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Hinata walked out of the diner she was working at. She had long black hair that reached down to her waist in a pony tail, she wore a lavender tank top with a fish net shirt under it, and she wore black pants with blue sandles. Hinata had pale skin and white eyes with a hint of lavender and blue in them, she continued walking around in the Hidden City of Rain, her mother had died here giving birth to her little sister ever since then Hinata and her little sister had always been on their own. When Hinata wasn't working at the diner she was working as one of the ANBU for the Hidden City of Rain. 'Anything I need to do to take care fo my little sister I will do.' Hinata thought to herself. Hinata paused seeing a group of guys around her little sister, most of them trying to pick her up and though her little sister could not see it Hinata could. Those guys were after one thing and one thing only.

she's a rocker she takes after me

And she's a roller runs in the family

she's a rock and roll baby a real gone twister

But I'm telling you mister

Don't you mess around with my little sister

Hanabi wore a green tank top with fishnet sleeves, and a pair of short jean shorts with her black sneakers. Hanabi smiled at the group of guys, then noticed Hinata walk towards the group of guys. Hanabi looked back at the guys, then at Hinata again. "You better get away from her right now." Hinata said kind of angerly. "Why is that?" One of the guys asked kind of drunkenly. "Shes my little sister." Hinata said, grabbing one of their shoulders. "Oh but come on babe you can join in too." Another on said, then the third noticed something. "Shit, guys shes one of the ANBU." He whispered, recognizing her. Hinata gave a small smile. "Glad we have an understanding." She said, grabbed Hanabis wrist and walked away. "Awwwww Hinata why? We were just talking!" Hanabi whined. "Their up to no good, Hanabi. What happens if one of these times I am not here and something happens to you?" Hinata asked, scolding Hanabi and looking back at her. "Nothing will." Hanabi said innocently. "If it does I don't know what I would do. You're all I have left Hanabi." Hinata said with a sigh. "I know, and I am sorry." Hanabi said quietly. Hinata nodded as they went inside of the tall building they lived in.

I don't know you, but I know your kind

I know I'm right, 'cause I can read your mind

Now I know you think you can resist her

But I'm telling you mister

Don't you mess around with my little sister

Hinata gave glares to the many men they passed who she caught eying her little sister. 'One of these days someone is going to hurt Hanabi and I don't think I could keep my composure.' Hinata thought to herself and unlocked their apartment door. Hanabi went in and Hinata glared at another man who looked to be in his 50s looking at Hanabis back side. "Pedophile." Hinata said, closing the door in front of her. "You don't know me." The old man growled at Hinata. "I know your kind." Hinata said plainly with a bit of ice in her voice. "I can read it on your face, I have dealt with people like you too many times." Hinata said, glaring at him and opening the door again. "Stay away from my sister or I will have your head." Hinata said, and shut the door, locking it behind herself.

I promised the folks I would not keep her out late

Because she's too young to party

Too young to date

So take your hands off her

Find yourself another or you're

Gonna have to answer to this big brother

Hinata was walking to go out to eat with Hanabi, deciding on getting some Barbecued food, since they hadn't tried it yet. Hinata noticed the parties going on, with drunk people, and people obsessed with using drugs and what not. Another guy smirked, noticing Hanabi and liking her. "Shes too young." Hinata snapped. The guy walked away, and Hanabi looked like she was pouting. "I'm always too young when are you going to tell me I'm grown up enough?!" Hanabi asked, her temper was up. "Later." Hinata said, then growled as an older man put his hands on Hanabis shoulders, then patted her butt. Hinata kicked the man square on his butt, and he landed with a loud thud. "Enough." Hinata snapped, and hurried inside with her sister.

And now I tell you, I ain't had fun all night

'Cause all you fellas keep trying to treat her right

She may blow your mind like an old transistor

But I'm telling you mister

Don't you mess around with my little sister

Don't you mess around

Don't you mess around

Don't you mess around with my little sister now

Hinata and Hanabi ate their food, deciding they liked Barbecue. Hanabi had a messy face from eating Barbecue, Hinata noticed this as they went back to their apartment and chuckled. "Hanabi go clean your face." Hinata said, once they were inside their apartment. "Kay." Hanabi said, and headed to the bathroom. Hinata walked to the window, seeing a letter on the night stand. Hinata opened it, and noticed what it said. 'I have a mission tonight, hope Hanabi wont be too upset.' Hinata thought to herself.

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