Winter then July

Chapter one April's end

It's said colorado has two seasons, Winter then July. It's completely the truth ethier it snows all year then we get 90 dgree weather or an indian summer and rainy summers. But this year I planned for it to be different. It's April which means it's finally starting to get warm. We get snow or rain now and then but not enough to make it cold outside for very long. One minute your walking into a winter wonder land and the next spring fever.

And that's what's happening now. We do this every year towards the end of April Kyle .and I go to starks pound everyday after school for a couple of weeks and watch the ice melt of starks pound. The thin ice cracking and falling into the depth of the watery abis.

Soon the kids come and they swim and luagh and Kyle and I start leaving to begin our summer, but right now it's just the bigging it's when the ice begins to get thin and the night's are still cold making walking home hard for two teenage boys just at the age of sixteen who always dicide it's cooler just to wear a jacket to school. We like it though. It's always nice to keep each other warm.

Sometimes I think Kyle knows why most nights I struggle to let go of him. Why I stand there and get lost in his eyes. A pool of green taking me in and swallowing me whole. The window to Kyle's Soul lets me know how beautiful he his. And he smiles when he catches me staring at him, and I hear him giggle like he always does. My heart stats pounding as he truns, says goodnight, and shuts the door. I always stand there in awe not believeing he's left alone to pounder my thoughts again. Then I leave.

It always comes to that last good bye. It's the Last goodbye of april that reminds me how much I love Kyle. How much I need him. This year I plan to tell him just that. By April we'll have one more month of school so after the night we have together until we start planning our summer is when I'll tell him.

But then it comes around and my heart is poung the whole way to his house. I look at him on the rihgt of me and he's smileing to himself. I elbow him and laugh, "What are thinking about?"

"Oh nothing just enjoying myself."

"Oh Really? I'm guessing your glad to be in my preasence?"

"Are you flirting Mr. Marsh?"

"What if I was?"

He laughs, "It'd be fine with me. Hey do you know what my mom said the other day?" I say no, "Well she was talking to your mom, and she said that she'd rather me be with you then anyone else in this world."

"Your mom said this?"

"Yeah and I guess your mom agreed."

I Can never trust my mom when it comes to me telling her who I like. She always ends up telling that person's mom. That's why it's a good thing I,ve only liked Kyle and Wendy. I'm all red now, "Really?"

"God Damnit Stan," He laughs, "for the love of god just tell me already."

"Damnit Mom! She told didn't she?"

"No Dip! Maybe It someone told me they would know that I feel the same way," He smiled at me and I stopped dead in my tracks. He walked up to me and wrapped his arms around my neck and shoulders. I got knocked out of my trance and I wrapped my arms around his hips. "Kiss me," he said smirking. I leaned closer Toaching my lips to his. It was the perfect Kiss. No toung and no lust, just the perfect kiss. Then Kyle leaned in more and I could feel that it was getting more intense.

" You two are going to catch a cold," We quickly pulled apart when we heard my dad at the front door. Kyle was staying the night tonight so went strait to my house after we got his things. "C'mon your mom wants to talk to you guys."

When he shut the door we laughed. I took him by the hand and lead him into the house where my mom was sitting on the couch smileing ear to ear, but not what I thought it was for. She was holding my report card that had come in the mail today.

Damnit! I ran for it, but she already opened it and handed it to kyle and I was too late. "Stanly Marsh's reportcard. Oh Sorry stan all Fs," He laughed as he dodged my lunge for it.

"you are such a lier!"

"It reads: Dear parents of Stan Marsh We would like to tell you that yoursun has finished his credits early with all As. We would like to Congradlate your son and Hope to see him back in school on Monday for him to finish his required days."

"Stan We're proud of you!" My Mom said with a large smile, eventhough she knew Kyle was the reason I was doing this.

"Hey Stan, I got one too," He smirked at me holding up his copy, "I think this means we need to celebrate."

"You know that doesn't work on me anymore."

"Tree House now," He Pointed to the door.

I was pouting all the way to the back door in shame. Every time the both of us would get good grades Kyle and I would go to the tree house and play a game of truth or Dare and look at porn. My parents knew we'd do this and thought it was a fun way to keep our grades up.

Kyle and I Got to the tree house and we started with truth or dare, and as usuall Kyle went first, "Truth or dare?"


"Why was the real reason you kept you grades up?"

"Ummm…I thought that when I finally asked you out that if I didn't keep my grade up you'd say no." I smiled at him, "Truth or Dare?"


"Ug..Loser. Okay umm.. would you have said no?"

"I don't know you havn't asked me yet. Truth or Dare?"


"Ask Me out."

"What kind of dare is that? I want to do that."

"then do it."

"Kyle, would you like to be the boyfriend to my boyfriend?" I asked trying to make this less akeward then it already was.

He leans in and kisses me quickly, "That answer your question?"

"Nope not quite."

Kyle again leaned in andKissed me again, but this time I pulled him closer and we fell to the floor. He was on top of me so to show my dominence I swiped my toung across his bottom lip. He let me have an entrance and we tangled our toungs together. After some of that he pulled away, "And Now?"

"I Guess we're dating now," I smiled at him.