The Dragon in the Maelstrom

Chapter 31: On the road.

Written By Jlargent

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Azula's POV

"So we are in agreement that Naruto will go on a training trip with Jiraiya through the Azula's world for three years?" Tsunade asks me and the spymaster regarding Naruto's potential and the fact the Akatsuki was spotted outside the border of Konoha three weeks ago while Naruto was on a routine border patrol mission as part of his new assignment as a Chuunin, fortunately they were not on Naruto's patrol route but their appearance is un settling so Tsunade called a meeting to discuss the situation. As it stands Naruto isn't ready to fight them so it was decided that Naruto should go on a training trip with Jiraiya to help him.

"Not to bring up a sore subject but we need to do some serious damage control and soon. The Uchiha ass kissers have been growing more hostile as of late." I pointed out, since the trial the Uchiha supporters have been on the rampage calling Naruto a monster for killing Sasuke and that he should've been executed the day that he was born, even going so far as to try to assault him luckily these incidents have been isolated thus far and the offenders were send to Ibiki for interrogation but from what Intel was gathered was that the incidents were staged or planned out leading to believe that someone is purposely trying to kill Naruto.

"Yes, the reports say that the instigator is a disgruntled Uchiha supporter but it's hard to say who it is considering the sheer number of people in the fan base alone. What we need to focus on is getting Naruto stronger as soon as possible." Tsunade said as Jiraiya looks solemnly.

"According to my reports the Akatsuki are trying to build up both political and financial influence before trying to go after the rest of the Jinchuriki, at best they should be ready to make their move in three years. During that time we can get Naruto the necessary training needed for when they do make an appearance." Jiraiya said while looking out towards the village.

Tsunade snorted "That and every hot spring from here to Iwa has banned you from even stepping foot on their property, you just want to go to Azula's world just so you can get some fresh inspiration for your smut." I laugh at the look on Jiraiya's face at the accusation.

He coughs into his mouth to get the topic back on task "Nonetheless Naruto has to step up his skills, and nothing short of loosing the seal would do that but at this point it would be suicidal to do it. Not only him but the hidden leaf as well, we can't rely on Naruto alone to face the Akatsuki, each member is an S-Rank ninja which means that with our current roster we have to enforce stricter training methods and harder missions, hopefully we can have our ninjas at hopefully a high B-Rank to low A, considering our current time frame we don't have the necessary time itself to get properly situated."

I sigh "I agree, and there's the matter of the academy itself, when Naruto was attending the teachers save for a few either blatantly ignored him, tried to sabotage his work to make him look idiotic, or bribed other students with higher marks for doing the deed. Obviously the former civilian council was heavily influencing the academy since Minato's death for their own ends. Now with the current regime we're seeing less and less academy students being taught the bare minimum and more on the practical side of things but there are still a few teachers that has refused to conform with our orders. We suspect that they might be in league with the protesters so I asked a few Jonins to observe the classes, hopefully we'll weed out the bad teachers and get the students some proper education." I finished me report.

Tsunade sighs "Well if there isn't anything else you're dismissed. Jiraiya, I want you to inform Naruto about the trip tomorrow and that he has three weeks to prepare before leaving." she finished as I leave the office.

Three weeks later…

"Well Naruto it's time to go. Do you have everything settled?" I ask him as he was checking over his gear.

He sighs "Yeah mom, but being away for three years?" he complains after sealing the last of his essentials into a scroll and placing it into his backpack.

"I know it'll be for three years but you won't be the only one preparing every one of your friends will be training as well to prepare for the Akatsuki when they show up. In the meantime when the pervert tries to send you to a brothel remind him that I will aim my lighting in a lower region of the body." I said making Naruto laugh at that, I place my hand on his shoulder and in an instant we teleport to Training Ground 69's gates to see Hinata, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Anko and Shizune standing there to see him off before he leaves.

Soon goodbyes were said or in Hinata's case a passionate kiss that threatens to literally knock Naruto out cold, I slap Naruto in the back of the head to help him regain his senses. Shizune hugged Naruto hard before giving him a kiss on the cheek, Tsunade handed him a scroll that needed to be delivered to Zuko as soon as they arrive at the Fire Nation capital, Anko handed Naruto her lucky kunai that has saved her life more times than she could count and felt that he needed it more. I gave him a hug and made him promise to come home safe.

"Of course I will mom, you trained me after all." he said confidently as Jiraiya started up the gate and in a brilliant flash of light they were gone for the next three years.

The End…For Now.

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