The Dragon in the Maelstrom

Chapter 1: The exiled princess.

Written by Jlargent

Me: Hello my fellow fanfic readers as you'd expect this is my ATLA/Naruto Crossover. I decided to take up Dracohalo117's challenge and I hope to live up to his expectations. Typical disclaimers apply I do not own Avatar the Last Airbender or Naruto in any shape or form. And I apologize for the way I write and I'll try to keep it in check.

Azula's POV

My name is Azula crown princess to the throne to the land of fire, it has been three weeks since my younger brother Zuko successfully performed a coup et at and claimed the title of Fire Lord with the assistance of the water tribe peasant. I was partially crazy and drunk with power and due to my arrogance and the overwhelming pressure that my father placed on me made me hallucinate about my mother further fueling my dementia at least that's what the psychologists say as I am dressed in my prisoner clothing my arms and legs shackled preventing me from bending facing my brother and the tribunal where traitors to the fire nation are tried for their crimes I know this since I was with my father when Zuko was banished from the kingdom. It seemed that today is a day of ironies as I awaited my sentence for my crimes, after a tense trial Zuko finally rendered his verdict "Azula of the fire nation you are hereby stripped bending and of your royal status and to be place in solitary confinement in Boiling Rock for five years after that you are also exiled from the fire nation forever!" he said as the guards lift me up to take me away "To be honest I had hoped that we could still be a family. But your schemes and ambitions brought you here. Maybe mom was right all those years ago you are a monster." he said as they dragged me away to face my sentence ignoring my screams of protest.

As I lay there I decide to try and escape as they try to remove my bending I may be down but I'll be damned before I go out without a fight. My only option is to let out a blast of uncontrolled fire bending, you see when a bender discovers their power at first it is uncontrolled until they are taught how to control the element that they are born with in order to refine their techniques that's why bending lessons are always performed outside in order to reduce the collateral damage due to a bender that loses control. As I make my plans I could not help but to think back to the two friends that betrayed me Ty Lee and Mai, the nerve of them telling me that I brought this upon myself that I deserved this as a wake up call for being self centered. For a moment I paused thinking about that Mai said Is she right? Have I really fallen so far as to blame everyone else but me for my actions? No, she's wrong she's a traitor to the throne and she will be dealt with in due time. But first I have to escape the fire nation and establish a base of operations. I thought to myself as I stay awake throughout the night.

The next morning I was awoken to the sounds of the guard opening the door to my cell I groaned at the noise due to the late night that I planned my escape, as the guard leads me to where my bending is to be sealed away I mentally go over the plan carefully. We walked until we arrived in a large room with Zuko and the avatar standing in the center "Princess Azula you have been sentenced to having your bending stripped away from you and imprisonment then exile. Do you have any last words or requests before I pass judgment?" he asks as the avatar looks on with a bit of concern on his face, I smiled "No I have nothing to say to a traitor to the throne." I stated with a gleam of defiance in my eyes as the avatar walked forward "I'm sorry Azula that this had to happen." the avatar spoke as he placed his hands on my head and started glowing indicating that he's about to enter the avatar state. As he begins focusing I could start to feel my bending slowly being sealed I decided that now is the time to act I focused my power in my hands burning the ropes that was binding my hands and I shoved the avatar away and quickly performed a lightning bending attack to at least injure him while I make my escape. As the lightning bolt struck the avatar in the shoulder something unexpectedly happened the aura surrounding him formed into a bluish-white vortex, as I heard the guards scrambling to the otherwise locked room I decided to take my chance and jump into the vortex and was hit with an overwhelming agony throughout my body as I saw my past victims being tortured but I could see it through their eyes and felt the pain associated with it, it was so much I passed out from it.

I awoke to see myself in a forest clearing near a desert I stood up unsteadily as the visions of torture run through my head I collapse and threw up the contents of my stomach, I slowly stand up my knees shaking from the assault on the mind I trudge deeper into the forest hoping to find some sort of settlement so I can recover. Even now I know that Zuko has sent search parties for me and until I'm situated I have to keep moving.

To be continued.

Me: In the next chapter Azula arrives in Konoha and stumbles across a boy being beaten and encounters a chance to redeem herself for her crimes. Pleas read and review I'll ignore the flamers and appreciate constructive criticism.

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