Monday 19th April


Day from hell. First day back at the dump (i.e. school) after the Easter Holidays. It's always hell first day back after a holiday. You get so used to lying in bed all morning and taking it easy, with school its up at 7.00 (urrrgghh) and then you have to drag yourself down to a place you don't want to be (double urrgghh). And to make things much better I had physics with Tight-Trousers first period. Yippee!!! Not. He really should get some baggier trousers. I really (and I speak on behalf of the whole class) do not want to see the outline of his private parts thank you very much. He skips around the classroom like he's a loony. He tries to be funny but he is seriously not. I don't get it why are teachers so strange. They must come from a different planet. I mean who in there right mind would want to work in a school after spending 12 years at school!! And that's not even including kindergarten, college and Uni! Mad people!

Eating a chocolate chip cookie. Mmmmm.....Yum.

Oh crap, now I'm gonna be fat!

I wish I was 6 years old again; baking cookies, singing songs, skipping, tamagotchi's (how cool were they?!?!), rolling down hills. All without a care in the world. No worries about spots, braces, puberty, exams, work, relationships. Bloody hell, thinking about it, being a Teenager is HARD work.


Was just nodding off to sleep when suddenly, Crap!!!!!!!! 3 pieces of homework due for tomorrow!!!! EEEEKK!

Must finish homework. I cannot have detention tomorrow! My mum will have a cow at me! (haha that expression makes me chuckle).


Woops fell asleep at my desk.

Finished. Woo!!!!! ... Woops... got a bit over excited and accidently knocked my glass of water over the desk!!! Crap! I can hear someone coming...I must run and pretend to be asleep.


I'm getting good at this! My mum didn't even notice I was actually awake!! Muhahahaha!

Note to self: Get a career in acting

Now I must get too sleep. I've got just under 3 hours 'til I have to be up (grrrrrr). The last thing I want is too fall asleep in class especially because I will already be in the teacher's bad mood after handing in a kinda soggy crumpled piece of homework.

GoodNight x