she was my best friend and a professional events planner. But, since Rose's wedding had been so soon, we had agreed to start planning after the wedding.

The sounds of the bridesmaids' coos broke me out of my thoughts, and I turned to see Rosalie coming out of the house and round the back towards us.

Naturally, Rosalie looked unbelievably stunning. Her dress had a V-neck, and hugged her body until her waist where it flowed outwards, going down to around ankle length- it was a garden wedding after all.

The opening music started, and on cue, each bridesmaid walked forward and down the aisle. Of course, I felt my cheeks heat up when people looked at us, but I reminded myself that the main focus today was Rose. Thankfully. In the back of my head, I wondered how I would deal with all the attention on my wedding day, but I pushed that thought away as I joined Alice in line at the altar.

I glanced at the audience and then quickly looked away - there were lot more people here than I had realized. How did Emmett and Rose know so many people?

I looked away and smiled when my eyes landed on Emmett- He was practically a big brother to me. With his big, muscled up build, and his dark, short but curly hair, Emmett could look intimidating to people who didn't know him, but I knew that he was just a warm, happy teddy bear at heart. With a twisted sense of humor.

At some signal that I missed, everyone suddenly stood up from their seats, and turned their heads towards the back.

Wagner's Traditional March began to play, and after a couple of seconds Rose appeared at the end of the alter on her father's arm, and began the slow walk towards the altar. I quick glance at Emmett's expression told me that, despite all of his jokes about being sad to see the passing of his single days, he was feeling like the luckiest man alive.

Of course, these jokes had been made when Rose had not been around.

There were murmurs of approval going round the church; the audience probably shared my thoughts on how stunning Rose looked.

"We are gathered here today…"

As the ceremony began, people quietened down to listen to the priest.

After about five minutes, Alice leaned up to whisper in my ear, "This place is really gorgeous, isn't it?" I nodded my approval and looked around the place. The garden- wow. The grass was freshly cut and was a pretty green that shined slightly under the sun. Yes- sun. The weather seemed to be in favor of the wedding today- only one very white cloud in the sky, and the rest was all blue- a miracle for Forks. Near the middle of the garden was a beautiful lake, and the reception had been planned accordingly so that the tables flowed around it. Garlands of roses- in favor of a 'Rose' getting married- in every shade of pink and red hung everywhere. Alice was right- it was gorgeous.

I turned my head back from the view of the garden and let my eyes roam over the audience now. I recognized quite a few people in the crowd, for both Emmett and Rose, although more on Emmett's side - I had known him much longer than I had known Rose.

And then it happened.

My eyes had made it to the back row of the audience, and I lifted them slightly to look at someone standing at the very back.

And I found myself staring into a pair of striking, emerald green eyes.

There was only one pair of eyes in the world that held that beautiful colour.

And that pair of eyes belonged to someone that I hadn't spoken to in around ten years.

Someone that, once upon a time, had crushed my heart into little pieces.

For a moment, I was frozen, staring into these eyes, all trains of thoughts halted. And then I quickly looked away, my mind suddenly racing with how's and why's andmore how's. How?!

"Bella, are you ok?" Alice whispered in my ear, pulling me out of my trance. "You look kind of shocked…?"

"Uh… I'm- I'm fine," I whispered back, and then tried to rearrange my facial features into a pleasant, expression. I had to remember that I was standing in front of a big audience, despite the obvious attention being on Rose and Emmett.

I had managed a calm façade- or so I hoped- but inside I was a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts.

He couldn't be here. He just… couldn't. I had spent years hurting over how he had treated me through high school, and more years trying to get over him. I had finally gotten to a point in my life where I was happy, I was engaged to a wonderful man, and I had the most amazing friends I could ask for. He couldn't just turn up here! What the f… did he think he was doing?!

Ok. Think logically. Emmett and Rosalie have absolutely no connection to Edward, so he would have no reason to be here at all!

I began to relax as I listened to the logical side of me. I had probably just been imagining it- after all, I had good reason to go a little crazy today. It was probably just a random stranger standing there, someone who I had never seen before.

Yes, a random stranger.

Despite having convinced myself that this was true, I kept my eyesight well away from the back of the audience.

Just to be safe.


"Will that be all, Mrs. Hale, or do you want some more done?" I asked the bride's mother, and tried to keep my voice calm, and not pleading. Although I did desperately need two minutes to have a look at my camera. The ceremony had just finished, and the bride and groom, along with close relatives, had come together to have some family photos done.

