A/N: Hey people this is yaoiboy167 bringing you my first death note fanfic. It's Mello/Matt. Rated T for smoking and obviously implied sex

Summary: Matt's addicted to cigarettes. Mello' addicted to chocolate. Neither likes the other's addiction. What's their compromise?

"Those things are gonna kill you babe," Mello would say every time his boyfriend pulled out another cigarette and lit it.

"Those things are gonna make you fat babe," Matt would say every time his boyfriend pulled out another chocolate bar and bit it.

The two boys tried to come to a conclusion many times. "Give them up," they would say, to which the other would respond with, "You give them up."

One day as they cuddled on the couch Mello suddenly had an idea.

"Hey babe I've got an idea," he said "From now on I'll give up chocolate and you give up cigarettes. My new addiction will be you and your new addiction will be me. Every time you want a cigarette, kiss me, and I'll do the same whenever I want some chocolate." He paused. "So what do you think?"

"'K," Matt said. "I hate fighting with you baby."

"Me too," the blond replied. " No more arguments from now on 'k babe?"

"'K" the red-head replied. "I love you."

"I love you too."

The two boys kissed and Matt knew this was the last time he'd taste chocolate from the Mello's lips and Mello knew this was the last time he'd taste smoke from Matt's lips

"Let's head to bed," the blond said when they broke for air. Then he picked up his "addiction" and carried him off to their room.

Epilogue: Matt hasn't smoked since that day and Mello hasn't taken a bite of chocolate, but they both still share their new addiction: each other.

The End

Wat's with me and blonde and red-haired couple first narugaa and now mattmello. I just kinda felt like writing a fic about how addiction can tear a relationship apart and love can rebuild it. R&R cookies for positive reviews and constructive critisism flames will be used to roast marshmallows for smores which will be eaten by people who leave positive reviews and constructive critisism at a picnic with all their favourite yaoi couples