Full Description: Kagome has been working for her demanding boss for 5 years, and is in desperate need of a vacation. Sesshomaru doesn't realize how dependent on his assistant he really is until she's gone. Now, he can't get any work done. Well, he'll just have to change that, even if he has to take a vacation. And along the way he'll discover a delightfully suprising fact about his little assistant. *WARNING: Humor and mayhem abound. No daiyoukai were injured during the making of this story...much*

Before you Begin: Hello, this is now my second SessXKags story. It is quite different from my last which was a bit dark and angsty for those of you familiar with it. This one is a bit fun and carefree and another form of writing I'm trying. I want to see if I can pull off something with a bit of humor. I have a feeling it will be a bit more tricky than angst. Also, I will not be updating this story as quickly as I did the last, but I DO plan to finish it... no worries there ;) Just hang in there with me. Critiques good and bad are always welcome as long as they are constructive. - Yours, Ladyfifi

Chapter 1 - The First Meeting

"Perfect wisdom has four parts: Wisdom, the principle of doing things aright; Justice, the principle of doing things equally in public and private; Fortitude, the principle of not flying into danger, but meeting it; and Temperance, the principle of subduing desires and living moderately... (I never got the third.)" - Plato

Kagome Higurashi took a deep breath and squared her shoulders. Today was the day. There was no going back this time. The tickets were bought and the reservations made. More importantly, she had ensured that everything, everything, down to the minutest detail was taken care of for her boss. He would have no excuse to deny her this time ... no catastrophe that only she could take care of at the last minute, no 'emergency' that would force her to be humiliatingly called off a plane as it was preparing to taxi off. This time she would have her vacation. She needed it ... badly.

She had been working for Taisho Corp for nearly five years. She loved her work ... for the most part. There was only one small problem. His name was Sesshomaru Taisho, and he was her boss. She had been asked once by the other women at a party celebrating the corporation's 100th year what it was like working for the man called Tokyo's "Most Successful and Handsome". Of course, being the professional and loyal assistant that she was, she merely smiled and said, "Delightful."

Because if she had said what she was really thinking: arrogant, egotistical, demanding, never satisfied, temperamental, too-hot-for-his-own good taiyoukai... Well, she wouldn't be out of a job, but her boss definitely would have come up with some devious way to make her life a living hell. Trust her, she knew.

Yes, you heard correctly, TAIYOUKAI. As in a demon ... the thing most people think of as merely a legend. It had taken her nearly a year before she figured it out. He was very good at concealing himself ... and by then it was too late to do what the sensible thing would have been had she known from the beginning... run away as fast as her legs could carry her. Nope, no chance of running away. At the time, her family had relied on the generous earnings she brought in. Her grandfather had needed expensive medical care and the money she sent home was the only thing that allowed Souta to attend university. Of course she could have tried for another job, but the pay would have paled in comparison at the time. She had just graduated from college and she knew that Sesshomaru had taken a big chance with her. There had been many other, more experienced applicants ready and willing to take the job.

Her big mouth had been a blessing and a curse that day. She had been nervous when she had heard her name called as the next in line for an interview. Of course, the interview had been for a lower secretary position at the time. When she walked past the door to the hallway, she couldn't help but overhear as a woman sobbed loudly. When she paused to peer curiously out into the corridor, she saw the back of a very tall man with silver hair, tied back with a simple band, standing rigidly.

*5 years prior*

"Your tears do not excuse your incompetence." He said coldly.

"But Mr. Taisho! Y - You never said that you wanted a new one!"

"I should not have to. Any assistant with half a brain would clearly know that if something breaks, a replacement is needed."

"But ... you didn't say that it was broken!"

"Hn. So you are blind and dumb. I believe that I left what remained of it on your desk. Perhaps if you had been paying more attention to your work, instead of the reason ALL of you foolish females are fired then you would not be in this predicament."

At this point, the woman had broken into uncontrollable wailing. Kagome, who didn't really approve of anyone making such a scene, still thought the man was too harsh ... and promptly strode out into the hallway to say so.

"Really ... I don't know exactly what the woman did, sir, but surely you can show a bit more restraint. I don't think it is necessary to degrade her in public."

Gasps echoed down the corridor, and for the first time, Kagome felt a sliver of unease. Repressing the feeling down, she lifted her chin and stood calmly behind the man.

Slowly, the man turned his head. Kagome had to clench her teeth to keep her jaw from dropping. Holy cow. He was gorgeous. The to-drool-for kind. His eyes were golden, his face smooth and chiseled... his lips ... they were ... they were saying something!

"I do not repeat myself girl."

Frantically, her mind searched for an answer to the question that had only been a buzzing in her ear. Dammit, what had he asked, what had he - a name! He wanted a name.

"Higurashi. Kagome Higurashi." She said, forcing her voice to remain cool and hide the dazed feeling that had clouded her mind.

He turned to face her fully and Kagome had to force her feet to remain in place, when they wanted to move back.

"What I say to those in my employ is not your concern. I have no time or patience to deal with one of such nonexistent abilities. Clearly, her stupidity is not isolated and has somehow reached levels even I had not anticipated." He said pointedly, flicking his cold gaze up and down her figure, obviously unimpressed.

Anger flashed through her. Of all the conceit! Gorgeous she called him? Ha! Arrogant ass more like! Her fingers clenched and she bit her tongue, forcing the words that wanted to spew from her mouth back down. Calm down ... stay calm Kagome ... remember ... a professional is always cool ... collected.

