I left his office with excitement and fear. Both of these emotions at the same time was confusing to me but I just kept walking. Entering my office, I gathered my stuff, like my magnifying glass, notepad and pen, fingerprint kit, and a lot of other things. I thought aloud to myself, "Where should I start? Hmmm." Then a thought occurred to me, "I should check where the first kidnapping took place. Man, I'm smart."

I searched the internet and, as it seems, the first person that was kidnapped was the Queen of England. After packing my things, I chartered a train to London. When I arrived, everyone looked like detectives, of all sorts, trying to solve the missing Queen case. No matter dedicated they they may have looked to a citizen's eye, I could tell, with my genius inspector knowledge and training, they were utterly confused on how to handle the situation. I shook my head and continued on to the Queen's castle.

This time, everyone looked worried and was pacing back and forth. I went up to a young man wearing clothes which looked like they were from medieval time. 'Well I guess they never change in this country.' I thought while, again, shaking my head.

"Excuse me, monsieur, are you alright?" I said as he continued to pace worriedly.

"Yes I believe you can, Mr. Frenchman," the man said as he stopped walking, "My grandmother has been kidnapped as you well know from the newspapers."

I pondered aloud, "Why would the culprit kidnap these people? Do you mind if I look around, Mr. ummm, sorry I didn't catch your name."

"My name is David, mr. frenchman, and we would really appreciate your help, if you're a better inspector than the other ones we've hired"

"You can count on me, monsieur David. I am so much better than those nitwits."

"Oh thank you thank you thank you, please don't let me down, Mr. Frenchman."

I set off towards the crime scene, which was her majesty's bedroom. Once I entered, I noticed a part of the wall was cut into, in a shape of a large square. Someone just put the part in more than halfway and didn't bother to keep it hidden. I took out the square slab and found a box and a projector inside. Inside the box, I found a letter in an envelope that said "Clouseau". The note read:

"Greetings, Inspector, I knew you would be assigned this case and I knew you would take out the piece of wall and find this, so called, clue. Well, this is my game and you must play it by my rules. I kidnapped these people to test your skills as an inspector. I'm leaving clues for you just in case your lost. Good Luck and Have Fun. CLUE 1: I am a letter which is hidden in a drawer. This drawer is located in something brown, hard, and is hard to get to."

Of course, there were no fingerprints on the paper and the letters were taken from assorted magazines. This theif was crafty and he is making me really annoyed with this game of his. Inside of the wall, I saw the projector and I pressed the on button. It started to project a ghostly blue horse that was so life-like anyone could be fooled. This was probably to frighten the queen so it was easier to force her to come with the culprit. I left the castle, thinking about the clue he left. "Something brown, hard, and is hard to get to."

I rented a hotel room so I could find out who the next victim was and it was the president of the United States.

"OF COURSE!" I exclaimed aloud when I thought of the answer to the clue of the culprit, "It's the Resolute desk! It must be in one of the drawers, but you can't just request to look in the desk of the president. It doesn't matter, I'm sure I can get in after all I AM a great inspector"

I went to bed looking forward to the next day of solving the crime of these kidnapped people.