Mrs. Hale smiled up at me, "Oh, not for now. Everyone is still heading off to the reception area, you go have a break." Yes. "You're a very talented photographer, you know," She continued… did she just bat her eyelashes?! "You must have worked for hundreds of wedding to acquire such good skill!"

I think that I am perfectly right in saying that I was rather disturbed by Rosalie's mother. Especially considering the fact that she had not even seen the photos that I had taken yet.

I fought the urge to snort at her last comment- this was my first piece of work in I don't know how long. Actually, I probably wouldn't have been doing this had the groom not also been my roommate, but I definitely owed this to him.

Although I couldn't say that I particularly enjoyed anything about a wedding. I wonder why.

I forced a smile onto my face and thanked Mrs. Hale before hurrying off to the back of the house. Once I was out of sight, I sighed and leaned against the wall. I lifted my beautiful camera from where it hung around my neck, and I switched it on before flipping to the display setting.

I immediately started to flip backwards through the photos I had taken, skipping right past the most recent ones and slowing down when I reached the photos taken during the ceremony.

"Damn it, "I muttered under my breath. I had taken a lot of photos of the bride and groom, but it took me a while to find one of everyone.

I refused to acknowledge what I was looking for.

Finally, I found one of everyone, and I pressed the zoom button. It took me straight to the center first, showing Emmett and Rosalie's shoes, and I navigated myself around the photo. I moved straight to the bride's side of the alter, and onto the bridesmaids. I moved upwards over their matching, deep blue dresses and finally, I reached their faces.

I recognized the first face as the maid of honour- she had been shamelessly flirting with me earlier in the day, although that passed off as more normal than being flirted with by the bloody mother of the bride. I didn't recognize the next bridesmaid, or the one after. And then I moved onto the next one, and I froze. There she was.

I hadn't been hallucinating. I wasn't going crazy. She was really there- she was one of the bridesmaids!

She wasn't hard to recognize, despite her slight growth in height, and the maturation of her features. She was wearing blue

And what a bloody coincidence. Today of all days.

No, not today being Emmett and Rose's wedding.

Today being exactly 20 years since we had become friends.

20 years since I had pinky promised that I would stand by her no matter what.

A promise that I hadn't kept.

I felt guilt begin to creep upon me, and I pushed it away. Pinky promises didn't mean anything.

I sighed and switched off the camera- I needed to get back to the reception now.

I had been hoping to have a seat on one of the boulders in the trees on the side, and do my photographs from there, but all hopes of that vanished when Emmett spotted me.

"Hey Edward, man!" He clapped his hand down on my shoulder.

I couldn't help but grin at his enthusiasm, "Emmett! Marriage now, huh?" I teased. "Congrats, man."

"Thanks," He smiled, and gave me a quick hug before pulling me over to a group of people, "This is the photographer, guys! Eddie has some awesome talent." I rolled my eyes at the nickname, but shook hands with the people there.

Out of nowhere, a tiny woman appeared at Emmett's side. When I say tiny, I mean tiny. And… she was bouncing. Every so slightly, but she was. Her dark head connected with her grin bobbed up and down, and she looked expectantly at Emmett.

"Oh right!" Emmett turned back to me, "Edward, Alice. She's dating Rose's brother, and she did a lot for the wedding. Alice, this is the photographer."

"Hi!" She beamed up at me, and I wasn't sure how to deal with this… bundle of energy. She stuck out her hand, "Emmett has told me a lot about you. It's so good to meet you!"

I shook her hand and glanced at Emmett, who just chuckled at my uncertainty, "Good to meet you too…" I smiled. Her enthusiasm was sort of contagious, however odd it was.

Alice pointed at my camera, "Could I see some of the photos you took?" Emmett had started talking to some other people so I shrugged.

"Sure, why not."

I removed my camera from around my neck, and switched it on.

I had shown her a couple of photos when she turned to me and spoke again, "Do you mind if I go get my friend? I- She's engaged, and… well, these photos are amazing, so…" I nodded and she beamed, "I'll be right back."

I sighed and sat down on the side step leading up to the massive front porch. I hoped that whoever this friend of Alice was, she didn't plan on hiring me. Yes, I needed the money, but weddings? That was another story- today had been an exception.

I found myself wondering where Bella was at this moment- I had no intentions of going to find her, God knows that wouldn't go down well. It was just an amazing coincidence that we would land at the same event exactly 20 years after…

"Edward?" Alice's voice broke my thoughts and I jumped slightly.

I looked up, and there she was.

Oh, and Alice too, by her side.

Despite the circumstances, Bella's expression was rather amusing.



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