"Hmm. Unfortunate for you." Flicking a dismissing look his way, she strode by him to the still crying woman. Gently she placed a hand on her arm.

"Miss? Let me assist you to the ladies room so you can freshen up. A splash of fresh water will help, I'm sure." She said kindly.

The woman nodded into her hands. Kagome spoke quietly to her, slowly leading her down the hall. It took 30 minutes to calm the woman down. Another woman came in, who seemed to be a friend, and said she would take it from there. Kagome was more than happy to leave it in her hands. She sighed as she exited the bathroom. Well, I guess this job is a loss. She thought wistfully. She did not see the short man waiting nervously outside the door until she almost tripped over him.

"Oh! Excuse me." She said apologetically.

The man shifted impatiently. "Never mind that! Hurry up, woman ... he has already been waiting far too long."

"I'm sorry?"

"Mr. Taisho .. he wishes to speak with you."

"Mr. Taisho? The president? Whatever for, sir?" She asked, surprised.

"That's for Mr. Taisho to say." Scowling, he motioned her into a private lift, pressing the button for the top floor. Nervously, Kagome clasped her hands together, her eyes glued to the rising numbers displayed in the elevator as she thought of a million scenarios in her mind ... all of them ending in her promising herself that straight after this she was going to the shrine and swearing before the Kami's to become mute.

When the doors dinged, she gave a startled gasp as the little man rudely nudged her out the doors. She stumbled, glaring at the man as he smirked, waving a hand as the elevator doors once again closed.

"What a rude little man." She muttered.

"You should speak up when you have something to say... or don't speak at all."

She turned her head swiftly to the man sitting calmly behind his desk. His eyes were trained on a stack of papers, pen poised in his hand. It was HIM. She was doomed. The man from the hallway was none other than the President of Taisho Corp. Oh the irony ... the powers that be surely had it out for her today. Well, suck it up Kagome. Higurashis aren't cowards after all... face it head on. She nodded mentally to herself. Straightening, she tugged the edges of her coat, releasing any wrinkles and confidently stepped forward. And if her knees shook just a bit, she chose to ignore it.

She cleared her throat. "Is there something I can do for you Mr. Taisho? I had thought there would be no need for a second meeting."

She had to force down the urge to tap her foot as she waited for him to answer. He took his time, laying his pen down carefully, putting the stack of papers in a drawer, before reaching for a folder lying on the side of his desk. He flicked it open, his eyes scanning it briefly, before they glanced up at her.

"Kagome Higurashi, twenty years old, graduated from Tokyo University with a degree as an Executive Assistant and also one in Business and Accounting. Currently living -"

"Is there a point to this Mr. Taisho?" She said impatiently.

"Do not interrupt." He paused, waiting until he was satisfied that she was keeping quiet.

"Hn... contacts for recommendations - Miroku Sato - Masseuse , Sango Takahashi - Kendo instructor, Kaede Suzuki - Headmistress of the Shikon Orphanage. All giving very high praise." He closed the folder with the flick of his wrist. "Curious."

"There is nothing curious about it." She said briskly. "Now, may I ask why you have my resume?"

"You were seeking a position here were you not?"

"I was." She said steadily.

"You have no desire for one now?" He said, his eyes narrowed.

"I failed to attend my interview. I did not think the position would be offered in such a case."

"Hn." He stood, rounding his desk. She tensed, feeling very much the trapped prey as he walked with deadly grace to stand inches in front of her. He eyed her, his thoughts well hidden behind that cold mask. Her heart sped up as he leaned slowly forward. Wha -? Oh, thats it! She thought in disgust.

Sharply she brought up her hand, palm against his chest, she shoved ... hard. He moved back less that an inch. She blinked and scowled.

"Mr. Taisho, I don't appreciate your tactics. I don't care if you are a Kami himself, if you don't back up, you are going to be in a world of hurt!"

"Hn. You have no desire for my advances?"

"Wha - Are you completely INSANE? Desire for your advances? Please! Ugh! Not if you were the last man on Earth!" She glared daggers, her face flushed with anger.

"Excellent." Swiftly he pivoted. Striding back to his desk, he sat and once again began writing. Without looking up, he said crisply, "You will begin tomorrow. You will report to me here promptly at seven every morning. You will be allowed one hour for lunch, provided your work is on schedule. Work ends at five. I like my tea every morning along with the schedule for the day on my desk. You will educate yourself with any and all clients. When necessary you will accompany me on the required business trips. Under no circumstances are you to allow anyone into these offices save Jaken and myself. Oh, and by tomorrow I expect to have a replacement for my cell phone which has become ... inoperable. I expect that all contacts and pertinent information will be put on it. I trust you can handle all of this Miss Higurashi? I would hate to tell Tokyo University how woefully inadequate their education is."

Her mouth parted slightly, she looked at him with wide eyes. Slowly she brought up her thumb and index finger and pinched her arm hard. Yep, she was awake... and staring at a pair of extremely irritated golden eyes. Clearly he was waiting for a response. Coughing softly, she clasped her trembling hands in front of her.

"Not quite, sir. I trust the pay is sufficient, as well as the medical and vacation time ... as I would accept no less. Also, my weekends ... aside from any business trips of course are my own."

His eyes gleamed. And, if she didn't know any better, he seemed pleased.

"Very well, Miss Higurashi. But keep in mind that if you fail to meet my expectations, being humiliated in public will be the least of your worries."

Oh ... Kami